EWOYH Chapter 2

EWOYH Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Note: I change his name from Kibrin to Kivrin


The bedroom was spacious enough to be an adult room.


The furniture was also not at the child’s eye level.


It felt strange, as all the structures felt like a firm determination not to let Kivrin go out until he was an adult.


It’s the perfect place to become a bum, isn’t it?


I sat across the thick duvet bed as Kivrin carefully set down my luggage.


The quilt was completely wrinkled and looked like new, never used.


“Do you change the bedding every time?”


“Uh.. no one’s coming in here.”


I paused.


It would be difficult for Kivrin to make the duvet like new by himself, so that it looks like the bed had never been used.


“Then where does Young Master sleep?”


Kivrin pointed to the edge of the wall.


It was a narrow, shady space without even a carpet.


Without realizing it, I wrinkled.


“Then you will catch a cold. From now on, sleep in bed with me.”


“Yeah, but the bed…”


“Is it too big? Are you afraid?”


An impurity-free golden eye has been staring at me.


Kivrin’s head moved from top to bottom. cute. I feel like raising a child.


…After all, get rid of this possession.


“If you sleep with me, you will be fine.”


Kivrin was bewildered by the incongruity of speaking kind words with a sullen face.




“We have wealth, wealth… that’s it anyway. If something scary happens to me in the future, please help me to overcome it.”


Unable to spit out the couple’s noise, I swayed around moderately.


First, I found a place to sleep.


I tied my purple hair into a braid for a full-fledged mansion exploration.

Next, it was time to check the food.


“Can you guide me to another place? Let’s start with the dining room.”


“Ah yes!”


Is Kivrin going to keep talking respectfully with me?


Even though the saint was born into the family, the Count of Mayol is still insignificant compared to the Duke of Nectarian.


Did Kivrin know what family I’m from?


Considering the Duchess’s eagerness to get out of here quickly, she might have given him my name.


The pantry that arrived soon after was filled to some extent.


But there was no consideration for children like the bedroom. No milk, he has no snacks for a child to eat. Vegetables and fruits were placed too high, like a medicine.


All kinds of seasonings, including wheat, were the same.


I was shocked and burst out laughing.


He dragged the chair and looked up. Still, his fingertips barely skimmed the lowest shelf.


“Ugh, I can’t.”


Why did you put it so high?


Kivrin is the same height as me, so I wouldn’t be able to take it too.

It was impossible for a child to cook by himself, Is cooking who was supposed to be Kivrin’s new toy.


Eventually he gave up and got off the chair.

I and Kivrin reached for raw meat, cold water, and a small amount of dried tea leaves.


It’s not a live animal, it’s just meat to eat for living.


The only dish that could evenly fill the nutrients was the rice cake in the picture.

I cursed inwardly and called Kivrin.


“Young Master, what have you been eating?”


“I, I.”


Kivrin shrugged his shoulders.


“I don’t mean to question you. From now on, I have to eat the same thing.”




I picked up the cleats and looked at the top shelf.


At first glance, the vegetables looked fresh.


I see that periodically someone comes and refills the ingredients, and then I have to ask them to take them out.


And I need a ladder.


This was a mansion like a brightly lit apricot.


There was a large room, an extra-large bed, and various ingredients, but it was not good enough for two 10-year-olds.


Kivrin shut his lips tightly.

He didn’t seem to want to answer.


I didn’t want to rush and ask questions between us, who are still far away, so I turned around.


“Okay, let’s go to the library. I need something to write.”


The library was dusty, but there were a lot of books.

I took out a piece of paper and a quill and wrote down the necessary items.


I borrowed the memory of Cheria, a former possessor, and tried to use the Imperial language, but the result was quite liberal.

Seeing my handwriting, Kivrin made a puzzled face.


“A worm?”


“…The quill is too big for his hand.”


I explained a little.


My handwriting will get better with time. Later.

The more I looked around the mansion after I finished writing, the more my face became wrinkled.


The bathroom was more inconvenient to use than the bedroom.


The terrace, located in a good view, was locked from the outside.

After staring at the locks that appeared from all over the place one by one, I realized one thing.


…Walking around the mansion, I never saw the window open.

I went to the nearest window.


“It’s also locked outside…”


Crazy. It was a luxurious prison.


Hah! Whether you’re a newcomer or a writer, don’t you think before writing! Please cancel!

He didn’t do anything wrong!


“I, there, I’m sorry….”


Seeing my half-turned gaze, Kivrin was startled.


I reassured Kivrin, thinking that there will be many more like this in the future.


“Don’t be sorry. I’m not mad at the young master.”


Rather, I deeply realized why Kibrin had no choice but to go crazy in the novel.

I remembered the part where Kibrin appeared in <The Villainess No Way Money>.


Even though the Duke family had been cracked down, rumors spread quickly that Kivrin was a monster.


It wasn’t long before everyone found out that the Duke was afraid of Kivrin and locked him up in a snake’s den.


Aside from the fact that this mansion is not worthy of the nickname ‘Snake den’, it is luxurious.


However, as time passed, Kivrin appeared intact in the year of his coming of age.

He didn’t stutter like before, and the letters on his back and scales on his face were gone.

But the Duke and wife died that day.


Everyone thought Kivrin was the culprit, but he sighed for fear of reprisal.

Kivrin became a Duke and began a purge.


Countless vassals and nobles who persuaded the Duke and Duchess to imprison Kivrin were killed.


In a way, it was natural for Kivrin, who stains the Empire with blood, to confront my sister’s temple.


I looked back at Kivrin, who was now in front of me.

His dry wrists and pale cheeks were trampled in the snow.


Cheria didn’t grow up in a good environment either, but looking at Kivrin I was really mad.


He’s really ten years old. different from me

The current Kivrin has nothing to apologize to me for.

I took a deep breath.


I excluded emotions from the voice as much as possible.


“Are you hungry?”




Kibrin shook his head.


But it seemed that a passing dog would know that Kivrin was not eating properly.


The groceries that Kivrin puts out of reach are likely to be stolen by the servants later.

I realized what was the most important thing to do.


Me and Kivrin have to eat a lot.


And you have to be evil… 


“Well, there are some dried tea leaves in the pantry, let’s drink it together.”




“You don’t like it?”


“Oh, no, I like it!”


My feet back to the dining room were heavy, but I didn’t show it.

I lifted the stylus and put water in the kettle. Kivrin was standing in his corner, pinching his hands.


I sat down on the chair and tapped the seat next to me.


“Sit here.”


“Hey, are you all right, huh?”


“From now on, the seat next to me, young master.”


I’ll take good care of you! Let’s move towards the same dream!


“But, I…”


Kivrin rubbed one of his face as he habitually did. It was the side where the scales sprouted.

Cheria’s past, which comes to mind as if I had personally experienced it, also brings tears to my eyes, but Kivrin’s past is terrifying.


At first, pretending not to know, he poured the tea.

Kibrin took a sip as I watched the bright yellow search with curious eyes.


“How about it?”




It was nothing like an ordinary child with a frown on his face.

It’s kind of like playing with a house.


“The next time someone comes, I’ll ask you to prepare some sweets.”


It seemed unlike the Duchess would come again, unless something special happened.

Biting my trembling lips and avoiding Kivrin’s gaze, he still looked good in my eyes.

Kivrin tilted his head.




“It is sweet and delicious. If you eat too much, your teeth will rot.”


Were you afraid of rotting your teeth? Kivrin closed his eyes tightly and called me.


“I, there.”


“It’s Cheria.”


My full name is Cheria, but it doesn’t matter.


“Che, Cheria…”


Kibrin thought about my name several times, as if he would not forget.

Also, the Duchess didn’t seem to tell him who I was.


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I Am The Evil Wife of a Young Husband

I Am The Evil Wife of a Young Husband

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: 아기 남편의 흑막 아내입니다
"This is your wife. She is yours. Play with her until you get bored.” Mother-in-law, is that really something you should be saying to your barely 10 years old child?
*** ​
My young husband stutters. Has a face with scales on it. Hands with scars on it. I worked hard to look after my husband who looked like that. “Keep eating. You have to eat a lot so you can be taller than me.” “Do I have to be taller than Cheria?” “…” “Well.. I- I like that Cheria is taller than me…” Did I work too hard? Where did my soft and squishy husband who used to be so fluffy go? Instead he just became a slightly insane man. “Did they die? It’s become easier now.” “…What?” “People who look at human lives like they were bugs. That’s the type of person I think is trash.” Is he watching what he does around me?


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