DP 69

Chapter 69


But it was that moment.


A spell caught his eye.


‘Wait, Epinephrine? Adrenaline?”


Raymond swallowed his saliva.


‘Could it be this magic?’


“Her pulse is in the 80s!”


Raymond closed his eyes tightly at Hanson’s cry.


There was no time for further consideration. He had to do it.


‘Buy Magic!’


[The skill level is very high compared to your magic class. Cannot be acquired!]


[You ‘rent’ the magic.]




It was a term Raymond had never heard before.


[Rental: High-level skills that cannot be acquired by the current class can be rented and used a limited number of times.]


[100 points are used up!]


[Berserker Magic]


(Rental 0/3 times)


Classification: Auxiliary (Magical) skill


Magic Rating: Advanced


Proficiency: D


– Burserker Curse!


– The target will have a strong fighting power due to an adrenaline rush!


-The more skilled you are, the more powerful the effect will be!


-Note: This is a ‘rental’ skill. You can use it 3 times in total.


100 points for using it three times!


It was incredibly expensive, but that’s not what matters now.


‘Will this really work?’


Raymond gritted his teeth.


‘But I couldn’t think of a way other than this magic.’


‘Use magic! Berserker curse!’


Raymond put his hand on the patient’s heart and performed his magic with a feeling of gambling.


An invisible light came out of Raymond’s hand.


It was a photoelectric curse spell.


‘What will happen?’


Then a message came to his mind.


[Cursed target’s consciousness is in a coma]


[The curse failed!]




Epinephrine is released


The heart is punding!


The patient’s heart pulsated vigorously.


“The blood pressure is rising again! The pulse has risen again to the 130s!”


Hanson, who confirmed the vital, shouted in surprise.


Raymond also looked surprised.


‘It worked!’


It was a gamble-like attempt, and it worked!


Even more fortunate, she was in a coma and it didn’t cause a delirium.


‘No. You need to be conscious not to cause it’ Raymond swept down his chest.


Raymond rubbed his chest.


Berserker magic.


It seemed that it could only be used on a limited basis only and only to people in this state since this is severe enough to put people in a coma.


‘Of course, it is best to embody epinephrine. It’s a curse that doesn’t know what side effects will occur.’


Raymond shook his head and said: “We will start the emergency surgery right now.”


The Berserker magic will not last forever.


The cause had to be treated before the blood pressure dropped again.






The scalpel cut through the abdominal wall.


“Hanson, gently flip the liver up for us to be able to view. Christine, tilt the stomach in the opposite direction.”


The name of the patient’s disease is gallbladder inflammation.


In other words, it was cholecystitis.


The problem is that the path through which the bile flows is blocked by gallstones (stome made of bile).


A condition accompanied by ‘cholangitis’.


This is why there was no improvement even though she received a series of high-grade heels.


‘In this case, the patient’s condition will not improve unless the gallstones are removed.’


‘Cholecyctitis’ accompanied by ‘cholangitis’.


It was a serious disease with a very high mortality rate.


Fortunately, however, the operation was not difficult.


A level that even senior residents can do it!


“Lift the liver a little higher, Hanson.”


“Yes, Master!”


Raymond said to himself, when he had a view.


‘Skill use, Sergeant’s Hand Movements! The experience of pre-war!’


[Sense: 26 → 36 → 39]


The skill effect raised his sensory start.


It has become a level of “genius dexterity” among senior residents.


Raymond looked at the swollen bile duct.


‘It must be blocked by a stonen over there.’


The solution was simple.


‘I just have to take off the stone.’


“Lindon, iron tongs.”




With a snap, Raymond tied the top of the blocked bile duct with a dwarp iron tongs.


It was to prevent the stone that blocked the bile duct from falling upward.


After that, he picked up a scalpel and split the bile duct up and down.




It was the moment to cut the bile duct.


Bright yellow pus and bile poured out.


“This is……”


Christine was stunned in surprise.


The bile ducts were filled with stones.


At first glance, there seemed to be four or five. The big one looked close to 2cm.


‘Since it is so tightly blocked, such a serious shock came.’


Raymond clicked his tongue.


He carefully pulled out the stones one by one through the iron tongs.


In the process of extraction, unnecessary wounds should not be caused to the bile duct. Then, later after the surgery, bile leaks and peritonitis can occur.


Raymond’s heart was pounding with tension. If it wasn’t for the help of “The Heart of Steel,” he would have lost my concentration.




The surgical field was filled with silence.


Christine, Hanson, and Lindon all looked at Raymond’s hand movements as if they were possessed.


Raymond, who had pulled out all the stones from the bile duct, took a low breath.


‘Alright, I got rid of it without a problem!’


Relieved Raymond began to take the next step.


‘Focus. Do your best.’


It may be a simple operation to snort in the eyes of experienced surgeons on the modern planet.


But not for Raymond.


He’s improved a lot from the first time, but he’s still just a senior resident.


Despite the help of various skills, his heart was forced to tighten due to tension in such laparotomy.


As such, he did his best to perform the surgery, and the message came to his mind as if to repay his efforts.


[Successfully treated the patient!]


[Bonus level up!]


[Bonus level up!]


[You will get 40 additional skill points!]


That was not all.


[You saved a serious patient who couldn’t be revived with indomitable will.]


[You will get an additional bonus!]


[Bonus level up!]


[You get 20 additional skill points!]


That’s how the operation was completed successfully.




The patient’s condition improved quickly.


‘Originally, cholangitis gets better quickly once the stone is removed.’ Raymond thought as he looked at the patient who looked much better.


Watching a dying patient come to life.


‘Isn’t this the best pleasure I can feel as a healer?’


‘It struck me, but, well, it wasn’t.’


As the patient got better, Raymond was secretly interested in the upcoming rewards.


‘Huh. I cured the aristocrat! And a patient who Raoul Treatment Center gave up on!’ Raymond could only imagine.


He imagined how rumors would spread, making the aristocrats come flocking into his clinic.


‘I’ll be rich right away if I rip them off!’


Just thinking about it made him laugh.


Seeing the figure, Christine snapped.


“Do you like it that much?”


“What? Of course…….”


“I can’t hide my smile at the patient’s recovery. That’s amazing.”


She looked competitive.


Hanson and Lindon also stepped up.


“Of course. The master takes care of the patient like a family. No, he values them more than family.”


“Master, I respect you the most.”


Christine bit her lips at their words.


Her angry face seemed to say.


‘I’m not going to lose.’


Hanson smiled slightly at her. It was as if he were saying this: ‘The nerve of you to think of the master as a competitor? That’s stupid. It would be fortunate already if you could even reach him on his toes.’


Meanwhile, Raymond: ‘……well played, you idiots.’


He lets out a sigh.


Christine frowned slightly and said.


“Anyway, go in and rest now. You were next to her all night yesterday. No matter how much you think of the patient, you have to take care of yourself.”


“It’s not for the sake of the patient…….”


Raymond, I did it for himself.


I saved her at best, but if it goes wrong, it’ll be a disaster!


However, Christine and other students snorted.


“You’re trying to say you’re a snob again, right? That kind of story wouldn’t even convince a dog…….”


“Please understand, Your Highness. Master is rather shy.”


“That’s the charm, Master!”


……no one believed it.


Christine swallowed a sigh inside.


‘He has excellent skills. But that kind of effort and passion, that’s supposed to be against the rules.’


She recalled the scene of the operation she witnessed last night.


She could not help but wonder.


The’re this idea that came into her mind every time she witnesses Raymond’s surgery.


Whenever she saw the miracle that his hands created by moving, she couldn’t help but feel that way.


Raymond, who she thought, was a ‘genius who works hard while enjoying it either way’.


A genius who works hard like crazy with joy for his patients!


‘But I may not try twice as hard because I fell asleep yesterday.’ Christine bit her lips tightly.


When Raymond stayed up all night next to the patient, she tried to join him. But due to the limitations of her physical strength, she couldn’t hold out.


That was so upsetting.


Christine bit her lips tightly.


‘I need to change my goal.’


1st place, King 


2nd place is The Lady of Dark Red


3rd place, The Saint of Radiance


Here is the current informal ranking of healers in the healing community.


Her goal was to be a better healer than them.


However, the goal has changed for some time.


Let’s jump over Raymond who is in front of them first!


“Anyway, go in and rest now! You’ll hurt yourself!”


“No, I can’t go in yet.”


“The patient’s condition has improved a lot, hasn’t it?”


“But I think I’d better if I am around for now,” Raymond said firmly.


The reason why he’s overdoing it, insisting for him to stay at the patient’s side is because of Baron Smidden.


‘I’m going to impress the Baronet. Haha. It’s not an easy opportunity.’


Raymond tried to get the best out of this.


To do so, Baron Smidden had to admire him in his heart.


A healer who never leaves his patient! How touching is that? Raymond’s intentions were right.


“Thank you.”


Baron Smidden bowed his head and thanked Raymond.


In a voice quivering with emotion.




Baron Smidden’s eyes were red with joy and gratitude.


“When I left Raoul Treatment Center, I was full of despair. If it wasn’t for Baron Penin, I’d have lost my wife who I’d spent my whole life with. Thank you very much.”


‘It is working!’


Raymond cheered inwardly as his plot(?) had been eaten.


Of course, he didn’t show at all on the outside.


“No, I just did my job as a therapist, so you don’t have to say that.” Raymond went on with a face of no greed.


“There’s nothing happier for a healer than to see his patients getting better. I am glad your wife is getting better.”


No wonder Baron Smidden was all the more impressed by that!


‘That’s incredible. The rumors that have been circulating so far have not been false at all. How can there be such a character in the world?’ This is what the people who have met Raymond have thought. 


“I don’t know how to repay this favor.” 


“A simple grace would be enough.”


In fact, Raymond had something he had hope to get through him.

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