DP 24

DP 24

Chapter 24


At that time, some people hesitated and asked.


“Are you really serious?”




“But we can’t openly believe you. There were princes who came saying similar things before. They all said that they were here for us…… In the end, they left with great damage.”


Raymond tilted his head.


“Other princes have been here in the Bay Area?” It was the first time he heard it.


Anyway, he didn’t expect these people to accept what he had just said.


Of course, Raymond expected that there would be people who are suspicious of him still.


“I understand that you can’t believe what I’m saying. So, why don’t we do this?”




Raymond pulled out a card of satisfaction.


“I’ll try to treat the patients on Creason Street, the deepest part of the slums here.”




The ghetto spread among the people of the slum.


“What, what? Are you serious?”


They had no choice but to react like this.


Because on the streets of Creason in the slum…….




It’s a place where people with a terrible disease called God’s Curse are gathered!


It was a place where people suffering from such a terrible disease were gathered, so it was a place where people in the same slum were reluctant to enter.


There were murmuring voices all over.


Raymond spoke in a significant voice to the people of the slum who were embarrassed and only looked at each other.


“If I treat those God-cursed patients, please do not misunderstand my sincerity again in the future. Do you understand?”


There was another darkness in the bay area of the capital, Magul.


Creason Street.


It is a place where patients who have been “cursed by God” live together to avoid people.


“Poetry, God’s curse. What if the curse can be transmitted?”


Hanson looked very nervous.


“Aren’t you hiding in the corner because you’re afraid that the illness will get transmitted to you? It’s that dangerous.”


Everyone did not try to deal with the patients because they were afraid that the curse given by God would spread.


But Raymond had a different idea.


‘It’s not a curse. It’s just a skin disease.’ He thought to himself.


‘When I was young, I happened to meet a patient cursed by God.l’


In light of the knowledge of ‘general medicine’, it was not a curse. It was just a skin disease.


‘I have to check with my own eyes again to see if it’s the disease I’m thinking of.’


If the supposed illness was correct, it could be easily cured.


It was a disease that was already medically developed.


“If you’re worried a lot, Hanson, you can stay here. I’ll be going alone.” Raymond said so in consideration of Hanson.


Unless he has medical knowledge, he’ll be worried about meeting God-cursed patients.


However, Hanson showed incredible determination again..


“……No. I’ll come with you.”


“Huh? We don’t have to go together.””


“I can’t stay still when you’re so devoted to treating the patients like this.” Hanson said in a strong tone, as if he had made a desperate resolution.


“Senior… No, I will try not to be a shameful disciple to you, Master.”




Raymond looked puzzled.


It wasn’t such a sublime intention at all, but even if there was a misunderstanding, it seemed to be a lot.


What’s more is that Hanson called him master.


Isn’t it a name that a disciple uses to call a formal teacher in the sense of respect?


“……The master’s title is burdensome, so that’s enough. Let’s go for now.”


Raymond headed for Creason Street.


After passing through the square, through the shady amazement in the slum, Creason Street appeared.


It was a shanty town with no one coming and going.


“Is anyone there?”


“What… what’s going on?”


Thin patients who couldn’t eat greeted them with weak eyes.


From their faces all the way to their whole bodies, there were full of red and black spots.




Hanson groaned internally.


He was prepared and determined, but he couldn’t help but get  scared when he saw their ugly appearances.


Raymond, on the other hand, thought to himself.


‘Spots accompanied by characteristic ulcers. There’s a high possibility of this disease too!’ Raymond said to himself.


 “I’m a healer.” 


“A therapist, you say?…”


“Yes, I have visited to treat you.”


The patients laughed in vain.


“Treatment? Us?”


“We are those who have been cursed by God. To us, treatment is not necessary. Just go back.” 


Having given up all hope, it was a voice that did not even have despair left in his system.


“I don’t know what the hell you’re thinking, but that’s enough.”


“You have no business here, go back.”


They refused to talk further and tried to return to the shanty town.


The people of the slum who were watching Raymond from afar shook their heads.


“To cure a man who has been cursed by God… It’s absolutely impossible.”


“What a fool.”


But Raymond did not back down.


‘I was expecting this kind of reaction.’


Raymond did not back down.


‘It is important to win the hearts of the people of the slums, but I wanted to treat these patients regardless of that.’


‘When I thought about the pain they had suffered over the years, I felt sorry.’


‘To do so, first of all, we had to check if that skin disease was the disease he assumed.’

[“Heart of Steel” is manifested!]


[“Speech” skill will be shown!]


[Your will for your patients will be embedded in your speech.]

“Are you really sure that your illness is a curse of God? Why?”


The patient’s footsteps stopped due to a strong voice.


“……What do you mean?”


“Is it really God’s curse? Have you ever been properly treated by a healer?”




The patients were silenced to death.


What kind of proper treatment did the people in the slums get?


“It’s a disease that can be cured sufficiently.”


Raymond was forced to feel bitter.


It was like dying in despair because of ignorance.


But it was also common in Laipentaina because they didn’t have medical knowledge here.


All kinds of misunderstandings and superstitions were rampant.


“Do you all consider your illness as a curse? Why are you cursed? What crime have you committed?”


Is it because of Raymond’s speech skills?


Raymon’s voice touched the hearts of the people.


In the years of despair, it was a story that no one told them.


The patients’ voices became watery.


“Well, are we really not cursed by God?”


“Yes, I think so. Because you have no reason to be cursed.” 


The patients shed tears. 


“Thank you, healer.”


“You don’t have to thank me. It’s just that no one has ever mentioned this to you all.” Raymond said.


“First of all, I’ll look at your wounds for an accurate judgment. May I look deep inside your body?”


“Yes, but?”


The patients were frightened.


Rather than being embarrassed, they were worried about transmitting the disease to him.


But Raymond shook his head as if it was alright.


“Don’t worry. I’ll only observe it for a moment.”


‘If I guess right, this disease will never be transmitted through simple contact. So I don’t have to worry.’ 


But the patients who didn’t know that were greatly impressed by Raymond’s dedication.


‘He can be infected, but I can’t believe he is not saving his own body from something like this.’


“Oh, my God. How could a healer be like this?’


“Is this an angel that heaven sent down for us?”’


It was not unreasonable for patients to misunderstand Raymond because they did not know the truth.


Also, it wasn’t just the patients who were moved.


People in the slums who were observing from afar were also greatly shaken and reflected.


“I think we …have had a big misunderstanding about him.”


“That’s right. I can’t believe he is doing that for the patient. We didn’t even go near them because we were afraid of getting infected.”


The people of the slum lowered their heads.


The patients over there were their neighbors and families. However, they left them there because they were afraid that the disease might spread.


However, the noble prince, who has never met them before, does not spare his body for the patients.


The people couldn’t help admiring him.


“How could I not recognize such a great person and criticize him like that? I’m ashamed.”


“I think I should apologize.”


Hanson also clenched his fist.


Hanson seemed to fall into a deeper misunderstanding as time passed.

[Reputation rises with people’s impressions!]


[You received additional skill points!]

Upon hearing such a message in his head, Raymond carefully examined the patient’s wounds.


In time he spoke in a definitive tone.


“It is not a curse of God. It’s just a disease.”


“Well, are you sure?”


“Yes. The name of this disease is…….”


Raymond gave the diagnostic name he found.


“It’s called syphilis.”




It was a very famous medical condition.


It spreads due to sexual intercourse, and it afflicts patients for a long time with various symptoms, and eventually leads to death. 


‘They were all people who worked in the ghetto in the slum. The characteristics of their ulcer and the like coincide with syphilis,’ thought Raymond.


‘There’s a little difference, but it’s a kind of variant. It is not a surprise since this world is different.’


There was some difference between syphilis of “general medicine” knowledge and the appearance of the wounds of these patients.


For example, the earth’s syphilis does not persist, but disappears after a certain period of time and becomes latent, but the patients’ wounds here continue without improvement.


Raymond considered the difference a kind of variant.


In the case of this infectious disease, even in the same world, there is a big difference between times and regions.


Moreover, since Earth and Laipentaina are completely different worlds, even if they are the same bacteria and viruses, the patterns of expression could be slightly different depending on the mutation.


‘To be exact, it’s mutated syphilis.’


However, one thing to note is that the symptoms were particularly severe only for people in the slums. To the point where it’s called “God’s Curse.”


Perhaps it was because the symptoms did not worsen to this extent with heals help somehow. 


‘Anyway, the root nature of the bacteria that cause mutations will be the same, so the treatment method is still the same.’


Hanson then said at the time. “Syphilis… What do you mean? As expected, ancient knowledge is great. Is there a cure for it, though?”


“Yes. Bring me a load of moldy bread.”




Hanson made a silly counter-question, and Raymond grinned.


“To make a magic bullet.”


“Magic Bullet”.


It means penicillin.


If it was the legendary medicine that changed the history of medicine, it would be possible to cure mutant syphilis or anything in just one shot.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
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  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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