DP 45

DP 45

Chapter 45


“Without expecting any gain…. However, are you going to keep looking at me with a baseless prejudice?”


When Lao heard that, he bit his lips tightly.


He didn’t believe Raymond.


But is it because of the disease that has clouded his judgment?


Lao is confused now


The clear emerald glow seemed to be only concerned for himself.


“I don’t know why you are looking at me like that. I just acted with a heart for the patient.”




“Honestly, I don’t like you. But do you know why I am stepping up like this?”


“……how come?”


“Because you are a patient now!”




Thanks to the speech skill, emotion was desperately added to the sentence.


“At this moment, nothing else matters to me except that you are a patient. I just want to treat you as a healer.”


‘I want to heal you.’


Those words pounded Lao’s chest as he lays on the sick bed.


‘Did I misunderstand him?’


Lao’s eyes shook.


‘I don’t know.’


‘Honestly, I still don’t believe it.’


A sense from Lao tingles as if warning him.


‘I shouldn’t trust him.’


‘But still…….’


There was one thing Lao felt.


‘I don’t think his statement about him wanting to cure me is a lie.’


‘If it’s a lie, I won’t see him with those intense eyes.’


‘Those look in his eyes were not ones that could be fabricated.’


‘If even that look in his eyes is fake, then the healer in front of me would be an unmatched performer or a con artist.’


“……Is there a way to cure me?”


Raymond nodded.


“According to ancient knowledge, this infectious disease is caused by the reduction of blood components in the body called platelets.”


The identity of the epidemic is still unknown.


However, Pathogenesis was able to understand how infectious diseases cause problems.


Therefore, I could also know what the cure was.


It was simple.


“So we need to fill in the missing ingredients.”


“That means…?”


“We just have to fill you someone else’s blood.”


At that moment, there was silence in the room.


Did the head refuse to accept it? They all didn’t seem to understand Raymond’s meaning properly.


But that’s also for a while.


Lao was furious.


“What nonsense is that! The devil can use it! I can’t accept it!”


He always looked against the limit.


‘It’s a natural reaction.’


Raymond thought.


A blood transfusion.


It’s a common remedy in the modern world, but not here.


“I understand your surprise. However, there is no other cure than this.”


“Go! I will never use that method!” Lao shouted with a red face.


‘As expected! He was a fraud!’


Raymond sighed and looked straight at Lao.


‘I was expecting this kind of reaction.’


‘Of course, I was also thinking about countermeasures.’


“You’re a coward.”




“After all, aren’t you afraid? To accept a new treatment. Lord Lao, the genius of the Royal Academy, is no different from others.”


It was a provocation.


And a genius like the top graduate of the Royal Academy never just backs down from provocation!


Lao clenched his fist tightly.


Raymond got up from his seat like a clipper.


“I see. I can’t help it if you don’t want to.”




“I made it clear. I’m trying to heal you. But if you’re scared…… It can’t be helped.”


‘I have made an emphasis to “if you’re scared”.’


In the end, Lao said.


“I see. Then I shall accept the cure method that you have stated.”




“But if the cure you mentioned is wrong…… I will not forgive you then, even if I die.”


Raymond nodded.


“I see. Instead, if the treatment is successful, the supervisor should also give me one reward.”


“What do you want? If it’s money, I’ll try as hard as I can…….”


“No, I don’t want money.”


Money is always the first priority for Raymond, but he wanted something else this time.


“If you live safely, take me as your brother.”




Raymond smiled inwardly.


‘It’s time for me to get a high-ranking official as well.’


Lao’s impression was distorted.


“What kind of absurdity is that all of a sudden……?”


“Have you not considered me unfounded and ill-founded so far?”


Raymond spoke with an expression as if he had eaten salt.


“So, please take me as your brother for the rest of your life as an apology for misunderstanding and slandering me. That’s the price I want.”




It’s an urgent situation.


Raymond immediately began preparing for the transfusion.


“I will give you my blood! I can’t let other’s dirty blood come in contact with your body!” cried Han, with such determination.


A simple cross-reaction test showed that blood could be transfused.


Platelet transfusions do not necessarily have to be the same blood type, but it was good to check just in case.


“But how would you put blood into my body? Don’t you have to bite my neck like a vampire?”


“If it is for you young master, I’ll gladly give you my neck!”


“……No, I refuse. I don’t have a hobby of biting the neck of a middle-aged man. Is there any other way?”


Raymond nodded.


Of course, it wasn’t that way.


“We’re not going to inject raw blood, but we’re going to first separate platelets from the blood.”




They didn’t seem to understand what Raymond was saying.


“……there is such a way anyway.”


Whole blood transfusion.


It is a method of transfusing whole blood, but it is ineffective and has many side effects.


“It’s a blood transfusion method that’s rarely used in the modern world.’


Raymond, therefore, intended to use another blood transfusion method.


A whole blood transfusion!


If only platelets are separated and transfused, side effects can be minimized and effects can be maximized.


‘The problem is we need a centrifuge. There can’t be such a state-of-the-art machine here.’


But there was a way.


If the modern Earth is a world of science, Laipentaina is a world of swords and magic.


‘I can use magic.’


‘Market browsing. Auxiliary skills.’


A list of available skills came to Raymond’s mind.


His level went up, so there were many skills that Raymond can buy now due to his amassed skill points.


‘Buy Wind Magic!’


[Purchased Basic (D-Class) Wind Magic!]


[80 skill points are used up!]


[Wind Magic]


Classification: Auxiliary (magic) skills


Magic grade: Basic


Proficiency: D


– Can use wind magic.


-The higher your skill level, the more proficient and intense wind magic you can use!


The principle of implementing wind magic came into Raymond’s head.


Han’s blood was collected and put in a glass bottle specially treated with reagents.


Since then, blood vessels have been inserted into special devices such as pinwheels that can be rotated by the wind.


‘I was in a hurry to make a custom, so I broke my budget just for this.’ 




Raymond swallowed his tears as he looked at the crude pinwheel-shaped special tool.


He assumed that the infectious disease was a hemorrhagic fever and immediately commissioned the Dwarp workshop.


I don’t think there’s much technology in it, but it’s a big deal because it was urgently requested.


‘The evil dwarfs who only light up money. I’ll be rich for sure.’


That’s it for Raymond’s useless thoughts.


Centrifugation began immediately.




The wind magic unfolded and the barrel of blood began to spin.


[Intellect is high compared to the level of magic used!]


[You can use your magic more sophisticatedly and powerfully!]


It was a message that came from his mind.


For reference, Raymond’s current intellectual stat is 23.


At this rate, it seemed to be a much higher level of intelligence than “Learner magicians” who use D-grade magic.


‘It has to last as long as possible.’


Perhaps because it was a dwarf’s craft, it worked well even if the wind was weak.


But soon enough, a problem arose.


‘Can’t this magic last longer than I thought? I’m deliberately concentrating on a narrow range and using magic without waste. But I am still running out of mana that quickly.’

Raymond looked disheartened.


‘Is there any way to raise mana?’


Raymond felt frustrated.


‘Why is there no way to raise mana stats? What’s the point of learning magic? I should be able to raise mana too! I’ve already learned 4 magics, so I’m already at the level of an apprentice wizard.’


It was then.


As if to answer, a message came to his mind.


[You have acquired a total of 4 magic skills]


[You met the criteria for opening up the additional stat!]


[Additional stat will be opened]




Stamina: 15


Sense: 20


Intellect: 23


? → Mana: 1




Raymond’s eyes grew bigger.


The item that was always displayed only as ‘?’ has changed to ‘Mana’!


But that wasn’t the end of the message.


[The bowl of the top half (mana channel) is very small!]


[The soil before the middle ground (mana heart) is very barren!]


[The bottom half (mana hole) is completely dry!]


It was a cheap message.


Top Half (Channel).


Before the middle ground (heart).


Lower Half (hole).


Each is a place where healers, wizards, and knights accumulate mana.


But I can’t accumulate mana in any of them?


‘What? So what? What am I going to do with Mana?’


[The 4th place, accumulates mana in the veins!]


[The mana vain is activated!]




Raymond looked surprised again.


‘Mana in the veins? ‘What nonsense?’


Avein of blood.


It’s the way blood flows, that is, blood vessels.


‘I can’t believe I’m accumulating mana in my blood vessels!’


‘It was an article I’d never heard or seen in my life.’


But Raymond couldn’t argue more.


Soon another message resurfaced.


[You will be given a bonus for opening up the mana stat for the first time!]


[10 stat points will be given!]


[Caution: It can only be used to raise the mana stat.]


Raymond clenched his fist.


‘It doesn’t matter whether it’s blood or anything. Anyway, it’s important that I can accumulate mana now.’


Raymond immediately converted the stat point to mana.


[Mana: 1 → 6]


I used 10 points, but only half, or 5 points, went up.


Unlike other stats, the demand for points seemed to have doubled.


As Mana rose from one to six, suddenly an indescribable sense of fullness rose throughout his body.




Raymond clenched his fist.


The mana that had dried up and twisted gave Raymond strength again.


‘Concentrating on the narrowest possible area so that it won’t come out too strong.’


The D-class wind is a powerful magic that instantly blows strong winds around it for an instant.


That is why Raymond is in need of focusing on the narrowest area as much as possible and spreading it with appropriate force.


Thanks to this, it was able to last for a considerable period of time, and the centrifugation was successful.


“It’s done!”


The blood was divided into three layers by weight.


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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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