DP 37

DP 37

Chapter 37




“For your information, it’s a high-quality secret art that only noble people can receive.” 


‘Only noble people can get it.’


The words convinced Toms.


As the master of the underworld guild, he is vain and has strong pride.


“If that’s the case, I should rather ask for a favor. Please take good care of me.” 


Raymond looked around.


“Would you please step aside for a moment? “The medical examination is an ancient secret technique.” 


Toms nodded without much doubt.


“You guys stay away for a while. I’ll work with the healer.”


“Yes, sir.”


As the men left the room, Toms spoke with delight.


“I am very delighted to receive such good service. Oh don’t worry about the pay in the future.”


“How are you going to pay for it?”


“Don’t worry. I’ll hit you with my best so you won’t be disappointed. It’ll be the best in the industry.”


Toms gave a vague answer, but did not give an exact amount.


‘This fucking bastard. You’re going to treat me like a slave and not pay me.’


Raymond could see Toms’ scheme right away.


But he smiled as if he didn’t know and as if he were innocent.


“I see. I’ll trust you, Toms!”


“My my.”


“Now that I’m going to start, would you like to lie down on the sofa here? I’ll use the best secret technique from here onwards.” Toms lay on the sofa without a doubt.


There’s no way Raymond, an empty-handed weakling without a weapon, can do anything.


“Let me examine your abdomen first.”


Raymond gently pressed his abdomen as if he would his patient.


“Yes, there seems to be no particular abnormality. I’ll look at the heart next.”


“What is that?”


“An ancient artifact, a stethoscope. It helps us know the abnormalities of the heart.”


 It was an object that was embodied through a dwarves’ workshop. By the way, it also costs a fortune.


‘Jesus, those dwarves. It’s all about money. It’s all about money. This is the sorrow of not having money. Someday I’ll enjoy wealth and comfort.’ 


Raymond took the stethoscope to his heart, erasing miscellaneous thoughts. 


It was an important moment.


Thump! Thump!


Is it from the stethoscope?


Or is his heart pounding from nervousness?


A thunderous sound rang out.


“Oh, my”


Raymond began the ‘Operation’ with a single moan.


“What’s wrong?”


“I think there’s something wrong with my heart.”


Toms looked surprised.


“On my heart?”


“Oh, yes. Don’t worry. I think we can treat it with a simple treatment.”


Raymond then slipped his palm over the heart of Toms.


The moment the palm lands exactly on the heart.


He was a bit nervous.








The sudden magic hit Toms’ heart exactly.


[Compared to the level of magic, your intelligence stat is high.]


[The magic effect becomes stronger!]

Toms’ body swung up and down. Then, after wriggling for a while, he fell down.


He passed out!

[Overwhelmed the villain against injustice!]


[Achievement: “The One Who Stands Against Injustice” has been achieved!]


[Bonus level up!]


[20 bonus skill points are accumulated!]

‘I did it! I did it!’


Raymond screamed inwardly.


He bowed his head to create this opportunity.


No matter how powerful Toms is, as long as the electric shock is directly applied to the heart, there will be no way to hold out.


‘It’s no time to be absent-minded! I must hurry!’


Raymond tied Toms’ wrist back through a rope he had brought in advance.


Then he locked the door so that no one could enter from outside. He then sighed.


‘Now if I’ll be able to hold out here, Kanshir will come to the rescue. Having Toms, the boss, taken hostage, there’s a good chance against the Dark Blade Guild.’


It was only because of Toms that the Dark Blade Guild became the best force in the entertainment district.


This is because he has the highest level out of mana users, which is different from the general underworld gang.


 ‘If I hadn’t raised Heart of Steel to grade A, I wouldn’t have thought of trying this kind of operation,’ Raymond lets out a long sigh.


Is it because of the heart of steel in proficiency A?


‘My heart was calmer than I thought even though I did this crazy thing.’


‘I screamed in my head, but my heart was calm.’


‘It was like my heart turned into steel.’


There was a moment of silence.


Perhaps because the heart of steel is activated in its full potential , it calmed his heart, but Raymond thought otherwise.


Raymond peeped through Toms’ clothes. Inside the chest was a package of keys!




Raymond’s eyes widened.


‘There must be a mountain of slush funds hidden. Let’s shake it off right now!’


After robbing the safe, the tiresome poverty was over.


Raymond’s heart thumped.


The heart of steel Class A  failed to stop his fluttering palpitations.


Raymond’s eyes flushed and scoured the office.Under the desk. In the corner of the corner. Behind the mural.


After searching every possible place, he was able to find a secret safe.


‘Now it’s a turnaround in life. There’s no need to look at the devil’s eyes!’ 


Raymond snapped open the safe.






There was no gold or silver treasure just as he expected.


There was only a pile of papers.


“What is this? No money.”


Raymond’s eyes grew bigger when he read it roughly.


It was a secret account!


So far, Toms’ illegal activities have been written in detail.


There was even a list of aristocrats who were bribed for their involvement in crime.


“This, this… It’s like…’


At that moment, his spine gets cold with the feeling of opening Pandora’s box.


There was an eerie voice soon after.


“How dare you…”


It was Toms!


Like a powerful knight, he came to consciousness in the meantime.


But Raymond was relaxed.


“Stay still. As a subject tied to the rope, give in and accept defeat!”


Raymond’s creed is strong and weak.


Toms tied to a gourd’s leash. He is now not something Raymond would be afraid of.


But at that moment.


“Tied? Are you talking about this?”


a twitching game.


The rope fell out of Toms’ hands.


He drew a manifestation of the mana blade and cut it off!




Raymond blinked for a moment and then hurriedly changed his tune.


“I’m sorry! I think there was something wrong with the treatment! The rope is a kind of therapy……!”


“Shut up! I’ll kill you!”




Toms limped up to Raymond.


It seemed that Raymond had just come to his senses and was unable to calm himself down. He seemed to be watching a horror play.


‘Oh my God. I’m going to die!’


Raymond shook his head for dear life.


At that moment, a way came to his mind.


‘Come to think of it, what are my current stats?’



Stamina: 13


Sense: 20


Intelligence: 18



On top of that, I’ve been leveling up in a row lately, so I had 2 extra stat points!


“2 points. Invest in physical strength!”

[Stamina stat has reached 15!]


[You can learn self-defense skills!]

‘View the market! Buy it! Self-defense skill’


Raymond opened the market with a feeling of grasping at straws.

[The special benefit will be applied for the purchase of first self-defense skill!]

A message flashed across his mind.

[Healer’s Self-Defense Technique]


Classification: Auxiliary (protective) skills


Rating: Unique


Proficiency: D


– Have the power to protect yourself in case of personal threat!


-In the event of a threat, your physical strength stat will temporarily increase by 10 and your sensory stat will increase by 5!

The skill was immediately activated.

[Stamina: 15 → 25]


[Sense : 20 → 25]

‘What? It’s not good!’


Raymond was in tears at the content of the skill that fell short of expectations.


‘With my stamina up, I definitely felt healthier. I think my senses got sensitive too.’


But Toms is a mana user.


‘I can’t deal with him just because I’m a little healthier!’


“I’ll kill you.”


Toms staggered up one step at a time.


‘Should I kneel down and beg now?’


Raymond shook his head.


It wasn’t the atmosphere for that to work.


When I looked into Toms’ eyes, it turned gray.


Raymond’s past passed by like a flashlight in the face of an extreme crisis.


Hard work. Bullying. Hunger. Sadness. Hard work. Hard work. Hard work!


‘I didn’t have any good memories.’


‘I’ve only suffered all my life, but the thought of dying like this was enough to make me want to cry.’


‘No! I can’t die like this! ‘I’m going to enjoy wealth and glory at least once!’


Eventually, Raymond clenched his teeth and pulled out a club for self-defense.


If it was Raymond, who was usually timid, he would have been shaking, but the heart of steel was working, so he could at least take out a weapon.




Raymond clenched his teeth and swung a club.


“Ha. How dare you…!”Toms snorted at the sight.


But then.


Something unbelievable happened.




Somehow, Toms’ eyes grew bigger when he saw a flying club.


Eyes as if in a great surprise.






Toms couldn’t avoid it and was beaten!


“What? How did this happen?”


Raymond made a silly noise.


He looked alternately at the club and the fallen Toms.


“……What happened to him?”


Raymond was dumbfounded by what happened.


Even though he wasn’t in his best condition, how could Toms not avoid such a club?


What’s more, he fainted with one shot.


‘Am I sure he is down?’


I suppose that’s right.


Looking at the message that came to mind.

[You bravely defeated a strong opponent!]


[Achievement: ‘Dwarf who toppled a giant’ has been achieved!]


[20 skill points will be given!]

[Privilege: When you fight against someone stronger than you, you will display a ‘slightly’ mysterious power!]

‘…Did the aftereffects of the lighting be bigger than I thought?’


‘Uh, let’s tie him up again anyway.’


This time it was time to tie it tightly so it could never be undone.


Suddenly there was a shout from outside.




“The Prince stepped up for us!”


“Let’s do it together!”


“These damn bastards!”


“Wait for us, Prince! We’ll join forces!”


At last people have finally came to save him!


But something was weird.


“The sound of the cheers?”’


It was huge.


It sounded like some army shouting.


“Did the Blue Moon Guild have this many?”’


Raymond’s eyes grew tearfully as he opened the window and looked out.


Crowds of slums were flocking to the Dark Blade Guild.


For Raymond.

[Title: The effect of “The Person Who Helps The Poos” is activated!]


[It has a huge influence on the poor!]


[You moved the hearts of the poor!]

And then, an unexpected message sounded like thunder.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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