DP 61

DP 61

Chapter 61


‘It’ll be gone one day. But is my next promotion at level 70?’


It seemed so.


It was probably the next step for a senior resident.


‘Will I be going to be the chief resident? But what happens when I reach level 100?’ 


A message came to his mind as if answering.


[Your class will rise!]


There was no further explanation given.


Perhaps it meant that his grade would rise from the “major” level to the “professional” level.


‘Huh. Anyway, that is good. More than good!’


As anyone can tell, Raymond had a grand dream.


Becoming the best healer on the continent and enjoying all the wealth and glory in the world!


‘Now you’ve only taken that first step!’


“Hanson, to strengthen your stamina, we will be having beef!”




“You ate it yesterday too, right?”


Lindon and Christine protested, but Hanson was subdued.


“According to the Master’s teaching, beef is good not only for physical strength but also for immunity. People who are exposed to diseases like us should continue to eat beef to strengthen their immunity.”


Christine tilted her head as if something was not understandable, but she soon got it in her head.


‘Because I can’t understand all the mysteries of ancient times. Let’s memorize it first.’


Such a happy time was passing by when a heartbreaking message came to Raymond’s mind out of nowhere.


[A sudden quest occurs in a crisis situation!]


“A crisis situation?”


Raymond opened his eyes wide.


I can’t be happier right now. What’s the problem?


[Protect the healer!]


(Medical Quest)


Medical grade: one half scalpel


Difficulty level: Medium


Quest Description: A patient with a conspiracy has arrived! Bad patients are also patients! Keep him alive! Find out who is behind it and take revenge!


Clear condition: patient survival


Reward: Bonus level up x2, 30 skill points


Bonus: Have the opportunity to avenge blood


‘What is it?’


Raymond looked around the clinic.


There were more than 10 patients waiting in the narrow building.


They were commoners of all plain impressions.


‘Any of these patients hiding a conspiracy?’


Raymond’s face hardened.




“Shouldn’t he have arrived by now?”


“Yes, I’d have started working on it.”


Pierre made a sly smile.


“As long as the Actor stepped up, he is finished.”


“Yes, I believe in the actor’s ability. He’s the best con man in the capital…… No, you could say a fraudulent engineer.” Baron Canton recalled his conversation with the actor.


‘As you said, I will get his treatment and act as if I was getting major side effects. So that rumors spread that his treatment is a complete sham.’


Baron Canton was not satisfied with that.


“Acting is not just enough. Get his treatment and then take this poison.”




‘Don’t worry. It’s not an incurable poison. Even if a problem happens, our Maple Treatment Center will take responsibility for the treatment.’


Thus, after Raymond’s treatment, the Actor decided to secretly take the poison.


To cover up Raymond’s treatment for being wrong!


“By the way, are you going to treat the actor if he takes the poison?”


For your information, Pierre obtained the poison from the black market.


“Well, isn’t that something you don’t have to ask?” Baron Canton said insidiously.


“Of course, I’ll let him die. It will have a more dramatic effect.” 


It was a terrible story.


He cheated on even on the actor, who was on the same side! Just so he can bring Raymond down completely!


Baron Canton bursts into laughter.


“Crazy, the patient who walked in completely died after receiving his treatment, so there will be a big stir. It’s not a job to screw him up.”


“That would certainly be better. It also has the effect of destroying evidence by blocking the actor’s mouth, so it’s killing two birds with one stone.”


“Yes, let’s drink champagne and wait for the good news.”


Baron Canton took a fancy champagne from the shelf.


It was the finest champagne from the Free City Union.


“You get a drink too.”


“Yes, thank you.”


Like the finest champagne, the color was brilliant. The bubbles rising on the surface were like heavenly clouds.


“Then, to Raymond, to commemorate the downfall of that lowly fellow, toast.”


“Yes, I’ll toast to that.”


So the two of them drank pleasantly, and Baron Canton lay in bed with a relaxed mind.


‘Good news must have arrived when I woke up. I am sure of it.’


Is it because Ihe is in a good mood? Baron Canton had a good dream.


It was Raymond’s dream of ruin.


While he was having a good dream, someone knocked on the door.






Disturbed from his happy dreams, Baron Canton frowned.


“Who is it? Come on in!”


But the moment that the door burst open, Baron Canton couldn’t help but open his eyes widely in horror.


Armed soldiers and knights came in!


“Are you Baron Canton?”


“……what’s the matter?”


“My name is Voliton, a knight from the investigation team under the Capital Guard.”


“……I see. What’s going on here?” asked Baron Canton, fatally.


He thought there was no reason for the investigation team’s knight to visit him.


“Something seems to have come wrong…”


“Baron Canton, I am indicting you for instigating murder, so please accompany me to the investigation headquarters.”




Baron Canton had a hammered face on the head. 


‘What are you saying to me?’


“Murder ?! What did you just say? Are you crazy?! It is all of a sudden, it doesn’t make any sense….”


“It will soon be revealed whether it is a ridiculous charge or not.”


It came from a familiar voice. 

Baron Canton opened his eyes wide when he saw the face that followed.


It was Raymond, a handsome young man with a calm impression like a lake!


“You, you… Why are you here?!”


“The Baron Penin accompanied us as a reference.”


Raymond wasn’t the only one who showed up.


Baron Canton opened his mouth when he saw the following appearances.


“E, that’s right. Baron Canton has directed me to all conspiracy.” 


It was the actor!


He appeared pale and pointed to Baron Canton.


“Baron Canton is behind the incident. I’ll explain everything. Baron Canton handed me the poison…….” As the explanation continued, Baron Canton’s face turned like the corpses.


It was all over.




‘It could have been a real disaster.’


Raymond recalled what had happened at the clinic and swept his chest away.


At first, he tried to find out who was hiding the plot.


But he failed.


‘I never thought that the middle-aged man who looked good to him was the culprit plotting something against him.’


He prescribed a medicine to lower his fever, but he suddenly collapsed complaining of breathing difficulties.


‘Poison symptoms! Add he took them on purpose?!’


As an S-class herbalist, Raymond was also good at curing poison.


They immediately took action, and fortunately, they were able to save the actor.


‘It was close, thank God. If it went wrong, I’d be guilty.’


After that, it was a breeze.


Christine’s escort, Lero, had an “exclusive interview” with the criminal, and the criminal confessed everything about what he had talked about with Baron Canton.




Feeling betrayed, the culprit and Raymond joined hands.


‘We’re going to end Baron Canton!’


“Baron Canton asked me to poison myself. He even went as far as to tell me to poison all the patients in the Penin Treatment Center/”


“When did I ever?” 


Baron Canton frowned


When did he tell him to spread the poison to other patients?


‘They’re framing me!’


All he ordered was to take the poison on his own.


‘I didn’t tell him to give the poison to other patients as well.’


But the actor lied with all his might.


“Baron Canton was jealous of the Penin Treatment Center and made me do such a terrible thing. He told me to kill innocent patients.”


“No! No!”


Raymond, who was next to him, matched the beat.


Raymond looked frightened with a pale sickened face.


“I can’t believe this terrible thing happened to me. I’m really scared. Knights, please give a fair judgment.” 


Of course, it was only acting.


Raymond pretended to be afraid, but he did not forget to look at Baron Canton like this:


‘Are you ready to eat rice with beans?’


The sight of those eyes made Baron Canton feel like he is going crazy.


At this rate, he will be blamed for all the crimes. It was not a sin that a nobleman could escape.


“Hey, you guys! How dare you think you can survive spouting such nonsense?!”


“Calm down, Baron.”


When the investigation team’s knight dissuaded him, Canton screamed.


“Calm down?! Are you crazy too?! How can you believe such a story without evidence?!” Baron Canton decided to do a foot snake.


“Is there any evidence that I handed the poison to him? I can’t believe it came out like this without evidence!” However, the investigation team’s knights gave an unexpected answer. 


“I have proof.”




“A while ago, you had a subordinate purchase this poison from the black market. It’s already been confirmed.” 


Baron Canton’s face turned pale. “Oh, how?”


The investigator’s knight shrugged his shoulders.


“There was an informant.”


An informant.


It means Raymond.


‘There’s a lot of people in the Bay Area who can look into this.’


When it comes to underworld guilds, it’s the Bay Area. When he said a word, everyone rushed forward.


Soon it was possible to see the traces left by Pierre, Baron Canton’s subordinate.


“It’s a trap! I never ordered to murder anyone..…!”


Baron Canton protested, but it was a story that wouldn’t work.


Witnesses and evidence were all clear.


“Let’s talk about the details at the investigation headquarters. I’ll take you there so you don’t feel uncomfortable.”


“Let go, let go!”


The soldiers seized Baron Canton from both sides.


Thus, Baron Canton was taken overnight as a suspect.


“Raymond! You punk!”


Baron Canton was dragged away and cried out Raymond’s name as if he was distressed.


Call him this or that but Raymond did not budge.


He is going to jail no matter how much he screams.


Instead, Raymond scoffed at him.


At an angle that no one else can see, but exactly so that only Baron Canton can see.


“You should have lived such a nice life.”


“What, what?”


“Oh, I’m sorry. My words have come out of my mind. Anyway, don’t worry too much. If you don’t commit a crime, the truth will come out. Unless, of course, you are guilty.”


That’s all for the light ridicule.


Raymond said what he really wanted to say.




“There are not one or two people who shed blood and tears because of you.” 


Baron Canton opened his eyes widely.


His fist shook, but he was dragged away without saying anything.


Raymond made a cynical face as he looked at Baron Canton’s drooping back.


In fact, Raymond was just as much a money-craving snob as Baron Canton.


Unlike Raymond, however, Baron Canton abandoned his duty as a healer and crossed the line.


Now is the time to pay the penalty.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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