DP 3

DP 3

Chapter 3


Raymond nodded without hesitation.


“Yes, it’s possible enough.”




Their eyes grew tearful.


“However, there is one thing that the guardians should follow. No matter what treatment I take, trust me, and follow me.”




It was an unexpected request.


But they nodded.


It was a car that was waiting for death day by day. They’re not in a position to hide and run from that request if he could save the patient anyway.


“Please do it, healer. Please save my husband!”


Raymond nodded.


“Okay. Then prepare clean water boiled at a high temperature. It should be boiling hot as much as possible.”


“Yes, I’ll ready it right away.”


“And prepare a clean knife. It should be the sharpest you can find.”


“A knife?”


The mother and daughter looked at him with puzzled looks.


Why would he use a knife for healing?


“Yes, and then heat it with a fire.”


“What kind of treatment are you trying to do?”


Raymond paused at the question.


He was worried about what words he would use to explain this treatment of his.


But eventually, Raymond soon came up with a suitable word.


“I’m going to do surgery on your husband, ma’am.”






Preparations for the operation were quickly completed.


Raymond could still not believe that he is going to be doing surgery.


In fact, this level of abscess drainage was a simple procedure that it was embarrassing to call it surgery.


Still, Raymond, standing in front of the patient, had a pounding heart.


“It’s an arterial hemorrhage. Stop the bleeding!”


“Secure your sight! If you don’t hurry, it’ll turn into a heart arrest!”


Not long ago, the scene Raymond saw in his dream passed by his mind.


As if he became that doctor in that very dream of his, the sharp tension left his body.


“Then thank you in advance, healer.”


“Please save my father!”


The mother and daughter left the room after asking in their trembling voices.


They believed in Raymond.


Still, he couldn’t hide his anxiety and nervousness. Because a life of a precious family member depends on him.


“I’ll do my best.”


Raymond felt their hearts and thought silently.


‘Cold on the head, but hot on the heart.’


It was a phrase included in the knowledge of ‘general medicine’.


He reiterated the mindset that the therapist should have.


For now, he wiped the unruffled area with the medicinal herbs he brought from the treatment center.


It was a paralytic herb. In addition, he cleaned the incision with medicinal herbs that had a disinfection effect.


Then he picked up the knife.


It was just in time that there was a small hand knife that had never been used at home, so he disinfected it over the fire.


It was a knife in a form similar to a primitive scalpel.


It was the moment when the feeling of the knife was delivered to the hand.


Raymond’s heart pounded again.


“It’s time to open.”


Screeching, the knife penetrated the skin and blood dripped down.




Raymond was prepared to see red, but when he saw the red blood, he felt dizzy.


“Calm down, Raymond!”


Raymond clenched his teeth and moved his hand.


According to the knowledge of ‘surgical science’, this is all natural.


The flesh, swollen and red from inflammation was drawn in a straight line.


As soon as the blood flowed, the set-yellow liquid poured out.


It was pus.


Raymond’s hand moved incessantly.


The pus filled the clean cloth as he used it for wiping it off. And then the abscess’ inside was washed with boiling sterilized water.


Raymond cleaned it until the pus was invisible to the naked eye. Afterward, the dead tissue was removed one by one through a hand knife.


‘Focus. Don’t make any mistakes.’ That’s what Raymond told himself repeatedly.


It was a simple procedure, but Raymond seemed to have a large open operation for life.


He didn’t know where the time went, but he simply continued moving his hands.


Eventually, sweat formed all over his forehead.


After moving wildly according to the knowledge of “surgical science” engraved in his head, the pus inside the flesh that was rotting was finally removed.


“It’s done!”


Upon seeing this, Raymond lets out a cheer inwardly.


Fortunately, the treatment was completed safely.


The inflammation is still red, but it will subside soon because he has managed to remove the cause.


Raymond sprayed the potion made by extracting the last herb he had prepared on the wound.


It is a herb known to be effective in infectious diseases, and Raymond guessed it to contain “natural antibiotics” in light of “medical knowledge”.


After such a simple operation, Raymond came out of the room and met the mother and daughter.


They were waiting for Raymond with worried faces.


“Oh, what happened, healer?”


Raymond lets out a long sigh.


It was a sigh of relief as he finished a big job safely.


“The operation has been a success.”




“The fever will start to drop now.”


Tears welled up in the eyes of the mother and daughter.


“Thank you! Thank you so much!”


They bowed almost curtsy.


Raymond shook his head in bewilderment at the excessive expression of appreciation.


“You don’t have to do that. I just did what I had to do. You don’t have to thank me that much.”


But the mother and daughter never stopped thanking him.


“What do you mean? This is just the right thing to do. No healer has tried to cure my husband unlike you.”




“I don’t know how many clinics I’ve been to so far. Everyone just complained that I didn’t have enough money, but they didn’t even try to take a proper look at their husband.”


The middle-aged woman wiped away her tears.


“Thanks to you, healer. I was able to avoid losing my husband. You’ve been a benefactor to our family.”


It was the moment after Raymond heard this that his heart made a leap again.


It was a different kind of palpitation than before.


Something warm filled his heart. It felt unbearably overwhelming.


“This is….”


the pleasure of treating a patient


It was the first time he had tasted this kind of joy.




So Raymond managed to treat a patient for the first time.


“…… he treated the patient?”


Raymond felt joy upon seeing the look on Lance’s face.


He finally gave him a punch!


“Yes, I just came back after confirming that his fever had gone down. It looks like he is going to make a full recovery in a few days.”


“What nonsense!”


Lance raised his voice.


“Don’t lie to me! What treatment is he capable of doing with his dusty healing power?!”


It was a natural reaction.


By a healer’s standards, it’s a very serious disease.


This disease can only be cured with a B-class advanced healer and yet his senior who is a class F managed to push this through?


“This is because of his healing properties.”


Heal, like other stories in the novel, was not an all-around power to heal any disease with just a touch.


Here in the world of Leifentina, healing is a vital force that promotes life.


As it promotes vitality, it shows useful treatment effects in various diseases. But not all diseases are always healable.


A typical example was the butt abscess that Raymond treated this time.


If pus is seething, what good does it do to depend on waving healing prowess to promote life when you can just squeeze it out? This is clearly a height of inefficiency.


This is not just about a butt abscess. There are so many bad treatments and practices here in Leifentina.


Raymond thought of it as it comes from his ‘medical knowledge’.


Healing is obviously a great force, but the problem was that it was an overconfident prospect.


There are many diseases that stand uncurable to most of the heals the lower the healer’s rank and ability. So what if it promotes vitality when all it does is pour healing powers while not being able to cure one’s diseases fully in most cases?


Raymond only thinks about how how to sharpen his heals more that he had forgotten to study other treatments properly.


“If you’re lying…….”


“It’s not a lie.”


Raymond opened his mouth cautiously as he looked at Lance.


“Maybe the heavens had helped me, but it was I who cured the patient this time around.”


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Lance glared at Raymond with blazing eyes.


‘What is he going to do while staring at me like this?’


Raymond shook his head and straightened his shoulders after shrinking reflexively due to his past as he had been criticized as an ugly and useless man. This time he did nothing wrong, though. He only completed what was assigned to him.


“I’ll go check it out myself, so please wait. If it’s a lie, you’ll have to pay for it, so be prepared!”




Raymond shook his head when he saw Lance close the door roughly behind him.


He would know that it was not a lie and that he is only being in denial once he had gotten to see for himself.


Anyway, Lance’s petty reaction is not that important now.


Raymond blinked and a couple of phrases popped up in front of his eyes.


[Quest completed!]


[You’ll get a reward!]


[Level up!]


[Acquired 10 skill points!]


[Level Up: The level rises when experience is accumulated beyond the standard value. As you level up, you can increase your stats (ability points).] 


[You can upgrade your class at level 40.]




[Class: Surgeon General (SSS)]


[Occupational Rating: Novice resident]


It seemed to be referring to his occupational rating.


Does that mean that the higher his level increases, the higher his rating goes up? From a novice resident to an experienced resident?


It seemed like that to Raymond.


“Then since I’m a resident now, can I upgrade to a specialist or a professor, if my level goes up a lot later on?”’


At that time, an additional message came to his mind in addition to his quest rewards.


[A special bonus will be given to commemorate the treatment of your first patient!]


[Level up!]


His level went up again.


Then his status window changed like this.


[Player status]


Name: Raymond


Class: Surgeon General (SSS)


Occupational grade: Novice Resident


Level: 3


Experience: 10/50


Skill point: 15


Name: Dirty illegitimate child


Assistant Occupation: not active




Physical strength: 3


Sense: 2


Intelligence: 17


?? :1


Extra start point: 2


“Extra stat point?”


His level went up to 3, and there was an extra start point that was added into his status window.


“Can I raise my stats for every level increase I get?”’


It seems like so, huh?


‘But what’s the value of all these stats?’ He questioned mentally.


As if on cue, a simple explanation came through his mind.


[Physical strength] It refers to the overall ability of the body including endurance, muscle strength, etc. If you have strong physical strength, it will be as advantageous when treating patients.]


[Sense] The ability to fine-tune the body. The more sensitive your senses are, the more delicate your movements are when treating patients.


“Sense! This ability is useful for surgery.”


Physical strength is literally the physical ability of the whole body.


Sensation seemed to be a delicate motor ability.


In other words, in order to improve surgical skills that require delicate hand movements, a sensory start must be raised.


‘Use start point. Both points to increase sensory ability.’


Not long ago, Raymond sweated because his hands did not move as he wanted while treating the abscess, so he immediately started and picked to upgrade his senses.


For the time being, he was planning to invest in the sense side whenever his level rose.


“What is intelligence?”


[Intelligence] This is the ability to use the academic knowledge you have more efficiently.


‘I will have the ability to use my head more efficiently. When treating patients, I’ll be able to accurately make judgments based on my medical knowledge. This is just as important when performing a surgery.’


‘What’s the question mark?’


Another explanation popped into Raymond’s mind.


[??: The criteria are not met and will not be opened. This will be unlocked when certain criteria are met.]


With that, Raymond could not help but say ‘What was the ‘??’ stat?  Clearly, ‘?? stat’ is also an ability to help treat patients…”


Anyway, Raymond realized one thing as soon as those words escaped his lips.


He needs to raise his level! That way, he can be the best healer.


There was only one way for him to become an outstanding healer with a flunking talent below grade F.


He needs to sharpen his ability as a surgeon.


To do that, he had to raise his level.


In other words, he had to see a patient.


Having judged and analyzed the situation, Raymond moved immediately.


He went to the aid station.


In medical terms, it’s an emergency room.


He volunteered to work there, which is the number one place healers like him strongly avoid. It is where all kinds of rough and nasty patients flock.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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