DP 5

DP 5

Chapter 5


There’s nothing Raymond can do. He can’t half-assed clean the station just so he can have the easy way out. He couldn’t do that to his patient. So, he tried to cheer himself up by imagining wealth and movies to enjoy later.


Raymond cleaned up hard, recalling the bucket lists he had hoped for in his dream.


Maybe it’s because he was imagining happy things, but fortunately, time went by well.


“Oh, I’m tired. Cleaning the facility is so hard.”


“If I get to succeed later, I’ll definitely hire a cleaner dedicated to the treatment center.”


Raymond, who wiped the floor brightly, patted his waist and sighed.


His whole body ached from cleaning hard.


“Will it be less tiring if I start raising my physical strength?”’ He asked himself.


It was time to think about it like that.


Ding-ring, a message popped up in his mind.


[The aid station has been thoroughly cleaned]


[Achievement: ‘Sanitation Improvement’ has been achieved.]


[You’ll get 10 skill points!]


[Bonus points are given for great achievements.]


[You’ll get 10 skill points!]


[Bonus level up!]


[Level goes up to 5!]


[Special bonus is given!] 


[You’ll be ‘a little bit better’ at cleaning from now on!]


He managed to level up again!


Privileges were also given. It wasn’t very pleasant, though.


That wasn’t the only message he got anyway.


[You have reached 40 skill points!]


[Skills can be purchased at the market!]


Buy skills!


‘Finally, I can use points to learn new skills.’ Raymond cheered internally.


“Which skills are available?”


[You can purchase normal and attribute skills.]


[This is the first purchase, so benefits will be applied.]


[You can buy a unique skill for 40 points!]


Amazing skills have emerged on the list as a message of perks.


[List of Privilege Purchases]


– Iron Man’s Physical Strength (Unique)


– Seojeon’s hand movements (Unique)


– The Eyes of the Sage (Unique)


There was no detailed explanation.


However, Raymond could guess the approximate use of the skill only by its name.


Each of these skills supports stats which are physical strength, senses, and intelligence.


All of them were essential skills for seeing patients.


Raymond initially wanted to get all of these skills.


Unfortunately, however, a warning message came to his mind.  


[Caution: Make a careful choice! The opportunity for perks doesn’t come easily.]


Raymond groaned.


It has a ‘unique’ rating.


A very high level of skill.


He doesn’t know how many skill points he would need to collect to get a chance to buy such skills again.


Therefore, he had to choose the skill that he thought was the most important.


“What do I do?”


The night at the aid station deepened with worries.




It was when Raymond was thinking about which unique skill to choose when suddenly, dark clouds flooded the aid station.


A patient who vomits blood was brought in!


He was a seriously ill patient who could not be saved unless a healer poured out enormous healing power.



“What a bloody man! Go ahead and use your heals!”




The emergency patient who suddenly appeared made the aid station messy.


Apprentice Hanson, who was guarding the aid station, urgently used his healing powers, but it was useless.


“Oh, my!”


Raymond’s face, which was next to him, also hardened.


‘It’s serious hematemesis. You need to use grade A heals to treat this kind of patient!’


Heal is not a miraculous ability where in you can heal a wound by simply touching it.


It’s a force that promotes vitality.


Therefore, the utility has been reduced in this acute bleeding.


A large amount of blood is pouring from the blood vessels, and even if it promotes vitality, it cannot easily stop bleeding. Of course, promoting vitality has the effect of activating coagulation, so it was not without treatment at all, but the efficiency has decreased.


Therefore, this serious bleeding could have required grade A heals.


“We need a grade-A healer. Where can we find such a therapist right now?”’


Grade A!


It was a class of heals that only the highest-ranking healer could use.


For reference, there was only one person at the Beland Clinic with A-grade healing power, it’s the director.


There were also very few B-level healers in the facility.


‘Medical medicine …can cure this patient.’


Raymond gulped down.


It wasn’t that there was no way out.


Medical medicine- that amazing ability could cure this patient.


‘According to the knowledge of surgery, there is a way to operate on these patients.’


But there was a problem.


Raymond’s current ability cannot perform such surgery.


If he raises his level more and becomes an ‘experienced resident’, he might have a chance. But he can’t do it right now with his current skills.


A hemostatic operation is not a difficult operation.


It is a surgery that is sufficiently possible even at the novice level.


The problem is that Raymond’s level is the lowest among surgical residents.


It was absolutely impossible that they would let him take this patient.


‘What do I do?’ He asked himself.


Then, chief healer Lance came down.


“A hematemesis patient?”


“Yes, healer. Director Bugs is now out of town to treat the nobleman.”


Lance frowned at the patient who was vomiting blood. He also noticed that the patient’s condition is serious.


“We can’t help it. There’s no way for us to treat him, so send him back.”




Raymond was astonished at the words.


What does he mean by sending him back?


Then this patient dies.


“Shouldn’t you use your heals?”


“Use heal? Look at him vomiting blood now. It would be impossible even if we use our heal.”




Of course, Raymond knows that an A-class heal is needed.


But he’d let the patient die without even trying?


“But just in case it gets better…….”




Lance coldly interrupted Raymond.


“Are you trying to teach me now? How dare you?”




“A pathetically failed student who couldn’t get out of apprenticeship for five years….”


The growl made Raymond cringe unknowingly.


“If you’re so worried about the patient, why don’t you treat him yourself?” 


“What?” Raymond clenched his fist.


He was not capable of coming forward.


‘What should I do?’ He asked himself again.


In fact, it was not something to worry about.


Why did he, an apprentice, have to say something when the chief healer had already given up?


Even if he came forward, he was much more likely to fail. And even if he came forward for no reason and then something went wrong with the patient, Lance could use an unfair dump against him.


In the worst-case scenario, he could have been disqualified from apprenticeship.


‘Disqualification of internship’


No! How can I ever throw it away? It’s wise to stay silent. He had already endured too much.


If Raymond comes out without knowing the subject and is turned over and disqualified from the apprenticeship, it’s over.


So he has to stay put for now.


‘I’m not being cowardly. Even if I come forward, I can’t save that patient. So…’ Raymond kept convincing himself in his mind.


But at that moment, he realized another thing.


Raymond bit his lip tightly.


The blood-soaked patient’s face caught his eye.


If no one comes forward, that patient will die.


“Damn it!”


It was that moment!


[A sudden quest was given!]


[Become an avid healer!]


(Medicine Quest)


Rating: One-half scalpel


Difficulty level: High


Clear Conditions: Treat patients with a strong will even if the difficulty exceeded one’s skills.


Reward: Bonus level up x2 and 30 skill points


In an instant, many thoughts passed by Raymond’s head.


If he’d think about it selfishly, it’s best to stay still.


That’s what he thought.


But with the patient dying like this, is it right to stay still?


No matter how important my safety is?


“Damn it! I don’t know!”


It was the moment Raymond swear as he closed his eyes that a couple of messages popped inside his head again.


[Skill, Heart of Steel is manifested!]


[You will have a will-like steel and a strong will.]


Upon listening to the message, Raymond committed a crime.


“Can I really treat the patient?”




Lance’s eyes were stained with absurdity.


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“Now…… what?”


“If you allow me, I’ll treat this patient.”




Everyone looked at Raymond in embarrassment.


Raymond himself couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by what he said.


‘Are you crazy? What do you mean that you’d treat that bloody man?! Damn it! There’s no way I can cure it!’ 


Raymond’s heart starts to beat like crazy.


He then wondered whether he should take back what he said now.


‘But I am not letting my hands go while a patient is dying right in front of me!’


As others have said, he doesn’t have any grand sense of duty as a healer.


Rather, he chose the path of a healer for success, so it can be said that he a kind of snob (?).


Even so.


<Now that I have permission to engage in medicine, I solemnly pledge to dedicate my life to human service.>


No matter how snobbish he is.


Like that phrase contained in the ‘general medicine’ knowledge.


If he had become a healer, he was at least obliged not to turn a blind eye to a dying patient.


“Ha, you seem to be out of your mind somewhere. Do as you please!”


Lance burst out laughing and growled.


“Keep that in mind instead. If you go out of the way without knowing the subject and get a bad result, I will hold you responsible then.”




The threat rattled Raymond’s heart.


But it is already a situation where he cannot back down. Raymond nodded firmly.


“Okay, then I’ll treat the patient right away.”




Lance and the other healers left Raymond with the patient and quickly disappeared.


“I wish you great luck this time too.” Lance sneered before leaving from behind.

‘Can I do this?’


Raymond looked at the patient with heavy eyes.


It didn’t matter if he could do it now or not. All he had to do was do his best.


Then, I heard an unexpected voice.


“How can I help you, senior?” 


It was Hanson!


Raymond looked at Hanson’s face in surprise.


“I don’t want to see this patient die like this either.”


Hanson blushed slightly and shyly after saying that.


Raymond felt fortunate.


It is impossible to proceed with the operation alone, but a helper came out.


“Thank you. Then will you prepare whatever I will tell you?”


“Yes, I will. But how are you going to treat this patient?” Hanson asked anxiously.


“My seniors and my healing prowess will never save this patient.”


“I’m going to save this patient in another way than heals.”


“What? What do you mean using other than heals?” Hanson asked back in surprise.


He seemed to have no idea of any other treatment other than heal.


It was natural.


heal was the alpha and omega of healing.


‘What should I say?’ Raymond agonized.


He was at a loss for words to explain.


“I plan to treat this patient with the mystical secret techniques that have been passed down in ancient times.”




“For your information, ancient healers used medicine…… It’s an ability that they used to call it.”

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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