DP 50

DP 50

Chapter 50


[Occupational level went from ‘novice resident’ to ‘senior resident’!]


[Academic skill: ’Surgery’ skill level goes up!]


[Academic skill: ‘General Medicine’ proficiency goes up!]


[Academic skill: Learn ‘Internal Medicine’ additionally!]




At that time, after Raymond left, Chancellor Galman was talking behind the scenes with King Oden.


“What do you think of what Baron Penin told you?”


“I think he has a point.”


It makes sense to him.


Meaning, he agrees.


Chancellor Galman admired Raymond, recalling what he had said.


‘It’s simple, but he had made his point. Raymond is truly magnificent’


Same with the Bay Area Reform Plan the other day.


It was Raymond who showed a surprising insight.


‘Maybe Raymond’s talent is not limited to being a healer.’


In Galman’s view, Raymond wasn’t just outstanding as a healer.


Rather, it was because he is a healer that it was not easily recognized, but he seemed to have better knowledge and insight than most administrative officials.


‘By the way, what is Your Highness thinking about Baron Penin?’


I can’t believe he was thanking him.


Galman was surprised to hear what Auden said.


This is because he knew that King Oden was never an easy person to say such things.


However, upon closer inspection, there was no trace of any special emotion. It was just the eyes of a nonchalant and cold-hearted monarch.


“Then, Galman, where do you think is the root cause of all this?”


“It’s obvious. There’s only one place that has the ability to airlift infectious diseases from the Principality of the Michelan, hoping for chaos in our kingdom,” said Chancellor Galman coldly. “It must be just the Kingdom of Droton.” 


Kingdom of Droton!


It was a hostile state to the kingdom of Houston and has been fighting with them for more than a hundred years.


“It is highly likely that the assassination attempt of His Highness the other day was also their work.”


The air sank heavily between the two.


It was more than a serious case. 


“It’s not a matter to be publicized in advance.”


Galman agreed. This is because it could turn into a war if done wrong.


“Let’s look into it more clearly.”


“I understand, Your Highness.”


Galman, who withdrew from the palace, looked out of the window.


It felt like dark clouds were gathering in the clear sky.


‘I don’t feel good.’


Galman shook his head, hoping that his worries were just groundless.




The epidemic has caused many ripples.


It goes without saying that Raymond’s support in the Bay Area has increased even more.


Even outside the Bay Area, people began to mention Raymond’s name. 


“Recently, an epidemic in the capital almost broke out, but a healer came forward and then resolved it.”


“That’s a relief. Who is it? Who is this great healer?”


“Don’t be surprised. His name is Raymond. The illegitimate son of His Highness, the King.”


“Huh? Really? Didn’t they say that he is very ugly? I also heard that he is supposed to be an idiot who hasn’t even qualified as a healer for five years.”


“I thought so too. But then they said that he did a great job this time. I was surprised.” 


People reacted in amazement.


A filthy illegitimate child.


Disgusting filth.


An ugly moron.


This was what ordinary people thought of Raymond.


But for the first time, other rumors began to circulate among people.\


There were still a lot of dubious reactions, but just the fact that these rumors were circulating was a very positive thing.


However, there was also an unwelcome response, due to the ‘Wand of Light Medal’ that Raymond received.


Public healers were outraged that a ‘pseudo’ like Raymond had been given such an award.


“Nonsense! A wand of light medal for those who use such ‘pseudo sorcery!’”


By pseudo sorcery, they meant medicine.


For orthodox healers, medicine was just a baseless remedy that came out of nowhere.


“Saint Alex will weep in his grave!”


They were healers at Maple Treatment Center, one of the top three treatment centers in the capital.


“We have to do something!”


In fact, there was a reason why they reacted so sensitively.


This is because the Bay Area where Raymond is located and the Lyme District where these Maple Healers are located were just around the corner.


If Raymond’s reputation continues to rise, he could steal their patients.


‘I can’t lose a patient to an idiot who uses that kind of shaman to treat people.’ The therapists huffed and thought so.


The Maple Treatment Center has built an absolute influence in the Lyme District where ordinary people live.


An iron fortress.


That was the power of the Maple Treatment Center in the Lyme District.


However, there was a person who dared to snoop around the iron fortress.


A person who also uses non-funny miscellaneous art called medicine.


“Not long ago, they said he used a bizarre technique called blood transfusion. He injected blood into someone else. Oh, my God!”


“We must find a way!”


“We can’t leave it as it is for the sake of the patients!”


As the voice grew louder and louder, a soft voice rang out in the conference room.


“Is that all of the agenda for today’s meeting?”




It was the voice of a low woman, and the whole conference room shuts up just like that.


“I don’t know since when the clinic meeting changed to a place where we gossip about men.”


‘She’s beautiful.’


This was everyone’s first thought upon seeing her.


She was a gentle and intelligent woman with dark black hair that lay calmly down her shoulders.


Her eyes were the color of the deep blue sea, but they were beyond clear. 


A gentle smile formed on her lips.


“Princess Christine.”


She still smiled and corrected the other person’s words.


“Please refrain from calling me princess. I’m not here as a princess.”


“Sorry. I’m sorry, chief healer.”


She is Princess Christine!


She is the second daughter of Prince Raven, one of the three major dukes of the Kingdom of Houston.


Also, she wasn’t just born with a noble lineage. She had another great point.


It’s healing power!


With her whooping B+ grade healing power, she was one of the most powerful healers here at Maple Treatment Center.


From a noble lineage to a powerful healing power.


It was no wonder that everyone was taken aback by just one word from her. 


“Is it so important to speak ill of Baron Penin? Enough to spare all the time for the meeting?” Princess Christine asked, tilting her head.


It was a soft voice, but a clear rebuke.


The healers swallowed their saliva and said.


“I think the harm he is doing is too great to be left alone.”




Christine leaned her chin disapprovingly.


She looked at the healers who spoke out.


She looked as if she was asking if they were really talking about the patients’ state.




Is it because they feel guilty? The healers slipped away.


Christine lets out a soft sigh as she rose from her seat.


“Okay. I have a patient to see, so I’ll get going.”


When she left the conference room, she frowned and clicked her tongue.


“Tsk. Anyway.”


It was obvious why they were so invested in slandering Raymond.


Their ugliness was beyond pathetic.


‘Of course, it’s not entirely wrong in this case. There is certainly a problem with Baron Penin’s treatment,’ 


She looked out the window: Northwest, towards the Bay Area.


“It’s medicine. I certainly shouldn’t have left such a monstrous treatment as it is…….”


Although she didn’t want to see the ugly faces of her fellow healers, she was also against Raymond’s medical treatment.


However, the reason was different from other healers who blindly opposed it because of greed and malice, but it was really because of the fact that she cares for her patients.


“Common sense tells us that such a bizarre treatment can’t be helpful to the patient. There must be a big side effect.’ Christine was a healer who really cared about her patients.


‘……Let’s look at the patient first and think about it later.’


She stopped thinking about Raymond and moved on.


It was more urgent and important to treat the patient in front of her than to think of a botched healer using such pseudo-miscellaneous techniques.




Even after Christine left, the healers continued to discuss how to stop Raymond’s medical practice.


However, it was not easy to come to a conclusion because Raymond’s medical skills were recognized by King Oden.


Unless there was a clear reason, it cannot be stopped.


“If that doesn’t work, we can disqualify him as a healer.”




Baron Canton!


As a C-level healer, he was the director of Maple Therapy Center here.


Considering that all the directors of other famous treatment centers are grade A and grade B+, it was a very sagging healing power.


Baron Canton’s real power was not healing power, but elsewhere.


Political power.


Maple Treatment Center did not monopolize the Lyme District from the beginning. Originally, there were many other competing therapeutics.


The reason why Maple Treatment Center stood tall in the Lyme District and was able to grow to the third largest Treatment Center was entirely due to Baron Canton’s ability.


He brought down his rivals one by one through his ingenious and unmarked vicious trick and was now monopolizing the treatment of the Lyme District.


As such, he came up with a great idea again this time.


“There will be compulsory training for new healers soon. At that time, you can give them a failing grade and disqualify them.”




Everyone looked surprised.


Baron Canton gave a sinister smile.


“Since it was just decided that I take charge of the compulsory training of new healers, there won’t be difficult to give him a failing grade.”


Compulsory training for new healers!


It provides education to those who have just become healers.


“Well… it’s a clever idea.”


“That would justifiably suspend his eligibility for treatment.” The therapists smiled with admiration.


“How talentless is he that he had been apprenticed for five years?”


“There’s no way a guy who uses medicine or other tricks can pass the test.”


“I wonder what kind of humiliation he will get when he takes the test.” The therapists laughed and chatted.


Everyone was looking down on Raymond’s ability.


Perhaps it was a natural reaction.


After all, they can’t imagine any other treatment in the world other than healing.


Everyone smiled pleasantly, not doubting Raymond’s elimination.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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