DP 36

Chapter 36


Raymond did not stop there and pushed the hose through the incised skin.


A thick bank.


Blood poured out of the hose.


‘What if the bleeding doesn’t stop?’


Raymond checked the amount of blood coming out with his nervous eyes.




If more blood flowed out at once, a major operation had to be performed to stop the bleeding by opening the chest and finding a blood vessel.


In other words, open thoracotomy had to be performed.


Unfortunately, it was a major operation that Raymond could not perform with his current skills.


All Raymond’s ability could do now was to put in the hose and wait for the blood to stop naturally.


Stop, stop.


Fortunately, when it came out about 1L, the stem of blood began to weaken.


‘That’s enough! Now if I wait for the blood to drain, it will stop bleeding naturally.’


The worst was avoided for now.


But the situation was not over.


The patient’s breath was not stable even though the blood was taken out.


‘He can’t breathe properly because of my broken ribs. I need to make sure that his ribs are in place and move it stably.’


Fortunately, the fracture itself was not severe.


In this case, it was not necessary to attach the ribs perfectly.


It is enough to just help it find its place and allow the patient to breathe freely. Then, over time, the bones will naturally attach themselves.


Compared to other major surgeries, it was a simple surgery axis, but not for Raymond.


I had to put my heart and soul into it.


‘So that it doesn’t deviate.’


Raymond’s forehead was covered with cold sweat. He moved his fingers with maximum concentration and fell into the surgery.


Fortunately, the surgery was carried out smoothly thanks to his heightened senses.


Furthermore, the patient also passed the crisis and entered a stable recovery period, but there was a problem.


‘Uh. What if the Dark Blade Guild comes?’


Toms is an extremely cruel man.There was no way he would leave a person who violated his warning.


“Why don’t you ask Kanshir for help?”


“Will it be swept away at once?”


Unfortunately, there was an overwhelming difference in power between the Blue Moon Guild and the Dark Blade Guild in terms of power.


In the end, there was only one answer left.


‘I had to run away.’


“Hanson, let’s pack up. We need to jump out before they come.”


Hanson nodded heavily.


‘Damn it, I can’t believe I’m closing the clinic like this. I didn’t level up enough yet. I couldn’t even pay my debt.’ Raymond, who was packing, suddenly felt like crying because he was innocent.


‘Why am I running away?!’


‘I didn’t do anything wrong!’


‘No! If I run away like this, all I have left is a pile of debt. Even if I avoid dying at the hands of Toms.… No, the demons of death will come and get me.’


For reference, running a treatment center for the poor only increased Raymond’s debt.


‘I have a jewelry ring that I received a while ago, but it wasn’t enough to pay off my debt. There was still considerable debt behind my back.’


No matter how I get away from Toms, I’ll be caught by the demonic Rons.


It was like avoiding a fox only to be taken away by a tiger.


‘Damn. Is there any way?’


Raymond shook his head.


It was then, something popped from his head.

[Quest accomplished!]


[Achievement: ‘The one who overcame injustice’ has been achieved.]


[Bonus level up!]


[You will get 20 bonus skill points!]

That was not the end of the message.

[A hidden bonus is given as a privilege!]


[“Temporary  proficiency increase item (Grade A)” will be given!]

[Temporary Item To Increase Skill Level]


Grade: Grade A


You can increase the proficiency of one skill to A grade for 24 hours.

‘Grade A?’


Raymond had surprised eyes.


For reference, most of the skills he possessed now were D-class.


Then, an additional message popped to mind.

[Incoming Quest!]

[Save The Patients From The Pain!]


Occupation Level: Novice Resident


Difficulty level: High


Quest Description: There is a group of evil that afflicts patients. A true great doctor does not turn a blind eye to his patients’ sufferings. Eliminate the hordes of evil and save the sick from their misery!


Clear Condition: Wipe the Dark Blade Guild


Reward: Bonus level up x 3, 50 skill points

“What?! That’s crazy!”


Raymond screamed.


‘I’m a healer! How can I wipe out an underworld guild?! No way!’


‘What kind of quest is this?’


‘Let’s see, let’s see, it was a spectacle.’


Raymond was on his way to pack again.


‘Wait. Is there really no other way but to run away?’


There isn’t.


But there is, only one.


Just wiping out the Dark Blade Guild as per the contents of the quest .


It was impossible.


‘No, is it really impossible? Think about it. If I run away like this, you’ll be captured by the Devil Rons and become a healing slave.’


‘Tonjust try to run away, it was so unfair that it made me cry.’


‘I didn’t do anything wrong, but I became a fugitive, and I became a debtor because the treatment center I’ve built became bankrupt!’


‘Think, Raymond. You’re smart! If you run away like this, you’ll be in debt!” 


‘If you had nothing, you would of course have run away.’


But he had a lot of debt on his back.


The weight of the debt was heavy.


‘When I thought of losing all my investment and becoming a beggar in debt, I couldn’t take my steps.’


He shook his head for dear life.


‘If I raise my skill proficiency to A?Will there be a way?’


‘What if I raise my magic skill to grade A?’


But he shook his head.


A rank (Advanced Class) magic!


Since it is a magic that can be cast by a high-ranking wizard, he should be able to defeat Toms at once.


The problem is that he doesn’t have enough mana that can be used even if he raises his magic rank.


Right now, his mana could barely even use a D-rank magic, what more an A-rank one?


‘Any other skills? Are there any skills that might help?’


Then, an idea flashed across his mind.


Only one


There was a way out of this situation!


It’s like gambling, but there’s a way to solve everything without running away!




“Yes, senior?”


“Will you deliver the letter I’m writing to Kanshir?”


Hanson opened his eyes wide.


“Senior? Then?”


“We won’t run away.”




Hanson exclaimed in surprise.


“Senior? It’s dangerous! Don’t you know how vicious they are?”


“I know. But I can’t leave like this.”


I couldn’t become a debtor because I was ruine like this unfairly.


Hanson, of course, took it a little differently.


“No matter how much you care for the people in the slums……! But this!”


“I have a way. That’s why, will you trust me?”


“Senior… Why on earth are you willing to do all of these for someone else’s sake?…”


Hanson’s eyes were filled with tears.


He seemed to misunderstand again in earnest, but Raymond himself was nervous and could not correct the misunderstanding.


“Your role is important. You must deliver the letter. Got it?”


“Okay! I will definitely help you even if I give my life to you!”


Hanson carried the letter out with a determined look like a spy carrying out a special secret operation on the battlefield.


After Hanson went out, Raymond muttered to himself.


‘Using the hidden bonus. I’ll increase my proficiency.’


One skill was essential to this operation.


Right now.


“The heart of steel.”

[The skill level of “Heart of Steel” will go up to Level A!]

[Heart of Steel]


Classification: Property Skills


Rating: Legendary


Proficiency: D → A


-Always maintain strong will


-Skill increase will last for 24 hours!

Fear washed away from Raymond.


Fiery will and iron stamina settled in his chest.


‘Let’s go.’


He was headed for Langtram, thr entertainment street in the Bay Area.


Among them, it was the place where the Dark Blade Guild was located.


“Who is this?”


Toms was struck by Raymond, as if to be surprised.


“I can’t believe you’re walking in a shabby place yourself.”


Toms smiled coldly.


“Otherwise, I was going to pick you up because you had business.”


Business. It refers to his work of treating a patient.


It was a story that made his heart sink, but thanks to the heart of steel, Raymond was able to maintain my composure.


It was at that moment wherein To,s made a puzzled expression at Raymond’s unwavering gaze.


“I came to see you because I have something to tell you.”


“What is it? Tell me.”


Raymond looked directly at Toms.


At that moment, Toms flinched at the steely will in Raymond’s eyes!


Raymond opened his mouth, bowing his head tightly.


“I’m sorry!”




“Please forgive me just this once!”


A momentary silence.


Toms smiled in vain afterwards.


“This one… Why would you do something you’ll regret?”


“I’m deeply reflecting on myself! There will be no such mistake in the future.”


“My my.”


“And I thought deeply about the suggestion that Mr. Toms said last time.”




Toms had an interesting look on his face.


Raymond continued, still bowing his head.


Begging, in polite mode.


“Thank you very much for giving me an undeserved offer. I’d like to speak to you separately about that, so would you mind taking a moment?”


“Ha ha!”


Toms burst into laughter.


“I can give you as much time as I want. Guys! A precious customer. Take me inside!”


“Yes, Master!”


Toms turned his back pleasantly, so he didn’t see.


What look Raymond has on his face with his head down.


The eyes of the steel’s will were shining with firm determination.


‘I won’t perish unjustly like this! I’d rather kill a tiger, a damn tiger!’


“I’ll give you my loyalty!”


“Huh. What do you mean by loyalty? It’s not acceptable.”


“Then I will give you my life!”


Raymond, with pride, liver and gallbladder all laid out, pleased Toms.


‘This is my specialty!’


I’ve been living the 23 years of my life like this.”


Bowing down was one of the things Raymond did best.


The “Heart of Steel” was activated, so he was also able to smoothly cut flattery without any tension.


‘First of all, he has to let his guard down.’


Fortunately, Raymond’s efforts seem to have worked.


“Today is a good day. To fit such a great healer into the guild.” Toms said in a pleasing tone.


“I’m honored to have someone like Toms!”


“Ha ha. But are you sure you don’t mind? Didn’t you want to work for the poor in the Bay Area?”


It was a question of questioning his true feelings.


‘This is where it’s important.’


Raymond replied calmly.


“No. My goal is to make money.”




“No one outside of the Bay Area wanted me to treat them, so I had no choice but to come to the Bay Area. Then, you gave me an undeserved offer, so I’m grateful.”


Is it because of Raymond’s sincerity?


Or is it because of the heart of steel? The acting went well.


“Ha ha. That’s too bad. You surprised me today. But I like it.”


Toms grinned as he revealed his teeth.


“It’s much better to be honest than pretending to be nice and hypocritical. Humans are greedy. Don’t you think so?”


“That’s right! As expected, Mr. Toms. You’re so wise!”


An amicable conversation ensued, and Raymond brought up the main topic after noticing how good the conversation went,


“So…… I have one thing to tell you…….”Raymond said.


“Now that I’m working for you, may I examine your body in commemoration?”


“My body?”


Raymond nodded.


“Yes, there is a secret technique called ‘Health Check-up’ in the ancient secret art that I use. It is to find and prevent diseases that will occur in the future.”

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