DP 28

DP 28

Chapter 28

[Quest accomplished!]


[Bonus level up!]


[10 bonus points acquired!]

Hearing the message, Raymond spoke with relief.


“The treatment is over. Thank you for your hard work.”


“Well, are you sure it’s over?”


Kanshir opened his eyes in disbelief.


He’s been suffering from this nasty anal disease for years, and the treatment is so simple?


Raymond smiled, wiping the sweat running from his forehead.


“There may be pain for the next three days or so. Don’t take a bath for a while or you can take a bath but make sure to be seated.” Raymond told him what to watch out for after the surgery.


Kanshir, who had come to fight like that and was treated for a chronic disease, looked at him blankly.


“Thank you. How should I repay this favor?…”


“It was a simple treatment, but what about grace?”


‘I don’t need grace, I just need for you to pay.’


Raymond smiled inwardly.


If I knew this was going to happen, I should’ve had some wine. Drink it with meat soup.


‘How much should I ask him? Twenty pence? He looks rich, perhaps thirty?’


At that time, Kanshir made an unexpected statement .


“How dare you set up such a trap to such a great person.”




“I will repay you many times for today’s grace. In the future, you won’t see any flies in your eyes.”




It was a statement that Raymond couldn’t keep track of.


“Well, sir? I don’t need a favor…… I’m just going to simply ask for you to pay for the medical expenses…….”


“I can’t repay this favor with hard medical expenses. I’ll give you a case that’s not even comparable to the medical expenses.”


Kanshir is a man like a rushing brown bear.


Once he made a decision, there was no hesitation.


He took out his chin money bag, put it down on Raymond, and got up from his seat.


“Do not worry! I am going to wipe out those who bothered the great healer.”




Raymond called in embarrassment, but it was too late.


Kanshir huffed and disappeared at once. Raymond can only tilt his head.


‘What the hell is he talking about?’


‘Anyway, I got the money so that’s enough.’


There were as many as 300 pence in the pocket!


‘Hyuk, 300! Today, I’ll be having beef! Let’s eat sirloin!’


Anyway, Kanshir did a great job.


“The malignant abscess is Lance and you guys.”


“Koo-ooh! Master Ka-Kanshir? There’s a misunderstanding……!”


“Shut up! Even if you didn’t mean it that way, I’ve been watching you since you’ve been ripping off the spine of our poor people. I put up with it and let it go, and then you frame such a great person?!?”


No healer who tried to smear Raymond has been found in the Bay Area since that day.


An angry Kanshir beat them up and kicked them out of the Bay Area.


In particular, Lance, who led the work, was beaten to the point of dust on a rainy day and kicked out.


How beaten he was, his face turned bearish, and he was never to be found again in the kingdom capital.


The healers, who were about to make such a futile trick, broke down without even doing anything properly and collapsed. At the same time, Raymond continued to treat without any interference.


Since then, Raymond’s treatment center then cruised without any major problems.


As rumors spread day by day, the number of patients seeking treatment increased, and the patients who received treatment from him praised Raymond’s name.


“Thanks to the prince, all our wounds and sickness have improved. I didn’t even dare to see a healer before.”


“Thank you very much.”


“Until now, I have not received any treatment even if I am sick and feel like dying.”


To such people, Raymond was like an angel from heaven.


That’s a kind, talented angel.


“I can’t believe there’s such a person in the world.”


Everyone spoke in a grateful voice.


Raymond was equally happy too.

[Experience points are accumulated!]


[Level up!]

His level has risen a lot.


‘I’m now level 28! Let’s work hard until I get to level 40!’


Raymond opened the status window.

[Player Status]


Name: Raymond


Class: Surgeon (SSS)


Occupational Level: Novice resident


Level: 28


Experience value: 15/200


Reputation: 33


Skill Point: 235


Name: Dirty Illegitimate Child


Auxiliary Occupation: Not Activated



Stamina: 12


Sense: 18


Intellect: 19


?? :1

Recently, Raymond has invested a lot of points into his stamina. He had also improved his intellectual power.


‘I don’t think just raising my senses is the answer. I need to harmonize and balance my skills.’


Sensory stats are so-called delicate dexterity-like abilities. However, dexterity also shines only when the overall physical ability can follow.


‘And with the patients flocking, my body gets so tired.’


‘So I improved my physical strength, and I definitely felt healthier than before. I was less tired.’


‘My muscle strength has improved, my endurance has also improved. But what happens if I keep raising my stamina stat?’


Raymond thought in vain that he might get a strong body like knights.


‘After building up my stamina to a certain extent, I need to build up my intelligence next.’


Intellectual power.


This is the ability to use your brain.


It was essential for accurate diagnosis and judgment.


‘I can’t be an ignorant doctor who’s good with his hands.’


In addition, intelligence also affects the usage of magic, an auxiliary means of treatment.


In other words, to become an excellent doctor, there was nothing that was not important between the stamina, sense, and intelligence.


‘I had to build up my stats.’


‘I need to level up even more!’


“Welcome, patient!”


“What are you uncomfortable with?”


As such, he was treating the patient with the will to win today.


Suddenly, something like a bolt from the blue came.


“It’s a big deal, healer!”


It was Kanshir!


“What’s the matter?”


Raymond looked puzzled.


How can a dark giant like Kanshir come running with such an urgent look?


“We must get out of here and run!”




“An epidemic has occurred!”


Raymond’s eyes widened.


“It’s the “Death Reaper”! If you stay here, you will be infected and get killed! Please run away!”


The reaper of death.


It was the Laipentaina’s version of the worst plague, the smallpox.


Raymond’s body stiffened in the sudden crisis.


The royal family of the kingdom of Houston at that time.


Chancellor Galman and King Oden were talking about the Bay Area.


“How’s the Bay Area?”


“There is no particular disturbance.”


“It means there’s nothing good that is happening either.”


Chancellor Galman smiled wryly.


“You know that, don’t you? Stabilizing the Bay Area is impossible. It’s been a long time since it’s become a malignant abscess.”


The Bay Area has long been a thorn in the side of the kingdom of Houston.


There was a malicious slum under the chin of the capital, which became an element of anxiety in case of an emergency and a cradle of all kinds of crimes.


Therefore, they have been trying to solve it since the previous generation and the Siwon period, but no one has been clearly successful. “It will be impossible to stabilize the Bay Area, even if any great person goes,” thought Chancellor Galman, who spoke conclusively.


‘It might be better to burn it to the ground, as His Highness Lemarton suggested.’


But they can’t because all the people who live in them are the people of the Kingdom of Houston.


‘Come to think of it, Raymond said he had set up a clinic in the Bay Area.’


Chancellor Galman recalled the news he had just heard.


‘I thought he would run away without much patience, but there was no news.’


‘Is he okay? Raymond didn’t have any accident, did he?’


At that moment, Chancellor Galman had a bitter worry.


There is no way Raymond can adapt well in the Bay Area, which is nothing short of a magul.


But so far, there is no news whatsoever.


‘He may have encountered some kind of harm.’


‘What should I do? Do I have to send someone else to find out?’


Then, Oden said.


“It’s time to go on a secret trip soon.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


Oden, a master soldier, regularly hid his identity every few months and went on a secret trip to listen to the thoughts of the people.


“I’ll go out into the Bay Area on this secret trip, so be prepared.”




King Oden frowned as Chancellor Galman looked surprised.


“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”


“Oh, no.”


Chancellor Galman raised the following question.


“You don’t happen to know that Raymond has a medical center in the Bay Area, do you?”


But he shook his head soon.


That indifferent king couldn’t have known that.


“Why do you want to go to the Bay Area?”


“The Bay Area is currently the biggest source of anxiety in the kingdom. It is a natural duty as a monarch to care about the internal elements of anxiety before that, for there may soon be a war with the Kingdom of Droughton.”


Chancellor Galman nodded.


Kingdom of Droughton!


It was the arch enemy of the kingdom of Houston, which had been fighting each other for hundreds of years.


Although it is not yet widely known, the two kingdoms were gradually deepening their war clouds.


“If a war breaks out and public sentiment is shaken, we don’t know what anxiety factor the Bay Area will play, so we have to stabilize it as much as possible.”


“Okay, then I’ll get ready.”


Chancellor Galman bowed out of his seat.


The king, who was left alone, looked out the window for a moment.


But is it a coincidence?


His eyes were on the Bay Area, in northwest of the castle.


Among them, it was the eastern district, where Raymond’s treatment center was located.




King Oden looked for a moment in silence at the direction of the eastern district of the Bay Area, and then turned away.


As if his glance was a lie just now, only the sound of handing over documents rang starkly in the office.


‘The reaper of death, smallpox?’


Raymond’s face turned white.


What kind of disease is smallpox?


It was one of the worst infectious diseases along with the Black Death, with a fatality rate of over 30%.


‘According to the knowledge of “general medicine”, it is a disease that has produced billions of victims on Earth.’


It is said to have been eradicated by the establishment of vaccinations on Earth, but it is prevalent here in Laipentaina and has made numerous victims.


‘There’s nothing I can do if it’s really smallpox.’


‘If we do our best, we can save some patients.’


KBut it didn’t mean anything in a situation with hundreds, thousands, maybe tens of thousands dying.’


‘…… Rather, there may be a situation in which I am infected and sacrificed.’


Raymond had a chilling thought.


It was not a miracle.


How likely is there to be a transmission if you’re around a patient?


It’s almost 100 percent.


Therefore, there was such an unofficial rule in the Tower of Healing.

-Run away as soon as the reaper of death (Smallpox) and the curse fog (Black Death) sing.

This was not simply to blame the morality of the healers.


It goes without saying that: “I can’t ask you to give up your life for a patient.”

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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