DYP 9 pt.1

Can Grab pt.1

Chapter 9 – Can Grab


Pei Yan led Luo Xingyun into a first-level regiment and came to the bottom lane.


Luo Xingyun: “Class monitor, how can I cooperate with you?”


Pei Yan pointed to the grass with the mouse: “You hide here, when Hewanglan comes to catch me, you are responsible for protecting me.”


Luo Xingyun: “Okay!”


Luo Xingyun made his way towards the grass Pei Yan told him to stay and hide.


Meanwhile, Pei Yan made up his knife quietly on the side.


Then he discovered that his supposed assistant always ran out of the grass when the little soldiers had only the last trace of blood left.


Afraid that he could not run fast enough, he even used his skills to kill the minions.


Pei Yan almost laughed angrily and turned to call him.


Luo Xingyun turned his head, with a smile on his face that couldn’t be stopped.


Pei Yan reminded him: “The minion line is mine.”


“Oh…” Luo Xingyun was stunned and said to himself anxiously, “So I can’t grab them?”


He also felt that he had discovered a little inner law of the game. He kept calculating his damage value and the blood volume between the minions, and felt that he had improved a little bit and helped.


Pei Yan didn’t answer. He turned his head and continued to operate, Luo Xingyun also obediently squatted back in the grass, having nothing to do.


He was idle and bored, so he took out the physics test paper in his schoolbag.


Galen lost control and was playing on his head in the grass. Pei Yan couldn’t help but watch what he was doing.


He was doing a question.


To be precise, it’s not doing it, Luo Xingyun is just holding a test paper and reading it.


He browsed through the numbers one by one, looking at it very carefully. He didn’t write a single answer but his face always had a contented look.


It wasn’t until the penultimate question of the multiple-choice question that he took out the black fountain pen in his pencil case, wrote a line of small characters on the test paper, and tapped a few points.


After about 20 seconds, his expression suddenly brightened.


He casually ticked option d and continued down without hesitation.


Pei Yan made this paper.


They are in their second year of high school, and although the college entrance examination is still far away, the tactics of questioning are ferocious for the first time takers. Those in Huanggang, those affiliated to the National People’s Congress, and those in several schools around…exchange topics on a large scale with a lot of tricks to say.


The repetition rate is high, and these things are done over and over again.


In this paper, the penultimate multiple-choice question is a new question with a very novel form.


d is right.


Pei Yan couldn’t help but look at Luo Xingyun more. He solved it faster than himself.


‘He seems to be from the Olympiad physics class.’ Pei Yan remembered.


On one side, Luo Xingyun has turned over. The overall test paper is relatively simple. To Luo Xingyun, it is like a reading comprehension test. If you can understand the content of the questions, it is all old stuff. Only the last two big questions are interesting.


He agreed with the physics teacher that he has the privilege to do the questions with his mind.


The things taught in the class are too simple for him. Luo Xingyun has concerns about doing simple things every day: ‘I’m afraid I’m overfitting.’


The physics teacher said quietly: ‘If you don’t do it, you will not be able to generalize enough.’


At the end of the bargain, the two agreed to use a pen to do the calculations when they saw the new questions and just look at the rest. Anyway, he could get full marks, and the physics teacher turned a blind eye to him—he was still learning Ampere,and Luo Xingyun was already doing it. The current is solved using the Biot-Savart law.


He is not just strong, it’s mainly because the physics teacher knows that Luo Xingyun has enough self-control and won’t be lazy.


He had never met a child who knew so firmly what he was going to do in the future. He was so surprised that when he was in high school, he would still have a child’s dream of becoming a scientist, and the direction he is taking was very clear.


When Luo Xingyun came to chat with him and told him that his future research direction would be controllable nuclear fusion, the physics teacher meowed – as if he was facing his doctoral supervisor.


But soon, he realized that Luo Xingyun might not just talk. He already has a mature concept of the knowledge framework of the entire physics, and he has carefully considered the choice of controllable nuclear fusion.


Although all the teachers in the science office didn’t say anything, they all agreed in their hearts that the smartest kid in the second year of high school, and even in the south of the city, was Luo Xingyun, who was more than 150 in the grade.


His intelligence is not at the same level as that of others.


The cleverness of others is to solve the problems in the textbooks; his cleverness is to print his own portrait on the textbooks in the future.


It is the kind of seedling who was born to engage in academics.


According to himself, he sensed this fate from an early age.


The physics teacher graduated from 1985 with a master’s degree in physics. He found a job as a teacher in a famous high school, and he was always a little depressed. But when he saw Luo Xingyun, he felt that his choice was indeed correct.


Things like this that really want to break through the boundaries of human knowledge should really be left to real geniuses.


Luo Xingyun was assigned to the Physics Olympiad physics class and won the first place in the city, followed by provincial competitions and national competitions. If he really got a good ranking, he might be able to be directly recommended to the Physics Department of Q University. Otherwise, with his English grades, he barely passes the college entrance examination, and the human monkey can have controllable nuclear fusion technology in the year of the monkey!


The physics teacher packed up his college physics textbooks and gave them to him. When he reached middle age, his thinking was not as active as before, and the physics problems in high school became more and more difficult every year. Sometimes he encountered problems that he couldn’t solve, and he would ask Luo Xingyun for help. Luo Xingyun didn’t want to overfit on simple problems, and the physics teacher didn’t dare to resist.


Luo Xingyun was sitting in the Internet cafe thinking about answering questions, when Hewanglan across the street suddenly yelled.


Hewanglan’s excitement must have something to do with Pei Yan. He looked up and sure enough, three big men came from the river to attack them!


Luo Xingyun was so frightened that his heart stopped beating. He rushed out from the haystack and ran back.


Xiao Luo rushed to the duck! ! ! !


Because he ran fast enough and turned in a flash, the chubby Tie Hanhan managed to get under the tower.


But something seems to be missing…


Luo Xingyun looked behind him, the class monitor was dead.


“Old dog, you’re dead!” Hewanglan flogged the corpse.


Pei Yan ignored Hewanglan. He only knocked on Luo Xingyun’s table: “What about protecting me?”

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Dyeing Your Pheromone

Dyeing Your Pheromone

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Luo Xingyun is a straight Beta man, an ordinary and fringe character with only mathematics and physics in his heart. Two seats away from him were the top Alpha Pei Yan, who is handsome and compelling, a schoolboy in the south of the city, and a master of all disciplines. One day, Luo Xingyun witnessed Pei Yan being beaten by the school bully in an alley. So, he silently pulled his misty blue turtleneck sweater up to the top of his head, picked up the crowbar, and gave the school bully a sap from behind, securing Pei Yan's victory. He flicked off his clothes when it was over and hid his merit and fame deeply. Since then, the legend of a well-known thug has been circulating in the college. No matter how the school bully tries to track him down, there is no clue at all. But then... Luo Xingyun realized Pei Yan was always staring at him vaguely since then. ... A few days later, Pei Yan asked Luo Xingyun to go to his dormitory. Luo Xingyun pushed the door and entered. He found Pei Yan sitting there, concentrating on his misty blue turtleneck sweater. In front of him, Pei Yan rolled up his sleeves with fair fingers and held them to the side of his face like a gentleman inviting him to dance. He even sniffed him lightly. "It smells good." He said with dark eyes staring at him. Luo Xingyun: "...Classmate, I'm Beta." Pei Yan: "Are you sure?" Luo Xingyun collected his own body surface secretions and even distilled a bottle of pure Omega pheromone. It is Pei Yan who is biologically compatible with the differentiation at the age of 18. The process of differentiation is unstable, Pei Yan enters the susceptible period at the same time, 'A value' explodes, and a series of psychological problems appear, including monopolistic desire, aggressive desire, protective desire, destructive desire, and all kinds of unknown dark thoughts. The doctor advised Luo Xingyun and Pei Yan to set up a support group. Pei Yan protects Luo Xingyun's safe differentiation while Luo Xingyun gives Pei Yan psychological guidance and maintains reason. Luo Xingyun: "How can you get better?" Pei Yan stared at his long and white neck and gently licked his canine teeth: "If you let me take a bite, I will be alright."  


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