DP 71

Chapter 71


Count Garrinson whispered to such a healer.


“……Get out.”




“Get out!” Count Garrinson screamed.




Seytil was angry again this time.


“What is this, uncle? Isn’t that different from the story you’ve been telling me?”


“Don’t worry, Your Highness. There’s another way.”


“……Is that true?”


Seytil looked suspicious.


“Yes, if there is no fault, then you can just make a scratch.”


Count Garrinson had a mean face.


Yes, if there are no flaws, then you can just make it yourself.


“It’s no nothing dealing with such a dirty illegitimate son.”


“He’s pretending to be a hatefully hypocritical image. To the point where the inspector is deceived. We will just shatter that hypocritical image.”




“It’s simple.”


Count Garrinson told Seytil of his plot.


Seytil had a bright face afterwards.


“That is indeed good! As expected of my uncle whom I trust.”


“I’m flattered.”


Garrinson said in a pleasant voice.


“I will drop him into the gutter, and I will give him the maximum punishment at the level of the Tower of Healing.” 


The greatest punishment.


It means disqualification of a healer.


He twisted the corners of his mouth meanly.


“After this is over, he will never be able to become a healer again.”




The Count Garrinson immediately embarked on the conspiracy.


A few days later.


The man under the guise of Count Garrinson headed to the Penin Clinic.


“You’re asking me to bribe Baron Penin?”


“Yes, you must make him receive the money at all costs.”


Count Garrinson’s plan is for him to take bribes!


‘According to the Code of Law of the Tower of Healing, it is a felony to receive money from a patient other than legal medical expenses.’


It is an ambiguous code.


What’s a bribe, what’s an expression of gratitude?


Anyway, it was written, but in reality, it was nothing short of a private code.


But what’s important is that such a code of law actually exists.


If used well, it was enough to put the blame on him.


‘He was pretending to be hypocritical, so he’ll be hit harder. I came up with it, so it’s a fine conspiracy.’


Count Garrinson happily pulled out the champagne.


The taste of alcohol was sweet today.




“It’s an honor to meet the esteemed Baron Penin. My name is Ronald, and I live on Ket Street in the Lyme District.” Raymond tilted his head.


He was a man with a simple impression, but he looks too uncomfortable.


He looks that his unsettling eyes were rolling around.


‘Did he have some serious illness?’


“Yes. Did you come because you’re feeling ill?”


“I’m here to thank you.”


“Thank me?”


“I heard that you treated my relative, Mary, not too long ago. I couldn’t give you a proper compensation due to our difficulties, but I came here to repay the favor because I had money this time.”


Then the man took out his pocket.


It was as much as 300 pence.


An enormous sum for a commoner!


“No, this kind of money…….”


“Compared to the grace of the baronetcy, it is nothing. It’s an expression of my family’s heart, so please accept it.” Then the man left the treatment center as if he were running away. Raymond couldn’t even catch he because he went out in such a hurry.


Raymond looked vacantly at the purse.


“I don’t even know who Mary is…….” 


It’s weird.


It’s very strange!


‘Anyway, can’t I just keep it since he gave me the money already?’


Raymond swallowed his saliva.


Although he made a turnaround, he was still poor.


Seeing this kind of money in such moment of weakness is already tempting enough. 


……No. Judging from his appearance, it must not be easy to raise this money. ‘I’m not just going to take it.’ 


Raymond put down the money, calming himself down in disappointment.


Raymond chewed the bottom of his lips.


‘This is stranger. This is not a conspiracy of the Tower of Healing, is it?’ 


It was a thought that passed by momentarily.


The mean healing tower guys can plot anything against him at this point.


At that time, a message just came to his mind.


[An unexpected quest occurs!]


[I Got Free Money!]


(Personal Quest)


Good deed: Small Doctor Level


Difficulty level: low


Quest Description: You got some free money. Use it wisely!


Clear condition: Use the money wisely.


Reward: Bonus level up, 20 additional skill points.




Raymond folded his arms across his chest.


I don’t know what’s what.


“Shall we dig a trap?”


If this is the Tower of Healing conspiracy, he can catch them somehow. But maybe…


‘It’s just that I did a good job, right?’


Raymond looked at the 300 pence with regretful eyes.


‘It’s sad to give it up!’


‘To be honest, I want to keep it!’


‘I’ll be rich soon, so I’ve decided to put up with it for this time.’




“So, you delivered the money?”


“Yes, yes, I did.”


The man who gave Raymond the money, Ronald said, bending down. 


‘I’m sorry, Baron. I can’t believe I’ve done such a terrible thing.’ Ronald swallowed his tears inside.


He was a commoner who had always admired Raymond.


However, Count Garrinson asked him to join the conspiracy because he would give him a large amount of money.


If he had simply offered money, he would have refused, but Count Garrinson also threatened him.


“You dodn’t think you’ll be able to recover after refusing my request, do you? I have to think about my family too, if I were you.”


It is a threat that would even affect his family.


He couldn’t possibly say no.


“Great. Good job. Then testify at the Tower of Healing immediately.”




Ronald was taken like a livestock to ‘testify’ to the healing tower members.


“Baron Penin demanded an unreasonable amount of money from me.”


“Huh! Is that real?”


“Such a celestial wrath!”


“This can never be left alone!”


A premeditated poker.


The Healing Tower audit committee members rose from their seats indignantly.


“Let’s go to the Penin Clinic!”


“To violate the code left by the first saint! The healer must be disqualified immediately!”


“Then let’s go! To condemn him!”


Thus, the members of the Healing Tower flocked to the Penin Treatment Center.




<We’re closed for a special event today. Emergency patients, please come to the Ket Street in Lyme District.>


It was a plaque at the Penin Treatment Center.




“Did he run away?”


The auditors frowned.


“Let’s go to Ket Street. It’s not far from here.”


The auditors, arriving on Ket Street, opened their eyes wide.


There was an unexpected scene.


“Now, now! Get in line for medical treatment! It’s all free today!”


“Yes, thank you!”


Raymond, Hanson, and Lindon were on the street doing medical treatment!


There was a placard like this hanging on top.


<Ronald Pear Treatment Service.>


“What is this?”


Raymond frowned as he saw the healing tower healersrushing in.


‘As expected, it was a plot by the healing tower guys! You bad guys!’


‘I dug a “trap” just in case’


Anyway, it was an opportunity.


It had create an opportunity to counterattack.


‘I can’t just be beaten forever.’


Fortunately, the “heart of steel” was working because a patient was being treated.




[The ‘truths’ have come to the ‘crowd’]


[Skill, “how to deal with the truth” is manifested!]


[Synergy effect with “Heart of Steel”]


Thanks to this, I was able to deal with them without shaking.


‘Let’s do well! Fighting!’


[Speech skills are manifested!]


Raymond cleared his throat and opened his mouth according to the ‘script’ prepared in advance in preparation for this situation.


“A grateful person named Ronald donated a lot of money and left. I tried to return it, but there was no way to find him, so I’m holding an event like this in his neighborhood. Because it’s not my money.”




The commissioners, including Count Garrinson, noticed that things had gone wrong.


Count Garrinson ordered Ronald to be polished.


“What does that mean? Didn’t you say that Baron Penin demanded you money and your valuables?”




As Ronald hesitated, Count Garrinson’s eyes sharpened.


-Speak straight!


Ronald clenched his fist.


“I’m sorry, Baron!”


It was that moment!


Raymond drew a girl toward him. To catch Ronald’s eye deliberately!


Ronald’s eyes shook as Raymond intended.




It was Sarah who lived next door to him.


Thanks to Raymond’s help.


“Oh no! What the hell am I doing now?”


A sense of guilt gripped his heart.


“I, I…….”


At that moment, he clenched his fists as it trembled.


Raymond waved his hand with a flash.


“Mr. Ronald! The money you donated back then is being put to good use!” He thanked me sincerely.


“I don’t know how grateful I am to have such a great opportunity for patients thanks to Mr. Ronald. Everyone is grateful to Mr. Ronald.”


“I, I…….”


“Now, everybody. Applause for Mr. Ronald!”




“Ronald, you! What’s up! Thank you!”


In the face of a baptism of applause, Ronald was more and more guilty and at a loss.


Count Garrinson frowned.


“Everyone is noisy! Ronald, I’m asking. Did Baron Penin forced you to give your money and valuables? “


The applause stopped.


People looked puzzled.


“What does that mean?”


“Our healer forced you to ask for money and valuables?”


“That can’t be possible, can it?” 


“Something’s wrong? Isn’t this a plot by the healing tower guys? Trying to undermine our prince?”


“No way! Hey, Ronald! Is it true that the Prince did it?”


Ronald was blushing and unable to say anything.


Count Garrinson frowned and cried out.


“It’s already been confirmed! Baron Penin, you’re to be taken to the Tower of Healing……!” But then.


An unexpected situation occurred.


The surrounding commoners stepped up for Raymond.


“Don’t talk nonsense!”


“My prince couldn’t have done that!”


“This is a conspiracy! Ronald, say something!”


Count Garrinson frowned.


“In front of whom do you dare to do lowly things?! You guys stay still!” He screamed, but something amazing happened.


The commoners, who would normally have bowed their heads in a hurry, shouted with their heads stiffly raised.


[The effect of the title, ‘He who is loved by the common people’ is activated!]


[With the support of the common people (limited to the capital city)]


“He can’t do that! The baronet couldn’t have done that!”


“That’s right! No way!”


It was time for the healers, including Count Garrinson, to falter in the unexpected situation.


Unexpected characters have appeared!


“Oh, my. Oh, my. This is a mess. I don’t know if you haven’t seen it, but I can’t let it go since I witnessed it ‘by chance’. My name is Lao, a senior official of the kingdom.”


“So am I. I was passing by ‘by chance’, and I can’t believe I’ve seen such a sight. It’s Christine from thefrom the Duke of Raven.” 


It was Lao and Christine!


Lao said sharply, fixing his one-eyed glasses.


“I have the feeling of some kind of dubious conspiracy. This isn’t going to be resolved at the Healing of Tower, but it looks like we should investigate it with the Kingdom Investigation Unit Level.”


Christine next to her also spoke coldly.

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