DP 30

DP 30

Chapter 30


“If I turn around like this, I think I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. So please open the way. I want to save the patients.”


The touching words shook people’s hearts.


“How can someone be like that in this world?”


‘I’m sure he is scared. I can’t believe he is trying to do that for a patient.’


‘What the hell, that Raymond.’


Everyone looked at him in awe.


They had a grateful heart before, but now it has grown beyond comparison.


‘Not even comparable to the former princes.’


‘Even an angel in the sky wouldn’t be so good and wonderful.’


It was all the reaction Raymond intended!


Raymond hurried into the house while people were faltering in the crucible of emotion.


‘Use, shield.’




A transparent membrane encircled Raymond.

[Shield magic is manifested!]


[You have a higher intelligence level compared to the magic level required! You can adjust the magic skill more smoothly!]

‘I guess it worked well.’


Raymond had slightly uneasy eyes when he opened them.


He felt a transparent membrane, but he was nervous still.


‘It shouldn’t be contagious now.’


Raymond fixed the thick towel covering his mouth and nose before he approached the patients.


“Wow, prince?”


The frightened children looked at Raymond with their eyes wide open.


“I am not a prince.”


“Wow… But you are a prince, right?”




Raymond felt the need to sort out the names.


‘Many people call me a prince. However, it is a difficult and unwelcome name.’


“Just call me Brother Raymond or brother.”


“Well, that’s….”


“If you feel pressured, you can call me ‘Long live handsome and wonderful Raymond.'” 


The children blinked.


I couldn’t tell whether I was joking or serious.


Soon his big eyes were filled with tears.


“Huh. I don’t want to die. Please save me, ugh.”


“Help me. Help me.”


The parents pleaded in tears too.


“Well, please save these children!”


“Please, prince, oh, no, healer!”


Raymond nodded and said.


“I’ll see you for a moment, will you lift up your clothes?”


The children’s limbs and bodies were also covered with terrible blisters.


It was so hideous that it was hard for quite a few people to examine it properly.


Raymond felt the same disgust, but he looked at the blisters with the coolest eyes possible. 


‘These kinds of infectious diseases look similar at first glance, but there is a clear difference. I have to tell it apart.’


Not the outer part, but the mouth, under the eyes, etc. After examining all the clues, Raymond was able to give an answer.


He gave a long sigh.


“This is not the reaper of death.”


“Well, are you sure?”


“Yes, so don’t worry. You won’t be killed unjustly.” Raymond explained to the people outside.




“Then what is this disease?”


Raymond replied.


“In ancient terms…… It’s called mutated chickenpox.”


Chickenpox!  Chickenpox!


It was the disease that showed the most similar pattern to smallpox.


‘Normally, it doesn’t come this bad, so it’s not often misunderstood.’


Chickenpox is a disease most children suffer from. However, it has rarely been misunderstood as smallpox. This is because the symptoms are much less than those of smallpox at first glance.


However, in rare cases, it was so severe that it was difficult to distinguish it from smallpox.


It was a rare strain of chickenpox in Laipentaina, and like smallpox, the blisters were filled with pus.


At that time, even formal healers found it difficult to distinguish the two accurately.


But even mutated chickenpox is a kind of chickenpox.


The knowledge of “general medicine” had points that clearly distinguished the two.


“The level of the follicles is not the same, and the ones in their palms and soles of the feet are relatively clean. Also, the blisters are not deep in the skin, but on the surface. These are not death reaper, but characteristics that appear during chickenpox.”




People asked in hesitant voices.


“Well, it’s not certain yet, is it?”


It’s not that they don’t trust Raymond.


Still, the fear of infectious diseases was so great that they were  afraid.


“Then why don’t I do this? I’ll take these children to the treatment center and treat them.”




“If there is a problem, it will happen to me first. Would that be alright?” 


The people could no longer object.


Rather, everyone was greatly impressed.


‘Maybe it’s dangerous, but he is going to take them to his own treatment center.’


‘Ha. How could an idiot be such a great man?’


‘We, as neighbors, were about to set fire to all of the blue and then there he is.’


The awe for Raymond grew in the hearts of the slums.


There have also been many people who feel respect to Raymond beyond awe.


Then Raymond told the people.


“However, there is something you need to do to help these children get better.”


“What is it? Just say the word!”


“There is a special medicine for treating this disease…….”


Raymond said in a rather small voice.


“They say meat is very good. I’d appreciate it if you could get me some meat.”




Raymond nodded strongly.


‘Yes, it is written in ancient knowledge. I like beef, especially among the meat, so please take it for me.’ Raymond thought to himself.


‘Meat is good for all patients. Hehe.’


Although he did it purely for his patient, it will be disappointing to return back empty-handed.


Raymond took this opportunity to decide to get at least meat for the first time in a long time.


‘I think the sky will see this with aegyo.’




It was a happy ending after that.


As Raymond expected, the children recovered without much trouble.


‘After all, chickenpox heals naturally. So there’s nothing much to do or to worry about.’


Raymond had a reason to laugh.


What a load of meat from the slums!


Thanks to this, Raymond was able to get out of the vegetable soup for the first time in a long time and eat a lot of grilled meat.


“Hanson, it’s grilled meat again today!”


“Yes, I’ll eat well.”


While doing so, Hanson wrote down something diligently.

– Meat is the best medicine for infectious diseases.


– Especially the sirloin area.

Raymond looked puzzled.


‘I just said that because I wanted to eat more sirloin.’


It seemed as if he had never imagined that Raymond, whom he respected, lied because he wanted to eat meat.


‘Well, I’ll fix it later. Let’s eat meat first. Yum. Yum.’


‘How long has it been since I had meat?’


‘It was delicious no matter what I ate.’


Raymond hated vegetables the most in the world.


‘Moreover, meat was not the only thing I gained from this incident.’

[You saved the patients from unfair deaths!]


[Quest Accomplished!]


[Achievement: ‘He who cares for his patients’ has been achieved!]

[Bonus level up!]


[bonus skill points are accumulated!]


[Your reputation goes up!]


[Bonus: You can now get a bigger favor from the people in the slums!]

It was always a sweet message.


‘I was even more excited to hear about it while eating beef.’




‘I’ve reached level 29 before I knew it.’


‘Let’s get to level 40 quickly. Then I’ll be able to carry a beginner’s resident ticket.’


If you reach level 40, you can be ‘promoted’. You will be able to treat patients better than you are now.


‘But if I use this shield magic well, I think it will be of great help to see infectious disease patients in the future. There’s a limit to mana. The duration is too short.’


Raymond felt sorry for it.


Come on!


It was a mysterious force that was the basis of all miracles, including heals, magic, and auras.


Healers use this mana to heal, wizards to use magic, and knights use mana for  blades and aura.


‘I have my own mana.’


Raymond was a healer, so there was mana.




‘…Wouldn’t it be the 1 expressed as ??’


It was almost as if there were none.


‘Other magic is also limited in use due to my lack of mana. If there is a way to raise the mana, it would be a great help to see my future patients. Could I at least be able to do something to raise my mana?’


However, the knights’ mana method did not answer. This is because the Mana seniority method is a method of writing down Mana before the lower stage.


The same mana is used, but the operation of each knight, wizard, and healer varies widely.


Knights accumulate mana under the lower abdomen and belly button through the mana training method.


Through knowledge and enlightenment, the wizards built mana around the heart, a middle field called mana heart.


While the healers used the Mana channel to use  Mana.


Of the three classes, the hardest to accumulate mana was definitely healers.


Since the upper battle is extremely difficult to develop after birth , innate talent influenced mana-ryang or healing power.


‘So no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get above grade F.’


When I thought so, I had a question.


‘But what mana am I using now?’


It has been overlooked so far, but it was a very important question.


The upper, middle, and lower ends are incompatible with each other.


In other words, healers who use the upper part can only use healing power, wizards who use the middle part can only use magic, and knights who use the lower part can only use aura.


But now Raymond is using magic.


‘I’ve never stacked mana in my mana heart.’


‘I thought it was the player’s ability so far and inadvertently passed it over.’


Raymond shook his head.


‘I thought I should think about it more carefully later.’


There was more important work now.


“Senior, the meat is all cooked.”


“Yes, let’s eat. It’s cooked well so that the juice doesn’t get out, right?”


I had to eat freshly baked meat.


It wasn’t polite to cool the meat.


“……But the epidemic has been resolved, do I have to keep eating meat?”


“Yes, meat is always right.”


Meat has always been right.


Because it’s delicious.


Yum yum.


So all the children recovered, and this incident caused a very big stir.


Now the people of the Bay Area looked at Raymond in a completely different light.


Previously, people in the Bay Area looked at Raymond with mixed eyes.


Not everyone sang his praises before.


Some people still looked at him with suspicious eyes.


‘Aren’t you pretending to be nice to get some political advantage? Like the princes who came before?’


“Isn’t it also hypocrisy to pretend to be for us?”’


However, such a voice went in.


Raymond’s image that day was full of will that shook people’s hearts.


He might die of contagion, but for his patients he still risked his own life.


A person is not a human being unless he was moved by Raymond’s saint-like appearance.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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