DP 72

DP 72

Chapter 72


“As the first future princess of the kingdom’s first family, the Raven duchy, it smells unreasonable even to me. It is judged that it is appropriate this not to be resolved at the Kingdom Investigation Unit Level.”


Count Garrinson had a cold spine.


He realized something was wrong.


‘They’re going to take Ronald and investigate? They can’t do that!’


‘What if Ronald falls into the investigation?


‘So what if he confesses that this is all Count Garrinson’s plot against Raymond?’


This will be his great doom.


He will suffer from great disgrace, and his prestige from the Tower of Healing will fall to the ground.


‘Could it be that they were aiming for this from the very beginning?’


Count Garrinson was appalled.


From hosting an event where commoners support Raymond gather, to the appearance of Lao and Christine.


It was all scripted!


“I don’t think that’s necessary. This is a matter inside the Tower of Healing, so I’ll do a little more rigorous investigation on my own.” Garrinson decided to step down.


‘I should never hand over Ronald here.’


‘Damn it, the plan is a failure. I’ll have to avoid the seat for now and keep mouths shut.’


It meant to kill secretly.


“Not like that. We’ll take the author and hand him over to the kingdom investigation team. Guys!” 


Lao wasn’t alone.


He brought an escort driver who could accompany them as a high-ranking official.


Count Garrinson was gutted.


“What are you doing, Ronald?! Will you not follow me soon?”


“I won’t follow you.”




At that moment.


Ronald made a bombshell remark.


“I, gentlemen. There is no need. It’s all lies.”




Ronald knelt down with his eyes closed tightly.


“Count Garrison has given me the instruction! I’ll give you the money and frame Baron Penin! It was all my lies!”




An astonishment spread throughout the hall.


cried Count Garrinson, jumping up and down like a fit of arms.”Yes, you! What a ridiculous lie! Do you want to die?”


“Kill him.”




“Hurry up and kill him, you damn thing! Argh! How could you frame such a great man. You’re not even human!” 


Ronald had a reason to do this.


The faces of his neighbors reminded him of what Raymond has done for them. 


‘I’m crazy. No matter how much you think of framing such a great man for being threatened.’


Ronald is one of the many who was freed from the debt of loan shark Soln thanks to Raymond.


He received more than that.


Some of his close relatives even received treatment at such a low cost.


How many have been helped by that prince?


‘I am not an ungrateful beast! I’d rather die!’


There was nothing rough about being determined to die.


“Everything was ordered by this count! To smear the baronet! He made me testify at the Tower of Healing!”


“Hey! Can’t you shut up?”


“I can’t do this! The whole capital is going to make a noise! You made me do it!”


Count Garrinson trembled with anger and came to his senses.


The gaze of the people around him looked at him in disdain.


‘I have to make this guy close his mouth first!’


Count Garrinson took out his sword.


It was an intention to cut his throat before he could talk any further.


“The sin of having dared to mow the aristocracy. Are you ready to die?”




However, that meaning did not come true.




A sword that suddenly flew over blocked Count Garrinson’s sword.


It was Lao.


He was from a prestigious shamanic family, so he treated him as more than a kendo knight.


“Oh, dear. This is troubling, Count. He is an important witness, so I’ll be taking him.”




“You? Watch what you say. I’m the son of the prestigious Count Kaplan and a high-ranking official of the kingdom. I can also sue you for contempt.”


Earl Garrinson trembled, but the pendulum had already tilted.


“Come here, Ronald.”


“Baron Penin!”


Ronald went to Raymond and knelt down.”Well, I’m so sorry! I don’t know what grace is! My fault is that I gave my life……!”


“That’s all right.”




“That’s all right. I understand that you couldn’t help it.”


Raymond had a saintly face, as if he understood everything.


‘It is embarrassing, but the important thing now is not to punish Ronald.’


What’s important right now is to punish Count Garrinson, the principal offender!


‘I can’t let this great opportunity go.’


Raymond smiled inwardly.


Count Garrinson was too dismissive of Raymond.


‘I’m no longer a weak, humble illegitimate child.’


He was now loved by the common people, and there were also the weak but supportive nobles.


Nevertheless, Count Garrinson excessively ignored Raymond and plotted rashly.


It was time to get the price.


[‘Heart of Steel’ is being manifested!]


Fortunately, the heart of steel is also in working condition without any problem!


Raymond put on the kindest and pitiful face he could make.


“Ronald, I don’t blame you. You are just a victim too. What are you guilty of?”


“Not stopping there, he wrapped his arms around the kneeling Ronald’s shoulders.”


“Wake up. There’s no reason for you to be doing this.”


“Ah, Baron!”


“I think it was all unavoidable. I’ll forget everything, so you don’t have to mind.”


“Oh, my!”


Ronald burst into tears like a sinner who had been forgiven for his sins, and the common people who watched him reacted likewise with emotion.


“How can you be so nice?”


“The Baron Penin must be an angel from heaven.”


Even so, they are commoners who fell in love with Raymond’s charm.


The image Raymond had showcased is truly the highlight!


It lit fire in the hearts of the common people.


[The title effect is strengthened.]


[Temporarily gets enthusiastic support from the common people (only the capital city)]


“I can’t believe you’re trying to smear such a respectful person.”


“These rotten bad guys…….”


Suddenly, a ferocious air circulated among the common people.


The unusual atmosphere startled Count Garinson and other healers.


“What is this atmosphere?”


“How dare they! Can’t you back off!”


They shouted, but to their surprise, the commoners did not retreat.


  • We will protect our prince! From the rotten Tower of Healing!


This spirit of struggle gave the hearts of ordinary people a fiery courage.


Then Raymond stepped forward.


“Wait a moment! Everyone shouldn’t be like that!”


Raymond continued in a bitter tone, with the most pitiful face possible.


“I’m sure the people of the Healing Tower aren’t trying to persecute me with bad intentions. There must have been some misunderstanding. Isn’t that right, Count Garrinson?”


“Well, yes.”


Count Garrinson had no choice but to nod his head in bewilderment.


“As expected. I was worried that the Healing Tower was doing it on purpose to bury me but that’s not the case, is it?


“We, the Tower of Healing, are always fair and respect healers who care for their patients.”


Count Garrinson felt ominous, unaware of Raymond’s intentions.


I felt like something was up.


‘What kind of plan is this?’


“As expected! So you gave me a poor grade during my healer’s qualification exam, warned me with an official letter, and bought Ronald this time- because of deep meaning, right?”




“For example, the type of test you gave me… I bet you didn’t mean to insult me in an ugly way.”


Raymond said with an expression as if he just finally figured it out.


“Right? That’s what you meant, right?” 


What do you mean a test?!


But there was no denying it here.


He can’t admit that he did it with ugly intentions.


Count Garrinson was forced to be dragged on and on by Raymond.


“Well, yes. You are a promising talent. I’m always watching closely.”


“So what do you think?”




“Do you still think you can’t trust me? Just because I use medicine and not heals?”


Count Garrinson wriggled his eyebrows.


Now he knows Raymond’s intentions.


Raymond was now asking him to declare surrender.


I’ll never touch you again. I’ll surrender!


“I’m always trying my best for my patients. The patients here will prove it.” 


‘Of course, he is initially a snob healer who wants money.’


Outwardly, there was no apparent healer like Raymond.


His image making was perfect!


“I would appreciate it if you would recognize my sincerity even at the Tower of Healing.”


The hall became quiet.


The commoners glared at the healers with frightened eyes, and the healing tower healers looked at the count of Garrinson.


‘Damn it. Shit.’


Count Garrinson uttered an oath to himself.


But the game is already over.


It was his perfect defeat.


“Um, of course…… I know your efforts.”


“Do you mean you’ll acknowledge me and recognize me as a member of the healing tower from now on?”


“”……That’s right. You are a proud member of the Tower of Healing.” 


He is shaking.


Count Garrinson’s face trembled with a forced smile.


“I’m glad the misunderstanding has been cleared up. Then I believe this will not happen in the future.”


“……Of course, it is a matter of course.”


“I knew it! Then I’ll trust you! Please take care of me, Count Garrinson!”


Count Garrinson turned his back on the stroke. He felt like he was going to explode if he talked more.


He was a shameless figure.




When he returned to the treatment center after the work was done, Hanson asked carefully.


“What if Count Garrinson wants to hack it back again?” 


It was a possible story. 


“I don’t think so” Raymond responded coldly.


“How many people have seen the work today? It is embarrassing that he won’t be able to go out in public for a while.”


It could be said that the prestige of Count Garrinson and the Tower of Healing fell to the ground due to this incident.


Can they try another dirty plot in that situation?


‘I’ll have no choice but to buy myself some time for the time being. I have to build up my strength as much as I can in the meantime.’




It means fame.


‘In other words, I had to look after the patient as hard as I could.’


After all, the power of the healer comes from the patient.


Just in time, a message came to his mind.


[Quest accomplished!]


[Bonus level up!]


[You get 20 additional skill points!]


That was not the end.


[Achievement: ‘I’m generous’ has been achieved!]


[Bonus level up!]


[You get 20 additional skill points!]


I got an achievement for forgiving Ronald outright.


[Fame rises!]


[Bonus: Support from commoners (limited to the capital city only) increases with touching anecdotes!]


[Bonus level up!]


He leveled up thrice today.


‘This system is kind of generous with the level up.’


Raymond’s level was already 68.


‘If I work a little harder, I’ll get level 70! I’ll be upgraded to ‘Chief.’’


Raymond clenched his fist.


The chief rating, of course, will run endlessly until he becomes the best healer.


I will not give in no matter what the interference is, and I will become the best and enjoy all the wealth and fame in the world.


So Raymond once again pledged his goal.




Count Garrinson, who was greatly disgraced, uttered an angry curse, but it was too late.


The repercussions of the day were enormous.


‘Count Garrinson! It is a disgrace of you for trying to slander Baron Penin with an obscene trick!’


These rumors have hit the capital’s social circle as soon as possible.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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