DP 34

DP 34

Chapter 34


“It’s not all better yet, but it’s definitely better than before.”


Oden said in a surprised tone.


“I can’t believe my symptoms get better so quickly.”’


It was unbelievable.


This is because even if you take an antidote, it takes a certain period of time to take effect. And it wasn’t just an antidote, it was all kinds of herbs.


However, even at this moment, the symptoms were improving by the minute.


“How is this possible?”


Raymond smiled inwardly at the two people looking surprised.


‘As expected, it works well. ‘


‘Alright, tomorrow is meat!’


Since it was a great favor,it would be reasonable to charge a high price.


“Then will the wound on his arm get better?” Galman asked


When he checked, the speed of necrosis progressed significantly slower.


“Soon, the process of the necrosis will completely stop, and the damaged skin will naturally recover over time. There will be no aftereffects left on the movement of the arm.”


Galman breathed a great sigh of relief.


Oden also thought to himself.


‘If I ignored it and insisted on going to the castle, something big could have happened.’


If the tendons and muscles were completely damaged, even Count Helien could not do anything.


‘I would have suffered fatal damage to his arm function. Maybe I should have cut it.’


‘I’ve been greatly helped again.’


It was already Raymond’s second help since Princess Sophia.


It was a tremendous ball.


Oden is a clear-cut monarch of prize and punishment.


Raymond opened his mouth like this with the intention of accepting whatever compensation he wanted.


“I owe you a great favor. Is there a reward you want? If there is…….” 


Raymond answered quickly. “Give me the money.”




“You don’t have to think of it as grand grace. You just have to pay for the treatment.”


‘Of course the cost of the treatment will be a little expensive, hahahahha.’


Raymond smiled insidiously.


“Hey, we’re actually people with high status.”


“Oh, I see.”


It was a conjecture.


‘I’m sure he’s an executive of the underworld guild. He doesn’t look like a low-level guild member.’


Galman said, coughing in vain.


“If you want anything, you can tell me anything. I can listen to everything you want and list it.”


“No need. All you have to do is pay.”


He seems to be making too much money, so Raymond added a word for the image making.


“I am a healer. It’s only natural to treat a patient. So what grace would I wish for? To just receive a small amount for the treatment is already enough and overflowing.”


‘It’s enough to rip you off. Hehe.’


Without knowing Raymond’s inner thoughts, Galman admired him even more.


‘As I’ve felt before, Raymond was really the true healer of this era.’


Soon Raymond charged the money.


“The cost of treatment is about 500 pence.”


Five hundred!


It was the most expensive price he charged since his opening.


For reference, it was a huge amount of money equivalent to half a year’s living expenses for ordinary people.


Although the cost of needles and antidotes used for treatment was expensive, this was a great rip-off.


“……500 pence?”


Galman and Auden shut up for a moment.


Raymond frowned at their appearance.


‘Is it too expensive?’




I should have received this much.


Raymond decided to go strong.


“Yes, it’s five hundred pence. You can’t write a bill. We only accept cash unconditionally.”


Then, Galman said.


“500 pesos is a little…….”


“It must be 500 pence. That’s the right amount.”


“It’s a reasonable amount?”


“Yes, you must pay that amount.”


Galman kept his mouth shut.


‘It’s too cheap. I thought it was at least 1,000 pence. No, I thought I’d call 2,000 pence because I had to pay for the antidote as well?’


Of course Raymond didn’t know they were the king and the minister, so he must have asked for such medical expenses.


But even so, it was cheap.


When treated by A-level therapists, the “minimum amount” was about 1,000 pesos.


‘How could you be so clean?’


Galman shook his head.


‘He’s really great. There was a reason why the Bay Area people were so fascinated by him.’


After all, you couldn’t wipe your mouth with 500 pence.


‘A ridiculous price of 500 pesos. I’ll give you a bigger reward,’ Galman glanced at Odem.


At that time, Oden, who remained silent, asked.


“I have a question to ask. Why are you having such a hard time?”


“What do you mean?”


“It means why are you struggling in a place like this?”


Raymond, who was in high spirits after receiving a large sum of money, inadvertently expressed his sincerity.


“Because I have a bigger goal.”






Yes, he had a big ambition that was different from others.


Become the best healer and live with all kinds of wealth and honor!


He is struggling himself out for that goal.


But Galman, who heard the answer from the side, took it somewhat differently.


‘A bigger goal? Is he determined to live a life for someone else? That’s great.’


Galman glanced at Oden’s countenance.


An illegitimate child who was dismissed as a curse has turned out so splendidly.


‘What are you thinking?’


Oden’s face was still expressionless, so he couldn’t understand his inner thoughts.


“Goals. I see.”


“What’s wrong?”


Raymond tilted his head toward Oden, who has been showing strange expressions since earlier.


“Anyway, how are you feeling?”


“I may have improved a lot. I feel like going back to normal.”


Almost everything was better except for the necrotic area on the outer surface of his arm. It seemed that there would be no aftereffects even in the necrotic area after all.


“I don’t think 500 pence is a reasonable price. This is the only thing I have now.” Then Orden took out a ring.


Raymond’s eyes grew bigger.


It was a ring with little jewels!


“What about this?”


“It’s no big deal. Sell it and use it.”


It was a big deal!


The brilliant light on the jewels was unusual.


Raymond didn’t know, but it was a pearl called ‘Mermaid’s Tears’ worth more than ten thousand pence!


Unexpectedly, a huge amount of money was obtained!


Moreover, that was not the end.


“This seems to lack a price, too.”


Before Raymond could say anything, Oden continued.


“I’ll come back again after some time.”




“When I come back, I’m looking forward to what this clinic will look like.” 


Then the two left.


Raymond tilted his head.


“What is he expecting?”


‘He is really amazing.’


Galman, who had just left the clinic, recalled Raymond, whom he had just seen.


‘I felt it the other time we met, but I can’t believe he had grown so fast. I couldn’t even see the hint of his ugly past.’


In particular, he was impressed by the way he insisted on receiving only 500 pence.


‘There should be more such healers in the kingdom.’


“A true healer, rare in this day and age. Don’t you think so?” Galman asked that insinuatingly.


But King Oden still had no answer. So Galman, with his tongue on, asked something else.


“By the way, I don’t think that’s enough compensation.”


Although he gave 10,000 pence worth of jewelry, it was not enough since he had successfully treated the king.


“But what do you mean by that?”

‘When I come back, I’m looking forward to what this clinic will look like.’

Galman, who recalled what Oden said, made a strange face.


It was a word with great meaning.


Because King Auden said he would wait and see how Raymond would grow.


However, Oden did not seem to have any intention of answering. He just walked silently.


And after some walking, Oden told a different story.


“Now we have to dig up their background.”


“Yes, it is.”


Galman’s mood also became heavy.


It was a great attempt to assassinate the king.


It had to be thoroughly dug up to find out who was behind it.


“Since they’ve read my movements, there must be a cuckoo in the castle. Find out who it was from the inside.”




Galman’s eyes grew cold.


His eyes foretold the blood and wind.


Now, as soon as they return, there will be bloody winds in the castle.


Meanwhile, an unidentified man was listening to the report with a magic communication tool, located far from the capital of the kingdom of Houston.


“Really? You failed to assassinate Oden?”


This man was behind the assassination of King Oden!


“I even used a mixed jar of three hundred four poisons, so I thought so long as you could wound at least one limb then we will get results. What a shame.”


It was a languid voice.


Contrary to what he said, there was no sign of regret. It just seemed like one of the numerous cards had disappeared.”It doesn’t matter. There are many ways forward.”


Then the man looked at the map.


It was a map of the entire kingdom of Houston.


The man picked up a sharp dagger and threw it to the map.




The dagger was placed in the capital of the kingdom, especially the Bay Area.


The man looked at the dagger stuck in the Bay Area with indifferent eyes and said to the magic communication tool.


“The next plan is the Bay Area. Make sure not to fail this time.”


It was an eerie story.


This means that he plans to plot some kind of conspiracy in the Bay Area next time, not enough to assassinate Oden.

—Yes! Of course!

There was a very nervous voice on the other side of the communication area.


After the communication device was turned off, the man sat leaning against the top of the leather sofa.


“By the way, the king recovered without any aftereffects even though he was poisoned by a combination of three hundred and four poisons. It seems that there was a great healer in the Bay Area, lucky for him.”


The man assumed it was.


It was impossible to detoxify the poison with normal healing power.


“I don’t know if he is going to interfere with the next plan again,” the man said with a serious face for a moment.


Coincidentally, the next plan he is planning is something that only a healer can prevent, and the healer who treated Oden may be a variable.


But the man shook his head.


“No way. This plan wouldn’t be stopped from simply having a strong grade of heals.”


The man went on.


“On the contrary, a wide and deep-knowledge healer might not know, but it is not a plan that can be prevented just because the healer has high healing power.” 


A wide and deep-knowledged healer.


It was much harder to find that than a healer with strong healing power.


Recently, all healers have only focused on healing power, but neglected their knowledge.


So there won’t be a healer who can block his next plan.


The man gave a twisted smile.


“I’m looking forward to the next plan.”


I still needed more time.


It will have to be as sophisticated as possible, so it will take at least a month from now on.


He decided to wait for that moment with pleasure.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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