DP 70

Chapter 70


Money is the best!


‘Give me the money!’


Raymond wanted to say, but he held it back.


‘This is not the time to ask for money. You have to get a bigger one.’ 


The bigger person.


Raymond put on a pensive face to get it.


“I’m a healer. It is enough for me to be happy just by being able to treat my patient. But these days…… No, it’s not.”




“No, I think I shouldn’t have brought it up. Baron Smidden should not here this useless story of mine. Nevermind,” said Raymond, ‘although, it’s a bit important!’ He blurted out the end of his speech, giving off an atmosphere of ‘Please pay attention!’


Fortunately, Baron Smidden was not a tactless man.


“What’s the matter? Just in case I can help you, please tell me.”




Raymond, with a hesitant face, handed a copy of the document to Baron Smidden.


It was an official letter from the Tower of Healing!


“This is……”


Baron Smidden’s face flushed red when he saw the contents of the official letter.


“The healing tower guys who only know money have no shame in writing this official letter…….” 


Baron Smidden is wise.


He immediately realized the intention of the official letter.


And what pressure Raymond is under from behind.


“Good for you. Although I’m not much of an aristocrat, I think I can help you in this matter.” Baron Smidden stated.


He lacked wealth and power, but he had power that no one else had.


It’s the respect of people.


Even though he was from a fallen aristocrat, he devoted himself endlessly to his studies and was recognized for his deep learning, and served as a professor at the Royal Academy with the respect of many people.


‘How dare you try to touch such a great man. Those healing tower guys who only know money.’ Baron Smidden immediately took out his pen.


And he started writing for Raymond.




A few days later, a paper on a subject that has never been seen before was published in the journal of the Royal Academy.


<Medicine. About its mystery and excellence.>


“Medicine? What is it?”


People who read the journal tilted their heads.


The Journal of the Royal Academy was the most prestigious paper in the kingdom of Houston.


Such a great academic journal mentioned a topic out of nowhere.


“Isn’t that the cure that Baron Penin uses?”


“Oh, he treated Princess Sophia with that, right? Wasn’t that fake miscellaneous? That’s what my healer friend said.”


“That’s what I knew, but I heard that the recent growth is great.”


People looked at the contents of the paper with interest.


They don’t know if it was written by someone else, but the author was Professor Smidden himself.


‘Professor Smidden, who I respect, could not have written strange information in the paper. Let’s see what it will be about.’ 


The paper began with this content.


[Is medicine a fake method of curing the sick?]? No. Maybe it is a new blessing to replace heals.]


It was simply a provocative phrase.


Stimulating the healing tower!


Since then, the contents of the paper have been filled with cases of patients treated with medicine.


[This author thought. Perhaps heaven gave this ordeal to the author to experience medicine.


It was a series of surprises.


Medicine may be the new blessing of heaven. Blessings for patients who can’t be treated with heal.]


Thus, the contents of the paper ended and caused a huge stir.


“Boo, what nonsense!”


The healing tower executives were furious when they heard the paper.


However, they couldn’t take any action other than shake it off because of their opponent’s status.


On what basis would you persecute an academy professor to preach his argument in an academic journal?


“Make a statement against it now!”


The Healing Tower also immediately published an opposing thesis, but what kind of writing would healers who lived only using heals be so good at?


Moreover, it was an established theory in academia that the higher the class of the healer, the lower the academic ability because they are lazy in studying.


In logic, it was incomparable to Baron Smidden’s thesis.


“It’s a lie! Heal is the only blessing in heaven! The art of medicine is nothing but unproven pseudo-miscellaneous!” The clash between the two arguments drew attention from many people.


Thanks to this, the aristocracy, which did not even care about medicine, also showed some interest.


‘It seems that medicine is not really groundless. Seeing the obstinate Professor Smidden say so.’ Moreover, Baron Smidden did not stop at publishing his thesis.He jumped on his feet and preached directly to many people.


“From what I’ve experienced, I’ve found that medicine is a very reasonable treatment.”


“Is that true, professor?”


“Yes, it’s unfamiliar and it’s flattered, but it seems to have a better side than heal.”




If anyone else had said it, they would have ignored it as nonsense. But the weight was different when the professor at the Royal Academy said it himself.


“Normally, unfamiliar things are ostracized. But as time goes by, those unfamiliar things often become world-changing revolutions. I think medicine is that kind of thing.”


“Oh! I see! I’ll keep that in mind!”


People nodded and even among the nobles there were people who thought differently about medicine one by one. 


‘Because Baron Smidden is a scholar who can acknowledge it in his own way. You don’t have to think bad about medicine.’ 


Of course, many people tilted their heads.


It was because the perception that had accumulated so far was deep to change at once.


“But wouldn’t heals be better than medicine?”’


There were many such ideas, but the mere fact that there was a positive change of perception among the stubborn aristocrats made great sense.






“I love it.”


Raymond drooled as he looked at the clinic crowded with patients.


It was so good!


‘Just looking at it made me feel full.’


‘This week’s accounts are finally in the black!’


Of course, the surplus was small.


It’s like 200 pennies at most?


This is because as the number of patients increased, the amount of expenditure spent treating the poor increased.


Little of his share would be left after paying his apprentices healers, but a smile continued around Raymond’s mouth. ‘But it’s a turnaround! Let’s hang in there a little more! Now that it’s not far from being able to sit on a cushion of money!’ 


There was a reason for him to be so confident.


It is said that medical stories often come out in aristocratic society these days.


No aristocrat has yet come to receive treatment other than Baron Smidden, but they are showing interest little by little.


‘If I can rip off the patricians, I’ll be rich in a heartbeat.’


‘You have to butter up until then.’


Raymond had a determined face.


There were many opponents who threatened him.The scariest opponent is Devil Ron.


Be anxious about when a foreclosure ticket will be issued.


‘But fortunately, there is no sign of movement yet.’


The second opponent was the Tower of Healing.


‘Thanks to Baron Smidden, the threat of the last official document was handed over. However, they won’t stay still. They would do something else, one way or another.’


,Whenever I think I had to fight the healing tower, my timid instinct popped up and I was instantly scared.’


But Raymond looking like a healer and seeing his magnificent property, which is more precious than his soul, a sense of struggle rose inside of him.


‘I must protect my property.’


[Heart of Steel is being manifested!]


Just then, Hanson and Lindon came running with an urgent face!


“Master, we are in trouble! An official letter from the Healing Tower came! The inspector is coming!”


“Official inspection?”


Raymond’s face hardened.


The Tower of Healing began to play another trick.


‘I won’t lose to any trick!’


Raymond is not his usual timid self.


It was a “fighting battle” to protect his property that was more precious than his soul.


The fighting spirit could be said to be like a beast trying to protect its young.


“What should we do?”


“Don’t you two worry.”


Raymond said with a firm face.


“Whether surveillance comes, whoever comes, It doesn’t matter.”


It was an expression of determination not to step down no matter who came, but Hanson and Lindon heard it differently.


“You mean that we are healers, so we only need to care about patients.”


“That’s right! Master, I respect you!”




Raymond coughed in vain.


‘I didn’t mean it that way.’


On the contrary, he was indeed going to care about his patients a hundredfold more.


‘I’ll show you the best. Don’t let me pick up any faults.’


“Let’s go anyway.”






So Raymond moved on like a warrior on the battlefield.


Meanwhile, then Earl Garrinson and Seytil.


“What happened to this, uncle? Isn’t it a different story?” said Seytil angrily. “What are you going to do now?”


“Don’t worry. We’ve already taken measures,” Count Garrinson said with a stiff face. “I sent an inspector.”


‘An inspector?’


“The Healing Tower has the authority to inspect the healers. I’ll find what he’s done wrong so far and punish him,” Count Garrinson said confidently.


As the old saying goes, there was no one who didn’t.


‘I was sure I could find an excuse to punish him soon.’




However, contrary to Count Garrinson’s expectation, there was a man who did not come out of the dust.


It was Raymond.


“Well, I do. I tried to share it with you, but there was nothing to find fault with.” The healerwho was dispatched to the inspection said awkwardly. 


“Does that make sense?!” The healer said, looking around.


“I thought so too and opened my eyes to look for it, but… there was nothing I could find.”


“Rather than gaining unfair advantage, he is giving patients treatment that will end up a loss for him. It was admirable. I’m embarrassed to say this… but he is a respectable healer.”


There was a reason why the healer who went to the inspection said this.


Surprisingly he is really impressed with Raymond!


When the inspection came, Raymond showed patients several times more sincerity than usual.


At first, the inspector, who was watching the scene, looked back on his past at some point.


‘You can only pretend so much at first, but you’re only looking for money now.’


The way Raymond treated the patient was so touching that he suddenly thought so too!


Of course, that didn’t mean that he forgot his duty as the inspector.


He was in a position to find fault with Raymond.


He tried to find fault somehow. But there wasn’t.


He has a typical ledger but…


The expenses that went out for the patients were much higher!


There was nothing to find fault with.


‘If I had to force myself to nitpick, the cost of his treatment would be too low?’


And the beef purchase history is too much?


“Why do you eat so much beef?”’


“According to ancient knowledge, beef increases immunity or ability to fight against disease. I think a healers should eat a lot of corresponding beef for the patient.”


It was surprising that beef had such an effect.


‘As I watched from the sidelines, Baron Penin was the one who gave everything for the patient.’


‘I can’t do anything more to slander Baron Penin. No one can do that. He deserves to be called a true healer of this era.’

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