DP 55

Chapter 55


At that time, the Penin Treatment Center had a somewhat different view than usual.


“I’ll give you my allegiance.”




“I’ll give my loyalty to the master!” The freckled boy raised his voice.


In front of him was Hanson, a cute boy with a hard impression and squinting one eye towards him.


“Lindon. You are the master’s second disciple. Keep that proud fact in your heart and never forget his pride. Do you understand?”


“Yes, sir!”


The freckle boy’s name is Lindon.


Not long ago, he was greatly impressed by Raymond’s appearance during compulsory training for new healers, so he came in as a second disciple!


‘I’m going to learn medicine and succeed!’


For reference, Lindon’s heal rating is D.


He was a low-level healer with a bleak future.


He asked Raymond to become his student to learn medicine and succeed, but Hanson, his senior, seemed to be acting strange.


“He looks so good, but looks scary at the same time!”’


Honestly, Hanson looks pretty handsome.


He looks so calm and cute, so Linson quickly concluded that he is quite popular among his peers.


But then, Linson couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of madness.


“Master is a person who lives only for his patients. We should never bother him and try our best to resemble his toes.”




“As long as you become his student, you have to pay attention to everything you do. Be sure to remember that one of your actions can be related to the Master.”


‘What are you so serious about?’ Lyndon cried inwardly.


Fortunately, their said master seems to be a good person.


It seems like the rumor about him being all about ‘for the best of his patients’ nature is true.


There were times that he can only tilt his head, but it seemed certain that Baron Penin was a respectable person.


However, his senior seemed to be more than strange now that they shared a conversation.


He has excessive respect for their teacher.


By excessive, he really meant too much.


‘Should I just run away?’


Then, Hanson tapped Lindon on the shoulder.


“You think what I’m saying is too much, don’t you?”




“But you’ll know soon enough. The words I said were just an understatement compared to our master’s greatness.” Hanson beamed enthusiastically.


“Sometime later, I won’t even have to talk about this. If you’re around, you wouldn’t be able to help but know his greatness.”


Lyndon shivered.


Hanson’s firm brown eyes seemed to say:


‘You’ll soon fall for it too. To the greatness of our Master.’


‘I’m going to quit! I can’t be with such a weird person!’


It was a moment of such determination.


Suddenly, the door of the treatment center burst open, and a man with an urgent impression rushed in!


It was Joseph!


“Please save this child!”


Lindon and Hanson’s faces hardened.


At first glance, they could already tell that the child was in bad condition.


He is in a state where he was about to stop breathing


A suffocating air fell down at the Penin Treatment Center.






Raymond’s face hardened too.


“Will you be able to treat him, Baron?”


Raymond could not easily answer.


‘The child is in a very bad shape, it won’t be easy.’


The answer was that it would be too difficult.


He came too late.


‘I wonder if it’ll be easier to treat his son if he came in a little sooner. Even with emergency laparotomy, there would be a high possibility of death.’


But when Raymond saw the desperate look on the father’s face, his mouth couldn’t drop easily.


“Please, Baron! If you spare this child, I will repay you with my life!” 


Raymond bit his lip.


No matter how much he liked money, he couldn’t help but be swayed in this situation as long as he was a “healer.”


There is a high possibility of the child dying even if treated, and it dies even if left alone.


‘Then shouldn’t I do something?’


‘I am a healer who has a duty to save a patient.’


As if on cue, a message popped into his mind.


[A quest has occurred!]


[Treat the Dying Child!]


(Medicine Quest)


Medical grade: One half scalpel


Difficulty level: Medium


Quest Description: A patient whose life is in critical condition has arrived. Do your best to save the patient!


Clear condition: Heal the patient.


Reward: Bonus level up x2, 20 skill points


Perks: Unexpected luck


“Unexpected luck?”


The perks caught Raymond’s eyes.


Then, an unexpected voice interrupted him.


“Brother, please wait a moment. I want you and I to talk for a moment.”


It was Lao.


He was at the treatment center because he had something to consult about the Bay Area.


“You’d better be careful with this treatment.”




“If something goes wrong while treating that child, bad rumors may spread.”


Lao sank his one-eyed glasses heavily.


“Recent administration sources say Baron Canton is grinding his teeth at you. If anything happens, he won’t stay still, so it’s better to act carefully.”


Raymond understood Lao’s words and put on a heavy expression on his face.


‘It’s not a baseless worry. It’s kind of strange that he didn’t visit Maple Treatment Center.’ 


Raymond made an assumption.


What if this is Baron Canton’s plan?


What if the child dies because he hastily raised his hand?


What if the rumor spreads to the commoner’s area?


‘No! If such a bad rumor spreads, the Penin Clinic will suffer a fatal blow!’


The sand castle that has barely been built will collapse.


‘What should I do?’


Raymond agonized nervously.


If you think hard enough, it was better for him to take a step back.


There was a low possibility of saving the child anyway.




When Raymond thinks of the child who is almost out of breath.


When he remembered Joseph’s face shedding tears, he couldn’t make such a choice.




“No, I’ll try to cure it somehow.”




Raymond bit his lips.


‘This is necessarily not a choice for a patient. This is a choice I had to make myself.’ Raymond thought to himself.


Even if it wasn’t, he was in need of fame as well.


– Treat the patient sent out from the Maple Treatment Center!


Such a title would be enough to move the hearts of rich commoners.


‘In life, sometimes you have to take risks and bet. So this is a good choice for me too.’


At that time, one of his disciples said.


“……I now see what Hanson meant. I can’t believe you didn’t shake in front of such a bad patient.”




It was Lindon, a new student. He was looking up at Raymond with bright eyes.


‘Why is he looking at me like that?’


For some reason, his eyes were like ‘Hanson 2’. So Raymond looked bewildered.


“I told you. Master never turns a blind eye to a patient. Not like other garbage healers who only cares about money.”


“Yes, I see what you mean now.”


“No, you don’t know yet.”


Hanson spoke solemnly.


“This is not even a speck of his greatness.”


Hanson smiled openly.


“Look forward to it. What greatness unfolds before your eyes. You’ll experience things that go beyond everything you’ve ever imagined.”


“Yes, senior Hanson!”


Lao also said a word.


“I’m sorry to bring up a pointless story, brother. I know that you don’t care about that and only think about your patient. I was worried for no reason, so I was nervous.”


Lao raised his one-eyed glasses.


“No matter what anyone says, you’re the only person I acknowledge.”


In fact, Lao questioned himself while bringing up the story.


What choice Raymond will make?


The result was as expected.


Because the older brother he decided to take care of only cares about his patients.


There was no such thing as an option in the first place.


‘You’re stupid, Lao. I can’t believe you are questioning him again. He a different person from an ugly person like me!’ 


Meanwhile, Raymond blinked, unable to say anything to such a reaction. 


“Are they all fools?” 




Raymond clenched his fists tightly.


‘I’ll make sure to cure it. That is why I am going to save the patient and earn my reputation!’ 

So the surgery began.




It’s an intussusception.’


Raymond diagnosed the child with a disease.




It is an emergency situation that occurs mainly at a young age, and it is a disease in which the intestines in the back penetrate the front intestine and occlusion appears.


‘It is a common occurrence, and it is not a major disease.’


It is a disease that can be recovered without major problems, as long as appropriate measures are taken.


In modern Earth, it is usually treated by injecting air through the anus to be treated without going to surgery.


Unfortunately, however, it was not the case with this child.


Over time, the clogged intestine grows and begins to rot. There’s also perforation. A shock may come too.


This kid was just at that stage.


‘The shock has already progressed. The question is, how bad the intestines are. If the intestinal necrosis is severe, it is highly likely that it will be irreversible.’


Intestinal necrosis.


It means the intestines are rotten.


The exact condition could not be confirmed until the ship was opened.




Raymond moved his hand.




A lateral incision was made in the right lower abdomen.


As the surgical knife carefully cut through the peritoneum, The small intestines appeared.


‘I have to check where the intestines are in trouble first.’


It wasn’t difficult.


Ninety percent of intestinal hypertrophy occurs in the right lower abdomen and the meninges.


It is the part that is converted from the small intestine to the large intestine, and the small intestine with a relatively small diameter penetrates into the large intestine.


Indeed, this child’s small intestine was dug into the large intestine and overlapped.


‘Fortunately, no perforation or necrosis has occurred yet!’


Raymond breathed a sigh of relief.


For now, the worst has been avoided.


But it was not in a state of relief at all.


‘His intestines are badly swollen. It’s about to explode.’


Raymond groaned.


I have to pull out the intestines that have been dug forward by hand. But what if they explode?’


The operation for intestinal hyperplasia was simple.


You can take out the intestines that have been dug forward. It was simple enough to be despondent, but it wasn’t just easy.


This is because the intestines may be damaged during the extraction process.


In particular, if it was swollen as badly as it is now, it could explode even with the smallest of impact.


‘As carefully as possible. Slowly.’


Raymond’s heart is pounding.


His heart raced.


‘I don’t tremble as much as I did before due to my experience, but my heart shriveled in front of a difficult operation.’


‘Don’t be nervous. You can do it. You’re a senior resident now!’


 ‘Use Seojun’s hand movements!!’ 


Raymond used his skill.


Fortunately, there was no major surgery recently, so the cool time was full.


[Sense : 20 → 30]


His sensory start has risen to 30.


That was not all.


[Skill: “Seojun’s experience” is manifested!]


[Sense: 20 → 30 → 33]


It’s a whopping 33!


A keen sense that had never been experienced before dominated Raymond’s fingertips.


Raymond’s hand carefully pulled the appendix (beginning of the large intestine) forward.


At the same time, he pulled back the terminal ileum (end of the small intestine) locked in the appendix. 




There was no hurry.


Raymond moved his fingers as carefully as possible, making sure not to overdo it.

He manipulated it gently as if touching the most fragile being in the world.

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