DP 74

DP 74

Chapter 74


Raymond cleared his throat.


He couldn’t tell whether she meant it or not.


‘Well, is this why you’ve been generous with loans?’ But Raymond shook his head.


It doesn’t seem right.


It was a persimmon.


His senses were very sharp as he had been abused all his life for 23 years.


“Anyway, it is the Baron’s dream. I’ll cheer for you. Call me whenever you need money again. I’ll lend it to you at a special low interest rate.” Rose Young-ae finally looked through the treatment center.


That gaze said, ‘Do well. I’ll see how it goes from now on,’ 


It was enough to give Raymond some goosebumps.


“Then I’ll see you again, VIP customer.”




When she came out, the butler, who was accompanying her without a word, opened his mouth.


“How is it?”


“What do you think?”


“If you ask my opinion, he is out.”


The butler sank his gray eyes sharply.


“It is respectful to think of his patients, but he is a dreamer. It’s not feasible.”


“Do you think so?”


“A dreamer with only good beliefs is bound to fall.” 


A foolish good dreamer.


It was Raymond, judged by the butler.


He was nice and respectful.


He couldn’t believe there was such a person in the world these days.


But that’s it.


Butler Carls said coolly.


“It’s not the person we’re looking for. I’m sure he’ll fall at some point. We’d better recoup the investment.”


“Do you really think so?”




Rose Young-ae took out a lollipop and chewed it.


“Upgrade Raymond’s VIP customer rating to ‘Red’.”




Carls, the butler, had startled eyes.


Red rating!


The VIP customer rating they gave to Raymond is already a high enough rating for the ones like him!


“If he asks for an additional loan, give it to him at a special low interest rate.”




“He’s not just a dreamer.”


“Did you see it with your demonic eyes?”


Magic eyes!


Her hidden ability to see through the nature of her opponent.


Rose’s odd eyes shone.


“Yes. As seen with my mystic eyes, he is not a foolish dreamer. He is rather a man of great ambition.”


Rose saw through Raymond’s heart with her magical eyes.


Contrary to the reputation of being an angel from heaven, a remarkable ambition was wavering!


“……What kind of ambition?”


“I don’t know. Mystic eyes can only vaguely read it since it is not perfect mind reading. However, if i have to guess from the way he looked…” Rose paused.


Frankly, she wasn’t sure about this part.


What does he have ambitions for?


She guessed with her genius head.


“…Perhaps it is an ambition for the sake of his patients. The look in his eyes that I just saw was only looking for his patients.”


Rose made the decision, never imagining that someone like Raymons wold only want money.


‘I will raise it as the best treatment center on the continent.’


‘It’s for the patient.’


The way Raymond said that was full of sincerity for his patients.


‘What a ridiculous ambition.’


Rose laughed.


A smile came out her.


But he seemed really sincere.


He has ambition for the patient in his heart.


‘The comment that he was a fool who only cares about patients was real.’


‘No, the comment of being stupid was not right.’


A man with such great ambition can’t be a fool.


He was a fighter.


A fighter with a sword for a patient.


“Judged by the mystic eyes, the amount of ambition he harbored was staggering. Quite a few of them can’t even compare. He is not an innocent dreamer.”


Rose concluded.”On the contrary, he is more of a revolutionary. To transform the whole continent for the sake of his patients. So it’s well worth watching.”


“……There’s a chance of becoming a failed revolutionary. Isn’t the dream too absurd?”


Being the best healer on the continent!


Carls sounded like Raymond’s words were for patients all over the continent.


It was an outrageous ambition.


“Of course it may be. No, it is much more likely that it will.”




“The person we need is not just kind of person anyway. I need an absurd person like Raymond.” 


Rose looked northeast.


Far away.


Where she’s supposed to be.


“Carls, no, Prince Carlstein.”


Prince Carlstein.


As soon as he heard the name, Carl’s intention change completely.


It was a tremendous momentum.


His temperament is at least the same as the highest level of Sword Expert.


Considering that there are less than five top-notch Sword Experts in the entire kingdom of Houston, it’s a tremendous level!


What a knight of such a great level is acting as an unnamed guard?


“Don’t forget, why we were exiled to this countryside. Don’t forget where we are supposed to be.”


“……I’m not forgetting, My Lord.” 


Rose bit the candy.


She then turned to the Penin treatment Center.


The ambition that shook in Raymond’s heart, seen through her demonic eyes, came to her mind yet again.


‘It’s for the patients.’


The ridiculous ambition brought back laughter.


“Once again, lend him money as low as you can whenever he needs it. So that he can do many things.”


“If ever I did, what would you do if Raymond collapsed?”




It’s cringe-worthy.


Rose answered as if it were natural, biting the candy left in her mouth for the last time.


“Then you have to discard him away then.”




‘I have to pay my debt right now!’


Raymond made a firm commitment.


Fortunately, he passed the interview safely (?) but he didn’t feel good.


‘I felt like I met a snake.’


When Raymond remembered that time, he got goosebumps.


‘I felt like I was going to be eaten.’


“Money! I have to make money!”


The problem is that there is no place to lose money.


If the aristocrats suddenly flock to beggars, they might not know.


The loan amount is now close to 70,000 pence. ‘When did I owe so much?’


‘When I first set up a treatment center, I had about 10,000 pence in debt.’


Then the debt increased by spreading it to the poor and the poor commoners. Furthermore, the debt increased by renovating this casino building.


In addition, the money spent on implementing various medical tools by commissioning Dwarves and Magic Towers was enormous. “On this bad day, the robber dwarves and the magic tower guys are also raw robbers, and why is the price of herbs so high?” In this world, the demand for herbs was low because heals came first.


Then don’t you think herbs will be cheap?


You’re welcome. It was the opposite.


It was difficult to find the desired medicinal herbs due to the low distribution of medicinal herbs.


Based on his knowledge of herbs, Raymond found herbs that had similar effects to modern medicines and extracted and used the ingredients, but it was really difficult to prepare them.


Especially herbs that are not in the kingdom of Houston are hard to get! The price was also very high.


‘Well, I’ll have to run a herbalist’s shop some day.’


Anyway, before that, the priority was to pay off the debt he owed at the Healer Loan.


‘Is there any way to make a fortune? Capable of paying off one’s debts at once. Is it an illegal casino?’


But then, in the midst of it a rumor came to life.


“Master, it is said that ancient remains have been found in the Gir Mountains.”


“Ancient ruins?”


“Yes, there have been several adventurer parties, but they have all failed. And now the Knights of the Kingdom will come forward. We received an official letter that they are recruiting a healer to join them.”


Raymond looked disinterested.


‘An ancient relic. Ugh. I’m scared just thinking about it. I’ll get hurt if I go in there for no reason. Safety is the best.’


Raymond puts safety first.


‘Shouldn’t you enjoy wealth and honor by being considerate of yourself?’


“Go and throw away that official document. I’m busy watching our patients.” Of course it’s an excuse.


The real reason is that it’s scary.


“Yes, I will.”


Hanson and Lindon had admiring faces.


“As expected, the master only thinks of patients without physical desire. If he participates in the ancient ruins expedeture, he might get a great treasure.”


“As expected, Master!”


At that, Raymond made a sudden change of attitude.


‘Come to think of it, ancient ruins have treasures! Maybe I can pick up the beanstalk!’ Raymond gulped.


Ancient ruins!


There may be some treasure hidden.


If I do well, I can get out of debt at once.


‘……It’s scary though. What if I accidentally die by mistake?’


This is why there are not many healers who apply even though it is an opportunity to make a fortune.


The ancient ruins were dangerous.


The failure of the probe meant death.


‘No. They said I’d step up at the level of the Knights of the Kingdom, so it wouldn’t be too dangerous. I must seize this opportunity!’ Raymond, determined, made a stern look. 


“No, Hanson. On second thought, I’d better join.” 




“The reason why I want to participate is…….”


There was no need for a lame explanation.


Even before hearing the explanation, Hanson nodded as if he had realized it.


“The master is worried about not only the patients in front of him, but also those who will participate in the exploration. Ancient ruins is a dangerous place after all.”


“As expected, master.”


“Look, Lindon. A mind of concern for potential patients. That’s the mind we should emulate.”


“Yes, I’ll keep that in mind!”


Raymond closed his mouth at the sight of the two excited idiots.


As they guessed it on their own, it was good that there was no need to explain it lamely.


Meanwhile, Lao, who saw it thought to himself.


‘……Exploring the ruins? He is not participating for money, is he? Why do I keep looking at my elder brother like that?’


‘It’s been a while since I suspected it, but it’s not important, so let’s move on.’




“What, the ‘worm’ decided to take part in the exploration of the ruins?”


There was a person who frowned at the news of Raymond’s participation in the exploration of the ruins. Mason.


He is a royal healer!


Mason, a member of the royal family, also followed as the Royal Knights conducted an exploration of the ruins.


‘I have to go with such a lowly worm.’


He looked genuinely contemptuous.


‘I had no choice but to.’


Mason is an A class high-;evel healer!.


To him, Raymond, who uses fake miscellaneous techniques, was nothing short of a bug.


“I’ll have to work as a porter. I can’t let such a worm get involved in my sacred duty.” Mason was an archaeological healer who was proud of his ability.


Heaven-sent blessing heal!


‘I find it rewarding to heal people with this kind of blessing.’


This exploration of the ruins will completely fulfill its obligations so that no deaths occur.


It was absolutely unacceptable for a trifling bug to tarnish his noble duties.




On the other hand, there were people talking about the exploration of the ruins in places that they had never thought of.


A faraway place.


It was the capital of the Kingdom of Droughton.


In a splendid mansion comparable to the royal palace, a handsome man lazily opened his mouth toward Sujeong-gu.


About mid to late 30’s?


He looked relatively young but the character inside him was as fierce as a blade.


“So the Royal Knights have embarked on an exploration of the ruins? It’s all according to our plan.”


Yes, no healer will overcome the curse of the devil.


Translator’s Note:

I am not sure what I’ve been calling the institute Raymond lent money from. It may be Healer Ron, Hilleron, or Healerone – for standardization, it will be Healer Loan from now on. I’m sorry if this causes you any inconvenience.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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