DP 33

DP 33

Chapter 33


Raymond, who greeted them inside, thought for a moment.


‘Are they members of the underworld guild? Did they have a factional fight?’


Because it’s often the case.


‘Uh. The underworld guild members are scary. But still have some money, right?’


When Raymond thought so, his fear went away.


His desire for money suppressed his fear.


‘It’s not long before the Devil Rons start pushing this guy. I need to make money. What’s the matter if the patient is a member of the underworld guild, or what?’


“What brought you to this?”


Galman spoke on behalf of Oden


“He was poisoned and not feeling well. Please give him some first aid.”


“I see. I’ll see the wound for a moment.”


Raymond saw the wound on his arm and was drooling.


The condition was worse than I thought.


‘What poison is it?’


‘I had to figure it out quickly.’


“Do you have any other symptoms besides the wound on your arm? Are you feeling dizzy? Is your heart pounding?”


“I feel dizzy, and I have a little headache. My heart seems to be beating too fast too.” 


Raymond tilted his head when he heard the patient’s answer.


This is because it was a very calm voice for a person who was seriously poisoned.


No, apart from that, it was a somewhat familiar tone.


‘Have I met this person before?’


Raymond focused on erasing unnecessary miscellaneous thoughts and grasping the patient’s condition.


‘The poison is not just around the wound, since his pulse isn’t good either. It must be a poison with both hemolytic toxin that necrosis surrounding tissue and a neurotoxin that disturbs the sympathetic nerve.’


Only when you know the identity of the poison can you determine the direction of treatment.


It was when Raymond was guessing the poison based on the patient’s condition that Galman spoke .


“Can you cure it? If you think it’s going to be difficult, hurry up and please give him at least first aid as soon as possible!”


Galman naturally did not believe that Raymond could completely cure the poison. 


What he wanted was a first aid that could hold out until they reach the castle. And then a full-scale treatment will be given by Count Helien, a triple-A-class therapist.


“It can be cured.”




“This poison is made by mixing the venom of the Three White Snakes with the extract of Alpenrose. So, if you take the antidote for the three hundred four poisons, you can detoxify it. There’s an antidote in the treatment center.”




Galman looked very surprised.


‘He figured out the identity of the poison?’


There are two ways to treat the poison.


One is to know the poison and administer an antidote. It was the cleanest, but realistically difficult way.


If the patient is dying right away, how can you identify what kind of poison went in and administer an antidote?


Therefore, they usually activate the vitality fo the patient through the heals to withstand the poisonous energy.


However, Raymond grasped the poison at a glance.


It was a surprise.


“Are you sure?”


“Yes, the symptoms are exactly the same.”


“How did you know that?”


“It’s a poison that I studied when I was an apprentice.”’


It wasn’t a ‘medical’ knowledge.


This poison was made in Laipentaina, a poison that Raymond knew in the past thanks to his desperate study.


For your information, Raymond’s rank in herbal medicine is as high as much as S.


In the past, he desperately studied various fields to make up for his insufficient healing power, and in particular, he gained extensive knowledge of herbal medicine.


In terms of herbal knowledge, Raymond is probably the best healer.


“There’s an antidote here?”


“Yes, fortunately, I have something in stock.”


But there was a problem.


In order to heal, one difficult obstacle had to be overcome.


“There is an antidote, but there is a problem.”


“What is it?”


Raymond went on cautiously.


“This poison has enhanced the toxicity of the three hundred. Therefore, simply taking the antidote for the three hundred four poisons is not effective.”


“Then what should I do?”


“You should use a method that maximizes the effectiveness of antidote drugs.”


Galman looked confused.


“Is there such a way?”


“Yes, but it may be a difficult method for both of you to accept.”


The two were puzzled.


What the hell is he suggesting?


Raymond closed his mouth for a moment and then spoke in a strong tone.


“The antidote would not be taken orally, but injected directly through the bloodstream. Otherwise, this poison cannot be detoxified.”




It means intravenous administration using injections.


Injecting the drug directly into the blood vessel will be able to maximize the absorption rate much more than drinking it with the mouth.


However, their reactions were negative. Of course.


“It doesn’t make sense! You’re gonna stick a needle into a blood vessel and put the antidote in it yourself! What kind of weird way is that?”


It is the most commonly used method of administration in the modern world, but it was an unfamiliar method that has never been heard or seen here in Laipentaina.


Galman, in particular, jumped.


Such a strange method could not be used in the king’s body.


“What are you going to do if something goes wrong?” This is…!”


It was the moment when Galman tried to identify Oden’s real identity.


Oden, who had been silent, stepped forward.


“Then are you sure that I’ll get better?”




Galman turned his head in amazement.


Oden gave a look as if telling him to stay still.


Somehow Oden seemed reluctant to identify himself to Raymond.


Raymond tilted his head at the strange atmosphere of the two.


“You’re not suggesting the wrong way, are you? I will not forgive you if you recommend a nonsense method.”


A subtle energy gushed out of Oden’s body.


Although it has been controlled in its own way, it is the momentum of the sword master that could not be covered.


At that moment, Raymond’s weak-willed face turned pale.


Fortunately, the message came to his mind.

[The Heart of Steel is being manifested!]


[Withstands the patient’s pressure!]

As Raymond’s complexion stabilized, a different color passed through Oden’s eyes.


Although it gave off as weak as possible, it was not easy for the general public to endure.


But how can you endure something like this as casual as that?


That was not all.

[The patient puts undue pressure on the healer who is working hard on the treatment!]


[We confirm the other party’s true for!]


[The other person’s “true power” is “low”!]


[Skill: “True Countermeasures”]

….King Oden has been classified as a ‘true patient’.


This made Raymond more comfortable with them.


When the “heart of steel” and “true countermeasures” are combined, Raymond’s courage becomes as strong as a valiant knight. 


‘It’s not good of you to be arrogant. I am patient with a good heart. I’m going to catch him after treatment.’


‘He’s a grumpy man.’


‘I made up my mind like this.’


‘Be prepared for a medical expense bomb later.’


With such a heart Raymond opened his mouth.


“I fully understand what you and your guardian are worried about. It’s an unfamiliar way.”


Raymond slowly persuaded the patient.


“But the method I use came from an ancient secret technique. It’s a standard treatment in ancient brilliant civilizations. You can count on it.”


Now Raymond has quite a lot of experience in treating patients.


Withbthat, he learned how to make his words sound truthful as well as a way how to persuade others more effectively.


“I swear on my mother’s last name, ‘Penin’, which I inherited that there is no other way to cure your poison but this method. Trust and follow me.”


As if driving a wedge, he spoke his last words.


“I want to cure you.”


What did he feel from Raymond’s words?


Oden shut his mouth for a moment.


After a brief pause, he spoke


“Yes, I will do as you say.”


“What?! No, sir!”


Galman exclaimed in astonishment.


‘You’re going to get that weird treatment? What if something goes wrong?’


Galman, of course, had a great favor for Raymond.


But this was a separate matter. It is the king’s body, it was too risky to use an untested treatment.


“Wait a moment, please. I need to talk to you.”


Galman, alone to escape Raymond’s gaze, raised his voice.


“Absolutely not! I’d rather go to the castle right now and get the treatment from Count Helien!”


“What if that happens and the wound worsens, as Raymond said?” 


Galman closed his mouth.


Certainly, as the minute went by, Oden’s wound was getting worse.


“At this rate, I might really have to cut off my arm. It’s better to take a chance than that.”


“But still…….”


“You seemed to side with Raymond earlier, but now you don’t seem to trust him.”


Galman raised his voice.


“When I met him in person, I could see one thing.”


“……what do you mean?”


“The praise people gave at the bar was not a lie.”




Oden shook his head.


“I think it’s obvious that he’s a healer who cares about his patients, regardless of everything else. Don’t you think so?”


“……I do.”


Galman did not deny that either.


Raymond’s eyes just came to mind.


‘I want to cure you.’


It was a short conversation, but enough to feel Raymond’s sincerity in thinking of his patient.


He was different from the other healers.


One fact was certain.


“There is no other option at the moment, anyway. It’s an unfamiliar way, but in life, you sometimes have to take risks.”


In the end, Galman could no longer stop him.


Oden stood in front of Raymond and said.


“Then I beg you.”


In time, the treatment began.


The process was not complicated.


“Put your unwound arm forward.”


When Raymond tied his forearm tightly with a string, the veins in his arm sprang up.


In that state, Raymond mixed the antidote into the liquid and placed it in a glass bottle with a thin needle connected to it.


“What’s that?”


“It’s an object called a syringe commissioned to the Dwarves workshop.”


At first glance, it looks similar to the memorization used by assassins. No, it didn’t just look similar, but I thought it could actually be used for memorization.


For reference, it also cost a lot of money to implement this syringe.


“It stings. Don’t be surprised.”




A sharp needle penetrated the skin and penetrated the blood vessel.


It didn’t hurt much. It was just a sting, as Raymond said.


When the specially made button was pressed on the glass bottle, the liquid mixed with the antidote entered the blood vessel through the needle.


Oden watched the process calmly without much agitation.


Only Galman next to the king was restless.


“Are you alright, sir? If there’s any abnormal reaction…….”


“That’s alright. There’s no particular strange reaction. No, wait.”


Oden, who was answering, made a startled face. This was enough to make Galman’s heart sank.


“What is it?! Are you having any side effects……?!”


“The dizziness and headache have improved.”



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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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