DP 53

DP 53

Chapter 53


‘He should have failed the heal grade test somehow.’


But there was still a chance.


It’s going to be a real test!


‘I can deliberately make him treat bad wounds and eliminate him


“Good work everyone. For the last gate of this training, you will take a hands-on test.” 


The door of the auditorium opened and a cart carrying the “patient” of the test came in with the guards. 




“Yes, it is. It’s a vicious orc that’s killed a lot of people so far. This orc is the patient of this exam.”


In this compulsory treatment, it was not possible to take a test for real people.


So, monsters were often caught and used as test subjects.




The orc breathed heavily.


The healers, who grew up like flowers in a greenhouse, held their breath at the sight of the orc they had never seen before.


“Ha ha, don’t worry. It’s full of anesthetic herbs and tied up. You can heal the wounds on this orc’s body with a heal.”


Baron Canton approached the orc with a dagger.


He was trying to directly injure the orc’s body.


‘The first turn is Raymond, so I will give him a wound that can never be healed.’


There was a ferocious glow in Baron Canton’s eyes.


He was going to eliminate him by causing a wound that could not be cured only if he was at least a class A healer.




Baron Canton roughly drove the dagger into the orc’s stomach.


It was the moment when new healers closed their eyes tightly at the terrible sight.


An extraordinary thing happened.


“Kurreuk! Kyaaaaagh!”


The enraged orc screamed loudly.






The ropes that tied the orc snapped!


An unbelievable major accident has occurred!




Baron Canton stiffened by the unexpected occurrence.


“Oh my!”


“Hold it!”


Fortunately, security guards were standing by in preparation for this situation.


They swung their swords hastily and stabbed the orc in its neck and chest.


However, it didn’t stop the orc from firing a final blow full of rage.


The orc launched a shoulder attack with all his remaining strength directly towards Baron Canton, the enemy who pierced his stomach with a dagger!






Baron Canton, who was frozen blankly and received the orc’s shoulder attack, flew through the air and bounced off the podium.




“Come on, heal the Baron!”


The orc was dealt with in a heartbeat, but the problem was Baron Canton.


He was in pain, rolling on the ground.


“Argh! Argh!”


The healers turned white and cried out.


“What a dislocated shoulder!”


“Your front teeth fell out too!”


“Use your heals!”


There were many healers that utilized their heals.


Soon a sacred white light settled on Baron Canton’s body.


But Baron Canton’s state didn’t improve much. He was still in pain.




Raymond shook his head at the sight.


‘Shoulder dislocation doesn’t work well with heals.’


Heal is a very useful force.


It promotes vitality and is effective against various diseases.


However, due to its characteristics, there were many diseases that were not particularly effective with it.


Shoulder dislocation was one of them.


‘I have to put his shoulder back in its original place. Heals would do no good.’


Of course, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work at all.


Using heals creates self-recovery, and the bones slowly return to their original positions.


But it takes a long time, and there are many aftereffects. 


To be honest, he is in doubt whether to help him or not.


Raymond saw the Baron’s eyes clearly.


Baron Canton’s eyes glared at him before hurting the orc.


To be honest, it felt like he has some bad plan up around his sleeves.


However, it was difficult to just sit back and watch him be in pain. He is still a patient now, anyway.


A healer was obliged to treat a patient.


‘Well, do I have to treat him?’


Raymond folded his arms across his chest.


“Argh! Use more heals! Grade C healers, back off! Bring in a healer of a higher grade!” Upon hearing that from the Baron, Raymond’s desire to treat him dropped sharply.


Raymond sighed and approached Baron Canton.


“Can I treat you?”


‘I hate him, but as a healer, I thought it was not good to cover up and not treat patients due to a personal grudge.’


Raymond ruled out a private inspector and offered to treat him purely as a healer.


But Baron Canton exclaimed in a fit of rage.


“Huh?! Are you asking me to undergo such an unproven pseudo-healing technique?!” 


It was an expected response.


‘Hmm. Should I just go back?’


‘But how can you be a true healer if you turn away from your patient just because he is being stupid?’


‘Sometimes you have to be able to embrace the foolishness of the patient.’


So Raymond decided to ‘persuade’.


“That’s a shame. There’s a way I can cure it all at once. I’m so sorry if you can’t see that right now.”


“…This bastard.”


“But aren’t you sick? It’s going to be hard to endure it because it’s a bone dislocation pain. It will take at least an hour for a B-grade healer to come from Maple Treatment Center. It’s going to hurt within that span amount of time. Hmm. That’s great if you can withstand it that long. However, if I were you, I’d get treatment right away.”




“Oh. You seem to be in a lot of pain. I’m heartbroken too. If you get treatment right now, you’ll get better. Hmm. Who cares whether you believe my technique or not? What’s important is that if we treat it, the pain will be over at once.”


It hurts even if it doesn’t. Baron Canton felt like he is going to go crazy as the man in front of him snickered.


Even Raymond looked at the clock on the wall and said.


“No? I’m worried as a junior healer because I think it’ll hurt too much. It’s sad and heartbreaking.”


“A person has just left, and it’ll be about an hour round trip. You’ll have to wait for 3,600 seconds. There is still a long time left, will you be okay?”


“Y-you just…. Want… to… Profit-”


“There’s still 3,599 seconds left. 3,598 seconds, 3597 seconds… If you get the treatment right now, this pain would be over. 3,596 seconds.”






Is it because of the pain? Or is it because of anger?


Feeling the strings in his head boil, BAron Canton lost consciousness.


Raymond shrugged his shoulders and approached Baron Canton.


“What, what are you going to do?”


“Of course, I’m going to treat him.”


Raymond twisted Baron Canton’s shoulder about 30 degrees, then caught it between his shoulders.


And after supporting Baron Canton’s shoulder with his opposite arm, he turned his body counterclockwise.


It was Shin’s method using the principle of traction.




Baron Canton’s shoulder, which had been deformed forward, found its place.


It was cured at once.


“The treatment is over, so I think we can transfer him to the treatment center and rest.”


“Yes, yes!”


The facilitator carried Baron Canton on a stretcher, and the remaining healers looked at Raymond in dismay.


“How can you treat shoulder dislocation so easily?”


“You didn’t even use heals?”


Shoulder dislocation is a serious injury that requires at least grade B heals.


It doesn’t heal at once as it has to be poured several times.


But to heal at once without using healing power?


Everyone looked in disbelief.


Raymond realized that a good PR opportunity had come, so he stepped forward.


‘I can’t be treated like a pseudo-miscellaneous forever.’


“As you’ve all seen, medicine is not a baseless cure. An ancient civilization that flourished beyond what it is now! It’s a traditional therapy used by those ancient people.”


Usually, there would healers who would have made a smirk, but is it because the situation they have witnessed was so overwhelming?


Everyone listened to Raymond without saying a word.


“The treatment for shoulder dislocation just now is only the tip of the iceberg of medicine. In addition to that, I have the secret to treating many different patients.”


Raymond looked at the healers one by one.


“If you don’t believe me, then feel free to visit my treatment center. You will see another new world of treatment that you have never imagined.”




Some healers swallowed their saliva.


It is a medical technique that was only considered a pseudo-miscellaneous art.


However, some healers thought that it might not be the case.


‘I thought it was a funny trick.’


‘The art of medicine…… Maybe it’s real.’


Then, a healer went up to the podium.


“This is the end of compulsory training. I will skip the last test since an accident occurred and evaluate the scores of other subjects.”


For reference, the chief’s name hangs from the Tower of Healing on the placard.


Of course, the highest score for this training was already decided.


[The quest ‘Complete Compulsory Training in Excellence!’ has been achieved!]


[Achievement: You achieved the top rank in the compulsory training for new healers!]


[Bonus level up!]


[You will get 15 skill bonus points!]


[Bonus: Your reputation in the field of treatment will rise!]


[Some people will reevaluate your skills!]


“The top scorer of this compulsory training is…… Baron Penin. I’ll give you the grand prize, so please come forward.”


Clap clap clap!


There was a burst of applause.


Thus, Raymond completed the compulsory training with the highest score.




Raymond’s completion of the compulsory training as the top achiever caused a bigger stir than expected.


This is because he proudly took the top spot with his medical skills among various new healers.


In particular, the fact that Raymond’s name was hung on the Tower of Healing shocked people.


<Best New Healer for Compulsory Training: Raymond de Penin.>


The Healing Tower was located in the middle of the street of Seongseong, where most people come and go.


Countless people: aristocrats, rich people, and commoners passed through the streets and saw the placards.


“Isn’t Raymond the shadow prince?”


“The illegitimate child won first place in the compulsory training?”


“The art of medicine. Wasn’t it a fake trick?”


People tilted their heads.


So far, everyone has considered Raymond’s treatment to be something bizarre and unproven.


However, when he was listed as the top graduate, people were puzzled.


“But I guess it’s not effective at all, right?”


“I guess so. But if you get the top spot in your own way…”


Of course, it was still only a part of the response, but it was very meaningful already.


Finally, even in the commoner’s area, there are people looking for Raymond’s treatment center!


“Hey… I’m here for treatment. Will you be able to treat me?”


People living in the commoner’s area and burdened with the high cost of treatment at Maple Treatment Center began visiting Raymond’s Treatment Center.


Originally, they distrusted medicine and did not intend to visit at all, but after hearing the news from the Healing Tower, they decided to seek treatment. 


“As much as you like. Welcome! What are you uncomfortable with?”


Raymond treated each and every such patient kindly.


‘Huh! The commoners are finally starting to come! There’s only the jackpot that is left!’


Raymond treated the patients with kindness and warmth as best as he could with his mouth full.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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