DP 73

DP 73

Chapter 73


The capital nobles laughed at Count Garrinson every time they meet him.


“Well I heard that this time, Count Garrinson was disgraced for his uneducated behavior.”


“That’s right. I mean, paying someone to do something like this?Where did you sell your dignity of aristocracy. Tsk. Tsk.” 


Isn’t the most fun thing to do in the world is to gossip about others?


The capital aristocrats giggled at the sight of Count Garrinson.


“Moreover, to bow down to an illegitimate child?”


“Oh, I’m ashamed to be called as an aristocrat same as him.”


Thus, Count Garrinson’s reputation fell to the bottom among the nobles.


For the time being, he was in a position not to go out of the mansion, let alone out of society.




What made him even angrier was the fact that he couldn’t do anything to Raymond right away except to curse behind his back like this.


He looked like a perfect loser.


Count Garrison was so angry that his heart was about to burst.


Count Garrinson gritted his teeth so ugly as if he is a third-rate villain.




After being able to block the threat of the Tower of Healing, Penin Treatment Center spent a few days in peace.


With time to spare, Raymond devoted himself to nurturing his disciples.


“Therefore… An infection is an inflammatory response caused by bacteria entering the body. Inflammation, as explained last time…”


‘Ugh. Perhaps because my teaching skill level is still low, it is difficult.’


Raymond sweated as he explained.


The way Raymond taught his disciples was clear.


Practice and theory!


He usually treats patients on a practical basis and gives instructions such as: “In this kind of disease, you need to treat them with these kinds of herbs.”, and when he has a time to spare, he teaches them the basic concepts.


Everyone had healing experience, so they managed to accept how to use herbs and practical treatment, but the problem was the concept of basic medicine.


Everyone found it difficult because there were many concepts that did not exist in Laipentaina.


It was fortunate that the level of ‘basic science’ was quite developed thanks to the research of the ‘Magic Tower’, the ivory tower of wizards.


If “basic science” itself had been as backward as the Middle Ages of the Earth, it would have been really difficult to teach.


‘It would be easier to explain if I had a thorough knowledge of basic medicine. I’m also a resident with only surface knowledge.’


The Resident only knows “basic medicine” at a really basic level.


‘This is because although I learn based on my undergraduate days, I only focus on “clinical treatment.’


Apparently, there were limits to teaching.




‘My disciples have to grow up quickly so they can earn money instead of me! Come on, grow faster! Make me money! Show me the money!’


Right now, Penin’s treatment center was heavily dependent to Raymond. It was unavoidable.


‘The more my disciples improve, the more money I can earn!’


“I understand you’re having a hard time. Let me explain it again. So, the immune system has B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes…….” 


On the other hand, the disciples were deeply moved without knowing Raymond’s dark (?) heart.


‘How can you teach us with such sincerity? No teacher in the world will teach us this hard.’ Hanson clenched his teeth.


‘But I don’t have enough skills yet that my master would eventually have to repeat his explanation every time. Shame on myself! I am of no help to my master, but how long will I be a nuisance?!’ Hanson was burning with loyalty and made a desperate effort.


On the other hand, Christine is also thinking the same sentiments.


‘How can you teach us so generously when this is supposed to be a secret skill?’ Christine didn’t understand Raymond.


How many teachers are reluctant to give their own quirks?


However, Raymond had no greed like such a little man.


On the contrary, he only regretted that his disciples could not follow him even tough he had given his best wishes.


It is all for his heart and care for his patients.


‘I should learn quickly so that my disciples’ skills increase.’


She remembered Raymond’s sad murmur.


‘Master hopes we can grow up quickly and help our patients even more. Because he is a fool who only cares about patients.’


Christine bit her bottom lip.


‘But I can’t follow his instructions properly because I lack the ability.’ She was resentful as it also hurts her pride.


‘From today, I will reduce my sleep time by another 30 minutes I will catch up with the Master, even if I have to fall and crawl!’


For your information, she still hasn’t slept for more than four hours.


So Hanson and Christine made a fiery effort.


Meanwhile, Lindon…


‘…I want to relax a little bit, why is everyone working so hard?’


With tears in his eyes, he followed them.


Thanks to this, the disciples increased their knowledge at an explosive rate.


It was the birth of the “medical school” that would shake the continent. Although, that would still be a far-fetched dream compared to reality.


A few days later, however, an event like a bolt from the blue broke out of their peaceful daily life!


“Master, we have a visitor.”




“I am Viscount Rose’s daughter.”




Raymond got up from his seat in astonishment!


“Well, really?”


Fearful voice beyond surprise!


Raymond had a reason for this.


Viscount Rose’s daughter!


She ought to be the representative of ‘Healer Loan’.


A creditor who is scarier than the devil came.




The daughter of Viscount Rose


She was a figure shrouded in a veil.


It was not clear whether the name Rose was her real name.


No one even knew where she was from.


Four years ago, she came to the Kingdom of Houston and started running several businesses and healer loans.


In her enormous wealth, people mouthed that she might be the hidden daughter of a wealthy Peninsula kingdom colossus or the illegitimate child of the great imperial family, but none was certain.


One thing for sure, it is that she’s a scary character.


“Oh, these cookies are delicious. How many do you mind I take, Baron?” Quite unlike the kind way of speaking!


“Take as much as you want! No, I’ll go and do it for you, CEO!” Raymond bent his waist to 45 degrees and felt awkward.


To him, the representative of Healer Loan, Rose Young-ae, was the scariest person in the world.


To be honest, Raymond was several times more afraid of the pretty lady in front of him than King Oden.


‘You must never be deceived by appearances.’


Raymond swallowed his saliva when he saw Rose Young-ae eating cookies in a cute way.


‘She’s pretty. She looks really stunning.’


‘An appearance suited to the expression of loveliness.’


Her pink hair fluttters wildly with her odd eyes colored red and blue. She feels like a person who came out of a dream to be here in reality.


But then, she is a devil.


‘Maybe she is here to put foreclosure ticket on the mansion. I need to wake up!’


Raymond clenched his teeth.


Fortunately, a message pop into his mind.


[‘Heart of steel’ is being manifested in the will to protect the treatment center!]


[Have a firm will and determination!]


Is it because she is such a fearful opponent?


Raymond’s heart didn’t sink completely. Still, he opened his mouth with a title of peace in his mind.


“But what brings you here?”


“I’m here to see you.”




Rose Young-ae smiled beautifully.


“You’re a VIP customer who comes to mind in Healer Loan. I just wanted to say hello as I’ve heard a lot of rumors about you. Hmmm.” 


Rose Young-ae looked through the treatment center.


Raymond’s heart sank.


This, this is how you can pay back your debt.


‘I felt like I was looking through her eyes.’


“There are a lot of patients. I heard that you only take treatment expenses that are not as burdensome as possible for your patients.” 


This time it sounded like this in Raymond’s head.


– When will you pay off your debts? How can you pay them when you’re only receiving such a cheap treatment fee?


‘I need to get a hold of yourself!’


Raymond clenched his fist.


It was a trick to grovel here.


Rather, he had to show a strong appearance.


‘I can pay back my debts!’


“The current treatment center is only in its infancy compared to the grand goal I envision.”


Lady Rose made a look as if she suddenly became interested.


“If it is a grand goal then I am curious.”


“I will develop this treatment center into the best one.”


Lady Rose lets out a snort.


“Are you going to go beyond the top 3 treatment centers in the kingdom?” 


Being the best in the kingdom is good.


It was a great goal, but Raymond shook his head. “No, it’s not just that kind of goal.”




“My goal is to be the best on the continent.”




Only then did Rose Young-ae have surprised eyes.


The continent!


It was a word with a tremendous meaning.


“Do you know what that means?”


“Yes, my goal is to be the best beyond the kingdom of Houston, the whole Cross League Empire, the Free City Union of Free Cities, the Iron Empire, and the Holy Kingdom as a whole.”


‘I meant it.’


‘To be the best in the continent!’


‘Then I will be able to enjoy all the wealth and fame of the world.’


So that he can finally say he had lead such a wonderful life.


‘You’re supposed to set a big goal in your life.’


“Penin Treatment Center is just the beginning.”


This was what Raymond meant.


-It’s just the beginning, so please wait a little longer for the debt reminder!


In that way, Raymond grandly talked about delaying the debt demand.




Rose Young-ae chewed the cookies without saying a word for a moment.


“Why are you chasing such a big goal? Honestly…… It feels a little reckless.”


“That’s it…….”


For the best wealth movie ever!


Raymond, who could not answer, replied with a face as “heartfelt” as possible.


“·……It’s for my patients.”


Image making is always important.


At that time, Hanson, who was pulling out the cart next to him, said.


“My name is Hanson, the master’s student. With all due respect, may I post a word?”


“Go ahead.”


“The master is the one who gave everything up for his patients. If it’s for the patient, he’ll take the straw and jump into the fire. Also, he has that amazing ability.”


Hanson continued in a firm voice.


“As such a master, I believe he can make the Penin Treatment Center the best on the continent. Because there is no obstacle that can stand in the way of my master’s will for his patients.”




Rose Young-ae chewed the cookie once again.


Then she got up from my seat.


“Thank you for the good story. I’m glad I came today. I was wondering what our VIP customer was like.” She smiled broadly.


“And this was a secret, but I’m actually a fan of Baronet.”




Raymond looked puzzled.


“I’ve heard a lot of things you’ve done for the common people. Amazing! As fellow nobleman I admired it, so I thought I’d definitely want to see him someday.”


Rose Young-ae clasped her hands and glistened her eyes.


“Once I saw you in person, i fell in love with you even more. You’re just so wonderful. Can I ask for your autograph later?”



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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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