DP 8

DP 8

Chapter 8


It didn’t feel good.


‘I’m not sure if the player system can predict future patients.’ Raymond thought to himself.


“What are you going to do? Please, don’t refuse.” Lance asked again.


“I will do it.”




Unexpectedly, Lance’s eyes grew wider at the sheer consent.


“But I have conditions.”


“What is it?”


Raymond thought to himself.


‘Quest rewards alone are not enough.’ He thought to himself again.


In this way, Raymond decided to pick out what he could eat as much as he could.


“Please qualify me to take the full therapist qualification exam in a few days after the banquet.”




The official therapist qualification test!


It is a test that only those who have been recognized for their skills during apprenticeship can take. 


Only if you pass this exam can you become an independent therapist.


That’s why Raymond is holding out at the Beland Clinic even if it’s dirty and cheap.


“How can you take a qualification test when you don’t even have the healing power of Class F?”


“Haven’t you, chief therapist, just told me to go to the palace? You said that I am fully qualified.” 


Lance’s face flushed.


He did say that.


Lance had no choice but to nod because he was hampered by his own words.


“Alright. However, this is the story of after you came back after doing your part well in the banquet.”


Anyway, Raymond, who got his consent, clenched his fist inside.


It was his intention to do so even if Lance didn’t say so. 


‘I’m finally qualified to take the therapist test! It’s just the beginning.’ 


‘I am going to be a full-time therapist soon!’


He was in a different position from the apprenticeship.


It was the same difference between a knight who was ordained compared to a servant.


‘As long as he qualifies as a therapist, he will be able to leave Beland.’


I was forced to stay, but I didn’t have any intention of staying at the Bellund Treatment Center for a long time.

He was only forced to stay because he had no choice, but Raymond has no plans or intentions of staying at Beland Clinic for a long time.


But before that…


Raymond glared at Lance.


If he finally qualifies as a therapist…


‘Lance, I’m going to call him out of sight, beat him up, and leave.’




Raymond has already made up his mind, but he still felt hopeless when he was about to go to the palace.


It wasn’t the healers who despised and bullied him the most viciously so far.


Compared to what happened at the royal palace, the therapists’ harassment was only a cute gesture of hatred.


The healers treated him like a human being, even if he was terrible and pathetic.


However, Raymond was treated as if he is a dirty filth in the palace. It was nothing more and nothing less.


The nobles, even the servants, such as maids, despised him.


Not to mention the most powerful royals.


Although he had the same father, the brilliant and noble royals, who were completely different from Raymond, really bullied him brutally.


‘If you attend the royal banquet, you will surely meet them again.’ He told himself mentally.


‘Should I back down now?’ He asked.


For a moment, He seriously had such a concern. That’s how traumatic his past was.


‘Even if I don’t go, no one will say anything to an apprentice. Although Lance will try to bother you more.’ The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to avoid it.




…he then felt a certain concern come his way. 


‘What if I don’t go and there’s a serious patient that needed my help? There are healers, but there are many emergencies where the heal doesn’t work.’


Several therapists are dispatched to the banquet.


However, as can be seen in the case so far, healing was a treatment with several limitations.


What if there’s a kind of emergency patient wherein healing doesn’t work? Then the patient dies.


‘What should I do?’


Raymond, who was worried, bit his lips tightly.


Suddenly, he had this urge.


‘I didn’t do anything wrong. Why should I avoid it?’ He asked himself.


Having suffered countless times so far, Raymond had such a question.


Why should I suffer?


It wasn’t my fault.


The same is true of this time.


He did nothing wrong.


He wasn’t born as a “dirty filth” because he wanted to.


To be honest, the fault was done by his father, the king. He’s just a victim.


‘Let’s not avoid it.’


So Raymond was afraid and scared but he decided to face it.


A timid Raymond of the past would never have made this decision.


But Raymond has changed.


His new ability gave him confidence and a platform.


But it was the moment when he made such a determination.


[You decided to face your fear for the sake of your patients!]


[“Heart of Steel” reacts to the player’s heart for his patients.]


[The mastery of “Heart of Steel” temporarily goes up to A!]


[Heart of Steel]


Classification: Attribute Skill


Rating: Legendary


Proficiency: D → A


– Always maintain a steel will and a firm wick.


-Skilledness increases remain until the end of the banquet period!


Surprisingly, at that moment, Raymond’s heart sank calmly.


At the same time, he could feel his strong will.


“Is this the effect of proficiency A?”


It was not the imperfect heart of steel he previously experienced.


Raymond didn’t feel any fear.


Raymond’s eyes shone with his strong will toward his patients.


‘Yeah, let’s not be discouraged when we haven’t done anything wrong. You can do it!’ He said in complete affirmation.


Raymond decided to stop thinking bad things and only think good things.


‘If you save even a high-ranking aristocrat at a banquet, you may get a big reward. If you think about it carefully, it’s a big opportunity! Money!’


Raymond clenched his fist at the sweet word.


‘I will save the patient and get a big reward.’


‘I have to do it.’


Raymond decided to buy another skill while he was at it.


I’m sure there are skills that will help him when he attends the banquet.


“Skill Market View.”


Then the message flashed to his mind.


[You can buy the skills you want with the skill points!]


[There are a lot of limitations to the skills you can buy due to your low job rating]


[The skills you can purchase are as follows!]


[5 Auxiliary skills]


[3 Attribute Skills]


‘Check the Auxiliary skills.’


Then an unexpected list came to his mind.


[Supplementary skills that you can buy]


-Basic (D-class) Flame Magic


-Basic (D-class) Water Magic


– Basic (D-class) Wind Magic


– Basic (D-class) Lightning Magic


– Basic (D-class) Earth Magic




Raymond was embarrassed for a moment. He didn’t think about it at all.


“Magic? You can learn magic with skill points?”


As if answering that question, a message came to his mind.


[Magic is a tool of mankind with infinite possibilities! Learn the magic and use it as a tool to treat patients!]


Raymond nodded at the explanation.


The use of magic was not limited to combat. It is also used deeply in many real-life situations.


If applied well, it can be of great help to patient treatment.


‘But if I do this wrong, won’t I be stronger than ordinary wizards?’ thought Raymond.


The phrase proficiency (D) meant that proficiency could be improved later on.


Higher proficiency may make you better at handling the magic than wizards who specialize in the field.


‘That’s not the point now.’


Raymond left the magic behind.


Magic was intended to be mastered when meeting a patient who needed it. The skill points were limited.


[View available attribute skills.]


[A skill you can buy]


– Become a kind doctor! (General)


– How to write an efficient medical record! (General)


– How to deal with the truth! (General)


Perhaps because of his low level, there was no great skill present. Raymond was disappointed with skills mainly because it is related to the patient-doctor relationship.


‘There’s nothing special to do.’


Of course, it would be nice to be kind and write a good record. However, it was not a skill that was needed immediately.


‘Wait, isn’t it useful to deal with the truth?’ He asked himself mentally.


A banquet hall is a place where nobles gather.


How much truth can there be?


Raymond thought it would definitely help if he got used to it.




[You have purchased: ‘How to deal with a truth!’]


[30 points have been used up!]


[Truth Countermeasures]


Classification: Auxiliary Skill


Rating: Normal


Proficiency: D


– You will be able to face the truth and deal with it skillfully!


“All right, let’s go now.”


Having finished his preparations, Raymond nodded.


A few days later, the birthday banquet day came, and Raymond entered the palace after five years.




The Kingdom of Houston, where Raymond is located, was one of the ten constituent countries of the “Cross League Empire” that bisected the continent along with the “Iron Empire”.


The ten countries that make up the cross-border empire are classified into three powers, the strong, three middle, and the four weak, of which the Kingdom of Houston belonged to the “four weak”.


Originally, it was a powerhouse belonging to the middle power, but its national power weakened after many bad things.


Then, with the efforts of Oden, the outstanding king of the time, he was taking a leap forward, restoring his national power again.


“To raise the name of the great king, Your Highness!”


“Long live the Knight King!”


A knight king.


It is a word that is exalted to the King of the Houston Kingdom, Oden.


Oden was an outstanding king.


On the battlefield, he was an outstanding knight and commander, a ruler who thought of the people, and a monarch who was respected by the nobles.


Being such an outstanding king, the kingdom of Houston made great progress under his rule, and the people and nobles called him by name.


Although he is considered one of the best kings since the founding of the country, he also had one disgrace.


It was his illegitimate child Raymond.


‘I can’t believe that the great king made such a mistake.’


In fact, if it were a different country, the existence of illegitimate children would not have been such a big flaw. In the case of the Iron Empire, inheritance rights were given to children outside of marriage.


But the Cross League Empire, especially the Kingdom of Houston, was strict about the existence of illegitimate children.


That was because the Kingdom of Houston revered chivalry, and extramarital illegitimate children considered it a filthy disgrace for failing to keep chivalry.


In particular, it was a fatal flaw that the king of all knights gave birth to an illegitimate child out of wedlock.


Moreover, unlike other aristocrats, Oden did not hide the existence of illegitimate children.

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“If it wasn’t for his illegitimate child, he would be perfect without a scratch.”


“That’s right. I don’t know how such an illegitimate child was born.”


They don’t dare to curse the king.


So people blamed Raymond.


A useless dirty child was born and damaged the king’s integrity.


Thus, whenever people discussed the greatness of the king, they criticized the existence of Raymond, the only stain on his image.


“It’s already been five years since the shadow prince left the palace.”


“I’m glad he went out on his own.”


“That’s right. He said he went out to be a healer somewhere…… I heard that his healing power is terrible. So it’s already been five years…”


The eyes of the people who were talking naturally turned to the therapists waiting in the corner of the banquet hall.


Then their eyes widened when they saw a character.




He was a young man of small build.


“What about that young man?”


“Could he be that shadow prince?”’


People thought with confused eyes.


The reason they were embarrassed was simple.


The atmosphere was completely different from before.


It was a young man with a bright aura. His emerald eyes sank pleasantly like a lake.


There was a soft feeling that made people feel good and they could feel the unwavering will in his calm eyes.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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