DP 27

DP 27

Chapter 27


“Among the patients I’ve treated, there is the master of the Blue Moon Guild. I will ask him to kick Raymond out.”


‘Be prepared, Raymond. I’ll drive you out of here.’ Lance thought to himself.



There were numerous underworld guilds in the Bay area.


Some of them were malicious organizations that suck the blood of the poor, while others were guilds that united to defend their rights against such bad people.


The “Blue Moon Guild” was close to the latter.


In exchange for collecting a protective tax at the Bay Area’s famous entertainment district of Langtram,  Blue Moon Guild does nothing wrong to cross the line.


There were many people who wanted to enter the protection of the Blue Moon Guild because it played a role in protecting the people in the entertainment district in the exploitation of really bad guys, such as the Dark Blade Guild.


As such, Master Kanshir of the Blue Moon Guild had his own righteous character.


“Is that real? Raymond, did he come here to the Bay Area for such a vicious purpose?”


Despite his righteous character, he is naive and simple to manipulate with vulgar language. 


To the point where his eyes went wide open at Lance’s simple trick.


“Yes, that’s right, Master. Who am I? In the past, I was the healer  who taught him at the Belland Therapy Center.”


Lance hid his mean heart and spoke with the most sincere face possible.


“Raymond, he must have come here to experiment and use the people of the Bay Area as test subjects.”




Kanshir, the master of the Blue Moon Guild, was more than alarmed.


“Then Raymond, what about him treating people for a bargain?”


“All of this is to use his patients as test subjects. No matter what happens to the poor here, he doesn’t really care.”


Lance spoke earnestly with a thoughtful look on his face.


“If left as it is, there will be numerous side effects for the patients. Master Kansir, please step up for the poor here in the Bay Area!”


Kanshir jumped up from his seat.


At the sight, Lance called for joy in his heart.


‘That’s enough. Raymond, you’re done.’


Once the top turned, he succeeded in stimulating Kansir, who could not control the situation before and after, so it was obvious what Raymond would become.


‘You will be kicked out of the Bay Area by the threat of Kanshir.k


“There is no one to trust but Master Kanshir! Please save the people of the Bay Area!”


Master Kanshir huffed and headed to Raymond’s care home.


[You can sense the true force!]


[The other person’s true power has been confirmed to be “medium”]

Raymond’s body stiffened with astonishment.


When he turned his head slowly, he saw a man with a grim look.


‘What kind if scary-looking person is that?’


‘He is like a bear.’


‘No, can I describe the ferocious look of a man with just that word?’


‘Bear. Among them, he looked like a bald battle bull bear with about five scars.’


Raymond naturally sweated because he looked like he would pee just by looking at that man.


“What brings you here?”


“Are you Raymond? You’re the healer?”


Of course, the phrase ‘I’m an aristocrat, why are you speaking to me informally?’ didn’t pop up.


Raymond was strong and weak, so he spoke in a servile manner this time.


“Yes, what are you uncomfortable with, patient?”


It was a moment to say so when a message came to his mind.

[We confirmed that the other person is a ‘true patient’.]


[Skill: ‘True Countermeasures’ are revealed!]


[‘True Countermeasures’ and ‘Heart of Steel’ create a synergy effect!]

An amazing miracle happened.


The tremor stopped in Raymond’s heart and naturally a countermeasure came to mind.


That was not all.


Another message also occurred to him.

[Bonus quest has occurred!]

[Treat the patient!]


(Personnel Quest)


Occupation Level: Novice Resident


Difficulty level: Low


GUEST DESCRIPTION: All kinds of patients flock to the care center. But there are patients with pain that don’t want to be treated. If you treat them sincerely, they will rather become big fans and open their hearts to you.


Clear condition: Treatment of the patient with the truth


Reward: Bonus level up, 10 skill points


Perks: A warm favor from the truth

‘Yes, no matter how bad it is, he is an abnormal patient who came to the treatment center. I just have to treat this patient as if he is like any other of my patients.’ 


‘Whether the other person is a gangster in the dark or a troublemaker, I just go on the path of being a healer!’


When Raymond made up his mind, he suddenly thought of something else.


‘Wait a minute… If you’re a member of the underworld guild, you’ll be rich here in the Bay Area, right? Wouldn’t it be a lot of money for me if I was able to treat him?’ 


When he thought so, Raymond suddenly drooled.


It’s a “customer” who has the money. He finally met someone who would pay!


Kindness rose wildly in his mind.


‘I will make sure he gets the best treatment and then catch a pushover!’


“What are you uncomfortable with, patient? This is a treatment center, so don’t feel pressured. You can tell me any symptoms you are feeling.”


Is it because of the desire for money?


Kindness overflows through Raymond. A warm voice came out as if touching the master’s chest.


Then Kanshir, who was about to get angry, shut up.




It was a very soft voice.


He had never heard such a kind voice in his life.


‘No, I can’t be fooled. I think it’s a mask.’


But at that moment.


In Kanshir’s eyes, the images of the patients waiting at the treatment center came into view,


‘The patients…’


They are concerned that Raymond will suffer any harm from Kanshir.


“Well…Ka, Master Kanshir. The Raymond healer is a good man.”


“Eh, that’s right.”


Kanshir was suddenly alerted to what the patients said carefully.


‘Could it be that Lance lied to me?”


Kanshir, however simple and ignorant, was not a fool.


Lance lied!


‘How dare he?!’


Then Raymond said again.


“Patient? Anything is fine, so tell me whatever it is making you uncomfortable. I’ll cure you.”


Emerald-colored warm eyes turned to Kanshir.


Kanshir couldn’t answer because his eyes seemed to be touching his heart.


“I am…”


When Kanshir did not open his mouth, Raymond tilted his head.


‘What’s the matter? Don’t let me go back empty-handed! Let’s put some meat in the soup today!’ — For your information, it was Raymond, who still hasn’t been able to get out of the vegetable soup these days!


He opened his mouth with a more friendly voice.


“That’s alright. Anything trivial is fine. I’ll cure you of anything, so tell me everything.” 


At the trustworthy words, Kanshir was unconsciously conflicted. “Tell you anything?”


In fact, he had a chronic disease that others didn’t know.


It was also because of his chronic disease that he accepted Lance’s request.


‘Should I say it?’


But his mouth didn’t drop it so easily.


It was funny to be treated after coming here to start a fight, and above all, his chronic disease was very shameful.


“Well. No, I…….”


Raymond was upset when Kanshir did not come over and continued to hesitate.


‘No, he’ll just turn his back and go back. You’re a rich customer who came here, and I can’t let him go back like this!’


Raymond tried to led Kanshir inside to see if he would want to leave.


Is it because of “True Countermeasures ” or “Heart of Steel” that his initial fear disappeared?


“Please come in this way for a moment.”


When they entered the small clinic and were alone, Raymond spoke with great care.


Still, when Kanshir did not speak, Raymond said as if he had promised.


“Don’t worry. I’m a healer. I don’t reveal my patient’s secrets to anyone else.”


Eventually, Kanshir bit his lips.


“…… Again, Poophole…… No, I have repeated pain in my anus. The blood keeps mixing and oozing up. Sometimes something pops out like a bead.”


Kanshir, who said so, clenched his fist.


Poophole disease!


This was a chronic disease he was suffering from. Because of this chronic disease, he was being treated by Lance every time.


The master of the prestigious Blue Moon Guild has a poophole disease!


Kanshir felt ashamed and wanted to die with his nose in the dishwater.


‘Damn it! I shouldn’t have told him that!’


Kanshir tried to get up, kicking his seat with a red face.


But at that moment!


Raymond held Kanshir’s hand. In a slightly urgent voice for some reason.


“Where are you going, customer…… Oh, no, patient.”


“You can’t cure it anyway, right?”


a poophole disease.


This was an incurable disease.


He has been treated by various healers so far, but they have only been able to relieve the pain at that time and have not been able to provide fundamental treatment.




“It can be cured.”




The tone was so calm that Kanshir thought he heard it wrong at the moment.


It wasn’t.


“So, poophole disease…… It’s called hemorrhoids in ancient terms. Anyway, I think your hemorrhoids are severe, but it can be cured with simple surgery. Do you want me to treat you right now?”




Kanshir’s eyes were wide open.


He can cure this terrible incurable disease? It was beyond belief.


“Are you sure it’s curable?”


“Yes, there are conditions instead.”


“What is it?”


Raymond felt a little small, so he said in a voice that sounded somewhat timid.


“You have to pay for the treatment. Do you have any money?”


Raymond immediately proceeded with the operation.


‘It’s a third-degree internal hemorrhoid.’


Internal hemorrhoid.


It is a condition commonly called hemorrhoids.


Usually, it ends up a little uncomfortable, but if the degree is severe, surgery was necessary.


The procedure was simple.


Cut out the hemorrhoidal tissue.


Fortunately, it was an operation that could be carried out at his level.


“Of course it’s not all that easy.”


If the anal sphincter is damaged during resection, fecal incontinence may occur later. Conversely, an anus stenosis could occur.


Contrary to the common sense of simple treatment, it was an operation that can cause subtle complications.


Therefore, it had to be precisely restrained as much as necessary.


‘Use Seojun’s hand movements.’

[You used the skill: Seojun’s hand movements!]


[Your senses temporarily go up!]


[Sense : 18 → 28]

After relieving the pain with an anesthetic herb, Raymond cut off the protruding hemorrhoids.


It was a simple surgery, but Raymond never let his guard down.


His mistake remains the pain of the patient.


Therefore, we should try to be completely perfect.


‘With utmost care.’


Raymond moved his hand delicately, swallowing his saliva.


‘Be careful not to cause unnecessary damage and make sure to be precise.’


After some extent of resection, the root portion of the blood vessel was tied with a thread. Then, the upper part tied with the thread was cut off once. The wound was sutured.


‘Alright. It’s going well!’


Fortunately, Seo-jeon’s hand movements allowed him to not stutter.


The most severe hemorrhoids in the 3 o’clock direction were cut first, and then the hemorrhoids in the 7 o’clock and 11 o’clock directions were further resected.


It’s a simple operation, but Raymond was sweating a lot in case he made a mistake.


Before long…

[Treatment completed successfully !]


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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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