DP 65

DP 65

Chapter 65


When Raymond was absorbed in the casino game, Soln entered the room and burst into laughter.


“What do you think? Do you think the response is okay?”


“Yes, it’s his first time gambling, and I think he is into it a lot. How long do you think he’ll be working on it?”


“All the 100,000 that I’m supposed to lend him today.”




Suha had surprised eyes.


“If you work on such a large amount of money at once, wouldn’t it be a problem?”


“It’s okay. Even if you kick a can while gambling, you won’t be able to talk about anything properly.” 


Soln smiled meanly.


No other aristocrat can ever take a large sum of money like this. Because they are afraid of the consequences.


However, there was no reason to look at the poor illegitimate son.


“If you take care of what’s going on today, I’ll let you enjoy whatever you want.”


“Okay. It’s not a job to peel and eat such an innocent person. If it doesn’t work, take the medicine and secretly pour it in his water.” When Suha, who was ordered, left the room, Soln burst into a mean laugh.




Meanwhile, Raymond was gambling excitedly then.


‘Gambling is so easy. Do I have to keep picking?’


It was Raymond, who was 30,000 pence by now.


‘Should I have tried it earlier?’


He thought so without realizing it, but he soon came to his senses.


A woman wearing a mask glared fiercely in the distance.


It was Christine.


For your information, Soln’s casino requires its customers to wear a mask and enjoy playing games in secrecy.


Her eyes seemed to say this.


— Wake up!


“Hmm. Hmm.”


Raymond coughed in vain.


It was hard to maintain reason because a large amount of money came and went in front of him.


“Let’s get a hold of ourselves. Rather than catching Soln at this rate, I will be eaten alone.’ 


It was also a problem with the drunkenness that came up.


Raymond decided not to drag on further, but to win.


“I can’t do this because the stakes are so low. Is there anything hotter?”


Casino employees lit up their eyes.


“We have a VIP-only game. It’s a game where there’s no limit to the amount of betting, and if you’re lucky, you can make up to 50 times the profit.”


“50 times?”


“We guarantee a 50x return if you hit the jackpot. Of course, it is a slim chance, but no one knows when your luck will strofe of next.”


Raymond smiled pleasantly.


It wasn’t long before the game started.


The VIP game was played by Soln himself.


He won a few times, but also lost repeatedly.


It was after the atmosphere went up in a daze.


Soln gave his men a wink.


‘Get the tools.’




It means a fraudulent gambling tool that will plunge Raymond into the abyss.


“Haha, I feel great today to enjoy the game with a great person. Here’s a new card.” Raymond, who confirmed the underlying card, acted unexpectedly. “All in.”


You bet all your money in one shot!




Soln was surprised.


‘How can you be so stupid?’


The card that was just installed was a special card that would make Raymond lose unconditionally.


But he went all in!


‘Haha. It ended in vain like this. It’s easy.’


Holding back a burst of laughter, Soln tried to reveal the card.


“Wait. Is it true that you’ll pay 50 times as much if it hits?”


“Yes, it is. Why do you ask that?”


Soln laughed.


What’s the jackpot for a guy who is going to sit on the street now?


However, the moment he heard Raymond’s next story, Soln had goosebumps on his back.


“Then even if you get caught with gambling fraud, I will still be paid 50 times the same. That is in accordance with the Imperial Law of Grambling.”




Soln’s complexion turned white.


He realized something was wrong and he tried to turn the table upside down.


Raymond was one step faster!


“Everyone, look! These guys cheated!”


A sudden cry caused a commotion in the game room.”No, what nonsense is that, baron?! Guys, there seems to be some misunderstanding, so get the game over with for now.” He tried to destroy the evidence quickly, but it was late.


Suddenly someone stood up and unmasked himself.


It was Lao with his fashionable one-eyed glasses.


“Wait! Stop moving! Don’t move!”


Lao looked around as if he had ‘accidentally’ witnessed this situation.


“I don’t know, but since I witnessed it with my eyes, I can’t help but step up as a kingdom official. We will seize and search the site under the authority of a high-ranking official.”


“what the…!”


Soln leaped, but to no avail.


Moreover, Lao did not come alone.


“Huh. I wondered why Lao was asking me to go to the casino, but I’m facing all these cases.”


“The excitement is broken, let’s check it out.”


Fellows of the administration of Lao!


They rolled up their hands too.


‘Hey, that’s ridiculous! What’s going on?! How did this happen?’


Soln seemed to have a nightmare.


You’re caught up in a scam at once, and high-ranking administration officials show up in time?


‘How the hell, man?’


Of course Raymond was the only one who knew the answer.


[Magic: ‘Hawk Eye’ is in use!]


[Proficiency level A!]


[Clear observation is possible!]


A clear observation.


It was an observation ability that did not miss the slightest error as if it were seen under a microscope.


‘Thanks to this, I was able to notice a fraud tool that I would never know by just looking at it.’


‘Fortunately, Soln moved as I expected.’


Raymond made the plan, expecting that if he fell into the casino, Soln would try to rip himself off with fraudulent gambling.


‘Thanks to you, things went according to plan. It’s all over now.’


You have to pay 50 times the stakes if you get caught cheating.


From a preeminent emperor. There was no exception because it was enacted by the former emperor representing the entire cross-border empire.


‘The stakes were 130,000 pence, so 50 times of that!’


Raymond’s head was spinning. The amount was too large to be counted.


“The card contains ink ore!”


“Soln, I’ll arrest you for fraudulent gambling!”


Soln clenched his teeth.


He is a wicked man who has gone through all sorts of hardships.


That is why he won’t get down on his knees so easily.


“It’s a misunderstanding! I’ve never cheated!”


“Then what is this ink ore?”


“It’s just a specialized card. I’ve never cheated with it! It’s just that illegitimate child’s argument!”


Soln rather pointed his finger at Raymond.


“You’re trying to cover me up with a ridiculous sin! Do you think they’ll believe what you say when you’re a dirty illegitimate son?”


But there was a sound that shut Soln’s mouth.


“Do you think we’re idiots? You want me to believe that ridiculous argument now?”


Dark hair and deep clear blue eyes.


Not to mention brilliantly beautiful.


But a bitterly subdued voice.


It was Princess Christine!


She gazed coldly at Soln.


“Fraud. The fact that my brother has lost money at the casino here so far has nothing to do with your fraud. How dare you cheat against the Duke of Raven. You want to die, don’t you?


Christine narrowed her eyes contemptuously.


She holds a completely different atmosphere from what was seen in the treatment center.


The overwhelming voice shook Soln.


“Oh, no, Princess! I have never cheated against the Grand Prince of Raven!”


“Then why did my brother lose so much money?”


“Well, that’s… Prince Alfred forced himself to bet too much…….”


Raymond admired the sight inwardly.


‘……well done.’


It was what he asked for, but he didn’t know that she would do it so well. She suits very well to be queen.


‘I felt like I would get in trouble if I did something wrong later.’


‘……I’ll do my best not to get in trouble.’


That was not the end.


When Christine turned the bucket, other nobles stood up with them.


“It’s a scam?”


“Then the money that I lost so far is because of it? What is it? Was it all a scam?”


They are the ones who have lost a lot of money so far. They gave off the momentum to rip off the soles at any moment.


Of course, they weren’t swindled, but they unleashed their anger over losing money.


“No, gentlemen! It really wasn’t!”


It was no use. No one believed his argument.


“Follow me!”


Before he knew it, the soldiers who came in dragged Soln roughly.


Now he was completely destroyed.




[Quest accomplished!]


[Bonus level up!]


[Bonus level up!]


[Gained 30 skill points!]


But Raymond could not hear the message.


‘Now I’m going to be super rich!’


Only one fact caught his eye.


Raymond was so happy that he got drunk and fell asleep. 


The next day, he heard a sound like thunder from the blue sky.


“What? Soln was actually going to know?”


What kind of bad joke is this?!


The finance company introduced by Lao smiled awkwardly.


“Not to the point of knowing. I think it’s right to kill a dog with a good light. His debt was worse than I thought, and he had almost no cash assets. Perhaps the reason why he tried to cheat on the baronet was also to cover the insufficient money.”


“Why on earth?”


“We were trying to open a new casino in the capital recently. I think he had poured all the money he had in there.” 


Raymond opened his mouth wide.


“Well, that doesn’t make any sense…… The fact that such a rich man doesn’t have any money…….”


“It’s not that he doesn’t have any property at all. No, he just has no cash, but there’s a lot of other forms of property.”


“As expected, right?”


Raymond is alive! He made a look of.


“But there’s a problem…”


The treasurer briefly blurted out the end.


“It’s all a bond right.”




“It’s a bond right to the money lent to the common people as a candle ring. If you pay interest on compound interest…… It’s a huge amount.”


It refers to the loan that caused patients to shed blood tears.


Not only the patients, but also those who were in several other desperate situations, fell to Soln and fell into the abyss of debt.


“All of Soln’s property has been attributed under the Imperial Law enacted by His Majesty on gambling, and the right to receive the payment in the future belongs to the baronet.”




“What would you do?”


Raymond kept his mouth shut.




The incident caused a great stir in the capital.


The people who heard the story frowned.


“Soln, he got caught cheating?”


“He was caught in front of all the aristocrats, so now he’s completely ruined. It’s all refreshing to me.”


“That’s right. Such a vicious guy should be punished by Heaven.”


As they say, the incident has brought Soln to a close.


‘You’ll rot in prison for the rest of your life.’


“But how did they reveal that Soln is cheating? He’s not an easy guy.”


“I heard Baron Penin revealed it?”


“The Baron Penin? Isn’t he the director of the Penin Clinic? The one that is good to his patients?” The commoners opened their eyes wide at the sudden name. “Why did he go to the casino?”


“I don’t know exactly, but they said they went to uncover Soln’s fraud from the beginning.”


“Huh! Is that true?”


“Yeah, how many patients have the Soln guy hit in the back? He said he was angry about it and went into the casino.” 


“Yes, that’s right. That’s what I heard. ‘I’ll avenge my patient!’ He said.”


Rumors were circulating in this way among the common people.


And just like that, Raymond’s reputation soared again.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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