DP 29

DP 29

Chapter 29


“What should we do, sir?”


Hanson asked with a pale face.


‘What should I do?’


Raymond bit his lip.


If smallpox was indeed around, it was too dangerous to go out to treat a patient.


‘But is it really smallpox?’


Raymond had such a question for a moment.


‘Why would it emerge all of a sudden after decades? Maybe it’s another infectious disease that has a similar pattern?’


Rather, the probability was high.


‘People may have been terrified and driven to smallpox when they’re not sure.’


As can be seen in syphilis patients, people here often made wrong judgments out of ignorance and fear.


It was very likely that he had mistaken a similar disease.


Then, Kanshir spoke.


“Please stay away from this area for a moment. I’ll clean up the patients soon.”


“What do you do with the patients?”


“We’re going to burn them to clean it up.”


Raymond’s face hardened.


Clean up by burning.


It was ridiculous by the standards of modern earth, but it was common in Laipentaina.


Before the disease spreads, all patients and their families around them are burned.


‘Although it’s practically the only solution.’


There was something that caught Raymond’s attention.


‘Is it right to burn people to death when they’re not even sure that they have smallpox?’


“How on earth did you get the symptoms? Are you sure it’s the death reaper?”


Kanshir looked at the subordinate who followed him.


“Hmm. Let me explain. All the patients had high fever and terrible blisters all over their bodies. The inspirations who have experienced the reaper of death in the past are speaking in unison. It’s the same symptom as then.”


Raymond, hearing the explanation, was deeply lost in thought.


High fever and blisters? Besides smallpox, there are many diseases that show such symptoms!


Of course, the characteristic symptoms of smallpox, which was high fever and systemic blisters, were correct.


However, the problem is that smallpox is not the only disease that shows such symptoms.


“If you look at it with your own eyes, you’ll be able to tell it apart.”’


The problem is that Raymond has to take risks.


What if it’s smallpox?


When approached by the patient, the possibility of transmission increases rapidly.


‘Ugh. I don’t want to become as good as dead because I have smallpox. I don’t want to die.’


Raymond shivered.


‘I haven’t even enjoyed wealth and fame yet!’


‘I haven’t had the chance to have steak yet, and I’ve rarely had delicious alcohol!’


‘If I die like this, it would be more than unfair that I won’t be able to even close my eyes.’


“Wouldn’t you rather leave the clinic for now? Smallpox is impossible, no matter how great you are, Senior.” Hanson said cautiously.


Kanshir nodded as if he was right.


“It will be okay if you clean up the patients by burning them, so the healer should stay away for a while and come back.”


Raymond clenched his fist.


‘What should I do?’


‘If it’s not smallpox, aren’t only innocent patients burned to death?’


‘If I could just see it with my own eyes, I’d be able to tell of it really was smallpox.’


 In the end, it was a choice.


Risk of transmission from patients or not.


‘No one will say anything if you just leave without knowing.’


Raymond was seduced in a corner of his heart.


Considering his usual goal, it was right to leave, pretending not to know anything. It wasn’t about getting money.


But Raymond couldn’t walk away.


‘How can you say that you are a healer if you turn away from a patient who is about to die?’


‘Damn it. Why is it so hard to be a healer?’


It was then.


A message came to his mind!

[A quest is given!]

[Save the patients who are on the verge of unfair death!]


(Personnel Quest)


Occupation Level: Novice Resident


Difficulty level: Medium


Clear Condition: Numerous patients with infectious diseases are on the verge of being burned to death. This is not the right treatment. Stop their unjust deaths through your knowledge!


Reward: Bonus level up, 20 skill points

Raymond closed his eyes tightly and said impulsively.


“No, I won’t leave.”






Raymond said, biting his lips.


“Maybe it’s not smallpox. I’ll have to check.”


‘What are you going to do if it is indeed smallpox? I could die. Even if I live, I’ll be a gombo. You idiot!’


Such a cry hit Raymond’s head, but it was already spilled water.


‘I couldn’t leave because I thought a distant person could be burned alive and die.’


‘I didn’t think I would feel comfortable with any wealthy movie in the future.’


‘God, is there any way? Where I’ll save the patients, and I’ll be safe too.’


‘However, I didn’t want the epidemic to spread.’


Raymond agonized desperately.


‘Save the patient, save yourself.’


‘Think about it! There must be a way!’


Through his knowledge of “general medicine,” he came up with the path of transmission of infectious diseases.


Smallpox is a droplet spread.


The patient’s saliva or runny nose spreads through coughing.


KWithout a professional medical mask, there is no physical way to prevent such droplets from entering the airway.’


But it was that moment.


An idea flashed across Raymond’s mind.


‘No, I have one. There’s a way to stop the droplets!’


There is no infection prevention medical mask in the world.


But there was a means to replace it.


“View Market.”


The list flashed up.


Perhaps because his level has risen, the list of skills available for purchase has increased significantly compared to before.


Raymond opened an item with magic on the “auxiliary skills” list.


“There it is!”

[Shield (D)]


[Required points: 100]

He bought the skill right away.



Classification: Auxiliary (Magical) skills


Magic grade: Basic


Proficiency: D


– Defend against physical threats.


-The more skilled you are, the more powerful you can defend yourself against threats!


-CAUTION: Low mana stat meant short duration!

‘This magic will stop the smear from entering the airway for a moment!’


Physical blocking of droplets through shield magic can also prevent transmission!


‘Alright! There’s no problem now!’


What he’s trying to do anyway is to check if the patients have  smallpox.


It’ll only take a moment, so it won’t be a problem.


“I understand the senior’s feelings for the patients. But this time, it’s dangerous. Think again.” Hanson stopped Raymond.


“It’s alright.”




“It’s really alright. I have a way. Can you do me a favor instead?” Raymond put his hand on Hanson’s shoulder. 


“Get me a thick hood for a mask.”




“Gloves, too. I should have a robe that can cover my whole body.”


Hanson blinked, not knowing Raymond’s intentions.


“What are you going to prepare?”


Raymond replied briefly.


“A spacesuit.”


It was a dress to prevent infectious diseases.


I couldn’t rely solely on shield magic, so I was going to pack my whole body and go.


‘Patients are important, but my body is also precious. I can never give it to a virus or something!’


From head to toe.


Raymond, who had bandaged his whole body like a mummy, headed to the place where the epidemic had occurred.


It happened to be a remote shack on the east side of the slum near the treatment center.


The crowd was gathering and holding a new light.


“Wait a moment, please! This is Raymond.”


“No, the prince?”


People looked at Raymond, who was like a mummy, in amazement.


“Why are you here anyway? It’s dangerous!”


“Please stay away from me!”


People in the slums were worried about Raymond.


“I’m alright. But what are you trying to do?”


“The reaper of death has infested the children of this house, and they are trying to purify it by burning it.”


Raymond glanced inside and saw the frightened children bursting into tears.


The child’s parents screamed in despair inside the house.


“Well, please! Please wait! We are not sure that this is the reaper of death yet! I don’t mind dying, so please, don’t let these children……!”


Those who held the torches made bitter faces at the screams.


“I’m so sorry.”


“If the disease goes around like this, countless people will die. It can’t be helped for everyone.”


Everyone looked distressed too.


All of them are neighbors who lived in one place.


How can you comfortably burn your neighbors to death? Everyone felt miserable.


“If we leave it like this, countless people will be killed like it did 15 years ago. So…….”


It was time for people to clench their teeth and throw a new light.


Raymond hurried forward.


“Oh, wait! I told you to wait!”

[Heart of Steel is manifested!]


[Speech Skill is manifested!]


[The two skills create a synergy effect!]


[Your will for the patient is realized by your words!]

Raymond, standing in front of the crowd, opened his mouth in a strong tone.


“Are you sure it is the reaper of death?”


“The healer?”


Raymond’s voice, whose heart and speech skills were expressed, was different from usual.


There was a heavy, controlling echo.




“Smallpox is not the only thing that boils and creates spots that appear on a face.”


Terrible spots covering the whole body, including the face.


That was generally the way people guessed smallpox.


“Is the death reaper the only disease that causes spots on your face? What about the red half flower? What about the chicken-crumb epidemic?” Raymond mentioned the names of other conditions that could be similar to smallpox.




No one could answer.


Raymond said, clenching his teeth.


“I’ll check it out myself.”


“No! It’s dangerous.”


People jumped up and down in surprise.


“What if you get infected? Absolutely not!”


“Save yourself!”


People jumped up and down against it because Raymond was already very popular.


“Don’t worry. I have a way to keep the epidemic from spreading.”


“Don’t lie! Aren’t you just trying to take a risk for your patients?”


“I know that the prince is a great man who only cares about patients. But not this time!” 


Everyone stopped Raymond with a face of desperate struggle.


‘No, I think you’re misunderstanding something about me,’ Raymond thought.


‘Well then, let’s take this opportunity to get more points for the people in the slums.’


“Do you know why I step forward when it can be dangerous?”




“Because my heart aches.”


Raymond continued to feel as desperate as he could with the help of the “Heart of Steel” and “Speech” skills.


“I can abandon those patients… But there’s the reason that maybe I can save them, so I can’t pretend I didn’t see it!




The people’s eyes shook with emotion.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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