DP 32

DP 32

Chapter 32


However, Chancellor Galman couldn’t read any other traces of emotion on King Oden’s face.


King Oden just quietly listened to the people’s stories and drank his murky drink.


“I can’t believe there’s such a man in the Houston Royal Family. I was surprised.”


“But I heard that he’s not a prince because he’s illegitimate.”


“It doesn’t matter whether you’re illegitimate or not. He is incomparably better than the other real princes who came here and went wild before.”


“That’s right! He’s a real prince, and there’s no one better suited to be a prince than him.”


People spewed out stories that would be revered if others heard them.


“Anyway, thanks to him these days, I feel like I’m living.”


“Yes. Sir Raymond is our hope.”


Those who had been talking for so long raised their glasses high.


“Cheers to all. In the name of Sir Raymond!”




People raised their glasses, shouting Raymond’s name cheerfully.


“Hey, bros. What are you guys doing? Aren’t you going to join in the toast?”


“Long live, Raymond.”


“Raymond? How dare you?”


“Long live, Raymond.”


It was Duke Galman who had accidentally toasted with them.


“……let’s get out of here.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


All the tables were talking about similar things, so there was nothing more to hear.


‘This is why the atmosphere in the Bay Area has changed.’


Galman knew only then.


Why the air in the Bay Area was subtly different.


It was because of Raymond.


His presence is having a warm effect on the poor here in the Bay Area.


‘I thought it was fortunate for him to be able to hold out, but I couldn’t believe he was doing this well.’


‘No. Is their expression even enough to give justice to what Raymond had done for them?’


It was admirable.


“Raymond’s reputation here is high and good.”


Galman carefully examined Oden’s response.




Oden was silent for a moment. Then he opened his mouth.


“That’s just a healer’s job.”


Galman frowned slightly.


He felt that it was an overly cold answer.


‘Aren’t you the one who doesn’t realize how amazing Raymond has been doing?’


Of course, it’s just a healer’s job…


But has anyone ever done that in the Bay Area?


‘No one.’


‘What should I say? I felt like the King was deliberately making a worse comment because I was talking about Raymond.’


Galman replied, somehow sulking.


“It’s because, as your highness says, the healer is doing a greater job than anyone else.”




“Shouldn’t you praise your servant who is doing a great job?”


‘I am talking about Raymond.’


Having received the honorary knighthood, Raymond could now be called King Oden’s servant.


He meant to stop by Raymond’s clinic, but King Oden didn’t answer.


‘Does your Highness really not regard Raymond as his own blood?’ Galman shook his head inwardly.


‘I talked this far, but there was still no response. I was so confused.’

‘But looking at how Raymond looked the first time I brought him, I don’t think that’s the case.’


At that time, Oden had a heavier face than anyone else in the world as he watches Raymond dying.


But it’s already been more than 15 years.


Perhaps, over time, Raymond’s presence in Oden’s heart may had already disappeared.


“It’s getting late, so let’s go back.”


“……Yes, Your Highness.”


‘It was the moment when I moved to step when…’


Suddenly, an urgent scream was heard in the alley.


“Help! I can’t b-breathe -ack!”




Oden frowned at the scream.


“It must be a robber. Or the more heinous ones.”


Robber, or worse than him. They were always here in the Bay Area.


“Are you going out? It’s dangerous.”






Galman shuts himself up.


The bad guy in that alley couldn’t threaten Oden unless he was a sword master fellow.


In the end, Galman couldn’t stop Oden.


‘If I cared about security in the first place, the two of us should not have come out like this.’


“You’ll be in danger, so stay here. I’ll take care of it in a minute.”


“……I am a weak bone. Excuse me.”


When Oden entered the alley, he saw the sight of the Wooden Dog.


Three men were trying to rape off a girl who now looked less than 15 years old!


“Hey, brother. Don’t cut in for nothing. Go away.”


“Or do you want to have some fun with us?”


Oden’s eyes sank when he saw him giggling.


He’s not worth keeping alive.


His hand flashed.




Blood splashed, and the neck of the guy who was about to take off his pants jumped.


“Oh my!”


“A Knight?”


Their faces turned white.


“Now, wait! If you move, this bitch’s life will be in danger!”


They rushed to take the girl hostage.


But at that moment, another man’s neck was pierced.


“Argh! Help me!”


The girl ran to Oden, screaming frantically in the sight of blood.


“Go back.”


As the king of knights, Oden focused on protecting the girl.


It was the moment when one of the only remaining civilians sent a sword attack to prevent him from approaching the girl.


Something unexpected happened!




The girl who ran into Oden’s side suddenly stabbed him with the dagger.


‘An assassin?’


Oden was stunned by the unexpected attack.


It was a sharp attack as if the trembling appearance just now was a lie. The distance was just right and the direction of the attack was difficult for Oden to respond too quickly.


Even the dagger was filled with a thick mana.


It was clear that he was a top-notch assassin .


‘It was a trap that was aimed at me from the very beginning.’


Oden, for a moment, judged the situation.


Perhaps the scoundrel was also one of them, throwing off his clumsy figure and rushing at Oden with intense momentum.


The way the man rushed to him made him see that  he was a knight, not an assassin. He was not usually strong either.


Moreover, that was not the end of the dark attack.


Memorization flew from the building next to the alley, perhaps because he was waiting with a dead body.


From the ambush of the top assassin, to the charge of the knight, to memorization.


It couldn’t have been more than a flash, but Oden smirked.


‘You looked down on me.’


It was a moment like Oden thought so.


Oden’s sword flashed again.




The wrist of the girl who stabbed the dagger at Oden was cut off just like that!


The king’s sword didn’t stop there.


Oden’s body twisted exquisitely and memorization split the air in vain.


And he also managed to slash the scoundrel rushing to him, from top all the way down. 


“A monster, you’re a monster….”


The knight, unable to react properly as he immediately faced death, collapsed with a single moan.


Meanwhile, the girl attempted another ambush attack with her left arm, but her efforts were lightly dismissed.




Oden kicked the girl in the stomach. There was a sound as if a drum exploded, and the girl threw up blood and dropped on the floor.


Now it was time to lightly deal with the last remaining assassin.


Suddenly, fog rose and covered the entire alley in a blink of an eye.


It was smoke screen magic!


‘You’re doing a pointless trick.’


Oden furrowed his brows lightly. 


It was obvious what it was the opponent intended to do. It was a meaningless move. Although it meant to disturb his view with a smoke screen and then somehow conduct a dark attack.




The girl and another assassin jumped in.


Oden quitely sensed their presence and grasped their movements.


“It’s over.”


It was that moment when he tried to stab them with his sword exactly where he could incapacitate his opponent when an unexpected situation occurred.




A sudden cough came out!


Although he was holding his breath, the airway was stimulated by the microscopic particles. It was not just a smokescreen, but a mixture of airway-stimulating ingredients.


‘They found out that I have a cough disease and purposely did this smoke screen?’


It could have been.


Oden hurriedly held back his cough and let out his sword.


The sword swung loudly, slashing the assassin’s neck and penetrating the girl’s chest.


‘I couldn’t afford to arrest him because it was a situation that could have been very dangerous if something went wrong due to an unexpected cough.’


The enemy was exterminated, but Oden hardened his countenance.


“Oh, my.”


‘I had a wound on my wrist.’


It happened when he momentarily lost his posture due to coughing.


It was a small wound close to an abrasion, but the problem was not the extent of the wound.


“It’s poison.”


The area of the wound was turning blue.


The poison was evident. It is also a deadly poison.


“Your Highness! Are you alright?!”


Just in time, Galman jumped in from outside the alley. His face turned white when he saw the mess around him.


“What’s going on?”


“They were assassins. I’ll have to check more to see which one sent them. Anyway, it’s not important now, but we have to go back to the royal castle right away.”


“Your Highness, could it be?”


How could Oden be poisoned?!


Seeing Oden’s pale complexion, Galman widened his eyes.


A great event had taken place.


“Oh, my! Are you alright?”


“I think I would be alright if I got heals from Count Helien.”


Fortunately, Oden is a sword master.


He had much stronger physical strength than ordinary people, so he could overcome even extreme poison if he received the heals from Count Helien, a triple-A-class therapist.


‘The question is time.’


Oden bit his lips tightly.


It was unusual to see his injured arm turn blue.


‘If I don’t treat it right now, I might have to cut this arm.’


I don’t think I’d die of this poison. But the problem was the arm where the necrosis began.


It was clear that if he wasn’t treated right away, he would suffer major damage to his arm tissue. In the worst case scenario, there was a possibility that it would have to be cut.


‘I’ll have to go to the castle as soon as possible. The problem is time. There’s a distance to the castle.’


 But then, Galman said urgently.


“Your Highness! I think your arm is in a bad condition. I think it would be best if you’d get first aid nearby first.”


“No, there is no such place here.”


Hearing that, a cure came to Oden’s mind.


Come to think of it, there was also a treatment center here in the Bay Area.


“Penin Therapy House. Raymond’s healing center is near here.”


Knock, knock.


“Yes, I’m going out.”


Raymond opened the door and looked surprised at the figure who appeared.


There were two, and one of them looked bad at first glance.


Because of the magic, Raymond did not recognize the identity of the two, and spoke kindly, as usual, with a face of the utmost care for his patients.


“Are you alright? Come on in.”


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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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