DP 31

DP 31

Chapter 31


“Do you remember what Lord Raymond said then?”


“Yes, he’d rather burn himself than burn these children. Afterwards, he takes the kids. I really couldn’t raise my head that time.”


“That’s right. He said he’d be fine to die if he could save the patient.” 


For your information, Raymond never said that.


Rumors are continuing to spread across the street.


“I will respect him from now on.”


“Yes, so am I. He’s not just a healer. There’s no one like him in the world.”


“I can’t believe there was a prince like this.”


“But didn’t he say he was an illegitimate son and not a prince?”


“I don’t know that kind of thing. Anyway, he is so good that he can’t be compared to the princes who came before him.”


That’s how Raymond completely captured the hearts of the slums.


No one doubted Raymond anymore.


To the people of the slums, Raymond was ‘our proud healer’.


That was not all.


Soon after, something happened that even made Raymond completely capture their hearts.


It was the day when a patient died at the treatment center.


“No! Hanson, press with that cloth! Come on! Properly!”


“Yes, sir!”


“At this rate, this patient will die! Jesus Christ!”


It was a crash.


The patient was already bleeding when he arrived at the treatment center.


The worst severe patient that is difficult to save even on the “Earth.”


The patient was in such a dire condition that even if the ‘trauma team’ hung around the operation room all day, the survival rate was still less than half. There was no way Raymond and Hanson couldn’t save him.


No matter how hard he struggled with his hands, it was useless.


Eventually, the patient suffered a cardiac arrest one hour after coming to the treatment center, and died after CPR.




Raymond lowered his head.


He was the first patient he lost.


An inexplicable emotion tore through his chest.


It was dull, stuffy, upsetting, and bursting.

– Doctors should learn and grow through the patients’ sacrifice.

The phrase of general medicine came to his mind, but it didn’t enter and solidified into his head.


‘I just felt like my heart was going to explode.’


“I don’t want to experience this again.”


Raymond chewed his lips.


‘Of course I know.’


‘When you treat a patient, you have no choice but to face this at any time.’


‘This rule applies to any healer, any doctor.’


‘Because you can’t save all your patients.’


This will happen countless times in the future.


The thing is, do your best.


‘I know all the facts clearly, but I couldn’t help feeling upset now.’




In the end, Raymond couldn’t help the way his tears fell down. The people in the slums saw the way he cries for his patient which resulted in them being moved again.


They had watched the entire process from the patient’s arrival to his death.


So they were smart enough to know-


How desperately Raymond tried. How hard they struggled to save the patient.


Everyone watching shed tears together.


They thought that even the dead patient would have been greatly comforted by Raymond’s efforts.


Later in the Bay Area, Raymond became a sanctuary that no one could touch.


If you mess with Raymond, you’ll incur the wrath of the whole Bay Area.


The people of the Bay Area said this to Raymond.


“Isn’t it possible Raymond is the person heaven sent for us?”


“It may indeed be. Actually, I used to pray for someone like him before.”


“Don’t talk nonsense.”


People burst into laughter with each other.


It was the first time that light lived in the Bay Area, which was always full of darkness.


It was small and faint, but warmer than any light.


Of course, technically Raymond is just one healer.


Other than treating diseases, he has no effect on their lives.


People in the Bay Area are still struggling and living in poverty.


Still, just as people live hard lives and comfort themselves by talking about the characters they envy, the Bay Area were delighted by talking about Raymond.

And then, one day.


Raymond heard a message.

[Your reputation has exceeded the standard level!]


[You’ll be getting new title!]


[Title: “The Person Who Helps The Poor”]


[You get additional effects from the acquired title.]



Raymond blinked.


Come to think of it, there was such an item in the status window.


His original title was Dirty Illegitimate Child, right? But what was the additional effect?


An explanation then came to his mind.

[He Who Helps The Poor]


Description: the title given to those who help the poor.


Title rating: Village level


Additional effects:


  • Will be greatly favored by the people of the slums!


  • You now have a great influence on the poor!

[Bonus level up according to title acquisition!]


[You will get 20 bonus skill points!]

Raymond opened his eyes wide.


‘It’s a good thing.’


His goal was to build skills and fame in the slums.


Such a reputation will be of great help in the coming years.


‘I feel good as well.’


It was a much better title than his nickname, “Dirty illegitimate child,” so Raymond felt like he received a surprise gift.


When Raymond was fully settled in the Bay Area, two strangers entered the slums.


“It’s been a long time since we went here.”


“Yes, sir.”


They were ordinary middle-aged people with a common impression that you would see everywhere. The clothes they were wearing were also shabby, so there was not much difference between them and the poor.


Nevertheless, Raymond felt an unexplained sense of alienation. It was because of the elegance that could not be covered even by shabby clothes.


The two are King Oden and Chancellor Galman!


As the King said the other day, he ought to go undercover in the Bay Area.


His appearance was magically altered, making him look completely different.


“But is it okay for only the two of us to come out like this? Once we return, he’ll make a fuss again.”


That friend.


Chancellor Galman meant Marquis Aris, the head of the Royal Knights.


“We are not within the kingdom capital anyway, so why does it matter? And besides, if I bring an escort with me, I won’t be able to blend in properly.” 


Galman shook his head as if he couldn’t stop King Oden.


In fact, this was not the first time he left the palace without an escort. 


He had done this a few times before… No, the king had done this quite often actually? However, he had a very good reason for that.


This is because King Oden was a “sword master.”


‘As long as the military units don’t come, no one can threaten His Highness.’


At that time, King Oden said something strange.


“By the way, something seems to have changed. What do you think?”


At Oden’s words, Galman tilted his head.




‘I don’t think anything has changed?k


Shabby houses, needy people, heavy and dull air – It was all the same.


“No, is something different?”


It was time for Galman to frown.


Suddenly, King Oden coughed.


“Cough. Cough.”


“I… no, sir!”


It lasted quite a long time with a rough and murky cough.


King Oden, barely calm, shook his head.


“I apologize that you have to see that.”


“No, are you alright?”


“It’s just a cough. I’ll be fine.”


Galman looked at the King with worried eyes.


‘Your Highness is coughing. Well, even a sword master can’t avoid disease.’


King Auden is hailed as the sword master and only two persons in the Kingdom of Houston have that title.


In other words, he is one of the two strongest men in the kingdom of Houston.


He was a strong player in the ultra drama, who was respected as a knight king and reigned as an envoy of the battlefield, but even he could not avoid getting sick. 


Whether it is a sword master or a god wizard, they’re all the same human beings. Getting old, being sick, and dying were all the same.


‘Still compared to ordinary people, he was much stronger and had no minor illness. However, he caught a cold this time.” 


Fortunately, it wasn’t a minor illness.


After suffering from a cold, his cough was only lasting a little longer.


‘Count Helien, a triple-A-class healer, continues to treat the King and expects that he will soon improve from his condition.’


Galman shook his head.


“Is there a destination you’re thinking of?”


“Well, I’ve come this far, let’s have a drink.”


“Very well.”


‘I didn’t mean to really drink, I meant to go to a bar and listen to people’s stories.’


They found a shabby bar.


It’s a dirty and shabby place to the point of frowning, but there was no place like this to listen to people’s stories vividly.


Galman took a sip of alcohol and frowned.


“It doesn’t taste good. Whether this is alcohol or poison, I don’t know if I can drink this.”


“It’s not your cup of tea, is it?”


“Yes, I have a beautiful body that has grown even if I’m a degenerate. I don’t know how you come to such a place.”


King Oden smirked at Galman’s indifference.


“It’s much more comfortable than the battlefield. As a civil servant, you were only in such a beautiful environment.”


“I’m sorry I’m a civil servant.”


Galman shook his head and thought this.


‘Where else is there a king who cares about the people like this?’


It wasn’t just a thought.


No one can deny that Oden is a great king. 


But even such a great King Oden had one major flaw: Raymond.


‘If your Highness had not been king, would he have treated Raymond as coldly as he is now?’


Perhaps because Raymond was around, Galman thought so.


Raymond should have been badly hurt by King Oden’s cold treatment.


‘It’s a useless idea.’


It was a moment of shaking his head.


Suddenly, a familiar name tickled his ears in the conversation at the next table.


“……I mean Raymond.”




Galman listened naturally.


And not long after he overheard it, I had no choice but to look surprised.


“Huh, Raymond? Be careful what you say! Why do you call his name recklessly?”


“Oh, I’m sorry. I made a mistake because I was drunk. Prince… oh, no, he told us not to call him that. Let me correct myself. Sir Raymond, he treated my mother, but I don’t know how to repay his kindness.”


“How can you be the only one who has benefited? We received grace from Sir Raymond as well!”


“That’s right. I can’t do just what I know. Even when Mr. Bin’s wife next door collapsed.” 


And people talked about the help they received from Raymond as if they were competing.


‘Is that all real? did Raymond really do all those things?’ Galman looked puzzled.


‘I knew Raymond had treated a patient with his own severity in the healer’s promotion test.’


‘But it wasn’t something you could do simply because you were good.’


‘And then, he had also captured his patients’ hearts.’


It was impossible to accomplish such things without pouring his own heart.k


“Your Highness?”


Galman glanced at Oden’s face, who was sitting from across him.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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