DP 68

Chapter 68 


‘These bad guys. Ugh. What should I do?’


The intent of this official document was clear.


This means that the Tower of Healing will no longer observe Raymond’s actions.


Timid Raymond’s heart trembled.


But he held his fist undaunted.


‘I can’t lie flat just because of the Tower of Healing’s notices!’


However, Raymond is honestly nervous because he is a coward.


He lacked the platform and strength to fight a giant organization like the Tower of Healing.


But even if they came all the way here, Raymond couldn’t stop his operations just because he was conscious of the healing tower.


“I will return my answer. I just have patients to attend to.”


The opponent frowned.


Raymond sighed as his stroke opponent turned.


‘We need to come up with measures! I can’t be eaten like this!’


However, dark clouds came before Raymond could come up with a countermeasure.


Of course, the Orange Zone has arrived.


A patient whose life is in danger has been brought in from the residence of the nobles.




In the Orange Zone next to the castle, the center of the capital, there was a magnificent and shiny mansion.


It was one of the three major treatment centers, Raoul treatment center, which only treats aristocrats.


The number of healers was not as high as anyone would thought.


Less than 10 people?


But then, everyone there is more than capable.


With at least level B.


There were also as many as three healers above grade A.


In particular, the director, Viscount Rand, was the highest-ranking healer in the entire kingdom with A+ healing grade, which is classified a highest-ranking healer between the best ten healers in the kingdom.


Well, except for Count Helien, the “Triple A-class” healer. He also happens to have the best treatment center in the kingdom in name and reality throughout the kingdom!


It was a place where such great healers were gathered. However, something seemed to be  strange today.


A middle-aged lady was dying!


An aristocratic man who appeared to be her husband hung on with a desperate face.


“Is there any way? Please. I’ll pay any price, so please save her life!” The healers looked at each other with puzzled faces.


‘But she’s not inn the state wherein she can be saved.’


The lady was already unconscious.


Her face was like a corpse and she was already breathless and thin.


Experienced healers have already noticed that his wife is not in a condition to receive heals anymore.


“As I said before, there is a serious infection in her green liquid bag. I’ve been treating it, but it’s getting worse and I can’t do anything about it anymore.”


A green liquid bag.


It’s a different expression of gallbladder.


“Most of them can be treated with grade A heals, but this patient was drasticaly infected.”


The aristocratic man, Smidden, made a face of despair.


He held his wife’s hand and shed tears.


“No, I’ve only made you suffer all your life. I can’t let you go like this.”


Not all nobles were rich. Smidden came from a fallen noble family.


Now that he can finally afford to live with comfort and luxury, how can this happen?


He’ll never let his wife die.


“What about Viscount Rand? Can’t we get treatment from Viscount Rand?”


“I’m sorry. He is on a business trip to treat the local lord’s illness.”


“Well then, can’t we call Count Helien?”


“He is above the viscount’s level, but he is only in charge of the treatment of the royal family.” 


That healer has no compassion


Count Helien, the kingdom’s best healer, was a man who do not budge an eyebrow even if a patient dies in front of his eyes unless the other party was a high-level aristocrat.


‘He only uses heals for noble people.’


Baron Smidden bit his lips.


He asked in a determined voice.


“Then can Baron Penin cure my wife?”




The healers’ faces hardened at the unexpected name.




He was the most irritating person to the healers recently.


“I heard that Baron Penin treated a bad patient with various strange methods. Isn’t there a possibility that he could save my wife?” 


The healers frowned.


“Well, it’s hard to imagine that he can treat this serious infection in any other way than heal.”


“But just in case…….”


When Baron Smidden asked again in a sad voice, the chief healer spoke in a strong voice.”You’ll only regret going.”


The chief healer said admonishingly.


“Of course, I understand that your judgment was blurred by what happened to your wife since it is too sudden. But I think it’s not a noble’s attitude to show such an indecisive appearance. Prepare your wife for her deathbed.”


At those words, Baron Smidden wriggled his eyebrows.


‘There’s nothing more to look forward to here. Let’s go to the Penin Clinic. Maybe a miracle will happen.’ 


Of course, it was a disappointing expectation.


“Let’s hurry.”


Every second matters.


So Baron Smidden hurried to the Penin Clinic.


‘Please. Please. May a miracle happen.’


Baron Smidden thought earnestly in the carriage.


‘If you let my wife live, I’ll give Baron Penin any reward.’


He bets on the ‘honor’ he has accumulated throughout his life.




“Blood pressure 50/30. Pulse rate 170!”


Raymond swallowed when he heard the vital sign Hanson checked.


‘I’m in a serious shock!’


In medicine, there is a term ‘general apprehension’.


It refers to the overall condition of the patient that the doctor sees. It is sometimes more important than any objective figure.


In Raymond’s view, his patient’s condition was not usually serious.


But this… he felt that she could not stand it for long and felt like she was going to have a cardiac arrest.


“Quickly inject the fluid and put on a booster!”


“Yes, Master!”


A booster.


It is a drug that raises blood pressure during shock.


But it didn’t have much effect.


“No response, Master!”


Raymond chewed his lips.


‘I managed to implement the booster with my knowledge of pharmacology, but it didn’t work.’


The drugs Raymond uses now are ingredients extracted from herbs.


Compared to the drugs used in modern Earth, they are less effective.


‘There should be epinephrine, not a booster extracted from herbs.’ 






It was the most powerful booster as a hormone secreted by the body.


In modern Earth, it was used in severe shock or cardiac arrest.


‘But where could I get epinephrine?’


Unfortunately, Raymond had yet to implement epinephrine.


Hormones must be separated from the animal’s body, but the proficiency of his “alchemy” was insufficient.


‘I have to raise her blood pressure even just a little bit to be able to operate her. At this rate, opening her will only lead to a death table.’


It means dying during surgery.


“Raise the concentration of the booster and inject the sap more quickly!”


“Yes, Master!”


But it didn’t work much.




Eventually, Christine stepped up and spread her heals.


With a B+ rating close to A.


Bright heals permeated the patient’s body.


But the B+ grade heals didn’t work either. Blood pressure seemed to recover for a while but it quickly fell back to normal.


‘Oh, no. Not like this!’


Then the guardian, Baron Smidden, asked in a trembling voice.


“Oh, would it be difficult?”


Baron Smidden’s voice was filled with despair.


He would’ve noticed that it’s hard to save his wife.


‘Is there any way?’


Raymond chewed his lips.


Then, a message came to his mind.


[Quest has occurred!]


[Treat seriously ill patients!]


(Medical Quest)


Medical grade: One half scalpel


Difficulty level: High


Quest Description: Serious septic shock patient! Do your best to save the patient!


Clear condition: Patient recovery


Reward: Bonus level up x2, skill point 40


Bonus: Fame (a healer who saved the aristocracy)


Even this message came to mind.


[The patient is not in a good condition!]


[The level of difficulty is high!]


[You can buy magic regardless of class!]


Raymond looked at the content and sank into a slumber.


It is difficult enough to require such high-level skills.


‘What should I do?’


Not to mention the fact that he is currently in the spotlight of the Tower of Healing.


In this situation, if a patient dies after stepping out wrong for no reason, it can be difficult.


Especially, since they’re are nobles.


There will be a bigger stir than when a commoner died.


‘If she dies during surgery, there is a high possibility that the healing tower will try to punish me under this pretext.’


The risk was too high in one situation or another.


‘Damn it, I’m aiming for wealth and fame! Why is my situation always like this?’




“I am sorry, love. Even this, I could not do well. I can’t believe I am letting you go like this…”


The moment Raymond sees Baron Smidden shedding tears as he grips the patient with his trembling hands, Raymond clenched his teeth.


Raymond just couldn’t let go of it.


‘Goddamn it.’


Raymond said. “I’ll be honest with you. It woud not be easy because her situation is that bad.”


At that moment, Baron Smidden’s eyes fill with despair.


Raymond resumed.


“But I’ll do my best.”




Raymond immediately turned his back.


There was no time. It had to be done immediately.


‘If you think about it carefully, this may be an opportunity.’


Raymond’s head spun fast.


‘Cause if I save this patient, I’ll have a great reputation. In other words, he saved a patient who even Raoul Treatment Center given up on treating.’


Raymond had been thinking about it for a while.


‘How can I stand up against the Tower of Healing?’


This was the way in which he, having no power, confronted the Tower of Healing.


A good reputation!


The more he builds his reputation, the more people supports him, the harder it will be for the Tower of Healing to touch him.


In that sense, treating this patient could have been an opportunity.


‘The problem is, tough, it’s a story about when the treatment is successful.’


Raymond clenched his fist.


‘I just need to cure it!’


‘I decided not to worry about it anymore.’


He vowed to make sure to treat the patient.

‘First is to buy magic.’


Market access


Numerous magic lists that had never been seen before were unfolded.


It’s thanks to the quest’s perks.


‘What magic should I buy? What magic will help in this situation?’


Unfortunately, Raymond didn’t see any magic that can help him.


‘To save this patient, we need to get a vital sign first. What’s the magic to raise blood pressure?’


One second, two seconds.


Time flew by.


“Master! It’s a big trouble!”


“Her blood pressure drops even more!”


“Her pulse is slowing down too!”


Raymond’s complexion hardened.


‘Heart arrest is coming! What should I do?’


There’s less than a minute left when you look at the vitals.


A cardiac arrest will occur soon, and it will be all over.


He didn’t even have a chance to operate.


‘We have to stop the cardiac arrest somehow. Damn, I don’t have epinephrine, so how?!’

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