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Surprised by the rustling between the trees, Su-Gyeom shrieked and stumbled. Fortunately, Han-Sol, who was next to him, caught him quickly, so he was able to avoid falling.

“What, what, what! What was that just now!”

“It was a bird, Hyung A bird.”

“A bird……?”

“Yes, birds. ”

“‘Oh…. Bird…”

Embarrassment flooded in. Su-Gyeom coughed a lot. Then Han-Sol, who was watching, burst into laughter. Su-Gyeom was annoyed by Hansol, so he hit him on the back and walked ahead.

“Where is the road?”

Soon after, Su-Gyeom stopped in place at the crossroads he encountered in the dark.There was no staff to ask. He was just confused about where to go because there was only an action camera on my chest without even a VJs.

“Shall I asked in the walkie-talkie? ”

“Oh, no. I’ll try.”

At Han-Sol’s question, Su-Gyeom dissuaded him and quickly stepped up.

“Hello! I’m Su-Gyeom from Team A, and I’m at a crossroads. Where should I go?”

Su-Gyeom asked in a cheerful voice. Then Han-Sol, who was connected to the radio, burst into laughter. Sugyeom glanced at Hansol with his clear eyes.

-Go to the left.

A faint voice of a female staff came out of earphones connected to the radio. It was a voice that would not be heard well unless you listened carefully.

Su-Gyeom turned to the left feeling proud of himself because he thought he had heard this sound with a pounding chest.

“Oh, left? ”

“Yes, I just heard the announcement. ”

“Really? I didn’t hear it. Does it not work well because it’s a mountain? ”

When asked by Han-Sol, Su-Gyeom pointed to the earphones in his ears. Han-Sol then tilted his head and took the lead to the left.

“Hey, let’s go together.”

“Okay, okay.”

Han-Sol was only a couple of steps away, but Su-Gyeom freaked out and grabbed Han-Sol’s hem. Like a cicada stuck to an old tree, Su-Gyeom attached to Hansol’s wide back and soothed his pounding heart.

However, the road became more rough as time went by. No matter how much the horror experience is the concept of the broadcast, it was too much to ask him to go on such a rough mountain road at a deep night when the moon was not even visible.

Although there was anger toward the broadcasters, they could not show their dissatisfaction as professional broadcasting were their dreams. Su-Gyeom took a hard walk on the rough road, soothing his rough breathing.

“Is it really here?”

“Uh… I told you to go to the left earlier…”

As the road became steep, Han-Sol eventually asked in a cautious voice thinking it was too much. When asked by him, Su-Gyeom also lost confidence and answered in a crawling voice.

“If you heard it, it definitely said this way ”

“So, Sol. Should I take the lead…? ”

“Then Hyung, will you?”

“Oh, oh?”

He asked politely because he was sorry, but Han-Sol replied as if he had been waiting. Surprised by the unexpected answer, Su-Gyeom asked back.

Han-Sol then bent and burst into laughter.


“Why, why are you laughing? ”

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding. How can I tell Hyung to go first? I was just kidding because you said that. It’s all right, I’ll go in front of you.”

“Hey! What are you kidding me about? Get out of the way, I can take the lead!”

“Oh, that’s enough. Just follow me. Anyway, it’s so cute. ”

At Han-Sol’s words, Su-Gyeom blushed with embarrassment. It was because he was embarrassed because was scared by his dongsaeng.

“You’re so cute to me. What’s that?”

Su-Gyeom got angry and started to take the lead after pushing Han-Sol with a red face. It was because he wanted to get out of this situation quickly because of his shyness.

It was the moment when he was walking through the pitch-black darkness depending on the flashlight.


He thought he heard Han-Sol’s urgent call, and at the same time, his body was pulled back.

Han-Sol hugged Su-Gyeom from behind.

“What’s wrong?”

Su-Gyeom, who was asking in surprise then quickly realized why Hansol acted like that.

Su-Gyeom stared silently at the cliff that continued like a sharp point in the dark.

If Han-Sol had caught himself a little late, he would have fallen down that cliff.

His back felt cold and his heart was racing like crazy at the thought of almost going through something terrible.

“Are you all right, brother…?”

“‘Uh, uh…”

Actually, it wasn’t all right at all. He felt numb and suffocated. He didn’t understand why the staff who replied to the radio earlier told him to go on this dangerous path.

“I’ll try the radio. Let’s get out of here for now.”

Hansol reached out to Su-Gyeom. Su-Gyeom held his hand with his trembling hand. Han-Gol’s hands were cold, as if he were quite surprised.

The two went back the way they had come, holding their hands tightly.

“I’m Han-Sol of Team A, and the road is blocked. Which way should I go?”Han-Sol, who radioed a little far from the cliff, stayed quiet for a while and tilted his head. Then, he looked at Su-Gyeom.

“Can you hear me in the radio?”

“Yes, they do.”

“But there’s no answer. I guess they can’t hear me over there. Did we come too far? Let’s go back for now.”

“Yes. Okay.”

Su-Gyeom still swept his surprised chest and walked forward holding Han-Sol’s hand tightly. It was then. He thought the earphones in Su-Gyeom’s ears were making small noises.

“Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? You should’ve gone further! Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? You should’ve gone further. Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? You should’ve gone further! You should’ve gone further. Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? You should’ve gone further. So close. Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? So close. Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? You should’ve gone further. Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? Why are you coming back? You should’ve gone further!”

Argh!” Su-Gyeom freaked out and threw out his earphones.

Han-Sol was surprised to see Su-Gyeom shaking in fear and grabbed his skinny shoulder.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“I, just now, on the radio… Sol, didn’t you hear that?”

Su-Gyeom, who was trying to explain the sound he heard, asked Han-Sol’s response as if he didn’t know what to say.

Obviously, the walkie-talkie is connected to everyone, so if it was heard by him, Sol should have heard it. But he looked all right.It was only then that Su-Gyeom understood that he was the only one who heard the woman’s radio to go to the left.

He thought it was the voice of a ghost.

When Su-Gyeom realized what had happened, his legs turned jelly and he collapsed.



“Yeah, are you okay? What’s wrong? What’s wrong with the radio? Did you hear something weird on the radio?”

At his question, Su-Gyeom burst into tears. He hugged Han-Sol, who was sitting with him and meeting his eye level without realizing it.


” Sol, I’m so scared.”

Su-Gyeom forgot his shame and burst into tears sadly.

In this life, all the pledges to win the regular program’s regular membership by stamping their eyes on the pilot program have collapsed.

“I’m scared to death right now, but what does it matter?”‘

Su-Gyeom buried his face in Hansol’s solid chest, thinking about it.Han-Sol patted Su-Gyeom’s round head, rubbing his face like a cat, and patted his dry back with the other hand.

“Cool, Sol-ah.”

“Yeah, tell me.”

“Hold me up. I can’t get up because my legs are so weak.”

Su-Gyeom muttered a little, as if embarrassed. He want to get out of this place as soon as possible, but his legs won’t listen.

“Hahaha, okay. Get up.”

“Don’t laugh.”

“OK, I won’t laugh.”

“I told you not to laugh!”

“I won’t laugh, I won’t laugh.”

While staring at Han-Sol, who is still laughing with a glare, Su-Gyeom left his body be carried on Han-Sol’s back. Han-Sol easily got up from his seat carrying Su-Gyeom on his back and started walking on a rough mountain path, as if Su-Gyeom was not heavy.

“Aren’t I heavy?”

“Not at all. Hyung is so light that I’m upset.”

“Why are you upset when I’m light? Do you like me?” Han-Sol paused and stopped at Su-Gyeom’s question.

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