DYP 10

He Is The Sun

Chapter 10 – He is the Sun


Luo Xingyun took a shower after returning home. Before washing his clothes, he took out the note paper from his trouser pocket with tall and elegant handwriting on it.


He looked at the familiar id, put the post-it note under his lamp, turned off the lamp, and went to sleep.


He only has a broken computer at home and he can’t carry it around. Unless the class monitor invites him to go to the Internet cafe every day, he can’t really much use it.


However, even if the class monitor really invited him to go every day, he wouldn’t go. It’s not good to take advantage of others, so there is still nothing to do.


It is a bit of a pity but he was restrained. His internet addiction was not that big, so he didn’t think it was a big deal. Maybe the class monitor would be willing to play King of Glory together some other time.


Thinking of this, he quickly fell asleep, dreaming of the Summoner Canyon and the Ice Lady with big breasts.


Early the next morning, when Qi Yu arrived at the school, he delivered a very awesome news to his brothers: “Hewanglan is offering a reward of 1,000 yuan for one clue.”


“One thousand dollars?” Although Huo Siming is a young master, but as a console game party, money is always a little tight, “Clue for what?”


“The day before yesterday, he had an appointment with the class monitor. It is said that he had the upper hand. Later, someone came out and gave him a beating which made him very angry.”


Huo Siming gloated: “Hahahahaha.”


Qi Yu let out a sigh: “Hey, the man of the campus, if the clues alone are worth a thousand dollars, what about us? Even if I sell myself, it’s not worth that much. People are really more popular than other people.”


Luo Xingyun sat on his seat, staring at the Shepard expression theorem on the page. His hairs stood on end upon hearing their discussion of topic that morning.


Meanwhile, Xiao Qi is still young, and he doesn’t understand that the mediocirty is the truth.


The tea party of the introverted group came to an end. Li Yu walked into the noisy classroom, threw down his schoolbag, and called him, “Vegetable chicken!”


Li Yu had a loud voice and was good at fighting. When he yelled, the four members of the introverted gang stretched their necks and spoke out unanimously.


Li Yu was heartless and didn’t mind. He sat on the front table and pointed to his mobile phone: “I sent you a copy of Ari’s strategy, you study hard. If you keep being so foolish, my brother won’t take you to the next level. “


The introverted gang immediately turned their guns and turned their heads in unison, looking at Luo Xingyun, the traitor who was the first to leave the circle.


Qi Yu seemed to be facing his cheating wife: “Luoshen, when did you become Li Yu’s stinky younger brother?! You went to play games with Li Yu last night during self-study? Who else are there?”


Seeing that Luo Xingyun remained silent, all the alphas at the next table must be there, even the class monitor himself. Qi Yu became jealous and turned into a lemon essence: “Why didn’t you call me?!”


He also wants to play games with Pei Yan. In facr, he wants to be Pei Yan’s lackey! Why not give him this chance?! Did Xiao Qi not lick hard enough?


Huo Siming is a noble console game party. He scoffs at the news that they played together, but listens with pricked ears.


He felt that Luo Xingyun suddenly got very close to the group of alphas at the next table. Playing basketball is still a class activity, but if you go to an Internet cafe in private to play then you are really integrate into a gang.


They never expected that Luoshen will be able to outreach them…


Qi Yu pushed Luo Xingyun’s arm and shook it: “Next time I will go too! Take me away! To the distant future!”


Luo Xingyun: “You are using me.”


Qi Yu: “Yes! I want to ask the class monitor if I can copy his English homework. I’ve been thinking about it for two semesters! He’s right across the aisle from me, but I can’t copy it. I dare not copy it. Can you understand the pain?!”


Luo Xingyun, who is also poor in English: “Yes!”


As soon as Pei Yan entered the classroom, he heard their voices, and handed him his English paper indifferently.


Qi Yu bowed his head to take the English homework he was thinking about and grabbed Luo Xingyun’s shoulde: “Thank you class monitor! I am giving you this Luoshen to be your stinky younger brother!”


Luo Xingyun was shaken by Qi Yu while looking at the tall and elegant handwriting on the English paper.. He felt quite embarrassed, eating other people’s food and copying other people’s homework with nothing to give in return.


It came and reciprocated indecently.


Luo Xingyun faced the answer and wanted to treat the class monitor to something delicious.


After the morning exercise, Luo Xingyun left the his group behind and took the initiative to find Pei Yan.


Their positions were quite different and the small playground was crowded with people.


Luo Xingyun saw that Pei Yan, who was five meters away, turned around and was talking to Li Yu and Shen Shuyi. He felt a little anxious, afraid that he would leave before he could even ask him.


But there were too many people around, so he was too embarrassed to shout.


At this time, Pei Yan turned around as if telepathically he knew Luo Xingyun was looking for him. His eyes flickered as he looked for someone.


Luo Xingyun was overjoyed that he raised his hand and waved it slightly.


Pei Yan’s eyes became focused, and he walked towards him against the flow of people.


Success will be reconciled, Xiao Luo can’t wait: “Monitor, I want to see you.”


“Just in time, you can accompany me to the doorman.”


They were not in a hurry anyway so the two walked out side by side.


Luo Xingyun looked behind Pei Yan, he noticed that there were no Alphas following them so he boldly said: “Monitor, after going to the the doorman, can you come with me to the milk tea shop?”


Stingy little Luo only wanted to invite one! He can only afford to treat him!


When Pei Yan heard this, he covered his lips with his hand. His eyes looked a little surprise as if he had not heard such statement before.


The action looked a bit feminine fro him because the alpha himself is too handsome and noble, which dilutes the sense of disobedience. Also because this is one of his few expressions, people around him took a few extra glances.


“What’s wrong?” Luo Xingyun tilted his head.


“It’s nothing.” Pei Yan put down his hand. The corners of his mouth slightly lifts as his temperant became slightly warm as well.


Entering the guard’s communication room, the security guard recognized Pei Yan. He smiled and handed over the kfc family bucket: “Did you bring the takeaway?”


“Go ahead.” Pei Yan lowered his eyebrows with his soft voice as if coaxing.


Luo Xingyun finally understood why Pei Yan was so surprised just now——


The class monitor also wanted to treat him to something delicious when he came to him.


Luo Xingyun didn’t dare to accept it: “I’ve already had breakfast.”


“You can take it as a snack.”


Xiao Luo devoted himself to holding the family bucket and big Coke: “Oh~ let’s eat together.”


“You should eat it.”


Luo Xingyun glanced at Pei Yan meaningfully. It seems that Pei Yan also deliberately threw off other people, even this is a strange coincidence.


He is poor, and because the monitor knew… he wanted to feed him first?


“I’m not a big deal…” Xiao Luo muttered in a low voice, feeling a little embarrassed.


His appetite is indeed a bit larger than that of ordinary boys, and when he goes to eat at noon, he is often complained about because of the pile of millet in front of him.


“The brain accounts for 2% of the human body, but consumes 25% of the energy.” Pei Yan did not make fun of him but gave a scientific explanation.


This morning, as soon as the math teacher came in, he called Luo Xingyun to the podium and gave him a piece of A4 paper. Luo Xingyun used the textbook he had never seen before to write derivations throughout the math class.


Pei Yan asked Qi Yu on Q: [What’s he doing?]


Qi Yu: [!]


Qi Yu: [Is this the class monitor?]


Qi Yu: [Thank you for your English homework today!]


Pei Yan: […Answer me.]


Qi Yu opened his eyes to look at Luo Xingyun’s book and found out that he could not understand a word it says. It was all symbols and numbers, so he could only pick up the Chinese title on the header and read: “Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem Third Chapter: Incompleteness of Peano Arithmetic with Exponentiations”


On the podium, the math teacher was talking about trigonometric functions.


Later in the recess and Chinese class, Luo Xingyun sat there without moving. His only resting action was to drink water until doing exercises.


There are 100 billion neurons in each person’s brain. Even if the resting potential is maintained, 110 energy needs to be spent on sodium and potassium ion channels.


Sitting in the last row, Pei Yan looked down at the black heads of the class, imagining that in every brain, proteins consume atp to control the switch of sodium and potassium channels, generating sparks of electricity that travel through nerve cells wrapped in myelin sheaths at a speed of 120m.


The electrical signals pulsating on the Langvier’s junction form a complex network, like looking down on this small planet from the depths of the universe at night.


And the person next to him, Luo Xingyun’s position, has a million times lumen.


The high-speed digital information makes every corner of his nerve node glow——


That’s the sun.


Distinct energy consumption levels.


“… In your case, it will be more than 25%. It’s normal to eat a little more.” Pei Yan said seriously.


Luo Xingyun stared into his dark eyes, was stunned for a while, then smiled shyly as he touched his nose.


Luo Xingyun held the family bucket in one hand and a big Coke in the other as they came out of the guard room: “Class monitor, what do you want for lunch? I’ll treat you!”


Pei Yan asked: “Didn’t you invite me to drink milk tea?”


“I suddenly thought of a very good noodle shop.”


Of course it’s not a sudden thought, Luo Xingyun thinks it’s not enough to only invite him for milk tea.


The class monitor fed him eel rice yesterday and there was an invoice in the paper box, stating that it was more than 200 yuan.


Coupled with the bucket in his hand, he is really generous.


Although making friends requires financial means, it is not just a matter of money.


Last night, he could barely be counted as smooth; but today’s bucket of fried chicken made Luo Xingyun feel a certain kind of delicate care.


To be honest, his brothers didn’t care about him that much.


The classmates around him have been making fun of him for his big appetite, and he is used to it.


Suddenly someone doesn’t treat you as a different person, tries to understand you, and still cares about you. This feeling…is very heartwarming. Luo Xingyun still wanted to do his best within his ability.


If others treat you well, you should also treat others well, and compare their heart with your heart.


‘It’s a big deal… I’ll just go and teach Hewanglan two more lessons to collect some money.’ He thought to himself.


Anyway, the class monitor must be invited.


Pei Yan pretended to think seriously about his proposal, thought for a while, and made a choice: “I want to drink milk tea—don’t you like it?”


Hearing this, Luo Xingyun frowned: “Okay, let’s drink milk tea first and then eat noodles!”


“Alright.” Pei Yan responded lightly, his eyes swept across Beta’s gentle smile without any trace.


Luo Xingyun receives subsidies for poor students and he naturally invites him at that time. But Pei Yan doesn’t need to know about this.


He just needs to hold his full self-esteem and invite him to drink milk tea.


Meanwhile, the beta introverted group walks up the stairs in a group.


Huo Siming: “What’s Old Luo’s problem, sneaking off like that?”


Qi Yu groaned irritably, and the his eyes drooped: “Is Luoshen buttering other people that don’t want us?”


Huo Siming: “You are the only one buttering up to him.”


Zhang Liang: “Luoshen is really strong.”


Huo Siming: “…So I am the only one not buttering up to him.”


Coincidentally, the alpha group came up from next door.


Li Yu: “What is old Pei doing so mysteriously? He won’t leave us to fight that school bully again, will he?”


Shen Shuyi: “…I’m singled out, Brother Pei was obviously looking for someone just now.”


The alpha, rich, and handsome group and the beta introverted group were staggered on the stairs. And Huo Siming, the representative of the beta group, Shen Shuyi’s words, who was in charge of the group’s intelligence.


The two glanced at each other, looked at each other’s group, and at the same time found that the class monitor and Luo Xingyun was missing from the other side.


Shen Shuyi: “Oh, no. What are the two men doing sneaking out of their respective groups?”


Huo Siming turned around resolutely and said, “Go, catch the traitor!”


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Dyeing Your Pheromone

Dyeing Your Pheromone

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Luo Xingyun is a straight Beta man, an ordinary and fringe character with only mathematics and physics in his heart. Two seats away from him were the top Alpha Pei Yan, who is handsome and compelling, a schoolboy in the south of the city, and a master of all disciplines. One day, Luo Xingyun witnessed Pei Yan being beaten by the school bully in an alley. So, he silently pulled his misty blue turtleneck sweater up to the top of his head, picked up the crowbar, and gave the school bully a sap from behind, securing Pei Yan's victory. He flicked off his clothes when it was over and hid his merit and fame deeply. Since then, the legend of a well-known thug has been circulating in the college. No matter how the school bully tries to track him down, there is no clue at all. But then... Luo Xingyun realized Pei Yan was always staring at him vaguely since then. ... A few days later, Pei Yan asked Luo Xingyun to go to his dormitory. Luo Xingyun pushed the door and entered. He found Pei Yan sitting there, concentrating on his misty blue turtleneck sweater. In front of him, Pei Yan rolled up his sleeves with fair fingers and held them to the side of his face like a gentleman inviting him to dance. He even sniffed him lightly. "It smells good." He said with dark eyes staring at him. Luo Xingyun: "...Classmate, I'm Beta." Pei Yan: "Are you sure?" Luo Xingyun collected his own body surface secretions and even distilled a bottle of pure Omega pheromone. It is Pei Yan who is biologically compatible with the differentiation at the age of 18. The process of differentiation is unstable, Pei Yan enters the susceptible period at the same time, 'A value' explodes, and a series of psychological problems appear, including monopolistic desire, aggressive desire, protective desire, destructive desire, and all kinds of unknown dark thoughts. The doctor advised Luo Xingyun and Pei Yan to set up a support group. Pei Yan protects Luo Xingyun's safe differentiation while Luo Xingyun gives Pei Yan psychological guidance and maintains reason. Luo Xingyun: "How can you get better?" Pei Yan stared at his long and white neck and gently licked his canine teeth: "If you let me take a bite, I will be alright."  


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