DP 40

DP 40

Chapter 40


‘Ugh. Why didn’t they give a hint in advance that I’ll be having an audience thsi high of status.’


My timid instinct worked and I was very nervous.


Raymond’s face stiffened and his heart fluttered.


“Greetings, Your Highness.”

Meanwhile, the third prince, Lemarton, looked at Raymond with strange eyes.


To be honest, Lemarton had mixed feelings when he heard Raymond’s story.


‘I can’t believe he made such a contribution in the Bay Area. He won the hearts of the slums? No way. How?’ 


The Bay Area has been dismissed as a malignant abscess that no one can touch.


All the princes tried to pacify the Bay Area, but only suffered a desperate failure.


‘So I didn’t think I could butter it. I can’t believe Raymond could even make a big contribution.’ Lemarton shook his head.


‘Does it have something to do with being from the slums?’


Remert was so denigrated.


‘Raymond was born with a low bloodline, so that must’ve been the reason why he gets along well with lowly people.’


‘And seeing how nervous he is today, I think it’s an accurate idea.’


There is no way that such a  guy could have done a good job this big properly.


‘It wouldn’t be bad for him to stay in the slum for the rest of his life. He is an illegitimate child anyway, so there’s no place for him to be used properly. He found a suitable spot.’


Lemarton found composure and thought so.


‘If Raymond was going to stay in the slum, he was going to sponsor him.’


‘He who looks at the throne can afford to give that much.’



The second prince, Kairn, was also looking at Raymond with a strange smile.


He did not have the thoughts of dismissing Raymond unlike the third prince, Lemarton did.


The degree of disregard should be somewhat appropriate.


He is considered the closest to the next throne. It was so different from Raymond, who was so humble. Cairn thinks he is too great for him.


Just as humans do not ignore bugs, he wouldn’t let Raymond go unharmed.


He just looked at him with interest.


“……Our scruffy puppy has grown so much.”


Kairn murmured quietly.”I’m a little greedy. It’d be fun to keep you around.”


It was the moment when Lemarton frowned at his brother’s muttering.


“Get up. Come forward.” King Oden stated.


“Yes, Your Highness.”


Thump. Thump.


‘Why was I born so timid?’


When Raymond stepped forward and received a lot of attention, his heart beats like it was going to explode.


His mind seemed to go blank as well.


“I heard you did a great job in the Bay Area this time. It is not a small achievement since you also wiped out the group of evil that was causing trouble in the slums.”


“Is there a reward you want? Tell me if there is.”


Raymond swallowed his saliva.


At last, the moment of fate has come.




It was the perfect moment to shout it.


However, what Princess Sophia said popped up in Raymond’s mind.

‘Depending on what choice you make, today’s reward may be a golden opportunity for you.’

Is it because of her past treatment that she is giving advice to him?


Raymond was troubled.


‘It’s not an opportunity that comes easily. Is it really the right choice to ask for money?’


Of course, if you ask for money, you will get a considerable reward.


But is that really the best answer?


‘I want money the most.’


It could have been a mistake.


Like Sophia said, it’s an opportunity to get much bigger.


Another thought then came to mind.


The girl who was seeing him off with her skinny hands passed through his head.


Then, Raymond’s method flashed across his mind.


‘I can get money, and I can get other things at the same time.’


‘Do I really to throw something away?’




The best thing to do is to get both.


There was a genius way to get money, and save the Bay Area.


“I am sorry, but there are things I want.”


“What is it?”


Oden’s eyes caught a flash of color.


As the king faced him, Raymond felt both nervous and complicated.


The two were rich.


But Raymond would rather not bring up being related by blood.


Raymond felt a deep resentment in his heart.


He could definitely feel it at this moment.


That he doesn’t like his father. He has a feeling close to resentment.


Maybe he hates him.


‘It doesn’t matter now. Let’s not think about useless things.’


Raymond shook his head.


Then a message came to his mind.

[You have chosen the path of “Great Doctor”!]


[The Heart of Steel is being manifested!]


[You will have a strong will!]

Raymond’s appearance has changed.


His heart calmed down and his tension subsided.


‘I didn’t choose the path of grandeur. It’s just a choice for my greed.’ 


General medical knowledge has this phrase.


If a doctor who treats a disease is a small doctor, a doctor who changes society for a patient is a great doctor.


Raymond had no intention of being such a cause.


What’s the point of changing society on his subject? The cure for the disease was to overflow his bowl.


‘I just chose it out of selfishness.Let’s take this opportunity to get the reward that is in my best interest.’


The choice is only beneficial to the Bay Area people.


“Please drop the money.”




Disappointment flashed through Oden’s eyes.


The aristocracy responded similarly.


“I can’t believe it’s money that he is only asking for at a place like this.”


“As expected of a lowborn illegitimate child.”


But Raymond’s words did not end there.


“Please drop the money in the Bay Area.”

[Putting out an argument for others.]


[Skill: ‘Speech’ is manifested!]

“I heard that this incident brought back a huge amount of money. If possible, please use the money for the Bay Area.”




Surprise spread across everyone’s faces.


“The Dark Blade Guild’s properties are all made from sucking up the blood of the people from the Bay Area and the bribes that the aristocrats involved received. So I think it’s right to use the property returned to them for the people of the Bay Area.”




There was a moment of silence at the scene of the egg.


Everyone looked at Raymond in amazement.


‘How could he make such a request?’


Chancellor Galman was surprised.


‘I knew Raymond was always thinking of others, but I can’t believe he is asking for this as a prize.’ 


Galman wasn’t the only one who thought of this.


The aristocracy was also shocked.


Raymond, who used to be a dirty illegitimate child, can’t believe he’s telling such a great statement .


The more nobles who ignored him were so surprised.


Everyone in the hall blinked and only looked at Raymond.


Come to think of it, Raymond’s appearance was completely different from the first time.


His trembling appearance was nowhere to be seen and a sense of pride flowed out of him. In harmony with his good looks, they felt the dignity that was hard to imagine as a low illegitimate child. 


‘As expected of Raymond. That’s what you look like when you make an argument for others,’ Galman thought in admiration.


It was like Raymond he knew.


He is only thinking of others.


Raymond, the true healer of this era who doesn’t care for anyone else.


Meanwhile, Raymond thought to himself.


‘If I do this, the Bay Area would definitely benefit, and I can take advantage of this as well!’ 


‘How can I make a profit?’


‘How will they decide where to spend the money for the Bay Area?’


‘I’m sure they will consult me. No one knows the Bay Area better than I am.’


‘At that time, he intended to receive herbal medicine fees or other treatment subsidies by emphasizing the poor treatment environment. It actually cost a lot of money. Every time I treat a patient, I spend a lot of money.’ A prime example is the surgical melting thread.


It was full of money such as implementation.


8There is a limit to the reward, so I can get more money this way than just a reward.’


Also, that was not the only benefit to him.


‘This choice will give me a great reputation.’


He had several limitations.


The limit of being a dirty illegitimate child.


The limitation of using medicine that is tantamount to pseudo in a world where heals are traditional.


The slums had his treatment because they had nothing to say about it, but did the people outside do the same?


‘Absolutely not. It’s time to think about expanding out of the slums, but people won’t come to me easily for treatment.’


There was one way.


I had to market the patients to come.


And there was nothing like a reputation for such marketing.


It is not just limited to the slums, but a great reputation that will spread outside.


‘Since it was said in front of the king, the rumor will definitely spread. I’m sure it’ll have a big effect.’


It was clear from the reaction of the people who were surprised now.


‘It’s a valuable image marketing that I can’t do even if I spend a lot of money.’


Then King Oden asked an unexpected question.


“Then how do you think that money should be spent on the Bay Area?”




Raymond blinked his eyes.


‘Your Highness should take care of that, why are you asking me?’ he gave this pretend expression to him.


“Didn’t you make such a request because you were thinking about something?”


“Environmental improvement is the most urgent.”


Raymond told what he felt while treating patients.


The Bay Area was too dirty.


Because it was not properly managed, drinking water could be contaminated, and there were a lot of rats and bugs spreading the disease on every street.


If the environment improves, the number of patients dying from disease will decrease dramatically.


But Oden seems to have found Raymond’s answer somewhat unsatisfactory.


“We do need to improve the environment. But that is not enough. What more do you think it takes for the Bay Area people’s lives to ultimately improve?”


Galman looked slightly surprised at Oden’s question.


This was a topic that Oden could never solve in his life.


‘But why is he asking Raymond about it?’


‘Is he testing Raymond?’


It is not like he would really want an answer.


The king just wants to hear what Raymond will say.


Meanwhile, Raymond, who was asked, thought with perplexity.


‘Why do you keep asking me that as a healer? The king must be the one to take care of it and think of a way to improve the lives of the Bay Area people!’


‘How could I possibly know that?’


‘No, come to think of it, I have a plan in mind.’


An idea flashed through Raymond’s mind.


Now Raymond has been in the Bay Area for quite a long time.


Naturally, he had no choice but to think about the slums, and how he can change the Bay Area. He had indeed thought of that.


Of course, he had thought of it but then moved on afterwards.


‘Well, can I talk about it?’

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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