DYP 5 pt.1

Hug pt.1

Chapter 5 – Hug


Pei Yan was extremely tall with a cold demeanor. He spoke lightly and slowly without much provocation.


It’s just a simple question, but he is very serious.


Hewanglan thought he was talking about the ball, so he chuckled, “I can beat you!” He stretched out his hand to grab it.


The field was stalemate again.


Luo Xingyun’s routine was seen through, and Class 1 never gave him a chance to be able to play them off again. As a result, he wandered around the field again. Not long after, the group of people in front grabbed the ball too fiercely, making the ball rolled out and rolled into Luo Xingyun’s hands. Luo Xingyun picked it up and quickly threw it to Li Yu. He then found a new job – passing the ball!


For him, it seemed like the ball was hot. He hit it when he touched it. Ten minutes later, he evolved into Heizi Tetsuya.


To live is to pass the ball!


Just after Luo Xingyun swung another proud straight line, Li Yu ran to his side, suppressing his anger: “Can you stop passing it to the opponent?”


Seeing Class 1 rushing to the basket, Pei Yan failed to block the shot and scored a goal for Hewanglan, Li Yu’s heart was broken.


“Is that person from Class 1?” Luo Xingyun slowly put out a question mark.


“Damn it, you’re already a sophomore in high school and everyone in your class didn’t recognize him at all?!” Li Yufo said.


Luo Xingyun didn’t answer this question, but asked him very seriously: “How to distinguish our class from class 1? Everyone wears the same clothes.”


Li Yu: “…”


If it wasn’t for the fact that Luo Xingyun was wearing Pei Yan’s coat, making Li Yu dare not do anything wrong, Li Yu probably would have beaten him seven or eight times already.


Who is this? He doesn’t owe him anything!


Li Yu gritted his teeth: “I’ll play ball with you in the future, so I’ll take your surname!”


Luo Xingyun: “Hey, you’re being polite, it’s not necessary. It’s really not necessary.”


Li Yu looked at his gentle and supple eyebrows, and said from the bottom of his heart: “Fuck!”


This beta is toxic.


Luo Xingyun and Li Yu passes the ball from the opponent’s side of the court to their side of the court. And with perfect timing, Pei Yan passed through layers of the opposing team’s defense, jumped up under the basket, stretched his wrist and sent the ball into the basket!


56:55, the difference between the two classes is only one point.


Less than a minute before the end, both the atmosphere on the field and the sidelines gradually flocked to. After returning their equipment, students from other projects also went to the basketball court, and more and more people gathered.


Shen Shuyi: “Hehe, Brother Pei is still strong, we still have a chance if this continues.”


Huo Siming took off the oxygen mask: “Luo Xingyun! You still have to stand there for the last minute!”


Shen Shuyi became more and more impressed by Huo Siming. The next decisive point depends not only on Pei Yan’s main output, but also on Luo Xingyun’s shortcoming. Coach Huo, get on the road!


Qi Yu was also excited, clasping his hands together and shouting: “Luoshen, hold on!!!!!!!!!”


Luo Xingyun nodded friendly, as if he was the mvp of the whole game.


“Is this the main force of your class?” The unknown newcomers were overwhelmed by his general style.


Shen Shuyi: “…”


This beta is toxic.


He glanced at Pei Yan’s back. Brother Pei’s current wave of people’s standards is too flamboyant.


After a short rest, the opposing team will serve. There were staggered figures, and the atmosphere was tense. No one spoke, only the screeching sound of sneakers rubbing against the rubber floor could be heard. Luo Xingyun stood obediently, cheering for his teammates in the center of the crowd.


Suddenly, Pei Yan realized that he was being stared at, and the only person on the field who could pass the ball turned out to be——




Luo Xingyun stared blankly at the extra thing in his arms.


Pei Yan struggled to get away from the defenders.


Hewanglan is aggressive and victorious, seeing that there is only one person left defenceless on the field, he immediately shouted at him: “Give it to me!”


He obviously has a beautiful peach blossom eyes, but when they sink down, they turn so gloomy and crazily scary.


Hewanglan mostly playe Luo Xingyun, rarely had such pure intimidation intentions. Luo Xingyun could only shiver.


If he doesn’t pass it to Hewanglan, what will happen to him? Hewanglan’s face has already written it clearly.


Pei Yan didn’t speak and his slender limbs silently clung to his follower. Sweat is constantly falling on his white and handsome face as his dark and deep eyes stare onto Luo Xingyun as well.


The triangle on the court is thus fixed.


Hewanglan, Luo Xingyun, Pei Yan.


The problem of “standing in line” that has been haunting Luo Xingyun for a long time is completely concrete at this time.


Luo Xingyun was holding the ball, a drop of sweat dripped from the corner of his forehead, and his eyes flicked slowly across the two strong alphas.


Suddenly, without warning, he moved his legs!


When the pale figure passed between Hewanglan and Pei Yan as if no one was there, the audience was silent.


Then there was a sudden roar: “Luo Shen! Three-step layup! Find 45 degrees!”


It’s Huo Siming.


Luo Xingyun listened, facing the glare of the sun behind the dark clouds. He closed his eyes, kicked the ground with all his strength!


The ball bounced limply up the backboard, bounced off the edge of the hoop, and spun around.


3, 2, 1——


The finishing whistle sounded.


The ball rolled into the net with a pop.


“It came in!” Qi Yu screamed!


“Brother, you’re so fine!!!!!!!” Huo Siming stood up while supporting his oxygen mask as he rushed into the arena, hugging Luo Xingyun.


“Awesome!!!!” Zhang Liang also jumped on him.


Amid the cheers that swept across the stands, the introverted group of four huddled together with tears in their eyes.


For the first time so far, a beta, took the match point on the basketball court! ! ! ! !


There are several people hanging on Luo Xingyun’s body. His breathing is tight as he starts to get lightheaded: “Really? I scored a goal?”


“Fake.” Shen Shuyi walked over with the referee, pushing the gold-rimmed glasses with a complex expression, “You’re walked.”


Luo Xingyun: “I didn’t, I just took three steps.”


Shen Shuyi: “…”


Shen Shuyi: “As we all know, three steps layup meant to take two steps. The last step has to be a jump.


Luo Xingyun was taken aback: “This shouldn’t be.”


In the end, the game was fixed at 58:55 in Hewanglan’s free throw.


If there’s anything worse than failure, it’s failure after you think you’ve won.


Everyone was already prepared to lose, but after doing this, their mentality collapsed in an instant. Not only are they frustrated but also resentful.


“I’ve just said how awesome you are, is it so difficult to be fucking reliable for once?” Li Yu walked not far from Luo Xingyun, flicked his wrist, and smashed the ball in his hand heavily.


He regretted it as soon as he shot it.


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Dyeing Your Pheromone

Dyeing Your Pheromone

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Luo Xingyun is a straight Beta man, an ordinary and fringe character with only mathematics and physics in his heart. Two seats away from him were the top Alpha Pei Yan, who is handsome and compelling, a schoolboy in the south of the city, and a master of all disciplines. One day, Luo Xingyun witnessed Pei Yan being beaten by the school bully in an alley. So, he silently pulled his misty blue turtleneck sweater up to the top of his head, picked up the crowbar, and gave the school bully a sap from behind, securing Pei Yan's victory. He flicked off his clothes when it was over and hid his merit and fame deeply. Since then, the legend of a well-known thug has been circulating in the college. No matter how the school bully tries to track him down, there is no clue at all. But then... Luo Xingyun realized Pei Yan was always staring at him vaguely since then. ... A few days later, Pei Yan asked Luo Xingyun to go to his dormitory. Luo Xingyun pushed the door and entered. He found Pei Yan sitting there, concentrating on his misty blue turtleneck sweater. In front of him, Pei Yan rolled up his sleeves with fair fingers and held them to the side of his face like a gentleman inviting him to dance. He even sniffed him lightly. "It smells good." He said with dark eyes staring at him. Luo Xingyun: "...Classmate, I'm Beta." Pei Yan: "Are you sure?" Luo Xingyun collected his own body surface secretions and even distilled a bottle of pure Omega pheromone. It is Pei Yan who is biologically compatible with the differentiation at the age of 18. The process of differentiation is unstable, Pei Yan enters the susceptible period at the same time, 'A value' explodes, and a series of psychological problems appear, including monopolistic desire, aggressive desire, protective desire, destructive desire, and all kinds of unknown dark thoughts. The doctor advised Luo Xingyun and Pei Yan to set up a support group. Pei Yan protects Luo Xingyun's safe differentiation while Luo Xingyun gives Pei Yan psychological guidance and maintains reason. Luo Xingyun: "How can you get better?" Pei Yan stared at his long and white neck and gently licked his canine teeth: "If you let me take a bite, I will be alright."  


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