Amnesia's First Sword

Duan Xiuze reached out to touch Meng Wen’s forehead. “You don’t have a fever, how come you’re talking nonsense?”

Meng Wen clapped his hands. “There’s no fever. I’m telling you the truth.”


Duan Xiuze was still somewhat doubtful, “So you’re telling me when you were 16, you were secretly in love with Jiang Wangshu? Didn’t you get a girlfriend at that time?”


Meng Wen sighed, “When I realized that I liked Jiang Wangshu, I thought that I wasn’t normal, so I got a girlfriend. It was useless though. I liked him too much, but he just seemed so straight, you know? And I knew if I confessed, we probably wouldn’t even stay friends. I could only quietly hold my breath.”

“I never expected him to elope with you, but it’s good, in a way. It’s like a stretch of evidence,” he added.


As if he just remembered something, Meng Wen suddenly said, “Ah, but for shame you’ve ruined him a bit. You’re a wild boar that had tasted such a good man.”

Duan Xiuze: “….”


No, but, was he that bad? To say he’s a wild boar, wasn’t he at least rich and handsome? He’d also deliberately trained his figure, even if at the age of 17, he only had six abdominal muscles, and his figure wasn’t as strong as it was now. He made a lot of efforts in this area, and even was very restrained in that area. How could he be a wild boar?


Meng Wen said, “It doesn’t matter. It was better for him to get married. After experiencing you, he’ll know that I’m good.”


“… Do you take me for a scumbag? I should’ve been very kind to him. I also divorced him and left the house without a fuss, didn’t I?”

“Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Good job on doing the bare minimum, man.” 


Meng Wen took a breath, then continued, “He’s so good. You should leave quietly. It’s the least you could do.” 

Duan Xiuze: “….”


“Do you think that since you’re ‘still 17’, you don’t have to take responsibility? No, Xiuze, are you such a irresponsible person?”


Duan Xiuze tried to defend himself, “No, I wasn’t complaining. I just wanted to show that I’m not scum.”


Meng Wen shook his head, “You might not be scum, but…”

He gave Duan Xiuze a thumbs up with an odd smile.


Duan Xiuze stretched out his hand and slapped him on the back of his head, “Okay, shut up.”

“I lost my memory. I’m also very ignorant. How could I marry Jiang Wangshu? Don’t you know? I’ve never dealt well with him,” he pondered.


“Have you really never thought about it? He came to your house when he was six. He was like your playmate. Don’t get mad at what I’m going to say, he loyally followed your mother’s requests, but did he have another choice? The Duan family gave him food and a roof over his head. Can’t you see? He doesn’t care about you, but he probably felt the need to give you and your mother face.”


Once he was done, Meng Wen thought of their relationship and closed his mouth again. After a while, he softly added, “Uh, anyways, what I said before, don’t overthink it, but I’m serious about chasing him. Don’t make me stumble, Brother-in-law.”


“Again, I don’t allow it!” Duan Xiuze very calmly stated.

“Well, it’s no use forbidding me. I’m just here to tell you.”


He smiled as he said, “I’ll treat you to this meal.”



After Duan Xiuze went back, he felt uncomfortable all over.


What kind of brother was this? As soon as he gets divorced, he couldn’t wait to chase after his wife. Bah, not his wife, but his ex-husband.

To say that there was still a lot pent up from before, now this unspeakable irritability was definitely worse by ten-fold.


Even though he had already forgotten his feelings for Jiang Wangshu, there was a time when he didn’t know it. Although he couldn’t admit it, there was already an invisible thread tying the two together. It was impossible to ignore.


Duan Xiuze became more and more vexxed at the thought. He then decided to borrow a waiter’s phone to call Jiang Wangshu.


When Jiang Wangshu saw the unknown caller ID, he raised his eyebrows and naturally answered, “Hello?”


Duan Xiuze’s voice came from the other end of the phone. Jiang Wangshu wasn’t surprised, “What is it, Young Master?”


“… Can you stop calling me Young Master? You’ve never called me that before!”

“It doesn’t prevent me from doing it now. So, what’s the matter, Young Master?”


Duan Xiuze said in a dull voice, “I don’t like it.”

“Oh? Is that so? Go cry about it then.”


Duan Xiuze was again rendered speechless. He wondered, “You weren’t like this before…? Have you changed that much in these past few years?”


“No, but you have.”

“I have?”


“Well no, but your cerebellum has expanded in recent years.”

Duan Xiuze somehow got lost in his own thoughts as he tried to figure out Jiang Wangshu’s haphazard response.


“Be sensible, Young Master. You’ve already taken the divorce certificate. Don’t contact me so casually.”


“Er… I’m just…”

“Bored?” Jiang Wangshu guessed.


“No, I want to ask you something.”

“Alright, say it.”


“If others were to chase you, can you promise to refuse them?”


Jiang Wangshu scoffed, “You’re in charge of heaven and earth, but you’re also in charge of me? Since we’re divorced, you can’t control what I do.”


Duan Xiuze paused for a while before saying, “Well, I do hope you can be happy, but if there were any cats and dogs chasing you, such as those who’ve been making girlfriends since they were young, and may have been rich for several years… Just refuse them, yeah?”


“If you want to look for someone new, doesn’t my family also own an entertainment company? I’ll go back and pick some out for you. Don’t you think that’ll be nice?” he giddily added.


Jiang Wangshu didn’t expect him to say that, of all things. He crushed the withered flowers on the table. His voice was cold as he said, “Really now, how considerate of you. I want ten.”


Duan Xiuze was shocked, “Ah? Aren’t ten too many?”


Jiang Wangshu curled his lips. With a slight gnash of his teeth, he said, “No, I like that. Would be great if they’re big and strong too. I’ll thank you in advance.” 

With that, he resolutely hung up.


….Isn’t he too fierce? I’m worried about his health, Duan Xiuze thought to himself.


But as he was worrying, an unexplainable impatience started boiling inside his heart – perhaps it was because this was the first time Jiang Wangshu had spoken about his preferences in that area to him.


Duan Xiuze took a deep breath. Seeing as he finally found a somewhat usable reason, he sent a message to Meng Wen, “You can’t chase him!” 


“Ha, veto denied. Jiang Wangshu promised to go to dinner with me,” Meng Wen boasted.

Duan Xiuze: “?”


“It’s strange, he said he wasn’t free before, but now he just sent me a message. He actually took the initiative to ask me out. It seems that we’re on the same wavelength after all.”

After Meng Wen said this, he also sent a shy cat sticker.


“… That looks like it came from a sticker pack you’d get from a girl. How many girlfriends have you made in recent years? Do you think you’re worthy of him? When I was with him, I was still a virgin, but look at you?”


“… What’s your problem? You lost your memory. Why do you still care so much?”


Duan Xiuze’s eyes blazed, “Well, don’t you know? I was still a virgin, and he was very satisfied with me!”


“Riight, so, is it that you also like him or something?”


“I didn’t say that I like him. I just want to tell you that you should reconsider whether you’re worthy of him or not. At least when I got with him, I was clean and gave my firsts to him. While you? Dirty smelly scum of a man.”


“… Did you drop your IQ somewhere? Would I still be a virgin when I’m 23?”


Duan Xiuze felt an odd sense of victory over Meng Wen. He triumphantly smiled and focused on attacking him, “Look at you, you’re not pure, yet you still want to chase Jiang Wangshu. You don’t deserve him!”


Meng Wen: “….”

“I’ve always known you had a loose screw, but I didn’t expect you to be this bad. Do you want me to pay for your chastity memorial arch?”


Duan Xiuze very modestly said, “I just enjoy being clean. Unlike you, I don’t engage in promiscuous activities.”


Meng Wen vomited blood. “I’m 23 years old. If I’m still a virgin, wouldn’t I have a problem? My body functions as normal. Why can’t I have sex?”


“Ah, it seems that your secret love for Jiang Wangshu is not pure enough. If I had a secret love for him, I’d keep my everything for him. For my firsts, only he could have it.”


“What is this BS–”


“It’s not BS. You have a problem with your outlook on love, you know? Why can’t you be a virgin at the age of 23? Don’t make excuses for your incompetence and lack of restraint!”


Duan Xiuze restlessly taught Meng Wen a lesson. Meng Wen was so angry that he texted Jiang Wangshu.

Jiang Wangshu received the message and opened it. It read, “There is something I must confess to you.”


Jiang Wangshu asked him, “What is it?”


“I’m sorry, but I’m not a virgin!”

Jiang Wangshu: “….”


Meng Wen: “Can you accept it?”


Jiang Wangshu dumfoundedly looked at the message. He noted that Meng Wen must’ve been mentally ill. He just wanted to have dinner with a friend, but they’re worried about their virginity? What for?


He’s not a virgin. Does that mean he’s not worthy to be at the same table with him?

Or did he come to mess with him?


Jiang Wangshu thought of this and blocked Meng Wen on the spot.


Meng Wen sent another message, which turned into a red exclamation mark. He was stunned and mused; it turned out that he wasn’t a virgin, did Jiang Wangshu really not like that?


But he’s a man, there’s no hymen to prove anything. If there was, he’d have bigger things to worry about.


Meng Wen fell into chagrin.

He hadn’t realize he’d been polluted by Duan Xiuze’s BS way of thinking.

This must’ve been the power of the expanded cerebellum.



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When The Foolish Gong Lost His Memories

When The Foolish Gong Lost His Memories

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
To elope with Jiang Wangshu, the wealthy young master, Duan Xiuze, stole his household registration book and ran away from home. After marriage, he plucked the stars from the sky, held them in his palms and gave them all to Jiang Wangshu. But alas, the good times didn't last long. Duan Xiuze had a car accident and lost his memory. All that's left was the time from when he was 17, back when he and Jiang Wangshu were still bitter enemies.   Jiang Wangshu thought it’d be fine if he lost his memory. He was confident in making the other party fall in love with him again. However, Duan Xiuze found him immediately after he was discharged and wanted to divorce him. He threatened by saying, "The 23-year-old Duan Xiuze must’ve been bewildered by Gu to marry you. Aren’t I just a pure and innocent high schooler?"   Jiang Wang scoffed and agreed to the divorce on the spot. "Friendly reminder, we signed a prenup. You have to leave everything if you want to file for a divorce."   Duan Xiuze was dumbstruck — What the hell? Is he out of his mind? But for the sake of his innocence, he gritted his teeth and left.   After the divorce, Jiang Wangshu received a huge sum of money, he was even followed by a small fresh meat. That day, he gave the little wolfdog a private birthday party. He was so comfortable, he completely forgot he had an ex-husband. Duan Xiuze returned to freedom and was so happy, he set off fireworks at his door for three days straight.   When asked if he would regret it, he said with a serious face, "I have a deep-rooted hatred for Jiang Wangshu. At the age of seven, I vowed that I would never shake hands nor make peace with him. Ever."   When this remark reached Jiang Wangshu's ears, he sneered and sent a message asking, "Deep-rooted hatred? For exposing that you wet your bed?" Duan Xiuze was so angry that he broke his phone. He really hated Jiang Wangshu. He swore he’d never regret his divorce in his life.   Later, Duan Xiuze’s search history gradually increased —— "How can I cut off my ex-husband's peach blossoms without appearing like I want him back?" "Is a man's self-esteem important?" "How to win the heart of a prodigal ex-husband?" "What kind of washboard is comfortable to kneel on?"  


  1. Grerutin says:

    Am i misunderstanding something? In chapter 3, DX says “How clean was he? Ordinary adolescent boys would often hand wash, but he himself rarely does it. Instead, he’d go to Taobao to order a service and ask others to do it for him. What’s more, he’d order once a month, ordering 30 in each go.”
    I read this as he ordered handjobs/soapland sex services??? In what world is that “clean”, or hold true to him saying “Unlike you, I don’t engage in promiscuous activities”.

    Not trying to slut shame here, but you can’t literally admit to hiring sex workers once a month, being with them all day, and then call yourself “clean” and others “dirty” for being in previous relationships.
    I don’t know if it has something to do with it being a paid service? So he thinks that it isn’t real for some reason?

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