Even a Minute Would Be a Miracle

As Jiang Wangshu got into the car, Duan Xiuze noticed that it was a Rolls Royce. He said in surprise, “So you do have a car.”

“I only take it out when I see clients. Get on, I’ll bring you back.”


Duan Xiuze sat in the passenger’s seat and asked, “You don’t hire a driver?”

“That’ll be another expense.”


Duan Xiuze always knew of Jiang Wangshu’s thrifty style, but he didn’t expect him to stick with it until he was an adult. He curiously asked, “What do you do now?”

Jiang Wangshu answered lightly, “I have a share in a tech company.”

Duan Xiuze said “Ohh,” then stopped talking.


Jiang Wangshu glanced at him and asked, “That’s it?”

Duan Xiuze concurred, “Yeah, that’s it.”

Jiang Wangshu could only say “Mn.”


The two men arrived at the entrance of Duan Xiuze’s hotel in silence. When he was about to get off, Jiang Wangshu stopped him, “Wait.”


Duan Xiuze turned to look at him.


Jiang Wangshu always felt tense when facing the current Duan Xiuze. He was still seventeen, albeit only in his memory. He wasn’t willing to show his dependence nor love for him right now. After all, Duan Xiuze was likely used to him being cold at this time. He was also in his rebellious phase. Because of this sensitivity, he tried his best to be as cold as he once was. He muttered, “Or… you could live back at our place first.”


He tried to ease up his expression as he said, “The hotel is unsanitary, our house is cleaner.”


“I don’t mind. I’m not like you.”

Jiang Wangshu: “….”


He watched Duan Xiuze smile at him, opened the door to get off, and entered the hotel without looking back.


Jiang Wangshu sat in the car and took out the divorce certificate. The corners of his eyes slightly reddened as he tried to hold himself back. He tightly clasped on the piece of paper until the corner crumpled.


It’s fine, Jiang Wangshu thought. Not only was he was used to this, but he also saw it coming. Originally, he couldn’t even be with Duan Xiuze. He wasn’t willing to run away from home for him. And plus, he always wanted to go back and inherit the family. 


Two years were enough. It’s more than enough.


Jiang Wangshu calmed down and put the divorce certificate back. When he was about to leave, he looked up and saw Duan Xiuze standing in front of the window, seemingly staring straight at him.

Jiang Wangshu was startled. He lowered his window and asked in a bad tone, “What are you doing?”


Duan Xiuze looked at him and said, “I wanted to see if you’re crying.”

Jiang Wangshu kept his head straight, not looking him in the eyes, “Of course not.”

“Turn your head around.”


Jiang Wangshu glanced at the rearview mirror. He had to confirm that everything was normal before he turned to look at Duan Xiuze. “Is this enough? Why would I cry?”


Duan Xiuze saw that his eyes were still a bit red, but they were the same since earlier. There really was no change at all. He couldn’t help saying, “Hm, I thought you would.”

Jiang Wangshu calmly said, “How could that be?”


Duan Xiuze let out a breath, “I’m relieved. I thought about if you liked me so much– No, well, anyway, it’s good. This way, I won’t have any psychological burdens.”

Jiang Wangshu gritted his teeth as he said, “Duan Xiuze, you’re really annoying. Go choke on the divorce certificate, will you?”


Duan Xiuze was dumbfounded. Just as he was trying to think of a comeback, Jiang Wangshu stepped on the accelerator and almost ran him over.

He stood firm and shouted at Jiang Wangshu’s car, “You hate– eh?? Pay attention to the car! Unsteady driving makes the elderly cry!”


Jiang Wangshu took a look at the side-view mirror. Seeing that he could no longer make out Duan Xiuze’s figure in the distance, he slowed down the car and thumped on the steering wheel. His mood was so bad, there couldn’t possibly be anything that could make it worse.


When he got home, he saw their wedding picture hung in the living room as he passed. Both of them were wearing matching suits, Duan Xiuze was holding his waist, and they were both smiling. He, uncharacteristically so.


There were no guests, no blessings, just the two of them. Even so, it was still a sweet memory.

He didn’t expect a car accident would wreck everything like this.


Jiang Wangshu mood somehow worsened. Just then, his phone rang. He didn’t want to answer, but it kept on ringing so he had to, “Hello?”


It was a familiar voice, “It’s me, Meng Wen. How’ve you been recently?”


Jiang Wangshu glanced at the number and asked, “Did you change your number?”

“I’m afraid that if I didn’t, you wouldn’t even pick up.”


Jiang Wangshu frowned slightly, “What do you want?”

Meng Wen said, “Xiuze called me a few days ago to ask about you two… He was a little weird.”


Jiang Wangshu paused for a while and honestly told him what happened, “He had a car accident and lost his memory.”


Meng Wen was surprised, “Amnesia?”



Meng Wen mumbled, “No wonder…”


Jiang Wangshu didn’t want to talk to him anymore. “What else?” he impatiently asked.

“Since he lost his memory, he has to go back to the Duan family. You and him…”


Before he finished, Jiang Wangshu interrupted him by saying, “We’re already divorced. It’s over. That’s it. I have something else to do, goodbye.”


With that, Jiang Wangshu hung up the phone. He took a look at the number and finally suppressed the urge to block it. 

He and Meng Wen didn’t have a bad relationship. He was also Duan Xiuze’s close friend. It was useful to keep him.

Jiang Wangshu sighed and threw his phone aside.


Later, Duan Xiuze who was lying on the hotel’s sofa watching TV, also received a call from Meng Wen, “Hello?”


“I asked Jiang Wangshu, he said you’re divorced. Is that true?”

Duan Xiuze: “….”


Duan Xiuze said, “We’re good, you know.”


Meng Wen didn’t know what he was talking about, “Don’t you have amnesia?”

Duan Xiuze: “….”


Damn, Jiang Wangshu couldn’t keep his mouth shut.


Duan Xiuze said, “So what, are you here to laugh at me?”


“I don’t have the time to. Anyhow, your farce is over. Just head home.”


Although Duan Xiuze didn’t understand why he married Jiang Wangshu, it was still his choice to make. 

He might make small mistakes here and there, but he had never strayed to the wrong path. He believed in his choices, even if he had no memory of it now. He didn’t want others to call his union with Jiang Wangshu a farce, so he seriously said, “It wasn’t a farce.”


“Think what you want, but everyone also thought that you two wouldn’t last long. Now that you lost your memory, it’ll be regarded as a rectification.”


Duan Xiuze’s mind was still 17 at this time. Since Meng Wen said this, the more he wanted to rebel. He said strangely, “I saw you as my brother, and as a result, you wanted me to get a divorce. How come I have such a shameful brother?”


Meng Wen choked, “It’s not that I wanted you to get divorced, I just…”


Duan Xiuze said in an exaggeratedly hurt tone, “You just don’t want me to be happy.”

Meng Wen: “….”


“I’m hanging up.”

With that, Duan Xiuze hung up. He finally knew why Jiang Wangshu loved to hang up abruptly like that. It felt really cool.


But after the feeling left, Duan Xiuze was in a bad mood.

He didn’t know the reason, he just felt off.


He picked up his phone and opened Taobao. There was a list of his own past orders. When he clicked on it, he found that they were all miscellaneous household items.

Dishwashing sponges, aprons, hand sanitizers, shower gels, and other daily necessities. Further down, he saw adult products such as lubricants, condoms and even condoms with various flavors.


Duan Xiuze felt as if he had just broke into Jiang Wangshu’s privacy. It gave him an indescribable feeling. He closed the list with a clear understanding of his exuberant sex life.


But it wasn’t him. He couldn’t understand 23-year-old Duan Xiuze’s thought process.

He was still one to believe in the law of conservation of energy.


Duan Xiuze typed in a keyword on Taobao, and it immediately recommended a shop for hand-washing. When he saw the name of the shop, turns out it was an old acquaintance of his.

Duan Xiuze made four orders and chatted privately with the shopkeeper, “Hello, can you finish it today?”


Shopkeeper: “…”

Shopkeeper: “Brother, aren’t you married? Why are you still here?”


Duan Xiuze was surprised, “It’s been five years. Do you still remember me?”

Shopkeeper: “\(: з」 ∠)_”


Duanxiuze: “I’m divorced. Please help me.”

Shopkeeper: “After two years of marriage, you could only play four times a day?”

Duan Xiuze: “…”


Duan Xiuze made another 10 orders. “Can you finish it today? I’ll continue with 20 orders tomorrow.”

Shopkeeper: “…”


Duan Xiuze didn’t really care whether the other party would rush his order or not. But based on the fact that several clerks left the store last time, leaving the shopkeeper to close the store crying, they probably will.


Although Duan Xiuze was still suffering physically, he thought that he could let off the steam mentally.

Even if he no longer needs to grow tall.


Duan Xiuze switched to the messaging app and stared at Jiang Wangshu’s name.


Jiang Wangshu sat for a while, then got up to cook. But since he wasn’t in the mood, he only made a simple bowl of noodles with eggs.

He wasn’t exactly the best at cooking. Duan Xiuze was the one that was. He was really good at it. Most of their meals were cooked by him, while Jiang Wangshu was responsible for washing the dishes.


Jiang Wangshu sat down and saw that his phone was still on. When he picked it up, he found that Duan Xiuze had sent him a message.

Jiang Wangshu tightly grasped his phone, but slowly loosened it. He glanced at the messages Duan Xiuze sent him. They were all meaningless nonsense.


17-year-old Duan Xiuze was always like this. He’d annoyingly harass him whenever he was bored.


Jiang Wangshu put down his chopsticks and replied, “We’re divorced, and you still come to me to chat. Don’t you feel embarrassed?”

“What’s our relationship like? Didn’t we use to be close?”


Jiang Wangshu wanted to ask if he knew the current situation, it’s unbearably irritating to talk like this. But then again, Jiang Wangshu couldn’t be bothered to.


Duan Xiuze sent him a chat record. It was a dialogue between him and the owner of the Taobao store. “I solved it like this before. If I were a monk, I would be an eminent monk now.”

Jiang Wangshu: “….”


His fingers typed like the wind, “Didn’t you know? You have premature ejaculation. You even became impotent last year. We have long been in an sexless marriage.”


Duan Xiuze: “!!!”

Jiang Wangshu: “Really. Just getting to one minute would be a miracle for you.”

Duan Xiuze: “….”


Jiang Wangshu waited for a while. Seeing that Duan Xiuze didn’t reply, he was relieved, but also a little disappointed.


You can’t do this, Jiang Wangshu thought. If you continue to be miserable, you’ll lose your job.



He went to work after lunch.

As usual, there was an afternoon meeting which required him to be present. When everyone arrived, Jiang Wangshu opened the projection screen, and just then, Duan Xiuze’s message popped up -——


“Liar! I lasted for at least half an hour! I’m still a great pillar of the sky!”

Jiang Wangshu: “….”


As his employees awkwardly looked at each other and whispered, Jiang Wangshu turned off the projector. “Sorry, hold on,” he expressionlessly said, as he blocked Duan Xiuze.


Duan Xiuze on the other side found that the photo he sent had become an exclamation point. Stunned, he uncomprehendingly mumbled, “Shit? Now he blocked me?”


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When The Foolish Gong Lost His Memories

When The Foolish Gong Lost His Memories

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
To elope with Jiang Wangshu, the wealthy young master, Duan Xiuze, stole his household registration book and ran away from home. After marriage, he plucked the stars from the sky, held them in his palms and gave them all to Jiang Wangshu. But alas, the good times didn't last long. Duan Xiuze had a car accident and lost his memory. All that's left was the time from when he was 17, back when he and Jiang Wangshu were still bitter enemies.   Jiang Wangshu thought it’d be fine if he lost his memory. He was confident in making the other party fall in love with him again. However, Duan Xiuze found him immediately after he was discharged and wanted to divorce him. He threatened by saying, "The 23-year-old Duan Xiuze must’ve been bewildered by Gu to marry you. Aren’t I just a pure and innocent high schooler?"   Jiang Wang scoffed and agreed to the divorce on the spot. "Friendly reminder, we signed a prenup. You have to leave everything if you want to file for a divorce."   Duan Xiuze was dumbstruck — What the hell? Is he out of his mind? But for the sake of his innocence, he gritted his teeth and left.   After the divorce, Jiang Wangshu received a huge sum of money, he was even followed by a small fresh meat. That day, he gave the little wolfdog a private birthday party. He was so comfortable, he completely forgot he had an ex-husband. Duan Xiuze returned to freedom and was so happy, he set off fireworks at his door for three days straight.   When asked if he would regret it, he said with a serious face, "I have a deep-rooted hatred for Jiang Wangshu. At the age of seven, I vowed that I would never shake hands nor make peace with him. Ever."   When this remark reached Jiang Wangshu's ears, he sneered and sent a message asking, "Deep-rooted hatred? For exposing that you wet your bed?" Duan Xiuze was so angry that he broke his phone. He really hated Jiang Wangshu. He swore he’d never regret his divorce in his life.   Later, Duan Xiuze’s search history gradually increased —— "How can I cut off my ex-husband's peach blossoms without appearing like I want him back?" "Is a man's self-esteem important?" "How to win the heart of a prodigal ex-husband?" "What kind of washboard is comfortable to kneel on?"  


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