FGLM Ch 11

3000 Can't Recruit Migrant Workers, but...

“Taobao had a full 18 minus 15 sale??”


Was that the point?

Jiang Wangshu replied, “No?”


Duan Xiuze said, “Don’t they only discount 50 from 300? Only if they’re starving for users will they subtract 15 from 18, I’m sure?”


Jiang Wangshu didn’t reply.


Duan Xiuze hesitated for a while, and found his brother-like friend Tong Xuning, who was an outstanding friend in his school days.

He chatted with him about his current situation, and asked about his love life. Knowing that he had never been in a relationship, he offered, “Shall I introduce you to someone?”


“Hm? Who?”


Duan Xiuze vaguely said, “Don’t worry. They’re excellent and good-looking, but for mm, they’re a guy.”


After a while, Tong Xuning replied, “You’re can’t be talking about Jiang Wangshu, can you?”

“Uh? How’d you know?” he carefully asked.


“I heard that you lost your memory and divorced him. It’s already spread everywhere,”

“It was said that you only remember things from when you were 17, so there’s probably one thing that you don’t know. Many people in our circle liked Jiang Wangshu.”


Duan Xiuze: “?”

Tong Xuning said, “But don’t bother. I’m not going to chase him again anyways.” 


Duan Xiuze was stunned, “Wait, ‘again’? Wha—”


“He’s good, but he’s too stubborn.”

Duan Xiuze was keenly aware of the meaning of his words, “… Brother, did you also chase him before?”


Tong Xuning said, “Yeah, unfortunately he said he didn’t like men. But look, didn’t he elope with you two years ago? It seems that he just doesn’t like me. He thinks your family is more powerful. Too bad your mother froze your card, he couldn’t even get a benefit.”


Duan Xiuze: “….”

His impression of this excellent brother suddenly collapsed.


Even if he didn’t deal with Jiang Wangshu, he never felt that Jiang Wangshu was the kind of person who was greedy for wealth. After all, from childhood to adulthood, he was supported by many stars and the moon. Everyone spoke with him carefully, but only Jiang Wangshu didn’t. 

If he was greedy for wealth and power, wouldn’t he try to get along with him?


Thinking of this, Duan Xiuze angrily replied, “Tong Xuning, when I was younger, I thought of you as a role model. I didn’t expect that you would become a useless waste when you grow up,”


“You can’t do it yourself, so you belittle others. Tong Xuning, you trash!”


Tong Xuning was stunned, “Duan Xiuze, what about your self-restraint? What about your quality?”

“You’re one to talk, you stinker!”


He continued, “You’re no longer my role model. It seems that being handsome with a high degree doesn’t mean anything. Hmph, bye.”


With that, Duan Xiuze put Tong Xuning on the blacklist, borrowed the servant’s phone, changed his previous attitude, and warned Jiang Wangshu, “Males these days! It’s so hard to find a nice guy around here. Don’t worry, just pick slowly, and pick a good one.”


Jiang Wangshu scoffed when he saw the message. He held back his curling lips as he tapped his fingers gently on the keyboard, “You sure are interesting, aren’t you?”


“I’m doing it for you! Take it seriously! The world is a terrible place. You don’t know how bad it gets. Men could be literal dogs!”


“Aren’t you also a man?”

“I am, but I won’t be a bad man.”


“Do you think you’re a good man?”

“Of course. Have you ever seen my puppy love? No, right? I think falling in love when my mind is immature will only hurt others.”


Jiang Wangshu felt that his own temper had improved a lot. Even if Duan Xiuze kept getting blacklisted, as long as he could borrow a phone, he would definitely return to talk to him.

At this point, he’s not a Bodhisattva, he’s already gone way above that. 


Jiang Wangshu didn’t reply to Duan Xiuze. He turned on the function of intercepting strange calls and strange information, and completely cut off contact with Duan Xiuze.


Seeing that Jiang Wangshu would not reply, Duan Xiuze called Jiang Wangshu again to confirm that this new number he’d borrowed was also included in the blacklist. As if he’d finally received Jiang Wangshu’s signal, he completely settled down.


In the days that followed, even though he was not yet mentally mature, he went to do the Duan family’s work. He’d already graduated from a top university in China, see.


During this period, Duan Long took him to the best hospital to check his brain. The most authoritative doctor there gave him a similar answer, saying that he had to wait for the congestion to be absorbed. 

However, he gave him an estimate of three to ten years. After all, the congestion would compress the brain nerves. Even if the congestion was absorbed, there was still a chance of complications and sequelas. 


As they left the hospital, Duan Long said to him, “It’s good that you just forgot the five years with Wangshu. You didn’t know what happened in the first two years. You were in a backstreet relationship with him, completely without telling anyone. It was only when you eloped that we found out.”


Duan Xiuze was a little absent-minded. Duan Long almost had to shout at him before Duan Xiuze came back to his senses and said, “Your eyes are so sharp. Did you really not notice that I fell in love with Jiang Wangshu? Also, you’re not angry about it?”


“Why would I be? You didn’t have a puppy love in junior high. Your father and I were worried about other things,” she calmly said. 


Duan Xiuze casually mentioned, “Didn’t you tell me not to fall in love early? See? I listened.”

“I told you not to fall in love early, and you didn’t.  But then how come you become disobedient when you’re older, abandoning your parents to be with Wangshu, huh?”

Duan Xiuze had no words to refute.


Duan Long said with a smile, “I don’t blame you. You’re done with that now. The entire Duan family is yours. You can choose whatever kind of girl you want.”

“I’m not in a hurry. I’m only seventeen,” he said.


Unlike many boys who wanted to quickly grow up into men, Duan Xiuze knew what he would face in the future ever since he was young. He’d always hoped that time would pass more slowly. He didn’t want to grow up so soon.


Although he had a good family background, he was also bound by heavy shackles.

Maybe that Duan Xiuze ran away with Jiang Wangshu in order to avoid inheriting his family business?

Duan Xiuze couldn’t bring his thoughts back


He vaguely felt that the eloped man was a bit handsome, but tragic.


It was the embodiment of the so-called, “Frustrated in love, proud at work.”


Jiang Wangshu was so busy that he almost always slept in the company these days.

The project led by Duan Xiuze had been completed. A final payment had already been transferred into the company’s account. All the capital chains had been supplemented.


He also had a net income of 90 million yuan and a continuous 40% share in the future. The net income in a year had reached several hundred million yuan, which would be gradually expanded according to the usage of users in the future.

Duan Xiuze won this opportunity to cooperate with the government and an energy group. He also invested a lot of money. The product upgrading and optimization carried out by Jiang Wangshu and the company team was put into use and was a great success.


Duan Xiuze was a great contributor to the success of this project, but now he’s gone.


Jiang Wangshu put Duan Xiuze’s dividend into a card, and then put it on the divorce certificate. This was a clear distinction between reward and punishment, that’s all.


There was a cocktail party in the evening, Meng Wen made an appointment early to come as his boyfriend, but Jiang Wangshu replied, “You’re too tall. Successful men don’t like to be looked down upon.”


“Ah? But I’m only 180!”

“You’re visually 189.”


Isn’t this visual inspection too much?


He said, “You can’t measure it visually.”

“Mr. Meng, let’s each find a different male partner. We have a cooperative relationship, it’s better to keep it at that.”


Meng Wen was depressed by this sentence, and then he said, “But I was going to introduce you to President Long of the Long group. If it works out, your origin tech could be improved.”


“It’s still too much.”


“Can’t you wear height-increasing shoes?”

“People won’t be able to see it anyways. You’ll be taller than me then,” he added.


Jiang Wangshu felt a headache coming.

Meng Wen and Duan Xiuze were destined to be sworn brothers. Neither of them knew how to grasp the key point.


Jiang Wangshu gave up and bluntly said, “No, I’m just looking for an excuse to refuse you.”


Meng Wen: “….”

He inexplicably wondered what Duan Xiuze had done to win Jiang Wangshu over.


Jiang Wangshu, as his name suggests, was like the moon in the sky. He could only be viewed from afar. What could he do to get to his heart? Meng Wen fell into deep sorrow.


Although Jiang Wangshu refused Meng Wen, he did need a partner. In this era, men and men had long been able to get married. And so, choosing a male partner wasn’t very uncommon, it had even become a trend at some point.

Jiang Wangshu thought for a moment and called a friend.


This friend had started a business in this prosperous city. It was doing really well. He and Duan Xiuze would also visit occasionally. 

Now he could only trouble him for this kind of thing.


As soon as his friend heard about how he needed a good-looking ‘boyfriend’, he immediately said, “What a coincidence? Just after the college entrance examination, a new kid came here.”


“He’s handsome, 1.87 meters tall, fair skin and deep facial features. He came to me to audition as a lead singer. Really, his voice is really good. It might be easy for you to give him some money and let him accompany you this once. If you want, I’ll talk to him.”

Jiang Wangshu said, “Alright, just go with him then.”


He paused and added, “Just take it as a part-time job. 3000 yuan for one night.”


The friend said, “Your 3000 yuan is too much. You can’t recruit a migrant worker for 3000 yuan, but you can recruit a ‘985[1]Elite universities, from the 985 project. graduate. As for high school graduates, 500 yuan is enough.”


Unlike him, Jiang Wangshu still had a little conscience. He carefully thought, “500? Aren’t you just bullying him at that point?”

The friend said, “If a capitalist does not bully others, he’s not a qualified capitalist.”


“Ah,” Jiang Wangshu had to agree, “True, true.”


After a while, his friend sent him a message, “It’s done. I told him to skip work and he’d still get his salary. He was so happy, he immediately agreed.”


Jiang Wangshu: “….”

For 500, really??


1 Elite universities, from the 985 project.
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When The Foolish Gong Lost His Memories

When The Foolish Gong Lost His Memories

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
To elope with Jiang Wangshu, the wealthy young master, Duan Xiuze, stole his household registration book and ran away from home. After marriage, he plucked the stars from the sky, held them in his palms and gave them all to Jiang Wangshu. But alas, the good times didn't last long. Duan Xiuze had a car accident and lost his memory. All that's left was the time from when he was 17, back when he and Jiang Wangshu were still bitter enemies.   Jiang Wangshu thought it’d be fine if he lost his memory. He was confident in making the other party fall in love with him again. However, Duan Xiuze found him immediately after he was discharged and wanted to divorce him. He threatened by saying, "The 23-year-old Duan Xiuze must’ve been bewildered by Gu to marry you. Aren’t I just a pure and innocent high schooler?"   Jiang Wang scoffed and agreed to the divorce on the spot. "Friendly reminder, we signed a prenup. You have to leave everything if you want to file for a divorce."   Duan Xiuze was dumbstruck — What the hell? Is he out of his mind? But for the sake of his innocence, he gritted his teeth and left.   After the divorce, Jiang Wangshu received a huge sum of money, he was even followed by a small fresh meat. That day, he gave the little wolfdog a private birthday party. He was so comfortable, he completely forgot he had an ex-husband. Duan Xiuze returned to freedom and was so happy, he set off fireworks at his door for three days straight.   When asked if he would regret it, he said with a serious face, "I have a deep-rooted hatred for Jiang Wangshu. At the age of seven, I vowed that I would never shake hands nor make peace with him. Ever."   When this remark reached Jiang Wangshu's ears, he sneered and sent a message asking, "Deep-rooted hatred? For exposing that you wet your bed?" Duan Xiuze was so angry that he broke his phone. He really hated Jiang Wangshu. He swore he’d never regret his divorce in his life.   Later, Duan Xiuze’s search history gradually increased —— "How can I cut off my ex-husband's peach blossoms without appearing like I want him back?" "Is a man's self-esteem important?" "How to win the heart of a prodigal ex-husband?" "What kind of washboard is comfortable to kneel on?"  


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