DP 21

DP 21

Chapter 21


“What?! Are you out of your mind? This is Raoul’s Clinic! He’s the best healer in the capital!” The employee ran around as if he had heard a ridiculous story. 


“I know.”


“But why are you refusing?”


“I’m going to set up my own clinic, that is why.”




Raymond again spoke clearly to the staff from Raoul Clinic with his eyes wide open.


“I’m going to make my own clinic.”




The staff laughed.


“You will set up a treatment center yourself? Do you think it would be that easy? It won’t be. Why don’t you just work for Raoul’s clinic?


“Of course, it won’t be, but I had already decided.”


The employee stood up, shaking off his clothes.


“I’m not stupid because I’ve given you a good opportunity. Just don’t regret it later.”


Then Raymond shook his head when he saw the scouting staff disappear.


‘He is not wrong. It’s not easy to set up a treatment center for the first time.’


As the employee who just disappeared said, it was much wiser to enter a prestigious treatment center, build a career, and become independent.


‘In general. But not in my case.’ Raymond thought coldly.


‘I need to see as many patients as I can. I can’t go to Raoul’s clinic to do that.’ 


Raymond knew his level.


“Novice resident”.


It was as low as his job grade.


‘I’m sure I’ll be run over by other senior healers and have fewer chances to see patients. Especially since it is a technique that is ignored by others. So I have to be independent so that I can see the patient without others trying to get in the way.’


Hanson, who was next to him, asked anxiously.


“I can’t believe you’re going independent”.


“Yes, I have something in mind.”


“But there’s not a place around here to set up a treatment center…….”


“No, there’s one.”


Raymond answered briefly.


“Bay Area, I’m going to set up a treatment center there.”


Hanson’s eyes grew teary.


It had to be.


The Bay Area was a slum!


“No way. Are you being serious, senior?”


“Yes, I will set up a treatment center in the slum.”


A slum area


That’s where no healer wants to go.


‘So I can see a lot of patients.’


Of course, it’s going to be very difficult. He won’t make much money.


But it didn’t matter.


But now, developing his skills is more important than making money. 


‘I’ll be the best healer. If I become the best healer, wealth and fame will naturally follow.’


Raymond was feeling it.


He thought that heals are everything in this world, and that ordinary effort is not enough to win people’s recognition. Not until he discovered medicine.


‘I didn’t mean to end up as just such a healer.’


‘I’ll definitely be the best healer.’


‘It’s not going to be easy.’


‘It’s going to be very difficult.’


‘But I’m sure I’ll make it.’


‘So I’ll be the best healer, and I’ll win both wealth and fame.’


Raymond was determined.




In a magnificent castle;


Other than the 2nd Prince Kairn, there was someone who noticed Raymond as well.


It’s the 3rd prince, Lemarton!


He was considered a powerful heir to the throne along with the second prince.


“Raymond turned down Raoul’s offer and decided to open a new clinic?”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


The third prince, Lemarton, had an eye for intelligence.


The third prince, who cited calm judgment and an excellent brain as his strength, tried to deduct a conclusion.


“That is unexpected. I thought he would accept Raoul’s offer.”


“That’s right. Your Highness cared about him at best.”


The subordinate spoke as if he was displeased as well.


In fact, there was a reason why Raoul Clinic offered Raymond a scout.


It was suggested by Lemarton, the third prince.


‘I’m grateful for Count August’s work. That is why I was trying to give you a good chance. I can’t help it.’ 


Lemarton shook his head.


‘I was considerate of you at best, but to wear the blessings that rolled over.’


‘It was a pity.’


‘I was thinking of keeping Raymond by my side as a healer in the future if he happened to be taught by Raoul and managed to be useful. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.’


But he still can’t believe Raymond kicked such a good opportunity.


Lemarton thought Raymond was stupid.


“Okay, then where is he going to open this clinic of his?”


“It’s in the capital.”


“I see. Where in the capital?”


Lemarton asked in a voice, displaying his lost interest.


His perception of Raymond was rapidly blurred in his mind.


A healer that ought to open his own small clinic lives a life of little importance as they’re seeing patients with little importance.


Lemarton, who was as cold as a ruler, had no spirit of wasting his time on such a trivial therapist.




“It’s planned to be in the Bay Area.”




As soon as he heard the place that popped out of Su-ha’s mouth, Lemarton’s eyes grew.




“I thought I heard it wrong, but that’s right. They said that he is setting up a treatment center in the Bay Area.” 


Lemarton was silent for a moment.


He had to be.


‘It’s ridiculous. He is building a clinic in the Bay Area?’


Bay Area!


It was a slum located on the northwest outskirts of the capital.


The problem is that this area was not an ordinary slum.


About 100 years ago, the Kingdom of Houston lost a war against its archrival, the Kingdom of Droughton, and lost considerable territory in the South. At that time, a large number of refugees who lost their hometowns flowed into the outskirts of the capital, forming a huge slum. That was Bay Area.


The whole country was reeling from the defeat of the war, so the kingdom could not take proper care of them, and 100 years later, it became a place like a malignant boil that no one could touch.


“I don’t know what he is thinking about setting up a treatment center where everything terrible happens. It’s either ignorance or magnanimity.”


Su-ha smirked.


“I’m sorry, but I think it’s too much of a decision.”


In fact, Lemarton had the same opinion as his subordinate.


‘A therapist in the Bay Area- It’s absolute bullshit.’


Because the Bay Area was not just a slum.


To some extent, it was an important place where maybe the battle for kingship could tilt further.


In the past, King Oden had said this.


‘If there’s anyone who stabilizes the people in the Bay Area, I’ll give him any reward.’


For Oden, who devoted his entire life to reviving the Kingdom of Houston, the Bay Area was an unsolved challenge.


The princes, who heard it, realized it at once.


If you make a contribution to stabilizing the public sentiment in the Bay Area, you can win the favor of the king.


You can be recognized by the king at once, and you can get closer to the next royal authority!


So they scramble to attack the Bay Area.


But they all failed. 


‘The older brother, the youngest, and me too.’


Lemarton thought bitterly.


Kairn, the charismatic 2nd prince, Lemarton, the cool and intelligent 3rd prince, and Seytil, the 4th prince with strong swordsmanship.


No one has stabilized the Bay Area.


Even in the case of Lemarton, he was in danger of being assassinated by an unknown person.


‘It’s an unforgettable memory.’


Lemarton felt a chill run down his spine when he remembered what happened at the time.


After that day, Lemarton completely abandoned the idea of stabilizing the Bay Area.


‘It’s not a place to stabilize. I’d rather get rid of it clean.’


That was Lemarton’s conclusion, and he also advised King Oden of the fact.


However, King Oden, who listened to his advice, reacted unexpectedly.


‘They are also the subjects of the Kingdom of Houston.’


Lemarton still couldn’t forget the king’s eyes looking at him that day.


King Oden looked pitifully at Lemarton, who told him to destroy the Bay Area.


Lemarton seemed to kick his tongue as if he didn’t know something important.


In any case, King Oden showed a special obsession with the poor in the Bay Area.


‘If he can only make a contribution to stabilizing the Bay Area, he can easily get closer to the kingship…… But it is  impossible.’


Three princes have already given up.


To open a treatment center in such a place…


‘It is either you are stupid or you are that ignorant to the word?’


Lemarton shook his head.


Anyway, there seemed to be no reason to keep an eye on Raymond.


He said he knew the heat by just looking at one.


Lemarton judged that Raymond, who made such a foolish decision, was unlikely to grow significantly in the future.


I’m sure he won’t last long in the slums and will be kicked out.




Lemarton wasn’t the only one who thought that.


Everyone who knew Raymond thought the same thing.


“Bay Area? Why do you have to do that?”


“You think you’re something, don’t you?”


There was even someone who laughed at him like this.


“It does look good on you.”


“I know. You’re a dirty illegitimate child, so there’s no place as comfortable and as better for you as the slums.” 


“I think you’ll fit perfectly.”


However, many people were worried about Raymond.


They were the patients who were treated by Raymond.


“Oh, my healer. You’re going to the slums? No, it’s dangerous!”


“I don’t know what you’re going to do there!”


All the patients had become big fans of Raymond due to his kind treatment that was different from the existing healers.


‘Because other therapists are so unfriendly, the patients really love him. Even if he only did so little for them.”


He had an iron rule.


No matter how snobbish it is, he shall do the basic minimum as a healer.


Perhaps because the world was full of bad healers, patients were often moved by this gesture of his.


“If you open a clinic near here, I am sure it will be a big hit!’


At that moment, greed rose in Raymond’s heart.


But soon he shook his head.


‘It can’t be a big hit. I’m sure it’s going to be ruined.’


He had a fatal flaw.


It is the use of unfamiliar ‘medical skills’.


For people around the world, ‘medical’ was a bizarre treatment that was tantamount to a pseudo.


That’s the reaction now, but who would willingly come for treatment if it actually opened?


‘Moreover, I’m still lacking in skills. I’m just a novice resident now. Developing my skills is the first priority. ‘First, I have to build my reputation and develop my skills.’


Unless I have the skill and reputation to overwhelm a regular healer who uses heals, patients will not commit to the ‘unfamiliar’ technique.


‘I don’t want to just live as a healer.’


Raymond had a grand dream.


Being the best healer and enjoying the best honor and wealth!

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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