DP 20

DP 20

Chapter 20


The first visitor was Duke August.


“The Great Duke August came?”


Count Garrinson’s eyes widened.


Soon a middle-aged aristocrat with a stern impression entered the office. It was indeed Duke August.


Count Garrinson hid his embarrassment and welcomed Duke August.


“Long time no see, Count. It’s nice to see you.”




Count Garrinson was dumbfounded for a moment and asked back.


Duke August stared at him with a clear eye of hostility.


“I won’t talk long. Stop playing dirty tricks on Lord Raymond right now.”




“I believe you know better what I’m talking about.” 


Count Garrinson’s face flushed.


“Could it be that you’re doing this because of the grade I gave him?”


“You know it well.”


Count Garrinson felt absurd.


Duke August, a Southern aristocrat, came to see him in person because of a class problem with a healer? 


“It is the inherent authority of our healing tower to determine the rank of therapists. I’ve dealt with it by standards, but it would be difficult to talk about it blindly.” 


“By standards?”


“That’s right.”


Duke August smirked.


“That’s ridiculous.”




“Anyone can see that you made a mistake for the wrong reason, but you made such a ridiculous excuse. How brazen.” 


Count Garrinson couldn’t help but raise his voice when he went overboard. “You! How dare you, what nonsense is that?”


“If you’re saying that what I am telling you now is absurd, then explain it exactly.” What ridiculous standard do you adhere to that you gave Lord Raymond a grade D?”


A strong momentum boiled over Duke August’s body.


It was the ‘speculation’ that the articles manifest.


He glared at Count Garrinson with sharp eyes as if he were pressing.


“I’m a countryman from the South, so I don’t know how to talk as noble as the capital nobles. What I do all the time is hitting and running at the border, so my logical thinking is simple.”




Count Garrinson stiffened and shut up.


The momentum of Duke August, a great aristocrat in the southern part of the country, which becomes a battlefield with the enemies when bored, was not something a sleazy politician in the capital could absorb.


“Sir Raymond is a benefactor and friend of our family. I’m furious right now because such a person has been ridiculed.”




“Explain convincingly why you gave Lord Raymond such a rating.”


Count Garrinson couldn’t open his mouth easily, his lips pounding.


A convincing reason? There can’t be such a thing.


However, he could not press Duket August in front of him as if he were treating his subordinates.


‘God damn it, I’ve been through this humiliation just because of that filthy illegitimate kid.’


The longer the silence was, the sharper the Duke August’s eyes became, and the guilty Count Garrinson was more than threatened.


But that wasn’t the end of his nightmare.


A figure that could not be compared to Duke August appeared.


Count Garrinson bowed his head in astonishment, incomparable to when Count August appeared.


“Greetings, Your Royal Highness!”


Princess Sophia!


Raymond’s half-sister, the first princess of the kingdom of Houston, appeared!


“Wake up.”


Sophia’s face was cold.


His doll-like appearance remained, but her eyes were cold.


An icy dignity sprang out of her beautiful face.


“Why did you give Lord Raymond a grade D?”




What is there to say?


Count Garrinson uttered insults inside of his head.


Count August and Princess Sophia.


The lightwork grew beyond imagination.


“If healer’s rating is so important, I wonder what role grade A healers played when I collapsed.”


Princess Sophia sighed softly. Since the previous collapse, she looked tired, looking as if she had not completely recovered yet. 


“I’m going to get going. I believe the Count will make a wise decision.”


As Princess Sophia turned her back, Count Garrinson asked as if he could not understand. “Oh, why does your Royal Highness care about such a dirty illegitimate child?”


Sophia stopped talking and frowned. 


“I don’t care.”




“I just don’t dare to allow a healer who treated this body to get a grade D. It doesn’t mean anything else, so don’t get me wrong.”


Count Garrinson looked at Princess Sophia blankly, who had then disappeared.




Even if it was up to Duke August, it was now really unreasonable to give Raymond a D since Princess Sophia is now involved as well.


‘Damn! A bitch without a mother.1


Count Garrinson uttered a curse to himself.


“Well, then, what would you rate Lord Raymond, Count?” 


Count Garrinson could only clench his lips.


Under the circumstances, it is impossible to give Raymond grades D or C.


‘B…… No, maybe I should give a B+ rating.’


But the problem is that I couldn’t decide which of the two to give.


“Contact the Imperial Capital.”




It was the place where the emperor of the Cross League Empire was located.


The Cross League Empire consists of ten countries, so of course there was a separate emperor.


Of course, the ten kingdoms that make up the Cross League Empire were equal allies, so the emperor did not have the authority to forcibly control the ten countries.


It is technically an elected post similar to a representative and elects the most prestigious and popular among the royal families of the ten countries.


Anyway, there was the headquarters of the Healing Tower in the Hwangdo where the emperor stayed.


“I can’t decide, so ask the ecliptic!”


“Oh, yes, yes!”


The examiners immediately inquired about the matter through telecommunication magic, and it wasn’t long before an answer came.


– U Grade.


It was a grade given to Raymond at the Tower of Healing.


This is what it meant.




In other words, it meant that they would not deliberately decide Raymond’s grade.


There was also a sense of ridicule with it.


– Unvalue (not worth it)


A curatorial qualification is obtained only by miscellaneous drinking seeming as if Raymond is not even worth rating.


Anyway, that’s how Raymond was rated, and from that day on, U became a Raymond’s symbol.


However, after some time, people thought of Raymond’s U as having a different meaning.






– Untouchable & Ultimate.


Like that, S or SSS grade.


An absolute grade has been created that goes beyond even transcendence. It was thought to be the grade above the highest grade possible.


Of course, it was still a good day’s story.




“Did he pass?”




People at the Belland Clinic looked incredulous when they heard the news.


“That’s ridiculous. I thought he would fall.”


“Did they recognize miscellaneous magic as a cure?”


As usual, the people at the clinic disregarded Raymond’s abilities.


But Raymond didn’t care what people said or didn’t.


It was a happy day.


“I can’t hear what you’re saying. Maybe it’s because the people talking are the ones who failed the test?”




The faces of the apprentices who were gossiping behind the scenes turned red.


For reference, they failed the test.


“Oh, you speak too harshly, Lord Raymond!”


“What? Didn’t you hear the story of those idiots who failed? Why don’t you tell me after you pass the exam? Oh, is it going to be impossible forever?”


The apprentices blushed and disappeared, and Raymond, who was left alone, cheered. 


‘Never mind! I finally did it! I became a healer! The tiresome apprenticeship life is over now!’ 


‘The vegetable soup and hard bread were over.’


‘From now on, I will only walk on the steak path!’


“What a dirty place Belland Clinic is! I don’t have to stick around anymore now that I am a certified healer now! Let’s burn it up now!”


“……what are you doing, senior?”


Raymond was stunned by Hanson’s dazed voice. When he turned his head, he was holding firewood in one hand.


“……uh, it’s cold.”


“It’s summer now.”


‘I guess I was out of my mind for a moment when I passed the examination.’


Raymond, who almost became an arsonist, coughed big time.


“Congratulations, you passed.”


“Oh, you too.”


Hanson also took the test and passed.


He received the grade C/


He was categorized as an ordinary general healer.


“What are you going to do from now on? Get a job as a full-time healer?


“I don’t know. I got a call from Maple Clinic.”


There have been two paths since becoming a healer.


First is to set up your own small clinic and become independent, or get a job at already big and stable treatment centers.


Most people get employed in treatment centers these days.


In the case of the capital, it was not easy to survive the gap because leading healers already dominate all the patients.


“Maple Clinic? Isn’t that one of the top three healers in the capital? They’re the ones monopolizing most of the treatment in commoner areas, right? That’s great. Congratulations.”




It was a good opportunity, obviously, but Hanson’s face was looking grimmer.


Raymond, who raised his head, shouted loudly.


“Are you a senior? Do you have money?”


For your information, an apprenticeship is almost an unpaid passion pay. Of course, they are poor.


“I got a loan as soon as I got a healer’s license! At Healer Lone! It’s useful for something else anyway.”




“Anyway, let’s drink today!”


Hanson shook his head as if he could stop Raymond. But then again, he couldn’t argue.


It was a happy day.


In particular, Raymond’s joy, who had to suffer as an apprentice for five years, cannot be described in words.


“Even so, you shouldn’t drink too much…….”


“It’s okay! I’ll drink everything!”


So the two drank until they were drunk.


And the next day.


When Raymond was suffering from a hangover.


An unexpected message was delivered to him.


An official scout offer was made.


It’s also from two of the leading treatment centers.




One was from Monte Clinic.


It’s not a big scale, but it still has its own tradition.


And the other one is from Raoul Clinic.


Raymond was genuinely surprised.


‘It’s one of the three biggest healing centers in the capital. In fact, the capital’s best treatment center.’ 


There are three major treatment centers in the capital”


Heliene Clinic; Raoul Clinic; Maple Clinic.


The best place among them is the Helien Treatment Center.


However, this place was run by Count Helien, a triple-A-class therapist, and could not be seen as a general treatment center as it is only for royalty or top aristocrats.


Among the general treatment centers, the best was Raoul Treatment Center.


It was at such place that Raymond was offered a scout.


“You know, it’s a great opportunity. Even if it’s an honor…….”


“I refuse.”




The eyes of an employee from Raoul Clinic grew as if they were popping out.


“What are you saying now……?”


“I said no.”


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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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