DP 67

Chapter 67


So the pretentious gathering of the three brothers ended.


Before parting with each other, Kairn said as if passing by.


“By the way, Seytil, you must be happy. There would be a chance you get a new older brother.”


“What do you mean?”


“If Raymond continues to look great like this, he may be recognized as a formal royal. Then Raymond will be your older brother, won’t he?”




Seytil frowned.


“Don’t talk nonsense.”


“Why? Doesn’t it make sense? It’s possible if you want to. There’s a way. The king can appoint Raymond’s dead biological mother as a queen, or if he can’t, he can legally adopt Raymond.”


Kairn said with a smirk.


“You can’t be sure it doesn’t happen if his popularity continues to grow. Anyway, if Raymond becomes our new brother, you’ll have to take good care of him.”




Seitil disappeared with a crumpled face.


Lemarton watched Seytil go before looking at Kairn with a puzzled look.


“Why did you provoke Seytil? You know that he has a lot of bad feelings for Raymond.” 


What Kairn just said is never going to happen.


Adoption requires the consent of all the current queens, and it is even more ridiculous to appoint Raymond’s biological mother as a queen.


In other words, Kairn was talking about something that would not happen.


Only to stimulate Seytil.




Kairn had a languid face. “Just. Because it’s fun?”




Lemarton felt goosebumps on his back.


He showcased a calm face, but Kairn’s eyes were not smiling at all.


‘……you did it on purpose.’


“When you throw a stone at a frog, do you do it for a reason?”




“It’s just like that.”


Kairn rose from his seat, stretching.


“Anyway, there will be a big banquet soon, so we can see our puppy at that time.” 


Sooner or later, a big banquet will be held for the royal family.


National Foundation Festival!


Along with the birthday celebration, it is the largest event in the kingdom, and all the nobles of the capital are required to attend. Raymond, of course, will be invited.


“At that time, I wonder what kind of great performance he will show.”


Kairn grinned.


“Of course, getting the ‘indulge’ from our cute youngest brother is the first thing to do.”




Returning to his own palace, Seytil huffed and swung his sword.


‘Raymond, having to take that bug as my brother? Such a ridiculous story!’ 


Of course, he knows that Kairn’s story is not realistic.


But just the fact that this story came up made him annoyed and angry.


“Call Count Garrinson!”


Count Garrinson!


His maternal uncle that was an officer of the Healing Tower.


He was disgraced during Raymond’s previous qualification exam for cheating.


“Did you call, Your Highness?”


“You’re here, uncle. I asked to see you because I had something to discuss with you about Raymond.”


Count Garrinson grinned as soon as he heard the statement from the prince.


“You don’t have to worry too much. It’s only for a moment that he’s arrogant.”


“Are you sure?”


“Think about it. The treatment he uses is not heals, but ‘miscellaneous.’” 


Count Garinson looked dismissive.


“I was worried about him at the Tower of Healing as well. But the bottom line is that it is not even worth worrying about. There is no way a guy who uses pseudo healing can last long.”


Count Garrinson said in a forceful tone.


“His techniques can shine for only such a short time. However, as soon as hsi tricks were revealed, it will perish when left alone. Your Highness, you don’t have to worry with such bug.”


“That’s not enough. I want you to trample him to the point of never to think of climbing again.” Seytil’s eyes shone.


What he wanted is to drop Raymond completely down the gutter.


“I see. If Your Highness means so, I will keep an eye on him from the Tower of Healing.”


To keep an eye at him.


This means that he will take action by finding fault with Rarmond.


Count Garrinson affirmed in a credible tone.”We will make several people pay guilty of severe crimes with pseudo-miscellaneous techniques.” 


The Healing Tower is a “pan-national” organization based in the “Hwangdo.”


In addition, it has the authority to “manage” its healer.


Even if King Oden tried to defen Raymond, he wouldn’t be able to stop The Haling Tower from practicing its power.




Meanwhile, unlike such a plot, Raymond was on a roll.


First of all, his treatment center grown exponentially.


It was thanks to moving into Soln’s building.


‘Isn’t this mansion really big? Why are the floor materials so high quality? Can I walk around in these shoes?’ Raymond swallowed.


The building was so big and nice!


Such a magnificent mansion in the middle of the capital.


‘I could see why Soln was broke.’


Also, the location was the best one indeed.


It was not far from the slums even though it was in a commoner’s area, and it was not difficult to come from even for the aristocratic neighborhood.


A neck that can be said to be the highlight of heaven!


‘If I could resell it, I’d be rich at once.’


‘Actually, I’ve already recognized the prize for it.’


‘But none of the nobles wanted to buy the building.’


‘Who buys a building made for casino use? The structure of the mansion is in casino-style. Moreover, isn’t the location also in a commoner’s area? The nobles don’t buy such mansions.’


The broker scooped his ears and gave him a tantrum.


Thanks to this, whether he likes it or not, Raymond had to use it as a treatment center.


‘Yes, that’s good. Someday I’ll have enough healers  that this mansion won’t be enough to accommodate everyone again.’ Raymond imagined as he looked at the desolate space.


The sight of this large mansion bursting with patients.


Then he’ll be hit with money every day.


“So fighting!”




Since then, the Penin Treatment Center has become much more systematic.


It broke away from the local treatment center.


The patient waiting room, treatment room, and hospitalization room were distinguished, and in addition, a drug manufacturing room, a storage room, and a restaurant were separately prepared.


Raymond and other healers have a separate private room as well.


“I’ve won! I can’t believe I’m living in a room like this!”’


Raymond rolled in his private bedroom and laughed as if his mouth were tearing apart.


Although he lived in the palace, his residence was a shabby tower. The air conditioning isn’t working properly.


Not to mention his living space in the apprenticeship.


‘I’ve never had such a spacious and pleasant room.’


‘There’s even art in the room!’


Of course, it wasn’t a very valuable piece of art.


Still, Raymond was overwhelmed by the mere presence of an ornamental “luxury” in his room.


‘I’m glad I was alive!’


However, happiness did not last long.


As the size of the treatment center increased, a significant number of new people had to be hired.


In other words, spending has increased significantly.


It was not a new acceptance for his disciple either.


They called for a non-treatment personnel instead.


They selected people to take charge of chores such as cleaning and transporting goods separately.


In addition, the casino-style mansion had to be renovated to suit the treatment center.


A large sum of money was lost in the process.


‘I can’t borrow more from the Devil Rons! I am already well past the danger level!’ Raymond clenched his fist.


In fact, he was feeling great anxiety.


‘I am afraid that this mansion, which is more precious than my life, would be taken away by demons.’


‘At worst, the Devil Rons could seize this mansion!’


So he covered the money in a different way.


He sold all the art in the mansion.




Raymond swallowed his tears after handing over all the art he had been fond of for several days to the auctioneer.


‘Someday, I’ll fill the clinic with much better art than that.’


‘To do so, all it takes is effort!’


Even if it’s not necessarily for luxury, Raymond has to earn more money than before as his family has increased.


‘If you don’t, you’ll give your beloved mansion to the devil.’


‘I’ll protect my mansion!’




“Thank you! If you’re sick, come back anytime! “Raymond looked at the patient with will, and his disciples burned with it.


Christine bit her bottom lip tightly.


Raymond was like a man who lived solely for his patients.


Compared to him, her heart for the patient seemed to be nothing.


‘I won’t lose!’


On the other hand, Hanson and Lindon were on fire as well.


“What about us?”


“A disciple of the respectful Master!”




“We must try to work until we die!”


They followed Raymond’s example (?) and did their best to look after the patient while always showing kindness.


Thanks to such efforts, the treatment center became a hit.


[Experience points are accumulated!]


[Experience points are accumulated!]


[Level up!]


It’s natural that the level went up explosively!


It was Raymond, who became level 62 before he knew it.


‘Good. I will reach level 70 in no time if I continue on like this.’


The level-up speed was faster than he thought.


‘At this rate, I could reach level 70 soon.’


‘I’ll invest everything in stamina.’




Stamina: 31


Sense: 26


Intellect: 24


Mana: 8


Most of his recent stats were invested in physical strength.


This is because Raymond is looking at patients day and night, and he felt a lack of physical strength.


When physical strength fell, both senses and intelligence were adversely affected.


‘Okay! Let’s go on like this!’


Raymond clenched his fist pleasantly. But then, something happened that poured cold water into that atmosphere.


“An official letter came from the Tower of Healing.”


“What official letter?”


Raymond’s face hardened when he saw the contents.


It was a long time, but in summary, it was like this.


<If you cause harm to a patient with an unproven treatment, you will be held accountable.>


The Healing Tower healer who delivered the official letter shook his hand as if not to cause a misunderstanding.


“This is the usual warning from the Tower of Healing.”


Then he smiled, showing his teeth.


“Because it is a common occurrence for healers who are blinded by money and fame to fall into the path of pseudo-treatment and cause harm to patients. The Healing Tower has always condemned them. It is for the sake of the patients.”


Raymond clenched his fist.


‘For the patients? This is for his own vested interests.’


The Tower of Healing, exactly the healer, in this way, shot down their attempt to threaten their authority towards him.


This is why Laipentaina’s treatment has not escaped the barbaric level.


Because they threw stones at every new creative attempt as heresy.


The healing world was an archaeological kingdom of healers. No new challenges were tolerated.

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