DP 25

DP 25

Chapter 25


In fact, it was not necessary to make penicillin to treat syphilis.


Is it because of the manna in the atmosphere?


Laipentaina grew a variety of animals and plants that were incomparable to Earth, and there were also abundant kinds of herbs.


In particular, Raymond had a deep knowledge of herbal medicine, so he knew many herbs that contained natural antibiotics.


The use of the herbs is sufficient to cure it, but there was only one reason to make penicillin cumbersome.


‘The price of the herb is too high. We need to cut costs.’


Raymond swallowed his squalid tears.




His money was the problem.


Since moldy bread is much cheaper than herbs, he planned to actively manufacture it and use its penicillin in the future.


“I have to succeed quickly and make money.’


Raymond sighed.


Still, there was one comforting fact.

[You developed the first antibiotic in Laipentaina!]


[Achievement: “Creator of Penicillin”]


[Later generations will praise you for your achievements!]


[100 skill points will be given!]


[Bonus level up!]


[Bonus level up!]



He jumped off 2 levels with a skill point of 100 points.


Moreover, that was not the end of the message.

[Successfully extracted a new substance for the first time!]


[Bonus: Learn the skill ‘Alchemy’!]




Classification: Academic Skill


Proficiency: D


-The study of creating new substances through existing substances.


– Knowledge of alchemy allows you to extract the desired ingredients more efficiently.


-Caution: Low proficiency!

[Only substances with easy extraction difficulty can work!]


[The extraction efficiency is low!]


[You can’t do anything more difficult than simple extraction!]

At that moment, knowledge flowed into Raymond’s head.


Catalytic decomposition, extraction, etc.


It was the knowledge a basic alchemist would have!




Raymond cheered inwardly at the knowledge.


‘With this knowledge, I can extract only the ingredients I want from the herbs separately!’


Herbal medicine contains several ingredients at once. Among them, only the desired ingredients can be extracted and used as medicine.


‘I’ll extract only the ingredients I need and make them into medicine, so it’s not only going to increase the effectiveness, but I can only extract this certain substance so that I can reduce the use of herbs!’


‘Cost savings will also be greatly reduced!’


‘It works better and costs can be reduced, so how can I not be happy?’


Raymond was excited to make penicillin.


Perhaps because of alchemy, it was much easier and he was more skillful in separating penicillin from the blue mold.


Soon the patients were supplied with penicillin, and an incredible miracle appeared upon taking the medicine.


The spots that had filled their whole body began to subside!


“Oh my God.”


“The curse is disappearing!”


The patients shed tears of joy in disbelief.


“Thank you, healer.”


“The healer is our benefactor.”


The patients bowed to Raymond with sincere gratitude.


Raymond was able to get a new life for this place where it was slowly drying up in despair and awaiting death. Thus, the joy and gratitude of the people cannot be expressed in words.


“No, I’m glad you’re all getting better.” Raymond said from the bottom of his heart.


If you’re not happy to see a dying patient come back to life and get a new life, you’re not a healer or anything.


At this moment Raymond felt pure joy.


“How should we repay this kindness?.”


The patients looked at each other and said.


Favor. Means the cost of treatment.


Your life has been saved, so you’ll have to pay a lot of money for treatment.


But these are the poor. Among them, they have been in quarantine for a long time due to illness. They couldn’t have any money to their expense.


“The treatment is over. You should not think about anything else.” Raymond said so coolly.


What kind of money do they have?


Raymond didn’t expect to be rewarded.


‘It’s okay because the cost was almost nothing other than a moldy bread.’


If I could win the hearts of the people of the slum through this incident, that was enough business.


Instead, Raymond vowed to pull out the stick.


Raymond opened his mouth, trying to make the most kind expression.


“It’s a life that I’m determined to dedicate to my patients. You don’t have to think of favors because I’ve been rewarded enough just by seeing that you all recovered.”




“How can someone like this be?”


“I thought all the therapists were rotten.”


“Are you really an angel from heaven sent for us?”


The patients all shed great tears of appreciation, and Raymond smiled with satisfaction.


It was not his cup of tea to let the left not know what the right hand was doing.


If you did a good job, you should make it known to people as widely as possible and brag.


“If there are any patients with similar symptoms, please feel free to come to the treatment center. I’ll treat them the same way.”


“Yes, thank you!”


That’s how Raymond was able to attract potential customers. Other slum people who watched it from the side reacted similarly with emotion.


They couldn’t raise their heads in shame.


“What a great man.”


“I can’t believe we were trying to kick him out. We were so stupid.”


“Is the royal family’s bloodline different? You’re not like Raymond when you were a kid. To grow up to be such a great figure.”


“It’s no match for the cheeky princes that came before.”


“From now on, I will go to his treatment center. What a respectable man.”


It was all the reaction Raymond intended.


‘Only when such a good rumor spreads will patients flock more and more. There’s only one way to hit the jackpot!’


A message just came to his mind.

[Quest: “Return on the hearts of the wounded slums!” have been achieved!]


[Achievement: ‘He Who Helped People In The Slums’ has been achieved!]


[Bonus level up!]


[You get 30 bonus skill points!]


[Privilege: You can get some favor from the people in the slums!]

Upon seeing the message, Raymond grinned.


A rich movie flickered before his eyes.


‘It won’t be long before I’d be able to grab it.’


It’s only natural that Raymond’s treatment center became a hit after that time.


People in the slum were greatly moved by the saint-like appearance he had shown in front of  his patients, and visited the treatment center one by one.


“Hey, is this the treatment center? I came here because I was sick…”


To patients who came in with awkward faces,




“What’s wrong with you?”


Raymond did his best in treatment and making sure they feel welcomed.

[Healed the patient! Experience points are accumulated!]


[Healed the patient! Experience points are accumulated!]

Raymond knew his subject well.


Although he gained mysterious abilities, he was still adamant and hardworking.


‘There is still a long way to go to overcome the limitations of being an illegitimate child and succeed proudly. I had to do my best.’


‘No matter what patient came, I did my best to treat him, and that scene touched people once again.’


“I went because I wasn’t sure, and yet he was very kind.”


“What? Kind? The healer is kind?”


“Yes, not only is he kind, but I’ve never seen a therapist who treats me so hard in my life. A kind healer!”


It was as rare as the legendary dragon.


In particular, it was obvious what the healers would have done to these poor people.


That after only seeing such healers, meeting a warm-hearted healer like Raymond, people were more than shocked.


“Thank you very much. Thank you.”


Raymond looked at them awkwardly when he saw his patient greeting him repeatedly without holding back his gratitude.


It was embarrassing to see his patients express such excessive gratitude to him. 


‘I’m just doing the bare minimum and yet everyone is so thankful.’


That’s how the treatment center hit the jackpot, but there was a problem.


“……How come the treatment center is a hit, but it seems like our financial situation is only getting harder and harder?”’


Raymond looked at the ledger.


Their financial situation was showing no signs of improvement.


No, rather, the deficit was showing signs of getting bigger.


‘Because there are so many people who can’t afford to pay.’


Raymond had a troubled look on his face.


He didn’t treat all of his patients for free.


He was still paid for some of his treatment. Raymond wasn’t doing charity work.


However, due to the nature of the slums, many people could not afford to pay even the minimum amount of money.


‘I was expecting it. But this is worse than I thought.’


Raymond sighed.


I knew that the slum people were in a difficult situation, but it was worse than I expected.


‘But I can’t kick them out because they don’t have money.’


Raymond sighed deeply.


‘If I don’t treat them, it is obvious that things will get worse. But I can’t kick them out because I don’t have money,’ Raymond thought.


‘I should think of it as an investment for now. If I build up my skills and reputation and treat the rich later, I’ll make up for it.’ 


‘What’s my worry with money when I can treat the rich later?’


‘The cost of treatment in this era is the price to pay.’


‘If the rich come, I’ll be able to make a lot of money by overcharging them.’


‘Before that, I had to work harder to build up my reputation and skills.’


‘If I have the reputation and skills that overwhelm other healers, rich patients will also flock here eventually.’


‘First of all, building skills and reputation is the first priority. Let’s hang in there, imagining the day we’ll make a lot of money!’ 


Raymond did his best with such determination. “Welcome! What are you uncomfortable with?”


“You can’t overdo it like this, patient. You must be careful.”

[You treated the patient! Experience points are accumulated!]


[Experience points are accumulated !]

So Raymond clenched his fists and tried so hard. Although he was struggling with money, his treatment center cruised in his own way.


But everything can’t be good.


There appeared people who disapproved of Raymond.


It was the healers who were originally in the Bay Area.


They were making money by eating the spines of the poor, but patients began to flock to Raymond, causing a huge disruption to their income.


They huffed and puffed at Raymond.


“Who are you?”


Raymond looked puzzled at the sudden rush of people.


“We are the Bay Area Therapeutics Federation. I’m here to speak to you, sir.”


“Go ahead.”


Raymond put down the herbs he was trimming.


Something was unusual emerging around the atmosphere.


“I won’t talk long. What you are doing now is ruining the order of the existing market. So stop behaving badly right now.”


“What is wrong with you? What do you mean by wrong behavior?”


“Aren’t you getting ridiculous medical expenses?! Raise the cost of treatment to at least 100 pence, or leave the Bay Area.”


Raymond made an absurd face.


‘What kind of doggie story is this?’

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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