DP 26

Chapter 26


It’s a hundred.


It is dozens of times the amount of treatment Raymond receives now.


It was ridiculous, but it was actually the amount these healers were receiving.


They’ve been getting at least 100 pence for a single treatment.


Even for commoners who could afford it, it was a spine chilling amount. What more for the people in the slums?


‘There is no way that there is a poor person who can afford such medical expenses.’


Raymond also desperately wanted to receive higher treatment costs.


To be honest, he wanted to be paid as much as he could.


But even if he tries to rip his patients off, couldn’t he just rip off people with actual money?


The amount Raymond receives now was almost the limit for the poor.


“No one in this slum could afford such a large sum.”


“What does that matter?”




“The heals we use are a force from heaven. To receive such noble treatment, of course, you have to pay for it. You don’t have money, but you will get a treatment? That’s a thief’s heart. If you don’t have the money to pay a fair price, it’s right to search for it no matter what. That is, if they want to live longer.”


Raymond frowned.


It was a ridiculous story.


However, it was also an idea that many healers had.


Without payments, there are healers who wouldn’t budge even if the patient died in front of them.


‘But it is not like that.’


Raymond’s eyes grew cold.


He likes money too.


But this wasn’t it.


“The reason why people in the Bay Area have not been able to receive proper treatment was because of your behavior.” 


No matter how much money they want, there is at least a duty to protect if they are real healers, but it turns out that they are not even humans. 


“I know what you’re talking about.”


“I’m glad you know. So go ahead and pay for the treatment……!” 


“But haven’t you been forgetting something? I am an aristocrat.”




The healers have become honeyed mutes.


Raymond leaned back in his chair and crossed his feet in an arrogant way.


“When you came in, you didn’t say hello properly. You even raise your voices at me. Are you even nobles? Hanson, did you see that? They’re threatening me, right?”


Hanson kept pace in a calm tone.


“Yes, I clearly saw them insulting and threatening the ‘Knight’.”


“Is this a weak aristocrat afraid of commoners?”


The vile healers could not say anything.


They are only commoners. While Raymond may be honorary but he is still an aristocratic.


The attitude they just showed was 100 percent wrong.


“Oh, it’s a misunderstanding. We didn’t do it with that intention…”


“Really? I’m sure you threatened me. Will the story come out properly only when it is handed over to the guard for contempt of the aristocracy? Hanson, open the door! Go find the guards!”


For your information, this world is only for the aristocracy, for the aristocracy.


Therefore, there are three penalties for blasphemy of the aristocracy.


The healers bowed their heads in a hurry.


“Sorry, we are sorry! It’s our fault!”


“Yes, what? I can’t hear you because you’re talking about stupid people who only care about money.”


“Forgive me! I never meant to insult you, Sir!”


“I am only hearing his small voice, so he doesn’t seem to be reflecting much. I guess, you have to lie on the cold floor of the prison so that I can hear your remorse even more.”


The greedy healers were in a cold sweat and at a loss of what to do.


Raymond laughed at their appearance.


“Kneel down.”




“If you regret on what you did, kneel down. Oh! Look at how soow you’re moving! Hanson, get ready to go to the guard!”


The vice healers fell on their knees in a hurry.


Raymond looked down at them and said.




“……yes, sir.”


“I don’t care how you live. Just because I say a few words doesn’t mean you’ll be better off and change your characters.”


Raymond said briefly.


“Instead, whatever I do, you shouldn’t care. This is a warning.”


The healers nodded and disappeared like they were running away for their lives.


“……Will it be alright? What if they try to harm you later?”


Hanson asked carefully in worry, but Raymond answered unexpectedly coolly.


“It’s alright. Don’t worry. Hanson. Do you happen to know my creed?”


“Let’s care for patients above all else, right?”


‘……No, why do you keep misunderstanding me? My creed is…’


‘Weak to the strong, strong to the weak.’


Raymond smiled.


“They can’t do us any harm anyway.”


The fugitive therapists gathered together to denounce Raymond.


“We must never leave it like this!”


“We must find a way!”


If time goes by like this, they’ll all be ruined.


Who would pay them tens of times as much for treatment?


Of course, this could have all been solved by lowering the cost of their treatments. However, they had no intention of making that choice.


“What should we do?”




They put on a thoughtful expression.


The opponent is in an honorary position, but he is an aristocrat. Raymond is an illegitimate child, but he still has the blood of the king.


Thus, they had to do it as carefully as they could.


Then, a healer asked a young figure sitting in a corner.


“Is there any good way, Lance?”


Surprisingly, the person who was asked was a familiar face.




It was the chief healer who was tormenting Raymond a lot.


He hid here in the Bay Area, when he was disqualified as a healer by putting Duke August White’s son on the verge of death.


In fact, most of the healers gathered here were in a similar situation.


Either you’re kicked out for doing something wrong, or you’re deprived of your healer’s license.


If there’s no reason for disqualification, there’s no reason to come all the way to the slums.


“It is not that difficult.”


Lance said in a twisted voice.


After being kicked out of the Belland Therapy Center, he suffered all sorts of hardships.


‘Not only did I lose my qualification as a healer, but I had to forfeit all my properties and be flogged 50 times.’


Lance grated his teeth together.


He was sentenced to 50 lashes for deceiving the aristocracy.


‘I was about to die.’


If Lance didn’t poured his heals on himself, he might’ve really been dead.


Even now, the aftereffects remain, so he limped.


‘You made me look like this. ‘I will never forgive you, Raymond,’ said Lance, with a ferocious countenance.


The former confident young therapist was nowhere to be seen.


His eyes were filled with dry and vicious venom.


“All you have to do is to spread that his treatment is a sham.”


“How? There are already rumors that his treatment is excellent.”


“You can buy the patients he treated.” Lance said proudly.


“If you give them 10 pence each, the poor here will turn their eyes and criticize him. If you catch the wind and chase him because his treatment is terrible, that will be enough.”


The healers hit their knees as if they were right.


“That’s a good idea. Let’s do it right now!”



They immediately embarked on a plot.


In particular, Lance, who is grinding his teeth on Raymond, took the lead.


‘I can’t believe I have such a chance to get back at you.’


Lance gnashed his teeth.


He blamed Raymond for his fall into the gutter.


“Are you telling me to take the money and slander him?”


“Yes, you can say that the disease has worsened because of him.”




But the opponent’s reaction was strange.


Of course, they thought he would grab the bait, but there was no answer.


“Think carefully. Beggars like you will never get a chance to touch money like this again.”


“Shut up.”




Lance had a blank face.


“What is this scumbag talking about now? To slander him for ten pence?”


The patient was genuinely angry.


Raymond was a kind healer whom the patient met for the first time in his life. They don’t know how much consolation and comfort Raymond’s warm words have given him. And now this?


“If you don’t have enough money, we will give you 20 pennies…….”


“Shut up!”




Shooting stars flew out of Lance’s eye.


A hammer-like fist hit this face as it was.




Lance couldn’t come to his senses as he rolled on the floor.


Such violence was the first time for him because he is someone who was always treated nicely since he has healing powers.


“How dare you do this?!”


Lance shouted, covering his face.


But Lance didn’t know. That he is not in a position to scream.


“What is it. I’m scolding the garbage!”




The fist struck again.


This time, double nosebleeds flowed out.


The man didn’t stop punching.


Puff! Pack!


“Wow! Now, wait!”


“You scum! How dare you look at me?”


People gathered one by one as the disturbance broke out.


“What’s wrong? What’s going on?”


“No, you scum.”


The man conveyed exactly what Lance had said, and anger burned on the faces of the people.


“You damn thing.”


“Shut up.”




Lance had a blank face.


The patient was genuinely angry.


Raymond was a kind healer whom the patient met for the first time in his life. I don’t know how much consolation I’ve been given by Raymond’s warm words, but now what?


“If you don’t have enough money, you’ll get 20 pennies…….”


“Shut up!”




There was a shooting in Lance’s eye.


A hammer-like fist hit the face as it was.




Lance couldn’t come to his senses, rolling the floor.


Such violence was the first time for him, who was always treated with healing power.


“How dare you do this?”


Lance shouted, covering his face.


But Lance didn’t know. That I’m not in a position to scream.


“What is it? I’m scolding the garbage!”




His fist struck him on his face again.


This time, double nosebleeds flowed out.


The man didn’t stop punching Lance.


Puff! Pack!


“Fu-! Now, wait!”


“You scum! How dare you look at me?!”


People gathered one by one as the disturbance broke out.


“What’s wrong? What’s going on?”


“No, you scum.”


The man conveyed exactly what Lance had said, and anger burned on the faces of the people.


“You damn thing.”


“How dare you say such a thing to our prince?”


People felt a great indignation at his attempt to discredit Raymond.


“Let’s do a proper threshing today.”


When the people started talking to themselves into beating him out, so Lance shouted in bewilderment.


“Now, wait! You don’t think it’s okay to do this to me, do you?”


Lance’s complexion went white.


There was no way he could get help from the guards in the lawless Bay Area.


“Hey, wait!”


“Shut up!”


Puff! Puck!


“Cough! Cough!”


None of the poor people in the Bay Area didn’t hate the vile healers.


In particular, Lance did a lot of hateful things even though it was a short period of time as if he were an incorrigible piece of trash.


“Oh my god!”


The poor people were able to relieve their anger that had accumulated in them so far while Lance was beaten almost to the point of being a rag that day.


It was self-fulfilling.


“Ugh. Ouch…”


Lance groaned.


He used his heals on himself, but he was beaten so hard that his whole body still hurt.


“Are you alright?”


The other vice healers had worried faces at the sight of Lance.


What Lance did already spread out like a rumor and now they had become Bay Area’s enemies..


They couldn’t even go out recklessly without thinking of getting hit by a stone.


“Really Raymond, we must not leave him like this.”


The reason why they’ve been safe despite living a mean life is because they’re the only healers in the Bay Area.


If you’re rude to them, you can’t get treatment when you’re sick, so everyone looks up to them before.


But now Raymond appeared and things changed.


“We have to get him out somehow.”


“What would you like to do, Lord Lance?”


Lance can only grit his teeth at the pain of being hit.


“Now that this has happened, there is no time to cover it up. That is why we must use the underworld guild.”


The evil healers’ eyes widened.


The Underworld Guild!


It refers to several organizations hiding in the Bay Area.


“Isn’t that too risky? And whether or not we could get the contract in the first place…”


Even the underworld guilds try not to accept contracts for healers because they don’t know what kind of help they will need from them in the future.


Moreover, Raymond was no ordinary healer. That is why there’s a higher chance that the guild would not want to step out.


‘If we rashly try to use the underworld guild, we might face even more backlash.’


It means the bloody revenge from the angry underworld guild. 


However, Lance had something to say confidently.

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