DP 51

DP 51

Chapter 51


“A compulsory training?”


“Yes, Baronet.”


Raymond frowned at the order of attendance from the Tower of Healing.


‘It’s annoying.’


But I couldn’t help it.


It’s a training that new healers below grade B must attend.


For reference, education is exempted for B grade and above healers. This is because they are recognized as senior healers regardless of their experience.


‘Let’s get this over with.’


Then Hanson came running with a red face.






“You must not attend this healer’s compulsory training!”




“Just now, I met my colleague who entered the Maple Treatment Center……”


Hanson then shared his findings.


“They are trying to drop me?”


“Yes, I heard that they are laughing and chatting among themselves, discussing how their director will make sure to get you failing remarks.” Hanson clenched his fist in anger.


“Anyway, I think it would be better to postpone this training until later with an excuse.”


Lao, who had just arrived at the treatment center, also frowned.


“If it is the Maple Treatment Center, then it must be Baron Canton’s trick. He is a vicious guy, so it would be better to avoid him at all cost…”


“It’s alright. I’ll be back.”






Raymond asked nonchalantly. “Hanson, Lao. Do you guys think that I am going to get a failing grade in a training like that?”


They kept their mouths shut.


Raymond smiled.


“You see me looking confident, right? Then how else am I going to fail this?”


A completely different attitude from the usual timid Raymond!


There was a good reason for this


‘It is because I’m not a novice resident anymore. Check the status window.’


[Player Status]


Name: Raymond


Class: Surgeons (SSS)


Occupational Level: Senior Resident


Level: 40


Experience value: 110/400


Skill Point: 225


Name: Dirty Illegitimate Child, Savior Of The Poor


Auxiliary Occupation: Not Activated




Stamina: 15


Sense: 20


Intelligence: 23


Mana: 7.5


[Academic skill]


Surgery (C), Internal Medicine (D), General Medicine (B), Basic Medicine (B), Herbal Medicine (S), Epidemiology (A), Alchemy (D)


‘My occupational level had become ‘senior resident’!’


‘I am finally out of being a rookie!’


‘My knowledge has grown exponentially. Not to mention my surgical proficiency.’


As expected, the difference between “novice resident” and “senior resident” was large.


For now, Raymond’s proficiency in academic skills has increased.


Surgery rose to C, general medicine and basic medicine to B, and internal medicine was newly learned.


Also, it wasn’t just his knowledge that increased.


These skills have been added.


[Experience of Preface]


Classification: Attribute Skill


Rating: Legendary


Proficiency: D

– For surgeons, experience is more valuable than anything else. Many experiences will increase your surgical proficiency!


-Increase sensory stat by 3 during surgery!


-As you gain experience in the future, the level of increase in stats will increase!


‘Huh. Of course, there’s still a long way to go, but I am sure I’m only competing with grade C and D healers.”’


Grade B healers or higher would not appear in the training.


Therefore, competitors are intermediate and low-level healers of C and D grades.


‘I could do this.’


And so, a message just came to Raymond’s mind.


[A Quest Has Occurred!]


[Complete the Compulsory Training with Excellence!]


(Medicine Quest)


Difficulty level: low


Quest Description: Finally, the time has come to be evaluated for the skills you have honed! Get excellent grades in front of everyone!


People will evaluate you again based on your grades!


Clear condition: Excellent completion of compulsory training


Reward: Bonus level up, 15 skill points


Perks: Re-evaluation of medical techniques


‘Only to complete the training in excellence? You’re welcome! I’ll be on the top this time!’


Raymond spoke solemnly. “Hanson, I’m going to be the top student in this compulsory training.”




“There’s a reason why it must be.”


The reason: it was because of the prize money.


The first prize will be awarded 1,000 pence.


‘I can’t miss this kind of free money.’


It’s Raymond, who still has a lot of debt, can’t pass this opportunity.


‘I’ll get the prize money and stock up on my short livelihood!’


‘I’ll take the lead and eat meat…’


“As expected, senior. Are you trying to give valuable lessons to foolish healers?”




Hanson’s eyes burned with admiration and passion.


Raymond hurriedly tried to open his mouth because Hanson seemed to misunderstand something again, but Hanson did not listen.


“No, I don’t think so…….”


“I understood the senior’s desire to transform the healers who don’t even care for their patients. I’m sorry I’m a foolish student. I should have understood how you felt in advance.”




Lao, who was listening quietly, also opened his mouth.


“Certainly, healers are trapped in obstinacy and outdated beliefs. My brother trying to break their pathetic ideology is the true education.”


As the head of the academy, his words were eloquent.


Lao thought, lifting up his one-eyed glasses. ‘Recently, my faith has been shaken a little, but my judgement is not wrong.’


In fact, it was Lao, who was slowly raising doubts again.


The more I met him, the more I thought, “Isn’t my older brother actually a snob?”


But looking at it today, it wasn’t like that at all.


‘Wake up, Lao! Your older brother is always looking out for the betterment of others, and you’re still doubting him?! Get rid of your jealousy!’


“As expected, my older brother is the most respectable person.”


“Of course. He is the most respectful person in the world.”


Raymond coughed inwardly at the reaction of the two.


‘…No, you idiots.’


Seeing their intense eyes, it seemed difficult to correct the misunderstanding.


Raymond nodded his head in disbelief.


“……yes, that’s actually right. Let’s just get some meat on the way back.”


“Yes! I will make a reservation so that you can eat parts that are equally good for immunity!”


“…Yes. Lao, let’s eat together. You can’t eat meat well because your salary is withheld because of your family’s debt, right?”


“Thank you, brother!”


So that’s how Raymond went to the compulsory training, aiming to be on the top.




Soon, it was the day of the training.


“Have a safe trip, Prince!”


“Come back after winning first place!”


Raymond, the most popular man in the Bay Area in name and reality, climbed into a carriage with people seeing him off.


The training will be held at the Royal Academy.


‘Let’s hurry up and come to the chief. Hehe. Tonight’s dinner is delicious meat. I mean, no matter how much meat I eat, I won’t get tired of it.’


‘In fact, I’ve never eaten enough meat to get sick of it.’


Someday, Raymond thought he will say, “I can’t eat steak because I’m sick and tired of it! So this evening, we will be having a lobster!’ 


Raymond then arrived at the test site with a relaxed mind.


The Royal Academy was located in the innermost part of the capital, in the district of the nobles.


The Healing Tower rented the Alex Auditorium to hold the compulsory training for new healers.


The Alex Auditorium.


As the name suggests, it is an auditorium dedicated to the saint Alex from hundreds of years ago, and the Tower of Healing rented this auditorium whenever there was an event related to the healers.


“Welcome. Welcome all new healers!”


There are antique carpets, refreshments, tableware, beverages, and more. 


The interior was decorated like a banquet hall. Healers gathered together and talked happily as if it’s a party.


‘I heard it’s more of a social place than an actual training.’


It really looked like that.


Soon, the committee members who will supervise the training came up on the podium.


“Nice to meet you, new healers. I’m Baron Canton, in charge of this training. I’m the director of the Maple Treatment Center.”




Clap. Clap. Clap.


Baron Canton gave a hearty smile at the applause he is receiving.


“I heard that there are a lot of great people among the successful candidates for this flag bearer, but upon seeing it in person, it really seems like that. Only….” Baron Canton, who paused, turned his head.


At the end of Baron Canton’s gaze lay Raymond.


Naturally, the healers’ eyes were focused on Raymond. 


‘Is that Baron Penin?’


‘The one using ancient secrets?’


“Isn’t it just a fake trick?”’


Everyone looked at Raymond with a sneer.


Baron Canton also looked at Raymond with a deep sneer around his mouth.


“There’s a rat that doesn’t fit in here.” 


“Director, wouldn’t it be misunderstood if you looked directly at Baron Penin while saying it like that?” Another education commissioner said.


“Oh, I really saw a rat standing, so I said it. I’m sorry if it sounds misleading, Baron Penin.”


It was an excessive mockery.


But Raymond shrugged his shoulders and was not particularly agitated.


‘It’s childish. It’s a little weaker than he expected as well.’


Raymond has been imprisoned for 23 years.


Compared to the physical and verbal violence that he had heard after all these years, this doesn’t even stand a chance.


‘Moreover, I am not the usual timid Raymond.’


[The heart of steel is manifesting for the medical exam!]


[You are having a strong will and heart!]


That was not all.


[It has been confirmed that the other person’s true countermeasure is ‘very high’!]


[Skill: “True Countermeasures” are revealed!]


Naturally, an appropriate word came to his mind.


“That’s all right. I think you can see something wrong, but I, as a healer, should understand it with a broad mind. However, I think it would be better to get treatment later. It may be in the early stages of early dementia.”




Canton’s face blushed at the wonderful counterattack.




“I mentioned it because I was worried that you are looking too pale. Isn’t that Baron Canton, the most prestigious man in the world of therapy? I am very worried as a junior. If dementia comes, it will be a big problem, so I beg you to get treatment.”


It was polite and yet extremely irritating. However, it was hard to say anything.


‘I could simply say that I’ve said that because I was worried, what would they even say back?’


“……we will proceed with the event for now.” Baron Canton gritted his teeth and said.


There was a simple tea party before the test to strengthen friendships between new healers.


After the new healers gathered together, they glanced at Raymond, who was alone.


‘Who would hang out with a guy like that?’


‘What a dirty illegitimate child.’


“What’s the secret of ancient times? I’m sure it’s fake.’


‘Upon watching him earlier, it seems like he speaks very well. But that is it. His healing power is still below low.’


The stinging gazes came and pierced Raymond like arrows.


But it didn’t hurt at all.


In the past. Raymond would have cringed at those gazes.


But not anymore.


“How dare you badmouthed my senior.”


For your information, Hanson is also a new therapist. He also came to take the examination.


He couldn’t seem to stand the insults showering over Raymond, who he respected more than anyone else in the world.


“I’ll go and look at your hands.”


“What’s with your hand… Alright. I’ll figure it out.”


‘It’s boring to wait until the event is over, so should I try to fight a little bit?’


Raymond smiled.


Because he’s strong against the weak!


‘I could be infinitely strong against such ugly disgusting healers.’

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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