DP 66

Chapter 66


It was hard to imagine that Raymond was determined to take down Soln.


“As soon as Soln tried to cheat, Baron Penin caught the evidence as if he had been waiting.”


“Oh! That’s great! Come to think of it, didn’t he wipe out the Dark Blade Guild in the Bay Area before and eradicate the management of corruption?”


“That’s right. He’s such a great man. He had done a great job again this time.”


The people who listened to the story were constantly expressing their admiration.


“Listening to him makes me feel so much better.”


“I can’t believe such a talented and great person is an illegitimate child. It’s such a shame.”


“That’s true.”


The commoners, who were already fascinated by Raymond, praised him even more because of this incident.


“That’s not all. There’s a more surprising fact.”


“What is it?”


“The Baron Penin has decided to repay the debts of those who owe him.”


“Is that true?”


People looked at each other in amazement.


Because it was something that they had never imagined.


“No way. Didn’t you hear it wrong?”


“No. I doubted my ears at first too, but it’s true. Those who paid more than the principal as interest will be reimbursed, and those who do not will simply have to pay back the principal.”


“Huh! What kind of nonsense…”


People were in awe.


“Is he an angel coming down from the heaven?”


“That’s right. I’ve never seen anyone like that in my life.”


This gave people a different level of shock than what Raymond has done so far.


“I can’t stay still after hearing this story.”


“Yes, let’s all toast in his name.”


A man raised his beer glass high and shouted.


“Cheers in the name of Baron Penin!”


“No, that’s not it!”


Someone shouted loudly.


“Shout it out with more respect! It’s not a name to be called so recklessly!” 


The person who heard the toast looked embarrassed. 


“I’m sorry. I’ll do it again.” 


“To Majesty Raymond!”


 “To Majesty Raymond!”




It is a salutation for the king or the honorifics given only to the most respected. 


Nonetheless, it erupted from the common people.




[Achievement: ‘He who washed the innocent tears of the weak’]


[Your reputation has risen greatly!]


[You acquired a new title with a short-term reputation surge!]


[Title: ‘Person favored by the common people’ has evolved into ‘Person loved by the commoners!]


[The one who is loved by the common people]


Description: the title given to the person loved by the common people.


Reputation rating: Large village class


Additional effects:


-Beloved by the common people!


-The common people strongly support you!


-Limitations : Low title rating, so the title effect is limited to the capital area only.


[Level up after acquiring a title!]


[Level up!]


[Acquired additional 30 skill points!]


Meanwhile, Raymond.




I was crying because I was wasting my money!


‘I’m crazy. Why did I make that decision?’


‘My money, my money.’


‘However, I couldn’t swallow it when I saw people still struggling with more debt than the principal even after paying the amount of the principal as interest.’




I searched for other properties, but there was none.


There was little debt bond from the nobles. The nobles borrowed money from larger banks rather than from Soln.


However, there is one.


Soln was able to have a new casino building in the capital.


‘It is fortunate that even the building was saved.’


Raymond sighed heavily. 


‘I was able to pay for the construction and take over with the cash that Soln had left.’


‘But now I’m the owner of the building. That, too, of the largest and most magnificent mansion in the capital.’ Raymond tried to comfort himself.


It was a very nice and magnificent mansion, like a building that was meant to be used as a casino.


It could be said that the mere possession of the building actually benefited him greatly.


The Penin Clinic decided to move into the building that was intended to be used as the casino.


Compared to the size of his current treatment center, the space of the building was much larger. However, one day he vowed to build the best treatment center that even the mansion lacked.


‘Yes, let’s not be disappointed with the money at once. I’ll be the best healer.’ 


Then, an unexpected voice came out. “Master.”


“Yes, student?”




It was Raymond’s nickname to Christine.


“What are you doing? You suddenly stopped drinking and went on the roof.”


There was a beef party downstairs to commemorate this incident.


“It’s just….”


“You were thinking about the patients, weren’t you? I know you’re always thinking about your patients.” 


‘……no, you idiot disciple.’


Raymond swallowed a sigh.


Then Christine said something unexpected.


“It was great this time.”




‘Had she been drinking too much? Her cheeks were crimson red.’


“You’re just great. Of course, I won’t stay still from now on. One day, I’ll definitely surpass my master, so be prepared.” Raymond looked puzzled when she said words that started with praise and ended with a challenge.


‘What are you telling me to be prepared for?’


But Christine had already disappeared.


Raymond sighed and took a sip of the bottle he trudged in.


“Oh, it’s too strong.”


The alcohol was strong and bitter, and the money was wasted on it.


Raymond looked up at the sky.


‘I just thought it wasn’t a bad feeling for some reason.’




The common people praised Raymond every time they met.It was just as shocking.


No one has ever done that for the common people.


“He really is the best.”


“I’ve never seen such a noble in my life.”


“Is it just the noble family? There is no royal family like that. He’s like the son of a knight king.”


There were even those who spoke at this level of risk.


“He should succeed to the throne.”


“But isn’t he an illegitimate child? That’s too bad.”


“Is there any way?”


“And what do you mean by that?”


“No…… just out of pity. If he succeeds, won’t the future of our kingdom of Houston be prosperous?”


“Anyway, if anyone hears this, it might get you in trouble, so be careful on what you say.”


Someone cautioned, but the commoners exchanged such stories unknowingly.


They wished Raymond was a real prince.


Of course, that didn’t mean much to the common people.


It was just a story that they shared with regret because there was no royal family like this until now.


However, not a few people told such stories, and naturally the story flowed into the royal family.




In the royal garden.


Three young men were chatting.


“There’s such a story going around? Whoo, that’s a surprise. My dog has grown a lot.”


“It’s no laughing matter, brother! What kind of hypocrisy did that dirty illegitimate son do that ordinary people make such absurd remarks?!”


It was the 2nd Prince Kairn and 4th Prince Seytil. Next to him was the third prince Lemarton.


“Well, commoners are not saying anything wrong. It is true that he has shown great performance in his own way.”


“Brother!” cried Seytil, bewildered.


“My dog has changed a lot.” Prince Kairn bent his eyes lazily. “He used to be a nasty little punk.” 


Lemarton thought, ‘My older brother is also displeased.’


To the extremely self-respecting Kairn, Raymond is better?


No matter how common people say it, there was no way that he couldn’t feel bad. Also, Princess Christine’s entry into Raymond’s treatment center, when they have talked about marriage, Kairn must’ve been offended.


‘But it’s just a story told by the common people.’ Lemarton shook his head inwardly.


To be honest, he wasn’t very happy either.


But the reason why he didn’t come forward was because he didn’t have to listen to the stories of the commoners who didn’t know anything.


‘There is no reason to care about the stories of the blind people.’


‘How do stupid commoners know who is truly great?’


The people are ignorant and oblivious. Since they are so stupid, I should lead them well as a monarch.’


 Fools who don’t know how to think rightly.


That was Lemarton’s idea of the common people.


When he becomes a king in the future, as a good leader, he must lead the foolish people well. 


‘I’ll have to reconsider pulling Raymond down anyway. He is showing a much better performance than I expected.’


Lemarton did not consider Raymond a rival. This is because their class is completely different.


‘However, since he is showing excellent performance in his own way, I thought about accepting him as a subordinate.’


‘He has dirty blood, but if I want to ascend the throne in the future, I must be able to tolerate flaws like that.’


Kairn seemed to have a similar idea.


‘When I see him talking like this, hiding his displeasure…’


“I should at least give him a compliment when I see him later. Anyway, what he did for the kingdom of Houston is great. He is a good servant who has made a contribution for the kingdom and thus the king should praise him.”


Lemarton frowned at his voice as of no doubt that he would be the next king.




“Oh, yes. You mean you don’t know yet, do you? I know, so try harder. You must be nervous.” 


Lemarton clenched his fist at the mocking voice.


Indignation flared up, but the gap between Kairn and Lemarton was huge.


‘If only the Duke Raven wasn’t on your side.’


Duke Raven!


It was a family with the highest authority in the kingdom, and the gap widened this much as he suddenly supported Kairn.


The opportunity is on the way for Lemarton.


That’s a big one too.


‘Tension is rising with the Kingdom of Droughton.’ 


There is talk among the highest levels of the kingdom that war may break out with the kingdom of Droughton. 


‘I hope it doesn’t end up as a rumor, if possible.’


‘War will be a great opportunity for me,’ said Remerton, his eyes shining.


I studied strategy and tactics with books since I was young. When war breaks out, I’m the one who makes the biggest contribution.’War would be hell for ordinary people, but for powerful people like Remerton, it was no more or less an opportunity to make merit.


Meanwhile, Seitil was thinking the same thing.


Now, I’m behind the two brothers, but that’s before the war, too. Who will stand out the most in the event of a war? It’s me. There must be a war.’


Who’s Seitil?


What a sword genius of a sod expert.


When war breaks out, take the lead and make an overwhelming contribution.


Being a war hero was not a dream, either.


The three princes thought the same thing at the same time.


‘Whoo-hoo, the king is my seat, of course.’


‘It’s not you, it’s me that suits the throne.’


‘I’m sorry to my brothers, but I’ll be the king.’

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  • Well, I think it is time for the King to reconsider Raymond’s place as his son, and declare that Raymond will be on of the candidates for the line of succession to the throne.

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