DP 9

Chapter 9


“Could it be that young man?”


“Is it someone else?”


He displays such a different atmosphere than before.


It was so different from the past that they thought so.


The ugly illegitimate prince they knew was always cringing and withdrawn.


But no matter how they look at him, he is still the illegitimate child that they knew.


People looked incredulous because his appearance was so different from before.


Raymond, on the other hand, lets the people eye him so viciously.


‘Wow, the heart of steel’s effect is really good. I’ll definitely improve my proficiency to level A later.’ He thought so himself. Raymond was also amazed at how he looked now.


Countless people are looking at him.


If he had been timid, he would have been very intimidated just by those people looking at him, but he had no such feeling at all.


‘I didn’t do anything wrong. Why would I be so intimidated?’ This thought occurred to him, and the confidence flowed out of itself.


Originally, Raymond’s appearance is already superior.  Combined with the confidence to create a very plausible appearance, now Raymond was obviously cool and honorable.


‘I don’t know anything else, but I’m handsome.’


It was when Raymond was so pleased with himself.


But then he made eye contact with an unexpected person.




A doll-like pretty girl, who looked in her late teens, was looking at him with her eyes squashed.




It’s as if her eyes were saying that.




Raymond’s chest sank nicely.




She is the princess born from the late first queen.


She was one of the meanest military figures when Raymond was still in the castle.


‘Still, Princess Sophia’s bullying was less severe compared to the other princes.’


Princess Sofia was in her early teens when Raymond left the castle.


That is why she couldn’t bully Raymond as viciously as the other princes.


It was like a bully from a sulky little kid.


To be honest, it only looked cute if ever.


‘I don’t think her health is very good.’


Is it because of the influence of her mother, the first queen?


Princess Sophia was not in good health. She always lived with small bottles. Not to mention the fact that her complexion is as white as a dead person.


But it was then, a voice cut his trance.


A sudden unpleasant voice pierced his ear.


“What? Who is this? Aren’t you a rotten lemon?”




It was a familiar, unforgettable voice.


When Raymond turned his head, a young man with a pleasant impression was looking at him with a fishy look.


Four prince, Seytil.


Raymond’s younger half-brother. He is one year younger than him and was the one who bullied him the most.


“Long time no see, lemon.”


Raymond’s body stiffened.


Past nightmares flashed before his eyes.


‘A lowlife like you isn’t worth living.’


“Why aren’t you dead still? Let’s see how far you can hold out, you filth’


Seytil abused Raymond physically and brutally.


He repeated countless brutal beatings to Raymond as if he didn’t care if he died. No, as if he should rather die.


It was common for Raymond’s bone to be broken after a beating from him. In fact, his life was seriously been endangered more than once because of him.


Even now, when Raymond took off his clothes, the scars left by Seytil remained terrible.




Like a mouse that met a snake, Raymond could not respond. His fingertips trembled faintly. “Why aren’t you answering me? Are you ignoring me as a royal? On a subject like dirty filth?” 


It was a moment when Raymond swallowed his saliva with fear engraved like a stigma.


[Skill: “Heart of Steel” is manifested!]


[Overcomes unreasonable fears!]


[You have a strong heart!]


Raymond’s heart was at rest. He was able to escape from the trauma of the past and look at Seytil with calm eyes.


That was not all.


[Confirmed the other party’s ‘truth’!]


[Warning! Your opponent’s “truth” has been confirmed to be “very high”]


[Skill: “Truth Countermeasures” will be revealed!]


It was after that that a message came to his mind.


Raymond opened his mouth naturally.


“Meet your highness, the fourth prince of the Houston Kingdom!”




It was the moment when Seytil frowned and tried to pick a fight.


“Did you come here because you are feeling uncomfortable?”




“This is the area where therapists stay. Are you here because you’re not feeling well?” When Raymond asked calmly, Seytil was speechless for a moment.


“…I am not particularly ill.”


Raymond bowed politely at the remark.


“That’s a relief. If there is no inconvenience, the main hall is over there, so you can enjoy the banquet.” It was a soft and polite celebration.


Seytil’s face turned red and blue.


“How dare you…!”


Seytil was simpler and less emotionally to control than the other princes, who were more skillful.


As soon as he was about to get angry, Raymond hit the ball.


He rushed to the elderly aristocrat who was resting in the corner due to dizziness.


“Oh, are you all right, count?”


“Well, err?”


“Dizziness is severe, so you should rest as much as possible. If you go to the banquet hall right now, it can be dangerous, so please rest as much as possible here.”


Seytil, who suddenly became a mess while standing dumbfounded, pursed his lips together.


‘This punk…!’


Raymond asked Seytil with a face as if he knew nothing.


“Oh, you’re still here. Are you feeling any discomfort, your Highness?” 


Seytil gritted his teeth.


In a situation like this, Seytil couldn’t pick a fight anymore. It felt like he was getting dried.


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“That lowlife.”


‘It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone say hello to me personally, but how dare he come out like this?’ He thought.


‘I could never walk away like this.’


Seytil thought of a monster that would put Raymond in trouble.


“I’m here because I’m not feeling well either.”


Raymond had an unknowingly absurd face.


Seytil, whose face was dyed red, looked incredibly healthy.


“Are you uncomfortable?”


“My body has been strangely tired lately. I don’t have the energy to do anything.”


“Do you have any other symptoms?”




Seytil smiled inwardly.


The therapists find these ambiguous symptoms the most difficult to deal with.


Seytil was a knight who trained swords.


So he had a lot of contact with therapists since he was young, and he knew what symptoms they were having difficulty with.


When their patients spoke of these ambiguous symptoms, they were in trouble and could not set the course of treatment.


“If you can’t explain what I am feeling properly, I’ll use it as an excuse to destroy you.”


But contrary to Seytil’s expectations, Raymond gave a clear answer at once.


“It’s because you’re a drunkard.”




“I know you drink every single day; am I right?”


Seytil became a honeyed mute.


His excessive drinking was a famous story even outside the palace.


He remembered that therapists always nagged him about reducing alcohol.


“Too much drinking destroys the function of the body. At the same time, this also causes you to feel tired. Thus, I think it’s better for you to reduce your alcohol intake.”


To be exact, it is alcoholic hepatitis.


“……drink less?”


“Yes, that’s the prescription. Please take care of your noble body.” 


Seytil bit his lips.


As he was told to take care of his body of the jade, how should he even rebuttal with that? He was ashamed of himself.


“You punk!”


However, Seytil could not argue because it was a story that anyone heard already.


“Is there anything else that’s making you uncomfortable?”




“Then have a nice banquet. Oh, please refrain from drinking.” 


Seytil gritted his teeth.


But there was no way he could argue and turn this around.


So Seytil turned his back on him without getting his money back.


[The truth has been eradicated!]


[You get 5 bonus skill points!]


[Don’t be swayed by the truth and focus on treating patients.]


Raymond thought as he listened to the message.


‘I can’t believe I’ve done this to him.’


It was hard to imagine when thinking about the past.


Suddenly, he felt unbearably overwhelmed.


It may seem trivial to others, but it was a massive event for Raymond.


It was the first time he had faced trauma that weighs on his soul.


‘You’re such a cheap asshole! Don’t mess with me around again! If you come, I’ll give you a scolding!’ Raymond shouted in his mind in excitement.


It was a swear he made in his brain, but the more he cursed, the more his heart felt open.


‘Seytil’s brain is made of pasta! Ugly as an anemone!’ It was when he was swearing so excitedly.


A sharp high note was heard.


“What are you doing?”




A pale dollish beauty


It was Princess Sophia!


Raymond bowed his head in surprise.


“I see you, Your Royal Highness.”


‘Why did she come?’


Raymond’s heart skipped a beat.


She was better than Seytil, but Princess Sophia wasn’t a very welcoming opponent either.




However, Princess Sophia’s reaction was very strange.


Without saying a word, she looked at Raymond’s face blankly.


“A lot has changed.”




“You used to be such an ugly rat.”


Raymond was at a loss as to what to answer.


He guessed it was an insult. But if you think about it closely, it meant that he doesn’t look like that now. Which means, it can be taken as a compliment.


Not to mention the fact that there was no hostility in Princess Sophia’s eyes.


It was sharp and full of irritation, but Raymond didn’t feel the viciousness like Seytil’s from earlier.


‘Well, it was still like that in the past.’ He thought.


How would he even describe it?


Rather than feeling her hating him and harassing him, it felt like she was just venting her anger because she couldn’t overcome her bad temper.


‘I am not sure if I could call this better. Anyway, she seems to be giving me her bad-tempered look the same as before.’


When Sophia snapped at him, Raymond spits out what he was thinking involuntarily.


“I thought that Her Highness was the same as before.”


“I beg your pardon?”


Oops. Such a huge mistake Raymond did there.


Raymond hurriedly tried to recover from that.


“What I meant is that you’re still as beautiful as before. Your beauty shines like no other.”


Princess Sophia gave him a glare, making Raymond break a cold sweat.


“You really had changed.”




“Anyway, I am not feeling well. I need to take a breath.”


“What’s making you feel uncomfortable?”


Raymond turned to his therapist pose and inquired about her condition.


“It’s okay. What do you know as an apprentice? You’re not a proper therapist yet. I am just going to rest so don’t worry.” She said in a snarky remark.


Sophia shook her head and sighed as she sat on a resting sofa in the corner.


Maybe she’s just not feeling well, but her complexion does not look good in Raymond’s eyes.

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