A Teen's Dream-Filled Mind

Duan Xiuze was quite flexible, “Alright. Father, let me see the big bastard.”


Jiang Wangshu thought that this age was probably the time when one would have absolutely no psychological burden to call others ‘Father’.

Not only had this person’s age gone down, but his IQ had also plummeted along with it.


“Go away,” Jiang Wangshu said. He went ahead and headed home. 


As he passed him, Duan Xiuze grumbled under his breath, “It’s my cat too! Why don’t you let me see it?”

Jiang Wangshu stopped, turned around, and gave Duan Xiuze a middle finger.


Duan Xiuze was stunned by his coarseness. He subconsciously crossed his hands in front of his chest. Even if he didn’t speak, his exaggerated defensive action was already incredibly clear. 


Jiang Wangshu simply walked away, pretending he wasn’t there.

Duan Xiuze shouted behind him, “Jiang Wangshu, return my cat!”


Jiang Wangshu walked to the gate of the community, looked back, and made sure that Duan Xiuze hadn’t followed him.


When he got home, Wang Ba jumped out and circled around his legs, acting all coquettish like usual.

Jiang Wangshu squatted down to hold the cat in his arms, sat on the blanket, and scratched its chin with his fair, slender fingers.


He whispered, “You have no conscience. You’re not sad at all even if there’s a person missing.”

The cat purred heartlessly in his arms.


Jiang Wangshu smiled and patiently comforted the cat before putting it down.


Duan Xiuze changed his mind. He wanted to go home.

Once the decision appeared, it was unstoppable.


When he called Duan Long, she asked, “Didn’t you enter the factory?”


“The factory said that my education was too high. They didn’t want to accept it.”

Duan Long didn’t know what to think.


“HR suggested that when I submit my resume next time, I should say that I only graduated from junior high. I can’t stand this injustice. After all, a high degree is also an essential advantage and achievement, isn’t it?”


Duan Long took a deep breath, “Then come back.”


“Mom, help me buy a plane ticket,” Duan Xiuze said.

Duan Long could finally relax.


Duan Xiuze also felt much better.

In his opinion, his current age should be the hardest one. He seeked face since he was a child, even if he didn’t love learning, his academic performance was still among the best. In addition, his appearance was outstanding and his family background was superior. The stars were perfectly aligned for him. No one had ever said that he was bad.


It was time for him to return to his life.

The indefinable and unidentified nostalgia was completely dismissed by him.


Duan Xiuze wanted to contact Jiang Wangshu and tell him that he was leaving, but then he thought it was unnecessary. He wouldn’t even let him have a look at the cat. Friendship? Comradery? What’s that.


In a way, amnesia was a good thing.


Duan Xiuze got on the plane. When he sat down, he noticed something odd. He reached for his pants pockets and found a small package.


Duan Xiuze didn’t have much luggage, just the clothes that Jiang Wangshu brought to the hospital for him.

They’re all simple T-shirts and shorts. But because there were so many, he could wear them in turns, and still have them last for a few days.

Before, he also wore these pants, but he never reached into the pockets. He didn’t plan to either, but he happened to scratch his leg on the edge of the packaging as soon as he sat down.


Duan Xiuze was still quite innocent. He also lacked some common sense. At first glance, he didn’t recognize it, so he stretched out his hand and tore it open. 

A little wet and greasy liquid fell into his hand. A little confused, he took it out and grabbed half of the hard circle. Then he realized. 


It’s a condom!!


Will he always carry this kind of thing with him in the future??


At this time, someone suddenly came over. He was startled and hurriedly stuffed the greasy stuff into his pocket. Even if his thigh got wet, he didn’t dare to take it out and throw it away. The packaging bag was also stuffed into a different pocket, making both pockets wet.


When they walked past him, he nervously took out his hands and wiped the lubricant off his hands with a few paper towels.

During this, he also smelled the scent of strawberries. A trace of sweetness, pouring all over his body.


The plane soon took off. Because it was a two-hour trip, Duan Xiuze fell asleep. Under the faint sweet scent, he had a dream.


It was about Jiang Wangshu. It was also about the thing he pulled out.


There was no sun in his dream, but Duan Xiuze somehow knew it was morning.

He was drying his clothes on the balcony, when Jiang Wangshu came over and hugged his waist from behind. He turned around and picked Jiang Wangshu up. His clothes were left haphazardly while he carried him to their room.


The current 17-year-old Duan Xiuze had no experience, so there was no picture.

Cue to a ‘fade to blank’.


Finally, the two leaned against the bed to chat. Duan Xiuze wanted to smoke, but Jiang Wangshu kicked him as he said, “No smoking.”


Duan Xiuze smiled, “Mn, if you don’t smoke, I won’t smoke.”


Jiang Wangshu cut off his cigarette. “A cigarette afterwards leads to a journey to the West[1]T/N: Sorry, this rhymes in CN =^=.”

“Good poem, I’ll give you some praise.”


He then stood up and praised Jiang Wangshu.

It was so weirdly funny that Jiang Wangshu kicked him as he giggled.

Duan Xiuze laughed along with him.


It was a very harmonious scene, but once it was over, Duan Xiuze woke up in a cold sweat.

How could he have such a dream?


Duan Xiuze felt his pocket, and fell into a deep thought. It must be this thing, causing trouble!

He rushed to get up and went to the bathroom. He threw the thing into the toilet, washed his hands and went back.


At the age of 17, Duan Xiuze never thought that his future partner would be Jiang Wangshu. 

Now all kinds of facts and even dreams tell him that they weren’t only married, but also lived together in harmony. If he found this out in his twenties, he might accept it without much resistance. But now he was 17, he was at his most rebellious age.


The more harmonious and authentic it seemed, the more he’d revolt it. As a somewhat self-centered and arrogant minor, he felt he was far beyond his peers.

This was why Jiang Wangshu didn’t want to deal with him at first.


Half an hour later, Duan Xiuze got off the plane. Jiang Wenyi, the steward of the Duan family, had long been waiting for him.


He received Duan Xiuze with a sign and wanted to carry his luggage, but was refused. 

Duan Xiuze was much taller and bigger than him. His luggage bag was light and loose, he also wasn’t spoiled by his parents.


Jiang Wenyi didn’t force it either. He took him to the car with a smile and began to tell him about the situation at home.


Duan Xiuze followed his mother’s surname. It was said that the influence would be carried out throughout his life. Naturally, Duan Xiuze owes it to his family for his ability to develop such a casual, slightly arrogant temperament.


His father was a very gentle and humorous person. Although his mother was quite strong, she was also tight and just right. They were very loving.


They were both very busy, but they could still spend a lot of time with their family. With a a close and loving family, Duan Xiuze had a positive growth environment, giving him a sound personality.

But he was indeed trained as the heir of the Duan family, so his education was also strict since childhood. Duan Xiuze also used to rebel, but he was soon appeased by Duan Long’s methods. It goes without saying that Jiang Wangshu played a huge role in it.


Jiang Wangshu’s role in Duan Xiuze’s youth was to pull on the hatred value. This was all planned by Duan Long, and people with clear eyes would be able to see it. But Duan Xiuze, as the one playing in the play, was oblivious to it.


No one expected Jiang Wangshu, who had played such a role, to ‘abduct’ and marry him on the run. This was something beyond everyone’s expectations. After the news spread, the Duan family became a laughing stock. Even if no one dared to say it in front of Duan Long, there were already many that made fun of it in private.


But Duan Long didn’t go to them, nor forcibly brought Duan Xiuze back. She was very smart. She knew that she couldn’t blindly obstruct these lovers, otherwise it would only backfire. And so she was very tolerant and generous. Not only did she not obstruct them, but she never cared about the large amount of money transferred by Duan Xiuze.


This generosity was based on her belief that the two wouldn’t be able to last long. At most, it was just a momentary impulse.

Duan Xiuze would come back sooner or later.


Although it took two years to get what she wanted, and Duan Xiuze technically didn’t repent, as he lost his memory instead, Duan Long only valued the results. Who cares about the process.


As for whether Duan Xiuze would remember things in the future, that was a matter for the future them to deal with.


When Duan Xiuze, 17, heard Jiang Wenyi talk about Duan Long’s decision to not obstruct nor seek them, he was also thorough. He casually said, “My mother is smart. If she obstructs me, I’d think that Jiang Wangshu was more important. I won’t only want to marry him, but I’ll also want to bear his child.”

Jiang Wenyi was suddenly quiet. He didn’t know what to say.


Duan Xiuze also reacted. Maybe it was because Jiang Wangshu always seemed to put pressure on him, but he subconsciously put himself in a lower position when he spoke. He vaguely scrambled to change his words.


Jiang Wenyi smiled, “it’s good that you’re divorced now. Wangshu doesn’t deserve you. Your mother will choose famous girls for you to marry. Wangshu is too far from them. You could do so much better.”


Hearing this, Duan Xiuze felt a little harsh and did not hold back. He pondered, “Aren’t you his father? How could you say that about your own son?”


Jiang Wenyi stammered, “I was just thinking for your sake.”

“There’s already so many people who’d do that for me. You’re Jiang Wangshu’s father. You should think of him.”


As soon as he said that, Duan Xiuze felt kind of bad.

He divorced Jiang Wangshu without thinking. Jiang Wenyi was also his former ‘father-in-law.’ If his son was suddenly divorced like that, he’s supposed to think bad of that man, wasn’t he? Why’s Jiang Wenyi talking bad about Jiang Wangshu instead?


Duan Xiuze was used to being praised by others, but he hadn’t been spoiled. After a little thinking, he knew that Jiang Wenyi was just trying to please him.

It was known to the Duan family that he did not get along with Jiang Wangshu. Their elopement was so sudden that everyone thought Jiang Wangshu simply abducted Duan Xiuze against his will. Almost all of them scolded Jiang Wangshu for being ignorant of good and evil, thinking Duan Xiuze was just an innocent victim.


Duan Xiuze had lost his memory. Naturally, Jiang Wenyi also wanted to attack Jiang Wangshu in order to please him.

Duan Xiuze, who was aware of this, did not know why he was hit by a sudden bout of heartache.


It suddenly occurred to him how Jiang Wangshu told him that he’d never thought about what would happen to him from the beginning. At the beginning, when he, Duan Xiuze, walked 99 steps towards him.

At this time, it seemed to be like a little omen.


Duan Xiuze returned home, coincidentally when his parents were away. He first went back to his room. It seemed that everyone knew he had lost his memory and only remembered things before he was 17, so the room was kept exactly the same from back then.

This made Duan Xiuze feel at ease. He soon fell asleep in the bed.


He slept for a long time and had several dreams. The dreams were very normal, except for one. Only one was about Jiang Wangshu and the cat named Wang Ba.


The cat was very fat. It was fat but not greasy, special and unforgettable. Duan Xiuze loved to hold it, but it’d always run away from him. Only Jiang Wangshu could call out to it.


Jiang Wangshu held the cat in his arms, who didn’t struggle at all. It also went to raise its head to kiss his fair cheek.

Duan Xiuze couldn’t understand it, “Why does he love you more, when I’m the one who shovels his shit, feeds, and bathes him?”


“Do you want to know why?”

“Why?” Duan Xiuze asked.


With the corners of his lips lifted, Jiang Wangshu said, “Because cats and dogs are natural enemies.”

It goes without saying who the dog was.


Duan Xiuze jokingly barked a few times, and threw Jiang Wangshu down. The fat cat was frightened, and meowed before running away.


Duan Xiuze licked Jiang Wangshu’s cheek, nose and lips like a dog. His mouth also simulated the pleading cry of a puppy. Jiang Wangshu smiled and whispered, “But cats and dogs could also become lovers, couldn’t they?”

Jiang Wangshu looked at him. With his bright red lips, he let out a soft meow.


Duan Xiuze suddenly woke up.

He shook his hand and wiped the dripping sweat on his forehead. The scene in the dream made his hair stand upright.


Help?? What a messy dream!!

Maybe Jiang Wangshu really did poison him.


Duan Xiuze quickly rolled out of bed and poured a glass of water downstairs. He drank it all at once, but it still couldn’t get rid of his shock.


Not knowing what he was thinking, Duan Xiuze found Aunt Wen and said to her, “Aunt Wen, help me prepare some firecrackers. I want to set off firecrackers.”

Aunt Wen was stunned, “What kind of firecrackers?”


“Loud ones. I want to hear something loud.”

Drive away evil spirits. Don’t let him always have such dreams. It’s too embarrassing.


Jiang Wangshu hadn’t seen Duan Xiuze since. Meng Wen, however, had been in frequent contact with him, although all they talked about was official business.


Jiang Wangshu’s attitude towards him was obvious. It was fine to talk about business, but if you talk about private affairs, well… you just don’t.


Jiang Wangshu didn’t lack clients nor deals, but the more the better, he supposed. 

Meng Wen wasn’t in a hurry. If he had known Jiang Wangshu could accept men earlier, how could Duan Xiuze still have a share? That person was not enlightened.


Meng Wen had been annoyed for two years. Compared with Duan Xiuze, who was not yet enlightened, he had a really big advantage here.

First, he fell in love with Jiang Wangshu first, secretly at the age of 16. Even if he took the route of growing love over time, he should’ve returned with a beautiful woman at this age. Second, he wasn’t the only son. He had a big brother, and his family dotes on him very much. Compared with Duan Xiuze, he would suffer much less resistance.


But he had already threw the mouse away, wasting his first chance. Now he could only take it slow, with one step at a time.


Meng Wen tried Jiang Wangshu several times without success. As long as he talked about private affairs with him, the other party’s attitude would suddenly turn cold, and Meng Wen could only wait it out.


Meng Wen saw something in his circle of friends that day. He was so happy that he forgot his form for a moment. He changed hands and sent the photo to Jiang Wangshu. 

“Duan Xiuze went home to set off firecrackers for a few days. It’s to celebrate his return to being single.”


Jiang Wangshu saw the photo and replied, “Mr. Meng, if you have too much free time, would you like me to get you some beans to pick up?”

Meng Wen: “….”



1 T/N: Sorry, this rhymes in CN =^=
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When The Foolish Gong Lost His Memories

When The Foolish Gong Lost His Memories

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
To elope with Jiang Wangshu, the wealthy young master, Duan Xiuze, stole his household registration book and ran away from home. After marriage, he plucked the stars from the sky, held them in his palms and gave them all to Jiang Wangshu. But alas, the good times didn't last long. Duan Xiuze had a car accident and lost his memory. All that's left was the time from when he was 17, back when he and Jiang Wangshu were still bitter enemies.   Jiang Wangshu thought it’d be fine if he lost his memory. He was confident in making the other party fall in love with him again. However, Duan Xiuze found him immediately after he was discharged and wanted to divorce him. He threatened by saying, "The 23-year-old Duan Xiuze must’ve been bewildered by Gu to marry you. Aren’t I just a pure and innocent high schooler?"   Jiang Wang scoffed and agreed to the divorce on the spot. "Friendly reminder, we signed a prenup. You have to leave everything if you want to file for a divorce."   Duan Xiuze was dumbstruck — What the hell? Is he out of his mind? But for the sake of his innocence, he gritted his teeth and left.   After the divorce, Jiang Wangshu received a huge sum of money, he was even followed by a small fresh meat. That day, he gave the little wolfdog a private birthday party. He was so comfortable, he completely forgot he had an ex-husband. Duan Xiuze returned to freedom and was so happy, he set off fireworks at his door for three days straight.   When asked if he would regret it, he said with a serious face, "I have a deep-rooted hatred for Jiang Wangshu. At the age of seven, I vowed that I would never shake hands nor make peace with him. Ever."   When this remark reached Jiang Wangshu's ears, he sneered and sent a message asking, "Deep-rooted hatred? For exposing that you wet your bed?" Duan Xiuze was so angry that he broke his phone. He really hated Jiang Wangshu. He swore he’d never regret his divorce in his life.   Later, Duan Xiuze’s search history gradually increased —— "How can I cut off my ex-husband's peach blossoms without appearing like I want him back?" "Is a man's self-esteem important?" "How to win the heart of a prodigal ex-husband?" "What kind of washboard is comfortable to kneel on?"  


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