DP 22

DP 22

Chapter 22


If you become the best healer, you’ll be able to sweep the world’s money.


So now is the time to focus on hard work for the future.


“I’ll be careful, so don’t worry, I’ll make sure to succeed and expand it to this side later, so please come by a lot then.”


“Yes, you must be careful, healer!”


Raymond’s heart warmed as he listened to the patients’ concerns.


And an unexpected letter flew in.


Surprisingly, it was a letter from Princess Sophia.


“What was a letter for?”


Raymond looked at the letter with surprised eyes.


Only this was written in the letter engraved with the royal family’s sentence.


[You’re going to the Bay Area? That’s stupid.]




Raymond scratched his head.


‘You’re not worried about this, are you? Come on, that’s not a bad personality.’


‘If she wants to laugh, she could laugh alone. I don’t know why she even sent a letter in a cumbersome manner. She was a bad-tempered princess, anyway.’


Then Hanson approached Raymond.


“Are you really going to the slums?”


“Yes. I’ll be leaving soon.”


“Don’t you want to think about it again? It’s dangerous.”


“It’s okay. It’s okay. Nothing bad is going to happen.”


“It’s not something to think about so simply. Do you not know how dangerous it is back there?” Hanson looked furious for some reason. 


“Are you worried about me?”


Hanson’s face turned red and looked away.


“… No It’s just because it’s stuffy to watch from the side when I know the danger ahead.”


He said it like that, but Raymond smiled inside because he looked worried. Anyone could tell he was worried.


‘He’s a good guy.’


Hanson sighed and dissuaded Raymond again.


“Anyway, slums are dangerous. I’m sure you don’t know…….”


“No, I know.”


Raymond shook his head and snapped.


“Because I’ve lived there.”




“You didn’t know? I came from the slums.”


Hanson shut his mouth in a towering manner.


‘Come to think of it, I forgot.’


‘I am the filthy filth of the royal family.’


The shadow prince is from a slum.


Raymond shrugged his shoulders.


“I lived in a slum until my mother passed away and entered the palace. In other words, the slums are like my hometown.”


Raymond didn’t decide to go to the slums without thinking.


It was judged from his past experience.


‘People think of the slums as some kind of hell, but it’s not like hell at all. It is just a place where people live.’


It was a difference of perspective.


People outside always wore colored glasses and looked only at the bad side of the Bay Area, but Raymond did not.


To be honest, from his point of view, the slum was a much warmer place than the Royal Palace or the Beland Treatment Center, which had him bullied all the time.


“To be honest, this place and the castle were much more hellish for me,” Raymond thought bitterly.


“Anyway, so don’t worry. If I am careful, there won’t be a big problem.”


Hanson remained silent for a long time, then told an unexpected statement.


“Then take me with you!”




“Wouldn’t it be better not to go alone?”


“Of course it is.”


If Hanson goes with me, it will be of great help.


Raymond asked carefully.


“Will you be alright? You were offered an offer to a prestigious Maple Clinic, right?”


“It is okay. I’ve been there. There are far more money-seeker healers there than here in Beland.”


“But the money… I won’t be able to give you the right pay.”Raymond said embarrassed.


The wage won’t be so good. Thus, he opts to reveal it first and foremost.


Then Hanson gave an unexpected answer.


“Even if you say so, I know how much you care for your patients. Unlike other rotten healers.”




Hanson spat out his saliva.


“I think it would be much more fun to work with a senior like that than to work with such rotten people.” 


“Instead, I have a favor to ask you.”


“What is it?”


“Please allow me to look sideways to learn medicine,” 


Raymond looked at him with astonished eyes.


Hanson looked sincere.


He really wants to learn medicine.


“But I’m still not good enough to teach someone…….” Raymond slurred his words.


‘I’m still a novice resident, so who’s teaching who? It was impossible.’


“……is that so?”


By the time Hanson’s face was covered with disappointment.


A message came to his mind.


[“Hanson” asked for lessons!]


[Will you accept him as your student?]]


[If you agree, the ‘Student Training Mode’ will be activated]




[Student Training Mode]


Develop students to become doctors.


The deeper the student’s medical knowledge, the more skill points you earn!


A disciple who has been taught shares a certain amount of experience when after treating a patient!


The current number of student 0/1




Raymond opened his eyes wide.


He can get extra experience points when Hanson treats patients with medicine. It was a total jackpot mode.


“I was worried about the increase in the demand for experience values.’


The level is over 20, and the required experience has increased from 50 to 200.


Apparently, the higher the level, the higher the demand experience, and the more likely this could be a solution.


However, there was a limitation.


[Player’s ‘occupation level’’ is ‘novice resident’]


[There is a limit to teaching due to lack of knowledge.]


[Efficiency of teaching decreases!]


[For effective teaching, raise your occupation level by leveling up!]


Raymond understood the message.


It was natural that “senior residents” taught a little better than “novice residents,” and “chief residents” taught a little better.


Not to mention when you become a specialist and professor above that.


“Well…… I still lack a lot. Still, I’ll try to teach you while studying what I’m lacking, okay?” 


Hanson, who was disappointed, raised his head. “Of course, thank you. I will leave it up to you!”


[Accepted “Hanson” as a student!]


[Number of students: 1/1]


[Achievement: achieved “First Student!”]


[Skill points increased by 5 points!]


[Skill: You have learned ‘Fist-Pumping Teaching’!]


[Teach Fist-Pumping]


Classification: Student Training Skills


Proficiency: D


Education grade: Resident level


– A teaching given by a first-year resident to a first-year student who came out of the field training.


– Due to lack of knowledge, explanations are sloppy and there are many inaccurate contents


………Somehow, it’s a skill that seems to be lacking for a while, but you can still fill pass to others like the first drink.


Raymond decided to work hard to improve his skills and improve Hanson.


‘With that, I will have to get Hanson’s experience. Then becoming the best healer, which is my dream, will be that faster than expected.’ 


Raymond clenched his fist, completely determined.


So Raymond accepted his first student.


He was the first student of the “Medical School” that would shake the continent later.




The next day, Raymond and Hanson set out for the Bay Area after clearing up the accommodation at the Belland Clinic.


But there was a little problem.


“…Hanson, what on earth are you dressed for?”


It was Hanson’s outfit!


Where did Hanson get it? He wore long-sword full-body leather armor and even a shield on his back.


“…where are you going to fight? Or did you change your job as a mercenary?”


“No, don’t make fun of me! The Bay Area is a dangerous place, so I have to come prepared.”




Hanson’s face turned red.


“Didn’t you wear a chain mail under your clothes?” 




Raymond was stunned.


How did he know?


“Hey, I just picked this because I was afraid an unexpected accident would happen and hurt me. It is because my body is precious. I didn’t do it because people in the Bay Area were scary.”




Raymond coughed in vain.


It was true that he felt nervous to go.


It’s true that Bay Area is lawless.


“Anyway, you should take this.”


It was a small portable iron club.


“……What club?”


“Don’t you need something to protect yourself?”


“I don’t need…….”


Meanwhile, Raymond secretly took the club. There was nothing wrong with having it for self-defense.


But it was the moment when he held the club.


[Weapon, ‘Small Iron Club’ has been installed!]


[You can learn ‘self-defense skill’!]




Raymond’s eyes widened.


What’s this?


[Self-Defense Skill]


Doctors who work in harsh conditions are often threatened. It’s a skill to protect yourself and the patient then.


Reminder: Currently, there is no self-defense skill to learn due to low physical strength!


Raymond was silent for a moment.


This player system.


Like being able to learn magic, it seems like there’s a very wide range of areas.


‘If you learn magic and self-defense skills, aren’t you going to become a legendary magician?’


Raymond thought nothing of it.


“Let’s go anyway.”


The two rented a carriage and headed for the Bay Area.


As they followed the Ralph River, which runs through the capital, northwest, the atmosphere of the neighborhood gradually began to become shabby.


Leaving the inner city where the aristocracy and the rich stayed, they passed through the outer areas where ordinary people stayed.


A little further from there, they arrived at the slum Bay area at the end of the capital.


“We’ve arrived. Good luck then!”


The coachman’s face turned white as if he had entered some kind of cave and quickly disappeared.


Hanson watched the carriage moving away in embarrassment, and Raymond shrugged as if he were fine. 


“Don’t worry too much. Since the people here used to know me, they would be more approachable as soon as they see my face…” But at that moment.


Raymond’s eyes met with the man in the shabby house.




He closed the window roughly.






A momentary silence.


The atmosphere was somewhat chilly.


“……Let’s go into the treatment center for now. Since I prepared it in advance.”




Naturally, Raymond did not come to Bay Area without any preparation.


As soon as he heard that he was accepted, he prepared to set up a treatment center.


Therefore, the treatment center building was purchased, and necessary drugs and basic tools were provided.


He prepared perfectly in his own way, but there was a problem.


There were no patients at all.


“……why isn’t there a patient coming?”


“Isn’t it because it’s your first time?”


“Right? Let’s wait a little longer.”


But it was the same even if they waited.


Half a day, one day, two days have passed…


There was not a single patient.


“What is this?”


Raymond’s face became serious.


Since it was in the early stages, it was natural that the number of patients was small.


But this was strange.


Not even a single common cold patient comes?


“Maybe no one knows that you’ve set up a treatment center?”


“No. I drew a healer’s mark that big on the gate, so there’s no way they won’t know.”


Slums are as fast a rumor as they are closed.


By now, deaf people must be aware of the opening of the treatment center.


‘Something’s not right.’


It was that moment.


A surprise has happened!

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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