DP 35

DP 35

Chapter 35


The next day, Raymond grilled meat to celebrate his big money.


“Yes, sir. I’ll eat hard and develop immunity.”


For your information, Hanson still seemed to believe the bang Raymond had hit before.


‘…… Well, it’s not wrong for meat to develop immunity.’


Meat is always right anyway.


It was always delicious.


‘Uh. Juice. I love it. I’m glad I became a healer.’


It was the moment to dip freshly baked sirloin in salt and eat it peacefully.


Suddenly a dark storm struck.


“Are you inside?”


“Open the door!”


There was a fierce voice coming from the door of the treatment center.




“What is it?”




Raymond opened the door and his eyes widened.


There were men with rough impressions making grim faces.


They were also in great numbers.


There seemed to be almost ten people.


‘Dark Blade Guild? Why are they here?’


Raymond’s body stiffened.


They didn’t seem to be sick either.


All men were staring fiercely at Raymond. Like they’re going to try to beat him up at any moment.


“What’s the matter?”


Raymond asked carefully, swallowing his saliva.


“Are you Raymond?”


“……Yes, I am. What brings you here?”


Raymond rolled his head for dear life.


‘Did something go wrong with my treatment? Why are they here?’


A timid instinct rose and his heart shrank like a mouse.


But it was then!


“Haha”, a big laugh spread behind the gang. It was a pleasant laugh that didn’t fit the situation.


“Guys, if you talk like that, won’t Lord Raymond get scared? I beg your pardon. My name is Toms, and I run a small business in Langtram.”


Raymond’s eyes grew round.




‘The tyrant of entertainment district!’


Master of the “Dark Blade Guild” that is the most powerful and vicious of the underworld guilds in the Bay Area!


It’s actually the tyrant who rules the night of the entertainment district.


“What’s the matter?”


“I came here to tell you something. May I go inside for a moment?”


Who would say no?


The gang came rushing inside, and the dense air sank in the treatment center.


“You were eating.”


“Yes, yes.”


A laugh flashed through Toms’ eyes.


“It’s meat that only dogs can eat. You’re a good worker, so you don’t have to eat this poor meat. Take away this bad meat.”


It wasn’t just words.


He poked his fingers as if he were playing, and the plate broke with a loud noise.




The meat was messed up by the debris, but Raymond couldn’t say a word.


He’s completely frozen.


“What is it? Why are you doing this to me all of a sudden?”’


‘I couldn’t guess why.’


‘It was a crisis anyway.’


Toms is the wildest tyrant in the Bay Area.


Whatever the reason, if he presses it with his finger, Raymond won’t be able to resist and will be crushed like a bug.


Raymond’s hair turned white with fear and had no idea.


Then, a message came to hid mind.

[The scroundels have invaded the treatment center!]


[“Heart of Steel” is manifested!]

[It has been confirmed that the other person is a ‘true patient’!]


[The other person’s other party’s true force is ‘very highk!]


[“True Countermeasures ” is activated!]

Raymond came to his senses as both skills were activated.


“I can’t just tremble like this!”


The underworld gang has a habit of becoming more brutal to the weak.


‘I don’t know why he’s acting like this, but he had to show his strong will first.’


Raymond clenched his teeth and opened his mouth.


“What are you here for? If you have come because you are unwell, please let me know. I will treat you.”


Thump. Thump.


His heart was beating like it was going to explode, but Raymond didn’t look away.




When Toms’ eyes saw Raymond like that, a strangeness appeared in his eyes, but then it disappeared soon after.


“Oh, my God, you seem to misunderstand something. I’m here just to say hello to the healer. I heard you’re working hard for our Bay Area.”




“It’s not enough, but I also happen to bring a case of appreciation. Guys.”


One of the gang handed him a pouch, and Raymond was astonished.


It was gold!


That’s 1,000 pence worth of gold!


“……why are you giving me this money?”


“I’m representing the Bay Area. Think of it as a small thank you.”


Raymond kept his mouth shut.


That could never have been the intention.


“Please be honest with me.”




Toms brought up the subject with a strange smile.


“I understand when you say so. Let me be honest with you. I’m here to ask you a favor.”


“What is it?”


“Please refrain from treating those who are hostile to Dark Blade Guild and its adversaries in the future.””……!”


Raymond had surprised eyes.


“Whatever you do in the Bay Area, I could not care less, but don’t heal the ones we’ve touched.”


Toms said, still smiling, but in a cold tone.


“To be honest, I don’t know how much trouble I’ve been in lately because of the healer. I’ve had my hands at the most, but you kept treating patients that shouldn’t be treated anymore. If you keep doing that, wouldn’t our position be in trouble?”


Toms last statement left a gruesome warning.


“You have a promising future, and if you want to continue working as a healer, you’d better keep my words in mind.”




“It’s not even a job for me to destroy you under the guise of an unexpected accident. Don’t think that the king’s illegitimate child status in this Bay Area will protect you.”


Toms laughed, showing his teeth.


“Then I’ll get going. I hope we can meet again next time with a smile.”


After Toms disappeared, Raymond had no choice but to stand tall for a long time.


After Toms left, Raymond was in a state of anxiety.


‘What should I do?’


The meaning of Toms’ words were clear.


‘If I don’t comply with the warning, I won’t be able to become a healer.’


‘I wasn’t just saying it.’


‘He was the worst villain in the Bay Area.’


There were not a few people who were killed or crippled by him.


‘I’m sure I’ll get even with it.’


KWill it help if I learn self-defense skills?’


Suddenly a message popped to his mind.

[Self-Defense Skill]


Doctors who work in harsh conditions are often threatened. It’s a skill to protect yourself and your patient then.


You can only learn this when your stamina stat is 15 or higher.

Raymond shook his head soon.


‘I don’t have enough stamina.’


For reference, his spats were like this at the moment.



Stamina: 13


Sense: 20


Intellectual power: 18

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.


Even if he mastered the skill, he was less likely to work for Toms.


‘Toms was a knight. He’s also the stringest mana user of the highest level.’


There was a reason why Toms conquered the slums.


He was a powerful knight of the mana user level.


For reference, a knight’s skill is usually divided into five levels.

  • Satellite


  • Formal Article


  • Mana user.


  • Sword Expert.


  • Sword Master.

Being an official knight is already powerful enough, but to be a mana user…


Moreover, Toms is not a regular mana user, but a top mana user. He is almost at the level of an expert.


‘Just because I learn self-defense skills, there is still no way that I can deal with with them as a healer.k


“But I can’t help but treat the patients.”


Raymond tore his hair.


Then, a message came to his mind.

[Incoming Quest!]

[Overcome Unfair Pressure!]


(Personnel Quest)


Occupation Level: Novice Resident


Difficulty level: low


Quest Description: You are under undue pressure to treat patients, However, it is impossible for a therapist to turn a blind eye to your patients. Overcome injustice.


Clear Description: Treat patients without succumbing to pressure.


Reward: Bonus level up, 10 skill points


Note: Upon completing the quest, additional ‘Hidden Bonus’ rewards will be given.

‘Shit. Overcoming undue pressure? That’s easy to say. If you do, you never know what it will be like! Are you telling me to just die?’


Raymond got angry at the contents of the quest.


I don’t know what the hidden bonus is, but it wasn’t that important right now.


It’s a matter of life.




‘My dream is just to enjoy wealth and glory. Why can’t they just leave me alone?’


There was simply no answer.


It’s a new feeling, but it was really hard to be a healer.


Fortunately, however, there were no victims of the Dark Blade Guild for some time.


But a few days later.


The moment of fate has arrived.


A patient who was beaten by the Dark Blades Guild was brought in.


He was seriously injured and would die if he did not receive first aid immediately.


Bang! Bang!


“Healer! Healer!”


Someone knocked on the healer’s door.


Apparently an emergency patient had arrived, Raymond opened the door in a hurry.


“What’s the matter?”


“Here’s a fallen patient!”


Raymond’s face hardened.


It was a patient with a blue bruise all over his body.


It was obvious that someone had beaten him up.


‘By any chance?’


A cold sense of uneasiness passed by.




“The Dark Blade Guild have done it! How merciless for a person who did not pay the installments on time!” The guardian said tearfully.


‘You devils.’


Raymond clenched his fist.


In fact, this was not the first time.


They were brutal tyrants in the entertainment district, and used to use ruthless violence against the powerless poor.


The slums would be a better place to live if they were gone.


“Please, save me, healer!”


Raymond looked at the patient with a stiff face.


His whole body was bruised, but the most serious was on the chest.


A broken rib was stabbing the lungs.


‘Damn, what do I do?’

‘If you want to continue working as a healer, you’d better keep my words in mind.’

The warning left by Toms came to his mind.


I’m sure you’ll get even.


Then, the patient breathed painfully.


“Ha, ha.”


Soon after, it was clear that he would die of shortness of breath.


‘Geez! I don’t know!k


Raymond clenched his teeth.


“Hanson, move the patient inside for now.”




“Oh, I don’t know, damn it. I’ll think about it later. There must be a way.”


‘The patient was dying in front of me, but I couldn’t help to pretend not to see it.’


The patient was placed in bed and examined closely.


Toong. Toong.


Raymond tapped his finger against his chest. It was a percussion instrument that guessed the condition of the lungs from the sound inside.


‘The sound is dull. There must be a lot of blood inside. We have to get the blood out of here!’


“Hanson, bring me the surgical knife!”


“Yes, sir!”


When Hanson brought the tools, Raymond cut under the chest wall with a knife after anesthesia and disinfection.

[Skill: ‘Seojun’s hand movements’ are shown!]


[Your sensory level temporarily goes up!]

Blah! Dark red blood poured out.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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