DP 52

DP 52

Chapter 52


He turned to the new healers who had been glaring at him.


“May I sit down for a moment?”




They nodded their heads in the face of an unpleasant uninvited guest.


“Oh, yes…”


Raymond slumped back into his seat, just as the new healers were giving him a look of disapproval.


Raymond acted out of the blue, though.


He took something out of his arms and put it on the table.


A stylish plaque with a staff engraved on it.


It was the Wand of Light Medal!


‘Breathe in!’


‘What about that?’


The new healers breathed in. The wand of light is a medal in honor of Saint Alex, the great saint of the Kingdom of Houston.


In other words, anyone who is a healer of the Kingdom of Houston should pay tribute to the recipient of this medal.






Everyone became mute and couldn’t say anything. The implications of Raymond’s actions now were clear.


  • Why are you saying such bad things behind my back when you can’t even get a medal like this?


In other words, shame on you.


The faces of the new healers turned red. But their humiliation did not end there.


Hanson added a timely admonition.


“Senior, that’s the medal for the Order of the Canes of Light.”


“Ah, yes.”


“But it’s strange. If you’re a healer, I know you should pay your respects when you see this medal.” Hanson tilted his head and looked at the new healers. “Are you ignoring Saint Alex?” 




The new healers were greatly embarrassed.


“It is not like that.”


“Whoa, a fine medal!”


But Handson did not back down.


Because they insulted Raymond, whom he respected the most in the world.


And so Hanson vented his anger a little more.


“You have such a soft voice. With that, I presume, it’s obvious that you’re ignoring the great Saint Alex.”


The new healers’ faces reddened with shame, and Hanson turned his head and said to himself.


But he said it loud enough for everyone to hear.


“I don’t understand. If it were me, I’d try harder to be a recipient of such a medal, rather than just gossip about it behind someone else’s back.”




After hearing that to themselves, they couldn’t say anything. Their faces only turned redder with shame.


The new healers, who were talking without knowing the subject, disappeared into the corner with ashamed faces and finally saw that the examination was about to begin.


Baron Canton stepped on the platform.


“The theme of the first test is healing power. Spread your heals, everyone.” 


It was a constant test, always a test subject.


Due to the fact that heals is the basis of the healers.


However, Baron Canton mentioned one more regulation that did not exist before.


“We have added a new regulation this time. Anyone who uses heals below grade D will be considered ineligible and will be disqualified from being a healer!”




Raymond’s face frowned upon hearing his statement.


‘Deliberately trying to get me out?’


It seemed so.


Raymond was the only healer who didn’t get a grade of D in this position!


‘A big-headed fellow.’


‘It’s been so far that I’ve been condescending.’


The new healers gritted their teeth and looked at Raymond.


Everyone believed Raymond’s elimination.


Oh my god!


“Oh! Class C!”


“Grade D. Pass!”


White lights illuminated the auditorium.


It was not a bright light as a low grade, but it looked quite holy as the light was lit up here and there.


There seemed to be a holy atmosphere in the auditorium.


However, the eyes of those who used the holy light were not holy at all, and everyone was laughing at Raymond.


“What kind of heals will he show?”’


Since it’s grade F, isn’t it less than a candle?’


Now it was finally Raymond’s turn.


Everyone expected Raymond to look stupid.


“Junior Baron Penin, spread your heals.”


Baron Canton lifted the corners of his mouth.


“I’m telling you in advance if you don’t get a grade D, you’ll be eliminated no matter what. It’s no use hanging around the trouser leg.” Everyone burst into big laughter at Baron Canton’s words.


But what was surprising was Raymond’s reaction.


It was a desperate situation, and there was no such light at all.


Rather, he asked.


“If I manage to spread C grade heals then I’ll get a perfect score in this event, right?”




Grade B or higher were exempt from this compulsory testing.


So grade C heals was the perfect rating.


“But why did you ask that? It would have nothing to do with you.”


“That is because…”


Raymond spread his hand forward instead of answering.


[You activated mana!]


[The 4th storage location, “Mana vein” is activated!]


[Skill: ‘Mana Compatibility’ is manifested!]


[Mana Compatibility]


Classification: Attribute Skill


Rating: Legendary


Proficiency: D


– You can transfer mana from your blood vessel to the upper end (Mana Channel), the middle end (Mana Heart), and the lower end (Mana Hole ) for use! 


It was a skill Raymond got after awakening his blood veins!


After gaining his first skill, Raymond doubted his eyes.


It was such a great skill.


Other than magic, mana can be used for other purposes!


‘Because my mana has also increased incomparably compared to before.’


If his mana in the past was 1, it was now as much as 7.5.


It has increased 7.5 times simply by comparison.


The base was small, so it’s not a lot right now, but Raymond felt a sense of fullness that was incomparable to the past.


‘It feels like I’ve soaked the floor a little to the extent that I barely got a drop of water on it.’


Raymond sent the mana of the blood vein to the top end, the mana channel to the best of his ability.


All without leaving a single drop of mana.




A white light emanated from Raymond’s hand.


It’s not as brilliant as the heals of a senior healer.


But it’s not as weak as a candle.


Its illumination is enough to push the darkness.


It was a grade-C heal!




“What nonsense?”


Everyone, including Baron Canton, jumped from their seats.


That stupid bastard has a grade C heal!


Something that could never have happened!


“Hey, how did this happen?” asked Baron Canton in a trembling voice, with astonishment.


The new healers were shocked as well. In fact, their eyes were as if they were popping out.


Raymond smiled inwardly.


Of course, it’s a reaction he had expected. It’s almost impossible to raise heals rating. Even more, his heal is expressed through the ‘upper stage, mana channel’.


And the upper end is hardly acquired.


However, an unbelievable miracle has happened.


“Actually, I can’t say that my healing power is grade C yet.”


His mana stat is now 7,5.


It hasn’t reached the C grade yet.


He managed to imitate a C grade by generously pouring his mana out.


‘It’s for showing off anyway.’


Honestly, Raymond heals, being F or C makes no difference with Raymond.


Rather, it was ‘magic’ rather than heals that helped his medical techniques.


In other words, for him, heals is just for show.


“How the hell did you develop your level of healing?”


When asked by anyone, Raymond replied with a shameless face.


“I tried…




“It worked as I worked hard.”


“Ehhh, that’s ridiculous! It won’t work even if you tried!”


“I guess it is because you’re lacking the heart and care for your patients.”


Raymond shrugged his shoulders.


“Everyone, please try your best in the best interest of your patients. And what do we know? The miracle that happened to me might happen to you too.”




All the new healers, who suddenly became healers who lacked heart for their patients, could not answer. 


Raymond smiled.




“As expected, senior. It is clear that even the sky was moved by my senior’s heart for his patient. That’s why they gave him such a blessing.”




“I will do my best to resemble my senior’s footsteps.”


There were minor side effects that deepened Hanson’s respect, but it was not important, so Raymond decided to move on.


“……Let’s move on to the next test order.”


The next one was to ask for treatment knowledge, which was entirely Raymond’s solo stage.


Human body knowledge.


Patient treatment discussions.


A discussion of herbal medicine.


And so on.


In either case, Raymond had an overwhelming performance.


This is Raymond, who has made great efforts to make up for the lack of healing even before awakening as a player.


In addition to medical knowledge, no one was able to get ahead of anyone inn terms of theory.


Sometimes the application problem was difficult, but there was no problem.


‘Because I recently raised my intelligent stat.’


[Intelligence: 23]


Intelligence is not the ability to improve the overall intellectual power of the brain.


To be exact, it is a stat that increases the utilization of ‘academic’.


“Medicine”, “Magic”, “Alchemy”, “Politics”, etc. these kinds of study.


Even if you have the same knowledge, you can use it more wisely.


‘Even if the amount of knowledge in your head is the same, your ability to utilize it varies widely.’


Therefore, even if difficult application problems came out, Raymond could solve them quickly.


Since the award was given to the top performer in each field, Raymond continued to receive awards one after another.


“The highest point, Raymond. You have devoted yourself steadily to your studies…… The highest score award…….” Clap. Clap. Clap.


“……the highest point Raymond, you have made excellent judgments in various treatment situations…….” 


Clap. Clap. Clap…….


“……the highest pointer is Raymond…….”


Baron Canton, who was only lowering the prizes one after another, spat out curse words in his heart.


‘Damn it!’


‘I tried to embarrass him and make Raymond fail the exam and eventually disqualify him as a healer.n But what is happening now?’


Raymond is standing all alone on the stage with all of these merits. Every award is completely for Raymond.


‘It can’t go on like this.’


But when Raymond swept the highs of all the theoretical subjects, the new healers were just opening their mouths in amazement.


‘I can’t believe him.’


‘He is his own monster.’


“Eh, that’s ridiculous.”


“This is something wrong…….”


“Haven’t the test questions been leaked in advance?”


When some healers reacted disapprovingly, Raymond shrugged and spoke in the most skeptic voice he can.


“Is it difficult for everyone? If you study this much, you will know everything.”



“Don’t tell me everyone here is sleeping more than four hours a day, right? With only a C-level heal? “I don’t think there will be such an irresponsible healer who doesn’t make any effort while being sloppy.”


All the new healers who suddenly became irresponsible healers were shut up.


Baron Canton clenched his fist in the atmosphere of Raymond’s solo stage.


‘Damn it. I’m gonna give him the grand prize after all.’


The chief of the compulsory training is supposed to give the prize. It’s to commend you for your hard work.


At this rate, Raymond would be getting the grand prize.


Translator’s Note:

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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