DP 23

DP 23

Chapter 23


Clumsily, something suddenly flew inside from the window enough to shatter it with a loud bang!


Raymond and Hanson were stunned by the lightning that fell from the dry sky.


When they came to their senses, a stone the size of a fist broke the window and was lying in the building.


“This is…”


Raymond’s complexion turned white.


It was an attack!


Someone threw a stone on purpose!


‘Who? Why?’


Raymond was thrown into confusion.


Then Hanson screamed again.


“Senior? Look at this!”


When he went out the door, there was something more shocking that welcomed him.


The healing wand mark drawn on the gate was marked with a fresh x.


And there was a phrase written below.

[This is not a playground for kids.]


[If you don’t want to die, go away.]

It was an eerie red phrase as if it were written in blood.




Raymond stood tall but kept his mouth shut.


“You must leave here now, sir! It’s dangerous!”


Hanson shouted urgently.


Seeing this in front of his eyes, it was a natural reaction.


Raymond agreed that the situation was not good.


‘People’s reaction is much more hostile than expected. If it stays like this, a dangerous situation could arise.’


Just like many have stated, security in the Bay Area is not within reach.


There was a good chance that a dangerous situation would occur if someone with hostility tried to harm him.


To be honest, it might be wise to leave.


But Raymond shook his head firmly.


“No, I won’t leave.”




“As you say, it could be dangerous, so Hanson, you can leave. No, I’ll just stay on my own, so you should pack up and leave this place immediately.”


Hanson looked incomprehensible.


Raymond sighed inwardly.


‘Honestly, I’m scared and I want to leave.’


Raymond was far from strong-hearted.


After seeing the red warning message as if it were written in blood, his heart still fluttered in horror.


But there was a reason why he couldn’t leave even though he was so nervous.


Raymond took out a large amount of loan from Hillerone to set up a clinic. If he leaves like this, he is doomed.


 Raymond looked tearful.


What kind of money would he have saved to be able to build a building, and provided herbs and healing tools?


It was all Healerone’s loans.


Raymond spent a lot of money buying and remodeling buildings. Even if he resells the herbs, that would still not suffice.


Raymond bit his fingernails.


‘I’m still getting interested in real-time. You have to succeed no matter what.’


‘It was a funny and sad story that I couldn’t leave because of money, but it was an inevitable reality.’


Healerone gives generous loans, but the interest rate is devilish.


Especially when it starts to be overdue, it becomes a demon loan, not a healer loan.


‘The healerons somehow grind the healers to pay them back. I don’t know what it’s going to be like, so I have to succeed and pay back the money.’


Then, a message came to his mind!

[A quest will be given in the face of a difficult situation!]

[Turn around the hearts of the people in the slums!]


(Ninjutsu Quest)


Priority degree: Chinese medicine level


Difficulty level: Medium


Quest Description: The hearts of the people in the slums, who have been hurt by outside malice for a long time, are hardened. Soften and turn their hearts back!


CLEAR CONDITIONS: Win the favor of the people in the slums.


Reward: Bonus level up and additional 30 skill points.

Raymond clenched his fist.


‘Even if it wasn’t a quest, I definitely intend to do that.’


Because this can’t be ruined just like that!


“I can’t step down just because I’ve been threatened once. I’ll stay, Hanson. You should save yourself and leave.”






Hanson kept his mouth shut.


“……why are you doing this for patients in the slums?” It was a question that seemed to have misunderstood something.


“Huh? It’s not like… That’s not it. I can’t leave for some reason…….”


“I know you’re trying to take risks thinking of patients in poor families. I’ll stay with you.”


“No, it’s not that. I really…….”


He shook his head, but Hanson said, “I know your sincerity. I know everything.”


Raymond coughed in vain as he seemed to be in a hard misunderstanding.


“Anyway, that’s not important right now.”


Raymond rose from his seat.




“I can’t stay still like this. Let’s move before things get any worse.”


‘If you sit back and wait, there’s no chance that things will work out.’


Rather, as public opinion gradually worsens behind the scenes, it will become an irreversible situation.


‘Therefore, in this case, we had to move preemptively.’


‘I will never sit down and fail like this.’


Raymond was determined.


Such a difficulty.


If it was for the sake of the wealth and glory he would enjoy later, he could overcome it.


‘I’ll be sure to grab the fruit of success and Marira!’


“Where are you going?”


“The town square- the heart of Bay Area.”


The two wore armor tightly under their clothes and left the treatment center.


“Isn’t it dangerous because there are so many people in the square?”


“No, there are a lot of people, so it’s rather okay. It’s much better than a deserted alleyway.”


Raymond, who talked like that, was also afraid.


Raymond sighed at the feel of the chain armor in his clothes.


In fact, Raymond wonder what kind of help the chain mail would be in the event of an unexpected situation, but he was relieved nonetheless.


‘We have to somehow change the minds of the people in the slums.’


Raymond breathed in and arrived at the square.


The slums in the square looked at Raymond with wary eyes.


“Who is it?”


“I think he’s the aristocrat who came to set up a treatment center over there this time. Why did the noble lord come to such a dirty place?”


People’s eyes turned hostile.


“You’re setting up a clinic? In a place like this? Why? For what reason?”


“Aren’t you here to do some kind of propaganda to show others?” You know, like the princes who came before.”


“Do you think this is a playground?”


Sharp eyes fell on Raymond.


Thud, thud.


Raymond’s heart trembled with tension.


Facing a hostile gaze, he couldn’t speak easily.


‘You have to do well. You only have this one chance. If I miss this opportunity, they won’t listen anymore.’


‘If you step down from here and screw up, you will become a slave to Demon Ron and will not escape the vegetable soup again.’


The thought of it gave Raymond courage.


Raymond clenched his fists and stepped forward.


Fortunately, another message popped into his head.

[You’re working hard to treat patients in poor families]


[The ‘Heart of Steel’ was manifested!]

Raymond’s heart calmed down more.


Fear has not disappeared, but the will to overcome it has risen.


“Long time no see. This is Raymond. How have you been?” people’s eyes widened.




If you lived here for a long time, you could not not know the name.




“Is he really that little Raymond? The one who went to the Royal Palace?”


People scrutinized Raymond’s face. Although it changed a lot, the image of childhood remained.


In particular, the vivid emerald eyes were like Raymond’s trademark, so everyone remembered clearly.


‘It is okay! Fortunately, they remember me.’


Raymond lets out a sigh of relief.


‘I have and still remember my past memories, so they won’t be recklessly hostile to me now.;


‘Let’s go back to the past as a strategy!’


“It’s so nice to be in the Bay Area after a long time. It feels like I’m back home already. I think I forgot to be beaten like a dog by Uncle Bob and Uncle Tom in that back alley…… Haha…… ha.”


I tried to talk with as many memories as I could, but unfortunately, people didn’t respond very well.




No one answered Raymond’s story.


Still, everyone had cold eyes.


Then, someone stepped forward and said coldly.


“Why did you come back here?”




“Aren’t you a noble royal? Then why did you come back to this dirty place?”


As soon as he heard the question, Raymond was able to grasp the cause of hostility.


It was natural to think that “the poor people now consider me as the king’s child, not a friendly little child.”


It’s been well over 15 years since he left the slum.


It was enough time for the familiarity in the memories to disappear.


Of course, Raymond was persecuted as an illegitimate child, let alone a noble bloodline, but he was not a commoner, and he was cut off from the outside world.


People in the slums knew such a complicated situation.


In the eyes of ignorant slums, Raymond only looked the same as other nobles and royals. 


“No, I’m not a royal. I’m just an illegitimate child. What kind of unfair misunderstanding is this?”


Suddenly, the resentment soared.


“I don’t know why you came, but go back. This is not the playground of a nobleman like you.”


Raymond shook his head strongly.


‘I could never back down.’


“I didn’t come here thinking it was a playground.”


The operation of the memory game was a failure, so now there is only the method of common practice.


Raymond continued, clenching his teeth.


“How dare you think like that? I’m here to treat patients.”


[The ‘Speech’ skill will be used as an appeal to the patient]


[Your will for the patients will be expressed through this skill!]


[It has a synergistic effect with the Heart of Steel skill!]

Raymond’s voice became heavy, and the ridiculers flinched momentarily.


“You’re here to treat a patient?”


“Yes, correct. I didn’t come here with a light heart. I came to treat the people here.” 


People buzzed at each other.


The will contained in Raymond’s voice was very strong to just ignore coldly.


“……why did you come here to treat the people?”


Raymond thought to himself.


‘To level up.’


But it was impossible to answer like that.


Raymond decided to tell the truth in moderation, as the priority was to change people’s minds.


“Of course, I can treat patients in a much better environment than here. If I want, I can work at the best treatment center.”


“Then why are you in this slum? No therapist wants to come here?”


“That’s why.”



Raymond was silent for a moment. Perhaps, thank to his Speech skill, people’s eyes naturally focused on him.


“Because no therapist wants to come. That is why I came. I want to treat all of you who are suffering from not receiving proper treatment.”




“The poor in the Kingdom of Houston are equally sick, am I not right?”




“I hope that there is no one who is not able to receive proper treatment just because they are poor! Or just because someone lacks power or has low status. That is why I came. There is no other reason, so please do not misunderstand.”


After speaking, he secretly glanced at everyone.


‘Is it okay? Did I overdo it?’


Fortunately, it seems to be fine.


With the help of his speech skills, he had a face that touched quite a few people and perhaps, thanks to his heartfelt sentences.


Even Hanson was moved, muttering: “Senior… How can you…”




Raymond shut up for a moment. Perhaps thanks to his eloquence skills, people naturally focused on him.


“Because no therapist is trying to come. That’s why I’m here. I’d like to treat all of you who are suffering without proper treatment.”




“It’s the same for the poor to be sick. Isn’t that right?”




“Because I’m only poor! I hope there is no one who can’t get any treatment because of their lack of power and low status. That’s why I’m here. There’s no other reason, so please don’t misunderstand.”


After speaking, Raymond sneaked a look at people’s faces.


Is it okay? Did I exaggerate?’


Fortunately, I think it’s okay.


With the help of speech skills, it was thanks to the heart of each sentence, and it was a face inspired by many people.


Even Hanson was moved and muttered like this.


“Senior…… How did you get that kind of mind?….”

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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