FGLM Ch 10

Taobao Event

Jiang Wangshu ignored Meng Wen, but he might’ve been slightly intrigued, as he ended up putting down his work for the time being.


He released Duan Xiuze from the blacklist and opened his circle of friends. The first thing he saw was a picture of trail of firecrackers along the flagstone road outside his villa. The caption read, “Exorcise evil spirits.”


Jiang Wangshu decided to put him back on the blacklist without a second thought. He also took their couples photo from the drawer and threw it into the garbage can.


He then went back to began sorting out Duan Xiuze’s things.

First, the suitcase, and then all of Duan Xiuze’s clothes in the wardrobe. One suitcase wasn’t enough. He also bought several disposable boxes in the local supermarket while running errands. They would be delivered in less than half an hour.


After this arrangement, Jiang Wangshu found that Duan Xiuze had a lot of things. Many of them carried their memories along with them.


Jiang Wangshu sat on the ground, surrounded by scattered sundries. Wang Ba walked up to him, with a nimble leap, he lightly headbutts him.

He tried to gently push Wang Ba away, but he rubbed against him tirelessly. Jiang Wangshu had no choice but to pick him up. The cat made a cute sound in his arms.

It’s obviously a male cat, but his meows sounded so whiny and loud.


Jiang Wangshu scratched its chin, looked at him and whispered, “Actually, I don’t like you that much, you know?”

Jiang Wangshu didn’t like cats. Duan Xiuze commented at the time, “Cats are territorial creatures. They all say that one mountain can’t tolerate two tigers unless one is male and one is female.”


Duan Xiuze looked at him with a smile, “Little Kitty, give me a cry.”

He was beaten as soon as the words left his mouth. He said, “Ge, no! Have mercy!”


Jiang Wangshu was only a month older than him, but Duan Xiuze would still annoyingly call him ‘Gege[1]Big bro’ from time to time.


Jiang Wangshu tried to chill his expression as he said, “Shut it.”

Duan Xiuze immediately shut up and sat down beside him with a grin. He put his hands around his waist and said some random nonsense to coax him.


Remembering the warm memories, Jiang Wangshu smiled, but soon returned to himself. He and this cute, fat bastard were the only ones left in this huge living room.

He watched the cat in his arms purring comfortably under his fingers, and was patient enough to pet him for a long time.

After smoothing Wang Ba’s fur out, he drove him away and went back to sorting out the things belonging to Duan Xiuze.


Even the toothbrush, tooth cup and towel in the bathroom weren’t spared – Duan Xiuze liked the color pink at this age, so the slippers, toothbrush and towels were all pink.

Jiang Wangshu liked things in cool colors, so most of his daily necessities were blue, and sometimes with stripes. He also had many striped towels, T-shirts and other stuff.

But no matter what it was, as long as it could be paired, they would always get a couple’s set.


Jiang Wangshu was used to putting everything together. Now that he took away Duan Xiuze’s, the washstand suddenly felt too empty.


Compared to that, Jiang Wangshu did not hesitate to sweep Duan Xiuze’s game room clean, and brought his gaming equipment to the living room.


When the doorbell rang, Jiang Wangshu went to open the door. It was a stack of folded cardboard boxes sent by the errand boy.


Jiang Wangshu closed the door, unfolded the cartons one by one, and sorted Duan Xiuze’s things into different categories.

It took him most of the night to clean up.


Jiang Wangshu looked at the five big boxes in front of him, took a deep breath, and stretched himself. He then went to take a bath.

Once he was done, Jiang Wangshu came out wearing a big blue striped T-shirt and a pair of loose black shorts, his hair still dripping wet. He roughly wiped it and went to the living room to properly dry it.

After all that, it was already past ten o’clock. It was time for him to go to bed.


Jiang Wangshu took a look at his phone and put it on the bedside table. He laid down, put on his sleeping mask, and whispered to the air, “Good night.”


But before long, he took off his mask, turned on the light and sat up again. 


He picked up Duan Xiuze’s pillow on his side, walked all the way to the living room, and stuffed it into a box before resealing it.

Only after all that did he go back to his bed, and fell sleep.


The next day, after breakfast, Jiang Wangshu immediately called Shunfan express to pick up the boxes. The other party asked about the weight. Jiang Wangshu thought for a moment and replied, “200 kilograms.”

As for the duration and time, what Jiang Wangshu wanted was immediate. Right now, right away.


The courier quickly came to pick up the things. Since Jiang Wangshu said that the weight was quite heavy, two couriers came to ask him whether to pay with cash or on arrival. He contently said, “On arrival. It’s too troublesome.”


After the five big boxes were sent out, the whole house felt that much more empty, but it was in line with the style of people living alone.


The cat rubbed at Jiang Wangshu’s feet. He pretended to be surprised, “Ah, why’d I forget to stuff you with the rest of his things?”

Naturally, the cat couldn’t understand what he was talking about. Seeing that Jiang Wangshu wouldn’t touch him, he took the initiative to lie down and show off his belly.


Adorable bastard.

Jiang Wangshu smiled. He took the cat into his arms and whispered, “It’s good, isn’t it?”


How else could we say that Shunfan express is the fastest in the country? Five large boxes arrived at the Duan family villa the next day.


Aunt Wen went to the door to sign for it, but was denied. They asked for Duan Xiuze to take it, so Aunt Wen had to notify him.

Duan Xiuze stepped out and came over. He saw five big boxes and was dumbfounded. After a while, he asked, “What is it?”


The courier said, “Clothes and daily necessities.”

Duan Xiuze was still puzzled when he heard the courier say, “It’s payment on arrival. A total of 2000 yuan, please pay the express fee.”


Duan Xiuze: “….”

He should know who sent it to him.


He touched his phone, seeing as there was no balance on it. He could only look at Aunt Wen, who gave him the money.


Duan Xiuze wanted to ask several people to move the boxes back, but Aunt Wen said, “Since they’re all old things, just throw them out. It’s not like you’re lacking clothes, they’ll just clutter up the place.”


Clearly, Aunt Wen also knew the origin of these things.


Duan Xiuze said, “No, there are so many rooms at home. It shouldn’t matter to keep these in one of them.”

Having said that, several people were called to move the boxes back to the vacant room on the third floor.


Duan Xiuze wasn’t interested in these old things at first, but there was nothing to do today, so he followed them and instructed the people to sort out the things inside.


He roughly scanned through them until he saw a large photo album. After hesitating, he took it and flipped through it. Sure enough, all the photos were of him and Jiang Wangshu.

There were a lot of photos, and most of them were of Jiang Wangshu alone. Those at home, in casual clothes, and even some in his formal clothes when he’d go to work.

It was obvious who the photographer was.


Although Jiang Wangshu didn’t have a smiling face, he was in his most relaxed state. As if he shimmered in the sun, a faint light was radiating from his entire body. Even his fingers, arms and collarbones emitted a pearl-like luster.


He was twenty-three years old, but he seemed to be favored by the heavens.

He still carried a strong sense of youth. His cheeks were plump, with his striking pair of upturned Danfeng eyes and thick eyelashes. 


He was like a classical beauty. It might be because of his tired and indifferent nature, but there was always a cold aura surrounding him – though it greatly enhanced his momentum. People dare not despise him due to his exorbitant beauty.


These were all photos taken by a love-struck photographer, Duan Xiuze could clearly feel it. It hit him like the surging waves in the dead of night, causing him an acute tingling feeling.


Duan Xiuze suddenly closed the album, borrowed a servant’s phone and sent a message to Jiang Wangshu, “Why’d you send me your photo album?”

Jiang Wangshu didn’t reply for a long time, so Duan Xiuze asked again, “Should I send it back?”


After patiently waiting, Jiang Wangshu finally replied, “It’s yours. Just trash it if you don’t want it.”

Duan Xiuze was stunned. After a while, he said, “But aren’t they all your photos? Do you really not want them?”


“Well, if you send it back, I’ll burn them for you,” Jiang Wangshu said.

Duan Xiuze stiffened, “But they’re so good, why would you burn them? I’ll just keep it here for now.”


Jiang Wangshu didn’t reply.


Duan Xiuze suddenly felt uncomfortable. So much so, that it was almost unbearable.

Unspeakable melancholy lingered in his mind. His fingers subconsciously knocked on the keyboard, “They’re really good. Have you seen them?”


Jiang Wangshu didn’t answer him this time either.

Duan Xiuze was stuck in a daze until the servant patted him on the shoulder. They asked him for their phone back.

He soon came back to his senses. He deleted the chat records and returned the phone to the servant.


The album was placed neatly on the bookshelf, while a servant found a complete set of photographic equipment from a box. If counted, they would cost at least 100000 yuan.


Duan Xiuze picked up the expensive camera. When he opened it, he found that there were many photos of Jiang Wangshu in it. The most recent one was taken half a month ago. It hadn’t been developed in time.

Duan Xiuze turned off the camera, sat down, and thought for a few seconds. He borrowed the servant’s phone again and tried to ask, “Soo, how many handsome guys should I introduce to you?”


This time Jiang Wangshu actually replied, “Ten?”


Duan Xiuze: “….”

Duan Xiuze: “Do you really want ten?”


“Send me their info via WeChat.”

Duan Xiuze tried to insist, “But I don’t have that many people.”


Jiang Wangshu: “Then scram.”

Duan Xiuze: “….”


He said unhappily, “Isn’t your attitude a little too bad?”


Jiang Wangshu didn’t reply.


Duan Xiuze endured the humiliation and said, “I have a good man here. One man is worth ten. Do you want him?”

“Is he big?” Jiang Wangshu asked.


Although it wasn’t the first time he heard Jiang Wangshu say such words, it still felt a bit weird.

Duan Xiuze went quiet before saying, “It’s alright, I’d say. 18 should be fine, right?”


“You sure? Doesn’t it deduct 15 when you reach 18? You know, with the Taobao event? Discounts, and all.”

Duan Xiuze: “….”



1 Big bro
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When The Foolish Gong Lost His Memories

When The Foolish Gong Lost His Memories

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
To elope with Jiang Wangshu, the wealthy young master, Duan Xiuze, stole his household registration book and ran away from home. After marriage, he plucked the stars from the sky, held them in his palms and gave them all to Jiang Wangshu. But alas, the good times didn't last long. Duan Xiuze had a car accident and lost his memory. All that's left was the time from when he was 17, back when he and Jiang Wangshu were still bitter enemies.   Jiang Wangshu thought it’d be fine if he lost his memory. He was confident in making the other party fall in love with him again. However, Duan Xiuze found him immediately after he was discharged and wanted to divorce him. He threatened by saying, "The 23-year-old Duan Xiuze must’ve been bewildered by Gu to marry you. Aren’t I just a pure and innocent high schooler?"   Jiang Wang scoffed and agreed to the divorce on the spot. "Friendly reminder, we signed a prenup. You have to leave everything if you want to file for a divorce."   Duan Xiuze was dumbstruck — What the hell? Is he out of his mind? But for the sake of his innocence, he gritted his teeth and left.   After the divorce, Jiang Wangshu received a huge sum of money, he was even followed by a small fresh meat. That day, he gave the little wolfdog a private birthday party. He was so comfortable, he completely forgot he had an ex-husband. Duan Xiuze returned to freedom and was so happy, he set off fireworks at his door for three days straight.   When asked if he would regret it, he said with a serious face, "I have a deep-rooted hatred for Jiang Wangshu. At the age of seven, I vowed that I would never shake hands nor make peace with him. Ever."   When this remark reached Jiang Wangshu's ears, he sneered and sent a message asking, "Deep-rooted hatred? For exposing that you wet your bed?" Duan Xiuze was so angry that he broke his phone. He really hated Jiang Wangshu. He swore he’d never regret his divorce in his life.   Later, Duan Xiuze’s search history gradually increased —— "How can I cut off my ex-husband's peach blossoms without appearing like I want him back?" "Is a man's self-esteem important?" "How to win the heart of a prodigal ex-husband?" "What kind of washboard is comfortable to kneel on?"  


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